Absolute Great Teacher
478 Inspecting Progress, On-the-spot Guidance!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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478 Inspecting Progress, On-the-spot Guidance!


“Come over!”

Sun Mo didn’t increase the severity in his tone. However, Lu Zhiruo basically didn’t dare to defy his order. She lowered her head and waddled forward like a penguin.

“Teacher, I...I...”

The papaya girl felt like weeping. She wanted to say that she was working very hard, but there was just no improvement.

“Very good, you have been practicing hard every day!”

Sun Mo nodded as he softly kneaded Lu Zhiruo’s muscles, inspecting her body. He then used Divine Sight to observe her data. “Later, I will write out a brand new cultivation plan for you!”


The papaya girl was surprised. (I didn’t seem to have any improvements at all, shouldn’t you be scolding me?)

“Alright, just relax. Cultivation isn’t something you can force overnight. Although you have no evident improvement now, you are currently in the accumulation phase. One day, all the accumulation would reach a point and translate into actual progress!”

Sun Mo rubbed the papaya girl on her head.

“Teacher, well spoken!”

Lu Zhiruo was very innocent, she was someone who wouldn’t be able to mask her worries well and would trust people very easily. After hearing Sun Mo’s words, she immediately grinned and felt that her teacher was the best person under the heavens. He wasn’t like his father who would always scold her and cast angry looks at her.


Sun Mo had a smile on his face, but he felt very bleak in his heart.

The papaya girl’s potential was extremely low, akin to trash. She was even inferior in terms of cultivation talent when compared to Qi Shengjia.

One must know that Lu Zhiruo’s cultivation environment was in the Wind King Divine Hall where spirit qi was abundant. Moreover, she also took baths with the giant medicine packet daily and he would occasionally give her massages. If it was some other student in her place, that student would have already soared into the sky and displayed his or her brilliance in school.

“Is there any area where you are uncomfortable?”

Sun Mo asked. He didn’t know whether it was an illusion or not. But when he came in contact with Lu Zhiruo, he felt the spirit qi in his body was stirring restlessly. He felt as though it was about to be sucked away.


Lu Zhiruo lowered her head to look at her body, but her vision was blocked by her papaya breasts. “I’ve been eating well and sleeping well recently. I seemed to have grown fatter!”

Yes, this period was the most joyful one ever since Lu Zhiruo was born. There was a good teacher that doted on her and gentle senior and junior sisters accompanying her. This feeling was simply too awesome.

“Mn, continue to work hard in cultivation!”

Sun Mo encouraged, yet he was trying to think of an alternate solution in his heart. If the papaya girl depended on herself, most probably even when she reached 70 or 80 years old, she still wouldn’t be able to enter the Longevity Realm.

Since she had become his student, he naturally had to help her.

Sun Mo thought about the Diamond Fruit. That was a natural fruit that could temper one’s body and had no side effects. One would be able to break through to the next level upon consuming it.

Li Ziqi could use that too.

However, such things only existed on the Darkness Continent. Sun Mo thought of the map of the Greenhaze Forest. Upon hearing the name, he was sure that this was an extremely large forest. There might be a chance where he would be able to find top-graded natural fruit there.

“Teacher, quickly spar with me!”

Xuanyuan Po was burning with impatience.


Sun Mo brought along the students and moved to the Wind King Divine Hall.

The sparkling spirit stones caused the atmosphere to be mysterious and bizarre.

“Teacher, pardon me!”

Xuanyuan Po’s silver spear trembled and lunged towards Sun Mo.

Spear Rain Pearflower!

Swish~ Swish~ Swish~

Over a thousand silver-colored pearflowers manifested and covered Sun Mo.

Sun Mo didn’t pull out his blade. In fact, he didn’t even move his feet. He merely waved his fists calmly.



All the flowers seemed to be blown away by a violent gust of storm-like wind and became scattered.


The silver spear shot through the air and pointed toward Sun Mo’s throat.

Sun Mo flicked his finger.


Xuanyuan Po only felt an immense surge of force drifting up from the tip of his spear. It caused his muscles to spasm, and he couldn’t hold the spear securely. But he immediately reacted and borrowed the force to turn his body, sweeping out horizontally with his spear.

Silver Dragon Shakes Its Tail!


The spear whipped toward Sun Mo.

“Be careful!”

Sun Mo spoke, he then channeled all his strength into his fist and punched out!


Xuanyuan Po’s strength wasn’t inferior to an adult. However, this punch of Sun Mo still knocked his silver spear flying.

Xuanyuan Po could feel a wave of burning pain from his palms. However, he didn’t grit his teeth in agony. Instead, he had a face full of excitement as his battle intent surged to the brim. He took two steps forward and rushed over.

Thud thud!

Xuanyuan Po stretched out his arm and grabbed the end of his spear that was in mid-air. After that, he started to unleash a flurry of rapid attacks. Since single moves had no way to break Sun Mo’s defense, he would change his battle strategy then.

Sun Mo was very satisfied. As expected of the name ‘combat addict’, he instantly understood the merits and drawbacks of his opponents.

“How strong!”

Qi Shengjia was dumbfounded as he watched. Xuanyuan Po’s attacks were too gorgeous. After that, Qi Shengjia placed himself in Sun Mo’s shoes and realized that he wouldn’t be able to hold on for two minutes under Xuanyuan Po’s attacks.

As for being disappointed?

That didn’t exist. The honest guy knew that he was trash and had long since been used to it. Right now, only the will to learn existed in his mind. Although Sun Mo was guiding Xuanyuan Po, those at the side could watch and listen as well. As to how much they could absorb from the guidance, it would depend on themselves.

Sun Mo glanced around and felt very satisfied. Everyone was paying attention and observing the battle. However, when his gaze traveled to Lu Zhiruo, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of helplessness.

Because the papaya girl wasn’t observing the battle but was cheering for Xuanyuan Po, not wanting him to lose too badly.

(Please, can you pay a little more attention to the situation?)

Five minutes later, after Xuanyuan Po had used all his moves, Sun Mo suddenly brandished his blade.


Xuanyuan Po was sent flying from the power of Sun Mo’s slash.

“Very good!”

Sun Mo praised.

“But I still can’t break your defense!”

Xuanyuan Po frowned. Earlier, Sun Mo had only defended, allowing him to go all out to attack. However, he had no way to break Sun Mo’s defense. Also, Xuanyuan Po could feel that compared to the previous spar he had had with Sun Mo, Sun Mo’s combat strength seemed to have improved qualitatively.

In the past, Xuanyuan Po could still add a few sneak attacks. But now, when he stood before Sun Mo, a sense of despair appeared in his heart.

Sun Mo’s every movement had no flaws in his eyes at all.


Favorable impression points from the combat addict +300. Respect (2,100/10,000).

However, the combat addict wouldn’t feel discouraged.

“Come again!”

Xuanyuan Po dragged his spear on the ground, creating sparks. He was prepared to have another go.

“The spar will stop here for today!”

Sun Mo smiled as he looked at the disappointed combat addict. “Don’t worry. Starting from tomorrow and for the next three months, I will train you every day!”


Xuanyuan Po was exceptionally happy.

Li Ziqi didn’t feel surprised. After all, her teacher was a genius that could get two stars in a single year.

“Mn, however, you cannot randomly find others to be your opponent. This training is one of extreme difficulty and you must do things according to the cultivation plan I design!”

Sun Mo’s tone turned solemn.

“There are plenty of injuries on your body. Also, your muscles showed signs of wear and tear everywhere. Although you can’t sense the damage now, once it accumulates to a certain extent, it would be too late even if you cry!”

The human body was like a machine. If it constantly operated at a high load, it might seem fine on the surface, but it would break down sooner or later.

“This student will remember it!”

Xuanyuan Po bowed. If he could spar against Sun Mo, how would he be so free and idle as to find others?

“Tantai, come over!”

Sun Mo did an inspection for Tantai Yutang. After that, his expression turned somewhat heavy. Because of the 1-star great teacher examination, he didn’t have the time to help the sickly invalid by using the living blood technique and his illness grew more serious again.

“Who’s the one who poisoned you exactly?”

Sun Mo frowned. The illness that the sickly invalid was suffering from wasn’t easy to cure. The poison in his bloodstream seemed capable of increasing its load autonomously.

Also, what was more troubling was that the sickly invalid’s body was deteriorating day by day. He no longer had the vitality and youth of what someone his age would have.

“It cannot be considered as someone having poisoned me, my mother...”

Tantai Yutang hesitated, but he didn’t say anything more. After all, this was his family’s business.

“When you thought of things clearly, you can tell me. However, I have to remind you. Tantai, the amount of time you have left isn’t a lot.”

Sun Mo solemnly reminded. After that, he used the living blood technique to dispel some poison for Tantai Yutang.

Ten minutes later, Tantai Yutang’s complexion was evidently much better.

“Many thanks, teacher!”

Tantai Yutang bowed.


Favorable impression points from Tantai Yutang +500. Respect (2,600/10,000).

The others had moved far away because the black steam that was expelled from the sickly invalid’s body also contained poisonous properties.

After that, Sun Mo looked at Jiang Leng. “Didn’t I tell you to stop cultivating for now?”

Jiang Leng fell silent. With the damaged spirit runes on his body, whenever he absorbed spirit qi, he would feel pain as bad as ‘death from a thousand cuts’. He also didn’t want to cultivate, but how should he take revenge if he didn’t cultivate?”

“I will do research on the spirit runes on your body and find a way to cure you during this period!”

Sun Mo sighed.

He had wanted to wait for three more months before he helped Jiang Leng, but when he saw how Jiang Leng was acting now, he truly wasn’t able to bear it.


Li Ziqi wanted to persuade him, but she endured the impulse. This was because she knew her teacher would surely not listen to her.

“Thanks, teacher!”

Jiang Leng didn’t have too much hope. He had researched and knew that for cases like his, it would be useless even if he stripped off all his skin.

That fellow had used a type of rare ink to inscribe spirit runes on his body. They were now imprinted on his muscles, and some were even on his bones. Hence, there were no easy solutions.

Also, the most important point was that the fellow was a spirit rune great ancestor. Even if the spirit runes he inscribed were complete ones, no one could understand them, let alone the fact now that they were all damaged.


When Sun Mo looked over, Ying Baiwu who was always expressionless revealed a sweet smile. This caused Qi Shengjia to become a little dazed.

“Not bad, really not bad!”

Sun Mo was very satisfied with Ying Baiwu. She was hardworking, serious, and determined. One could say that other than this girl being iron-headed, she had all attributes needed and the amount of talent necessary for success.

How long had it only been? She had actually leveled up three times!

“Your work ethic and talent make me speechless!”

Sun Mo laughed. “What I can do is help you maintain your body condition.”

“Everything I have was granted to me by Teacher!”

Ying Baiwu spoke in reverence.

“For the next three months, my plan for you is the same as Xuanyuan Po. You will also be sparring against me!”

Sun Mo glanced at the iron-headed girl’s data and was truly satisfied to the extreme. This was precisely the attributes template of a genius. However, when his gaze landed on the potential value, he felt somewhat worried.

Why was it low?

Also, the additional note was written in large red letters as though the system was afraid that Sun Mo might have missed it.

“A huge flaw exists in her body. Do not accept her as a disciple, also, do your best to maintain a distance!”

Using giving a massage as an excuse, Sun Mo detailedly checked Ying Baiwu’s body. Given the standard of the ancient massaging technique, Ying Baiwu’s body was perfect and had no flaws.

Sun Mo didn’t understand.

“Are you not a great teacher? This is a problem you have to resolve yourself!”

The system declined to answer.

“Consider yourself ruthless!”

Sun Mo vowed that he would definitely find out the problem with Ying Baiwu’s body and resolve it. “Qi Shengjia, you are next. Come over!”

“Ah? I’m included too?”

The honest guy grew emotional.


Favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia +100. Reverence (21,000/100,000).


Sun Mo was speechless. Qi Shengjia was truly the greatest ‘point contributor’ among his contributors. There was no way he could ever fully ‘reap’ favorable impression points from Qi Shengjia, right? (At the very least, shouldn’t you wait for me to inspect your progress first before you contribute the points?)

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