Absolute Great Teacher
473 A Heinous Crime
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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473 A Heinous Crime


“Teacher Sun!”

Mei Ziyu’s black hair was like a cascading waterfall, casually tied by a ribbon behind her head. When she walked over, her hair swayed gently from the momentum. She then bowed slightly to Sun Mo.

Mei Yazhi was a little surprised. This was the etiquette shown when ordinary women meet with people. If this action was done by a female great teacher, it meant that she wanted to thank the other party. It wasn’t simply because Sun Mo was a great teacher.

Mei Ziyu did this because Sun Mo had helped her before. She felt that in such an important situation where they ‘first met’ now, she should lower her attitude.

“Little Teacher Mei!”

Sun Mo smiled and revealed eight beautiful and tidy teeth. He originally wanted to say that he was acquainted with Mei Ziyu, but after seeing her blinking her eyes, he immediately closed his mouth.

“As expected, he understood my intention!”

Mei Ziyu also smiled. She didn’t want to let her mother know that the two of them had met before. Hence, she blinked her eyes to hint Sun Mo.

Because of the earlier experience with Wu Peiling, Sun Mo was now more cautious when he spoke. But very soon, he felt relieved and was no longer so restrained. This was because the way Mei Yazhi treated people felt like a warm and gentle breeze in spring.

It was very comfortable!

“After returning to the Central Province Academy, try to participate less in social events organized by the Saint Gate. Do your best to increase your strength and guide your students. Also, try to obtain the 2-star ranking as soon as possible.”

Mei Yazhi admired Sun Mo, this was why she would say all these.

In all organizations, there would always be disputes among different factions. Sun Mo was still too weak. If he got embroiled in a political storm too early, he would be doomed to become cannon fodder. If he got disabled due to it, things would truly be a pity.

After all, it was rare to meet such a genius even in a hundred years.

“Many thanks for Teacher Mei’s teaching!”

Sun Mo bowed yet sighed in his heart. If the old headmaster was still around, he would be like a thick and muscular thigh, acting as his support. After all, the old headmaster was a secondary saint, how impressive was that?

If he hugged the thigh tightly, he would be able to do anything he wanted to in the great teacher world. At the very least, ordinary people would never dare to antagonize him. An example was Wu Peiling. (Are you very impressive because you are a 6-star great teacher? But no matter how impressive you are, can you be more impressive when compared to a secondary saint?)

(Wanting to scare me?)

(I’ll break your head!)

It was a pity that the old headmaster had failed to break through to the Saint Realm and had been unconscious since then. Wait a minute, speaking of which, he had been in Jinling for such a long time, yet he hadn’t found time to visit the old headmaster before. That was really inappropriate.

However, the most important thing right now was whether or not he should ‘hug’ the thigh of Mei Yazhi?

Sun Mo sank into conflict.

Sun Mo was someone who depended on his own talent for a living. Wanting him to fawn on others or be a simp was simply impossible. He still had some moral integrity.

Actually, it was very easy for him if he wanted to ‘hug’ Mei Yazhi’s thigh. He only needed to cure Mei Ziyu. Sun Mo could tell that this middle-aged woman cared and doted on her daughter a lot.

“Teacher Sun, what are you thinking about?”

Mei Ziyu’s melodious voice rang out as she asked.

“I’m thinking about the 2-star great teacher examination!”

Sun Mo decided to give up using such a method because Mei Ziyu’s smile was too pure. This was a girl whom he could be friends with. He shouldn’t use her as a tool to get close to Mei Yazhi.

If not, it would be a betrayal of her trust.

“Oh yes, does Teacher Sun plan to participate in the 2-star great teacher examination? I will also do so!”

Mei Yazhi glanced at her daughter in surprise. Because of her weak body, although her daughter was talented, other than gardening, she had no interest in teaching at all. Even for the 1-star great teacher examination, Mei Yazhi had had to force her to participate. Yet, she actually took the initiative to say that she would participate in the 2-star great teacher examination?

Sun Mo felt a little awkward. He could hear the anticipation in Mei Ziyu’s voice, but there was no solution to it, he could only brace himself and explain, “Eh, I plan to join the upcoming one three months later!”


Mei Ziyu started. She felt some worry. “Given your fame, you have to pass it at the first attempt. If you failed, it would become a black stain on your reputation for life. Many people would laugh at you because of jealousy!”

“Teacher Sun has a personal student who is extremely impressive!”

Mei Yazhi explained. She had also checked up on Sun Mo’s situation and naturally knew that he had the God Hands. By helping him this time around, she actually did so because of pragmatism. She wanted him to give her daughter a massage.

“I see!”

Mei Ziyu’s mood that was originally extremely joyful instantly sank. Her pale face had a look of disappointment on it. However, she began to smile at the next moment.

“In that case, I wish for Teacher Sun’s success. I hope you will be able to get 2 stars in a year!”

Mei Ziyu wished Sun Mo well sincerely.


After chatting for a few more sentences, Sun Mo left.

“When did you get acquainted with him?”

Mei Yazhi suddenly asked.

“Ah? Why?”

Mei Ziyu’s eyes evaded her mother’s gaze. “I didn’t know him before this!”

“Your complexion has been much better during these few days. Was it due to his God Hands?”

Mei Yazhi was very intelligent. Given her understanding of her daughter, she casually made some deductions and obtained the truth.


Mei Ziyu nodded. She originally didn’t plan to expose her relationship with Sun Mo.

“He is a young man with principles!”

Mei Yazhi nodded. Sun Mo’s manner which was neither obsequious nor supercilious caused her to feel good will toward him. “Oh right, you must not fall in love with him!”

“I naturally will never do so!”

Mei Ziyu pouted.

Mei Yazhi glanced at her daughter. “He already has a fiance, she is the top graduate of the Heavenly Mystery Academy, An Xinhui!”

“Ah, it’s elder sister An?”

Mei Ziyu was stunned. She didn’t know why, but she suddenly felt a little unbearable.

“Even if there’s no An Xinhui, given Sun Mo’s outstandingness, he wouldn’t lack women around him. If you fall in love with him, you would only be courting trouble for yourself.”

Mei Yazhi gave her a forewarning.

“With my illness, even if I fall in love with him, it’s useless!”

Mei Ziyu lowered her head. “In any case, I’m about to die.”

(No, during my remaining days, I have to find some happy things to do. For example, competing with Sun Mo together. However, I have to find a good personal student first.)

Mei Ziyu knew her own condition. If she accepted a personal student, she would only harm others. Hence, she had to find an alternative.


After the meal ended, each of the great teachers either returned home or went to look for prostitutes.

Sun Mo couldn’t return to Jinling through the teleportation gate. If not, he would leave behind a teleportation gate in the hotel that he would have no way to remove. Sitting on the eight-gate cloud to fly back was impossible too because he was traveling in a group.

Hence, Sun Mo could only obediently choose to ride horses.

However, before this, Gu Xiuxun dragged Sun Mo to tour the famous locations of Guangling first.

During the night, when he was finally alone, Sun Mo cast Encyclopedic Knowledge on himself and learned the contents of the two skill books. After that, he started to memorize the information.

This bout of hard work lasted all the way until late at night.

The atmosphere was dry; there was a need to worry about candle flames becoming a huge fire.

The night-watch man clanked the gong to signify the fourth watch (1am-3am). Sun Mo turned around and covered himself with his blanket, preparing to sleep. But all of a sudden, he opened his eyes and glanced at the windows.

“Sun Shao?”

Sun Mo frowned, his windows were open and Sun Shao was squatting there.

Through the moonlight, Sun Mo could see that Sun Shao cut a sorry figure. His hair was disheveled and there were even blood stains on his robes.

“What happened to you...?”

Sun Mo frowned.

“I came here to tell you that I originally planned to win against you in the 2-star great teacher examination. However, I won’t be able to participate in that now.”

Sun Shao panted, he was coughing as well.

“You should look for a doctor to treat your illness first!”

Sun Mo could see blood flowing out of the gap between Sun Shao’s fingers from the cough.

“If I manage to not die, I will definitely come and challenge you. So, Sun Mo, don’t die. Make sure that your talent doesn’t run out. Work hard and climb higher. The more glorious and radiant your achievements are, the more it would prove my superiority when I finally defeat you!”

After Sun Shao finished speaking, he cast a deep glance at Sun Mo. He then jumped from the windows to the roof and vanished under the moonlight.

Sun Mo had a look of innocence on his face. (Even if you want to issue a challenge, there’s no need to come here in the middle of the night, right? From the looks of things, it seems like you just experienced an assassination.)

Because of this, Sun Mo wasn’t able to fall asleep anymore.

His guess wasn’t wrong. 30 minutes later, a group of soldiers clad in black barged into the hotel and rushed in.

The door to Sun Mo’s room was blasted open.

“You met with Sun Shao?”

A middle-aged man walked in and asked in a fierce and forceful manner.

“Disturbing someone in the middle of the night and even asking a question with such a horrible attitude. Has your mother never taught you how to conduct yourself properly before?”

Sun Mo was very unhappy. These people were too lawless.

“I suspect that you are Sun Shao’s accomplice. Capture him!”

Seeing Sun Mo sidestepping the question, the middle-aged man couldn’t be bothered to continue talking. With a command, a soldier clad in black lunged over and tried to place the chain in his hand around Sun Mo’s neck.

Sun Mo grew angry too. His fists trembled as he unleashed his full firepower.

Boundless Sea of Suffering, Impermanence!

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The soldier only felt an imposing and mighty aura rushing at him. Fist shadows filled the air, enveloping all his vital points.

Fighting in such a small space allowed the prowess of Sun Mo’s Dharma Skyshock Fist to explosively increase.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The other soldiers were forced back. It was especially so for the three in front. They were sent flying through the air.

The expression of the middle-aged man sank. He didn’t expect that this fellow would be so hard to deal with. Hence, he decided to act personally.

“Courting death!”

The middle-aged guy roared. He crossed a distance of seven meters with a step and appeared in front of Sun Mo. He then cleaved down with his iron-like palm.

Sun Mo felt no fear and lifted his fist in answer.



Sun Mo took two steps back and the impact caused the floor panels beneath his feet to crack.

The body of the middle-aged man shook. The impact he suffered was smaller compared to Sun Mo, but there was a look of shock on his face.

This young man was actually so terrifying?

That cultivation art was definitely a saint-tier one!

“Sun Mo, stop fighting. They are from the law enforcement group of the Saint Gate!”

Gu Xiuxun also rushed over upon hearing the commotion. In the end, she almost peed her pants when she saw this scene.

The law enforcement group was the Saint Gate’s combat department. They were mainly responsible for hunting and capturing great teachers who had committed crimes. Bluntly speaking, they were the ones to get rid of the black sheep to ensure the Saint Gate’s purity and righteousness.

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. As expected, all large institutions had such lawless people.

“This group leader, Sun Mo is the top-ranker of this year’s 1-star great teacher examination, and he just broke the previous record that has lasted a hundred years. I have no idea why you guys are attacking him, but Sun Mo definitely is innocent.”

Gu Xiuxun hurriedly explained.

The middle-aged man started. He originally wanted to teach Sun Mo a lesson, but after hearing Gu Xiuxun’s words, he couldn’t help but survey Sun Mo closely.

“You are that One-Vote Sun who spoke about dogs?”

Because the middle-aged man had great authority and immense combat strength, he basically didn’t place young people in his eyes. Let alone 1-star great teachers, he had even apprehended 3-stars great teachers before. But after hearing Gu Xiuxun’s words, his anger faded by quite a bit.

After all, it wasn’t worth it to offend an absolute genius like this.

Even the soldiers clad in black were surveying Sun Mo with curiosity in their eyes. After all, his results were too terrifying. This title ‘One-Vote Sun’ had circulated throughout the great teacher circle of Guangling.

Before Sun Mo could say anything, Jiang Wei walked out under the escort of a bunch of guards.

“Have you guys captured Sun Shao?”

After Jiang Wei finished asking, he stared at Sun Mo and couldn’t help but be surprised. “You stay here?”

“Teacher Jiang!”

Sun Mo clasped his hands.

“Teacher Jiang, is it possible for you to tell me what crime did Sun Shao commit exactly?

Sun Mo’s brows were furrowed so tightly that they could squeeze a crab to death. Even a major character like Jiang Wei had moved out. Most probably, Sun Shao must have committed a heinous crime.

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