Absolute Great Teacher
475 Great Crisis of the Central Province Academy
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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475 Great Crisis of the Central Province Academy


Myriad Daos Academy.

Cao Xian knocked on the door of Yue Rongbo’s office.

“Are you busy?”

Cao Xian looked at Yue Rongbo who had evidently lost a lot of weight, and his unhappiness toward Yue Rongbo reduced greatly. He had spent such a large sum to hire Yue Rongbo and his great teacher circle, yet they still failed to ascend to the ‘C’ grade in the league tournament this year.

Although their rankings were higher than last year, what was the use of it?

Naturally, Cao Xian wouldn’t be so mean and angry if this happened last year. However, things were different now. The Central Province Academy had managed to enter the ‘C’ grade.

This was something Cao Xian didn’t want to see the most because this represented his incompetence.


Yue Rongbo bowed slightly and continued bending over his desk, buried in his work.

Cao Xian prepared to wait for Yue Rongbo to finish his work before he spoke again. However, this wait lasted for half an hour, and he was almost depressed to death.

“Teacher Yue, I heard that your relationship with Sun Mo isn’t bad?”

Cao Xian went straight to the point.

“We are on talking terms!”

Yue Rongbo replied, “In the past, I wanted to invite him to join my great teacher circle, but he rejected it. After I finish my tasks, I will go and invite him again.”

Speaking of Sun Mo, Yue Rongbo started to smile. Sun Mo was the first young man he appreciated ever since he came to Jinling.

“Let me advise you not to waste time.”

Cao Xian chortled.


Yue Rongbo started. However, since he was also a man with high intelligence and authority, he instantly came to a realization. “The results of the 1-star great teacher examination are out?”

Sun Mo had definitely obtained a shockingly good result, or Cao Xian wouldn’t say such a thing. After all, the deeper meaning of Cao Xian’s words were that Yue Rongbo’s great teacher circle was not worthy of Sun Mo.


Cao Xian wanted to drink a mouthful of tea to moisten his throat, yet he discovered that he had forgotten to bring the tea flask over. “I originally thought that Liu Mubai would be Fang Wuji’s opponent. However, I didn’t expect Sun Mo to appear and crush Gu Qingyan to obtain the first place. Do you dare to believe this?”

In Cao Xian’s heart, Gu Qingyan was a special case. He was at the supreme-level, while Fang Wuji and Liu Mubai were at the top-level. His request to Fang Wuji was simple, and that was just to win against Liu Mubai. He had no expectations of Fang Wuji winning against Gu Qingyan, but who could have known that even if the two of them combined, they were insufficient to compare to Sun Mo.

“First place?”

Yue Rongbo felt surprised. His evaluation of Sun Mo was that he could get into the top 30 and that he was slightly inferior to Fang Wuji. But from the looks of things now, his judgment was wrong.

“Not only so, but he even scored full marks in the written exam. In the live lecture round, he achieved a Grand Slam and got 1,000 excellent votes. This record might not be surpassed by anyone else within a hundred years.”

Cao Xian sighed.

His tone contained intense envy. (What has the Central Province Academy done to deserve such a genius like Sun Mo? Heavens are truly blind!)

After that, his envy turned to disappointment and regret.

“When I went to headhunt him, I should have persisted longer and be more generous. If I managed to headhunt Sun Mo, the future of the Myriad Daos Academy would be extremely secure for the next ten or even the next twenty years.”

Cao Xian mumbled.


Favorable impression points +100 from Cao Xian. Friendly (540/1,000).

“A hundred years? Record?”

Yue Rongbo was shocked, falling into silence again.

If Sun Mo was really so outstanding, there was no way his great teacher circle would be able to keep him.

Naturally, as a friend, Yue Rongbo wouldn’t forcefully hold Sun Mo back either. Instead, he would persuade Sun Mo to go to other places and seek better development opportunities.

(However, that little fellow is truly impressive, he actually suppressed all the other examinees!)


Favorable impression points from Yue Rongbo +100. Friendly (436/1,000).

“I decided to go and try to headhunt Sun Mo again. Teacher Yue, are you interested to come with me?”

Cao Xian invited him. If two of them went, it would show their sincerity and how important they regarded this.


Yue Rongbo nodded.

“Let’s move out two days later. I feel that Sun Mo would have returned by then!”

Cao Xian excitedly rubbed his hands.

This time, they most probably would succeed because the Central Province Academy was facing a huge crisis. If An Xinhui couldn’t settle it, that school would no longer have a future.

If Sun Mo was smart, he would surely understand that he had to walk another path.

“Ai, the old headmaster is simply awesome. His judgment is second to none.”

Cao Xian sighed ruefully. In the past, he had felt very bewildered as to why the old headmaster would betroth the granddaughter he doted on the most to Sun Mo, an insignificant character who was a graduate from the Songyang Academy. However, from the looks of things now, he was too shallow.


Headmaster Office, Central Province Academy.

An Xinhui leaned against her chair and heaved a sigh of relief.

She had been depressed for half a month and there was finally some good news now.

Upon thinking of this, An Xinhui took up a letter and looked through it again. This was the information report she got from Guangling.

Sun Mo’s exam results were written on it.

However, An Xinhui wasn’t surprised by the results. For the third examination round, Sun Mo had obtained full marks and broken the record. If he didn’t get the first place, how strong would his opponent have to be?

“Little Momo, you really made me see you in a whole new light!”

An Xinhui smiled.

Liu Mubai’s results were very good as well, he was in the top ten. But when compared to Sun Mo, Liu Mubai was insignificant!


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +500. Respect (9,100/10,000).

“Little Momo should return soon, right?”

An Xinhui folded the letter and placed it back into her drawer. After that, when her vision landed on the pile of information on her desk. She frowned again.

(Ai, Sun Mo is so outstanding. Am I no longer worthy of him?)

An Xinhui felt depressed.

In recent weeks, An Xinhui was under a lot of pressure. She and Wang Su had found Zhang Hanfu for a conversation and hoped that he would take the initiative to resign. In that case, it wouldn’t look too bad for everyone.

Zhang Hanfu agreed, but after that, he allied with more than half the teachers in the school to request a new contract where they were to be paid higher and could enjoy better benefits.

An Xinhui didn’t agree. Hence, they directly went on strike and stopped working for two days.

By doing so, the Central Province Academy became the butt jokes to the people of Jinling. The positive influence they gained from ascending to the ‘C’ grade had now weakened by a lot.

Before this, An Xinhui might have compromised. But this time around, she thought of Sun Mo. She wanted to wait for him to return and listen to his opinion.

Actually, An Xinhui could have used a flying pigeon to write a letter to Sun Mo. However, he had been participating in the 1-star great teacher examination, and she didn’t want him to be distracted. Hence, she didn’t disturb him.

An Xinhui sighed.

She had been using an excuse ‘Zhang Hanfu’s demands were too excessive’ to delay for time. However, she knew that she wouldn’t be able to delay for too long because given Zhang Hanfu’s style of handling matters, he would definitely kick things up a gear.

As for Wang Su, An Xinhui wasn’t able to depend on him. After all, if Zhang Hanfu succeeded with his trouble-making scheme, the great teachers under Wang Su’s faction would benefit too.

“Sigh, I can’t even manage a school well. Most probably, my position in Sun Mo’s heart is sliding down, right?”

An Xinhui felt conflicted. After that, she started to worry about another problem.

Sun Mo was so outstanding, hence, there would be many famous schools wanting to poach him. At that time, what did she have to make him stay?


In the living room of the Zhang Residence.

“Teacher Zhang, the examination has ended. Sun Mo should return in one or two days.”

Guan Shan calculated the time. “Should we act earlier and force An Xinhui to sign a new contract?”

He was a 2-star great teacher and one of Zhang Hanfu’s good friends.

“Why? Are you afraid?”

Zhang Hanfu looked over.

“Hehe, why would I be afraid of him?”

Although Guan Shan said this, he felt some heaviness in his heart.

After all, Sun Mo had directly finished off Yang Cai and ‘fixed’ the merchants when they had tried to make trouble.

A young man who was just 20 years of age was able to sit in the position of the logistics department head securely. In this case, not even a dog would believe it if one was to say that Sun Mo had no capabilities and wasn’t good at scheming!

“Get everyone to prepare themselves. Once Sun Mo is back, we will do a demonstration to exert our dominance and go on strike for three days!”

Zhang Hanfu gritted his teeth.

(I will let you guys know who is the one with the authority to speak in the Central Province Academy. Wanting to chase me away? In your dreams!)

After Guan Shan’s group left, Zhang Hanfu continued to plan. As for the fact that his son hadn’t returned from the Darkness Continent, he no longer dared to think about it.

Because in his mind, there was an 80% to 90% chance that his son had already died.

Every time he thought of this possibility, Zhang Hanfu would feel pain in his heart. The son he expended so much effort to nurture was gone now!


After everyone entered Jinling City, they split up. Sun Mo’s home was inside the Central Province Academy. Hence, he directly returned to school.

“Department Head Sun, you’ve returned?”

After seeing Sun Mo, Mister Qin who was guarding the gate immediately ran out. He had a smile on his face. “How are the results?”

After he finished asking, Mister Qin slapped his own face lightly.

“Look at my retarded mouth, Department Head Sun must have succeeded in becoming a great teacher. Congratulations, congratulations!”

Mister Qin didn’t have the qualifications to call Sun Mo as Teacher Sun. Besides, he didn’t dare to. After all, Sun Mo was his direct superior and only needed a sentence to fire him.

“Are there any matters recently in the school?”

Sun Mo asked, he wasn’t in a hurry to enter.

“Department Head Sun, that old dog Zhang Hanfu is creating trouble again!”

Mister Qin glanced at the surroundings and immediately lowered his voice. He held the reins to Sun Mo’s horse and led it inside while speaking in a very small voice.

“Went on strike? Creating a huge fuss for a salary increment?”

Sun Mo was a little stunned when he heard these terms. He subconsciously glanced at the surroundings. If it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t see any high-rise buildings and there were still many horse carriages around, Sun Mo would have thought that he had returned to the era of capitalism.

(Zhang Hanfu, your idea is really quite novel!)

Sun Mo couldn’t help but recall the Gallic Rooster (symbol of french). Speaking of which, weren’t the Notre-Dame Cathedral burned down by the workers back then?

“Yeah, it’s too infuriating. Our Central Province Academy has treated them so well, yet they didn’t know how to be content. They are truly a bunch of cruel and unscrupulous fellows!”

Mister Qin cursed.

“Mister Qin, are you not afraid that I would lose to Zhang Hanfu and be chased out of school?”

Sun Mo was curious.

“Department Head Sun, you are looking down on me by saying this. I’ve been here watching the gates for 12 years. I do have feelings toward the school.”

Mister Qin felt that he had been insulted and had a look of anger on his face.

In truth, other than this reason, there was another more important point. Mister Qin saw a different aura from Sun Mo when compared to others, and this aura seemed to make Sun Mo inharmonious with their society.

Mister Qin had also met several great teachers of high star-rankings before. But even they didn’t exude such an aura.


Sun Mo entered the campus. He was preparing to look for the papaya girl first and open up all his treasure chests before taking action to ‘fix’ Zhang Hanfu!

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