Absolute Great Teacher
476 Opening Treasure Chests, Obtaining a New Great Teacher Halo!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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476 Opening Treasure Chests, Obtaining a New Great Teacher Halo!


Dong He sat before the door to the villa and was leaning on her knees, napping in boredom. After she saw Sun Mo, she immediately jumped in surprise.

“Master, you’ve returned?”

Dong He opened the door and went to take off his outer wear for him. “Do you want to have a bath first, or do you want to eat something to warm your body first?”


Sun Mo’s words were concise and comprehensive. “Get Zhiruo over!”

During these few days, the papaya girl had only been moving around in a few areas. It was very easy to find her. After Sun Mo finished bathing, Lu Zhiruo was already sitting in the living room and waiting for him.


The papaya girl smiled and directly ran over to hug Sun Mo’s arm. “What ranking did you get?”

From Lu Zhiruo’s point of view, Sun Mo would pass for sure. The only question was whether or not he could enter the top three!

“First place!”

Sun Mo smiled and rubbed the papaya girl’s head.

“System, wake up. It’s time to work. Let’s open up that silver treasure chest first!”

Sun Mo urged.

“Hehe, I always knew that teacher is the most awesome!”

Lu Zhiruo felt the leftover glory and directly contributed a large number of favorable impression points.

However, Dong He was stunned. As Sun Mo’s maid, and in order to lead a better life, she had fully researched the great teacher examination.

She naturally also hoped that Sun Mo would get a good result.

However, first place...wasn’t this a little too exaggerated?

One must know that because the 1-star great teacher examination was the barrier to becoming great teachers, there would be an immense number of people joining every year. Hence, the intensity of the competition was extremely high.

Among this pool of people, there were many ‘repeaters’ with an abundance of experience and also graduates from the Nine Greats. Yet, her master had actually suppressed them all?


Favorable impression points from Dong He +300. Respect (1,100/10,000).

After this, Dong He grew excited. The higher Sun Mo’s status was, the better her future life would be. Just like the saying, ‘the premier would be accompanied by seventh-grade officials’. Her life would surely be better than those seventh-grade officials given that she was a maid attending to Sun Mo’s personal needs.

(No, I cannot be lazy in the future. I have to catch up to my master or I might be abandoned.)

A sense of crisis suddenly rose in Dong He’s heart. She decided that she would start studying every night.

Sun Mo didn’t bother himself with their thoughts. He paid more attention to the opening of treasure chests.

After the light faded, a skill book clad in a greenish glow appeared.


“Congratulations on obtaining a part of the Animal Encyclopedia. Proficiency level: elementary-grade.”

“Note, after learning this skill, you would understand the living habits of 1000 ferocious beasts perfectly. Also, this will be of great assistance to your study of beast taming. When you tame ferocious beasts, you will find it easier to succeed.”

The system explained.

“Continue to open the treasure chests, let’s get on with the golden one!”

Sun Mo rubbed the papaya girl on her head again. He was very satisfied with this reward. In the future, even if he couldn’t become a great teacher, it wouldn’t be too bad if he became the director of a zoo.

A clicking sound came from the golden treasure chest.

A time emblem glowing in a green and bronze glow landed before Sun Mo’s eyes.


Sun Mo frowned, he could tell directly that this time emblem was different from the ones he had obtained in the past. Firstly, the greenish glow was more intense.

If the 10-year time emblem was like a man who was made a cuckold once. This time emblem was like he was made a cuckold ten times. It was so green to the extent it couldn’t be any greener.

Also, the time emblems in the past seemed to be made from some stone-like materials. But this emblem had a metallic body. Although Sun Mo didn’t touch it and simply looked at it, he could sense a cold sensation from it. It was like his eyes would freeze if he stared too long at it.


“Congratulations on obtaining a 50-year time emblem. After using it, it would give you 50 years of experience of ‘working assiduously day and night’, rapidly increasing the proficiency level of a skill.”

“Note: the increase in proficiency level is dependent on the user’s aptitude!”

The system explained.

This meant that if the user was someone like Qi Shengjia, the increase in proficiency might not be as great as a genius who merely used a 10-year time emblem.

“What’s the difference between this and the 10-year time emblem? Is it only in the number of years?”

Sun Mo was furious. He saw that there was the word ‘Five’ and ‘ten’* inscribed on the front and back of the time emblem. Besides, when he opened up the merchant store, he saw that a 50-year time emblem cost 10,000 favorable impression points for one. It was ten times more expensive compared to a 10-year time emblem.

“The difference is very great. To give you an example, when running, is there a difference between running for fifty years with a single breath and running five periods of ten years each?

The system counter-asked.

“The former one requires one’s mentality and will to be even stronger?”

Sun Mo frowned.

“Good brains. However, please experience it for yourself to know it better!”

The system explained. “For the majority of the time, five 10-year time emblems can’t allow a skill to be upgraded to the legendary grade, but it’s possible if you use one 50-year time emblem.”

“Good stuff!’

Sun Mo’s eyes brightened. By putting it this way, he understood. This type of time emblem could be considered a battle resource. It was used to greatly increase the proficiency level of a skill.

“Let’s continue. Open a mysterious treasure chest first!”

Sun Mo held his breath and started to pray to all the deities and buddhas in heaven.


The purple glow vanished, leaving behind a mysterious metal plate with profound lines.


“Congratulations, you have obtained 1 spirit rune design template. You can use it to design a spirit rune!”

Sun Mo was very satisfied. Should he use it to design a super saiyan spirit rune?

After transforming, the entity would have golden hair and lightning flashing around it. It was simply cool. In this era, it most probably could scare off people without needing to fight, right?

He could pass the rune to the little sunny egg and the papaya girl for their usage too!

“Teacher, why are you smiling?”

Lu Zhiruo was curious.

“Nothing much. Go, let’s go up to the bedroom!”

Sun Mo wanted to evade Dong He.

He was thinking whether he should chase this maid away. Although it wasn’t bad to have a beauty serving him, Sun Mo had too many secrets and things weren’t very convenient.

The fourth chest, the diamond treasure chest, was opened as well. A mysterious turtle shell appeared.

Sun Mo didn’t know whether to be happy or sad. After all, he needed to collect seven pieces of this item before it would be useful. Right now, he only had two pieces.

“For the last treasure chest...Zhiruo, it’s up to you now. Please bestow me the luck of a goddess. Let me open a great teacher halo!”

Sun Mo closed his eyes and started to pray.

Ten seconds later.


“Congratulations. You have obtained the great teacher halo – Profound Words. Effect: When you give an order, you can force the students to execute it!”

“Proficiency level: Elementary-grade. After casting this halo, the range it covers will be 15 meters. Duration: 3 minutes.”

The system only gave a simple explanation. Although it didn’t say many things, the content of its words was shocking.

What was ‘Profound Words’?

It meant that even your simplest words would contain a deep and profound logic.

Once a great teacher used this halo, the students who heard it would be bound to forcibly execute the command.


Sun Mo cheered.

This was an extremely rare great teacher halo. If one wasn’t a 6-star great teacher, they basically wouldn’t have any chance to comprehend this Profound Words halo.

If a great teacher wanted to comprehend a halo, they had to have the relevant experience first. How could it be possible for a low-star great teacher to utter simple words that contained profound meaning? How could they speak of great logic that would make people tremble in their souls, so loud that even the deaf could hear it?

“Should I test the effect of this halo on Zhiruo?”

Sun Mo glanced at the papaya girl.

[1] The words five and ten when joined together literally means fifty in the chinese language.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》