Absolute Great Teacher
474 Return to Central Province, to Enjoy the Applause and Fresh Flowers!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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474 Return to Central Province, to Enjoy the Applause and Fresh Flowers!


“Sun Shao killed Teacher Miao. After that, he was discovered when he was planning to assassinate me!”

The crime Sun Shao committed was simply too great. It was basically impossible to conceal this, hence, Jiang Wei directly told Sun Mo.


Before Sun Mo could react, Gu Xiuxun and the others already screamed in shock.

Miao Pu was a 6-star great teacher, one of the seven main examiners of the 1-star great teacher examination this batch. He had a high status and great authority. Was Sun Shao’s brain damaged? He had assassinated Miao Out and actually succeeded?

Sun Shao was finished!

The Saint Gate had always treated others with magnanimity and was strict to themselves. In order to display the glory of great teachers to the world, the Saint Gate had zero tolerance toward any great teachers that flouted the laws.

There was just a single sentence to sum things up. Even if the mistake made by the great teacher was a small one, the punishment would be very heavy.

“Teacher Sun, can you tell me why Sun Shao came to look for you?”

Jiang Wei asked.

“Sun Mo, just tell him!”

Gu Xiuxun came over and persuaded in a low voice. She didn’t want Sun Mo to be brought away by the law enforcement group. One must know that there was a conflict between Jiang Wei and Sun Mo. If Jiang Wei was determined to use this matter to teach Sun Mo a lesson, even if Sun Mo didn’t die, he would surely lose a layer of skin.

The human heart was treacherous. Gu Xiuxun had to take precautions against it.

“That Sun Shao is extremely narrow-minded. Just because Teacher Miao was the first to stand out and berate him, Sun Shao actually killed him. This personality is simply too terrifying!”

Jiang Wei sighed. “Luckily, we didn’t allow him to become a great teacher. If not, he would surely be a major source of trouble in the future!”

“Sun Shao came here to issue a challenge.”

Sun Mo didn’t know how to evaluate Sun Shao’s behavior. (When it comes to something as important as becoming a great teacher, why can’t you tell a small lie? Do you really have to state the truth despite knowing how the head examiners would look at you?)

“I feel this is the case as well!”

Jiang Wei nodded.

“Alright, everyone leave. Go and track Sun Shao’s movements!”

Jiang Wei indicated for the law enforcement group to leave.

“Teacher Jiang!”

The middle-aged man frowned. He then glanced at Sun Mo. “You must not listen to his one-sided story. If he has a connection to Sun Shao...”

“Enough. The matter ends here!”

Jiang Wei interrupted the middle-aged man.

Very soon, the law enforcement group retreated cleanly. Only then did Gu Xiuxun and the others heaved a sigh of relief. There was no solution to it. Those fellows had the authority to capture great teachers for questioning after all.

“A bloody storm is about to occur in Guangling. It’s best for us to depart as soon as possible!”

Gu Xiuxun suggested


Sun Mo fell silent.

“Speaking of which, Teacher Jiang’s character isn’t bad. It seems like I’ve misunderstood him before.”

Gu Xiuxun sighed. She was referring to Jiang Wei helping Sun Mo to avert this calamity. After all, if the middle-aged man had been determined to bring Sun Mo away, there was nothing the rest of them could have done.

Even if Sun Mo wasn’t tortured, he would be imprisoned for a few days for sure.

“What level do I have to reach before I can ignore the law enforcement group?”

Ever since Sun Mo came to Guangling, this was the first time he had suffered such a huge disadvantage.

“That’s difficult. You have to reach the 5-star rank at the very least before the law enforcement group wouldn’t dare to act violent against you.”

Gu Xiuxun sighed. The best solution was to find a backing. Why were there so many great teachers wanting to join ‘A’ grade schools or even one of the Nine Greats?

Because if something bad happened, the school would protect them!


After exiting the hotel and moving three streets away, Jiang Wei smiled. “Well done!”

“Teacher, pardon me for being straightforward, but why did you regard that Teacher Sun so highly?”

The middle-aged man didn’t understand. He was a personal student of Jiang Wei and had interacted with him for 20 years. Hence, he was familiar with his teacher’s personality. Earlier when he had said he wanted to bring Sun Mo away, it was actually for the sake of giving Jiang Wei a chance to gain a favor from Sun Mo.

“What do you think of Sun Mo?”

Jiang Wei counter-asked.

“He’s extremely capable and the cultivation art he trains in is very strong. It might very well be a saint-tier one!”

The middle-aged man reported factually.


Jiang Wei started. Because the 1-star great teacher examination didn’t involve combat, he had no idea how high Sun Mo’s combat strength was. However, he didn’t expect the middle-aged man’s evaluation of Sun Mo to be so high.

“Besides, his ability to withstand pressure is extremely great. Teacher, you should know the prestige of our law enforcement group. Even if a 3-star great teacher is facing us, even if he is unhappy, he would have to bear with it. But the attitude of this young man is extremely tough and unyielding!”

The middle-aged man thought back to Sun Mo’s words and actions.

“Most probably, he isn’t familiar with you guys?”

Jiang Wei guessed.


The middle-aged man shook his head. “That fellow is upright and has an extremely unyielding character.”

For such a person, either they grew and became a towering tree capable of blotting out the skies, or they would die early and their names would vanish in the long river of time.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Wei frowned. It seemed like his plans to recruit Sun Mo would fail for sure.

“What a pity!”

Jiang Wei sighed. If he could recruit Sun Mo, the competitiveness of his Guangling Academy would surely improve 10 years from now.


Favorable impression points from Jiang Wei +30. Friendly (150/1,000).


On the second morning, Sun Mo’s group set off on the return journey to Jinling.

Gao Ben and Zhang Lan had planned to stay here to play for a few more days. But they didn’t have the mood to do so after such a major incident occurred. It was best to leave this place as early as possible.

At the western region of Jinling, Grass Hut!

Although the name of this place was ‘Grass Hut’, it was actually a pavilion. During winter, the cold gusts of wind were everywhere, causing people to shiver from the cold.

“Like I said, Siyuan, do you have to put in so much effort to curry favor with that Sun Mo?”

“I’m doing this for my cousin!”

Qi Siyuan lied. Actually, he really wanted to curry favor with Sun Mo, but he didn’t want to lose face before his friend.

Ever since Qi Siyuan knew from the famous doctor of his clan that the doctor had no way to cure the poison in his body, Sun Mo’s position in his heart instantly rose and became extremely important.

In addition to the matter with his cousin, Qi Siyuan sent a slave to Guangling to monitor Sun Mo’s actions. But the moment he did so, he was almost frightened to death.

In the reply sent back by the slave, there were only descriptions of Sun Mo’s examination progress. The writing wasn’t nice to look at, but it was fine as the content was extremely shocking!

When he first read the secret letter, Qi Siyuan thought that Sun Mo had discovered the slave and bribed him. If not, how could the content of the letter be so shocking?

When Sun Mo had arrived in Guangling, he had gone to the door of a 6-star great teacher and shouted words like ‘you are just a dog waiting for others in front of their door!’, winning public acclaim and fame. Wasn’t he too gusty?

(Are you not afraid they would take revenge?)

Honestly, as a rebellious youth, Qi Siyuan actually thought of doing this before. He wanted to try challenging someone with prestige and gain fame through that.

After that, for the written examination, Sun Mo had not only handed in the exam papers in advance, but he had even scored full marks and suppressed the top graduate of the Skyraise Academy, Gu Qingyan. After that in the lecture of the third round, he had achieved an unprecedented record and obtained the beautiful title of ‘One-Vote Sun’.

Qi Siyuan could imagine that his slave had become an iron fan of Sun Mo. Because at the start, the content of the letters was all neutral, but for the last few letters, they were all filled with emotions when he described Sun Mo’s outstandingness.

Qi Siyuan always remembered his mother’s words. ‘You can be stupid, but you must have good judgment. This is especially so when you are treating talents. You should always show respect for the wise, and it wouldn’t be a mistake for you to lower your own attitude.’

So, what could suffering the freezing cold for a few days count for? He wouldn’t die from it anyway. But if he could obtain Sun Mo’s friendship, it would surely be of benefit to his future.

“In that case, can you send a servant 30 li ahead to wait? Once that servant spots Sun Mo’s group, he can rush back to inform us.”

Bai Ziyu suggested. “If we don’t return home, why don’t we go into the city for a stroll? There’s a place there where we won’t need to feel the torment of the biting winds!”

“Brother Bai, if we did that, it wouldn’t seem that sincere!”

Xu Rui interjected. After she told her parents about the incident where Sun Mo had solved her queries, her father also sent someone to monitor him. Hence, all of Sun Mo’s deeds in Guangling were also known to Xu Rui.

Hence, right now, her heart was filled with agitation. She wanted to see Teacher Sun as soon as possible and congratulate him.

“Ziyu, just wait. In any case, we have nothing to do either!”

Zhang Mingyu chortled.

(Damn, if I have so much time, I might as well go and sleep with famed prostitutes!)

Bai Ziyu was depressed. He didn’t know what happened to his good friends; all of them seemed to be mesmerized by Sun Mo. Even if Sun Mo passed, he would only be a 1-star great teacher.

(My private teacher is a 2-star one!)

Bai Ziyu felt disdain.

At this moment, the sound of horses galloping grew closer and closer. Very soon, the silhouettes of Sun Mo and his colleagues appeared in their vision.

Qi Siyuan and Xu Rui moved the fastest, and they directly ran out and waited at the side of the pavilion.

“Teacher Sun!”

Qi Siyuan wanted to call out to congratulate Sun Mo. However, Sun Mo and his colleagues directly galloped past him, leaving behind clouds of dust that covered the air.

“Cough! Cough!”

As Qi Siyuan coughed, he urged his servant. “Bring my horse over!”

He had to let Sun Mo see him. Otherwise, wouldn’t he have wasted these few days by waiting here?

“Teacher Sun, wait a moment. It’s us!”

Xu Rui called out loudly and took a few steps forward.


Sun Mo pulled the reins, his steed halted. He then turned his head and looked in bewilderment at the few affluent noble brats. (Is the cold wind outside the city very enjoyable?)

“Teacher Sun, congratulations on becoming a 1-star great teacher!”

Xu Rui ran over and wanted to lead Sun Mo’s horse for him.


Sun Mo smiled. “Your complexion is much better. This is then correct. Humans should have a goal and not be satisfied just to muddle through each day!”

“Many thanks for your teachings!”

Xu Rui looked at Sun Mo and discovered that he was clad in white and was extremely dashing. This set of clothes further enhanced his good looks. (Hmph, in the past, I felt that Qi Siyuan was very handsome. But when compared to Teacher Sun, he was just like a young boy who hasn’t gone through puberty yet.)

(Sigh, I wonder if he would accept me as his personal student?)


Favorable impression points from Xu Rui +100. Friendly (600/1,000).

“Teacher Sun.”

Qi Siyuan came over. Just when he wanted to speak, Sun Mo interrupted, “The weather is too cold. I’m rushing home. If you want to dispel your poison, get Ziqi to bring you over to look for me!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he continued galloping away.

“Teacher Sun! Teacher Sun! I didn’t plan for that!”

Qi Siyuan grew anxious, deeply afraid that Sun Mo might feel he was just using him.

“Damn, isn’t this fellow a little too arrogant? Little prince, you waited here to welcome him, but he didn’t even want to give you a chance to do so!”

Bai Ziyu was dumbfounded. He felt that there was something wrong with Sun Mo’s brains.

“You have probably seen too many slaves kneeling to our statuses, right?”

Qi Siyuan grumbled angrily. “You don’t understand. For a person like Sun Mo, we have to show sincerity!”

“Aiya, I’ve forgotten to tell Teacher Sun that the Central Province Academy is currently facing huge trouble. Would he be implicated?”

Xu Rui suddenly thought of something and grew very worried.

“What are you saying? Sun Mo is An Xinhui’s fiance. If the Central Province Academy collapsed, he would suffer the greatest disadvantage!”

Bai Ziyu mocked.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》