Absolute Great Teacher
480 Sun Mo’s Migh
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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480 Sun Mo’s Migh

Chapter 480: Sun Mo’s Might

Headmaster Office.

After hearing Sun Mo’s plan, An Xinhui’s expression turned heavy. “Wouldn’t doing something like this be a little too ruthless?”

“If your heart is soft, how can you be a qualified capitalist?”

This woman always wanted to use soft tactics to resolve troubles and achieve a situation where it was a win for both sides.

Sun Mo felt like he was drunk. There was still such a naive boss nowadays?

An Xinhui didn’t understand the term ‘capitalist’ but no matter what, it didn’t sound like something good!

“It’s a lifeform that always pursues benefits!” Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to discuss anymore. “Let’s set things like that. I will do everything, and you just have to cooperate with me.”

“No, I can’t let you be the scapegoat.”

An Xinhui gritted her teeth and made her decision. “I’m going to negotiate with them!”

“It’s impossible to succeed. Your sympathy is too overwhelming.”

Sun Mo disagreed, he forcefully made her promise to do things his way and left.

He was so busy the moment he returned and couldn’t take a break at all. However, he understood that there was no choice.

(Could it be I’m destined for a life of toil?)

(No, I have to hire a secretary. Mn, someone with Jin Mujie’s figure would be good.


An Xinhui leaned against her chair and heaved a sigh of relief. All the fatigue and pressure she felt in the recent days instantly alleviated a lot.

It was unknown why but although Sun Mo’s attitude wasn’t good, An Xinhui experienced a sense of security. It was like when her grandpa was around. There was no need for her to worry too much.

“Little Momo has truly grown up!”

An Xinhui sighed emotionally. After that, she started to ponder over a question. If Sun Mo could perfectly resolve the crisis this time around, should she give him some authority?

Honestly speaking, An Xinhui didn’t have the slightest interest with regards to managing the school. However, this involved the honor of her family, so there was no way she would allow the school to decline in her hands. This was why An Xinhui had persisted up till now.

However, from the looks of things now, she could finally let go.

After all, Sun Mo’s capabilities exceeded her expectations and he was also her fiance. There were no problems if he gained the right to manage the school.

“That’s right, after our marriage, I will let him take on the position of headmaster. After that, I will be able to continue with my learning and research. Sigh, I’ve lagged behind so much during these few years!”

An Xinhui sighed.

Others felt that An Xinhui was at the peak of her life given that she became a headmaster just after she had graduated. They all felt incomparably envious.

However, only An Xinhui herself knew that she wanted to escape this responsibility even in her dreams.


In the corridor, Li Ziqi occasionally turned her head and stared behind.

“Do you feel very disappointed?”

Sun Mo knew that the little sunny egg was feeling astonished over An Xinhui’s performance.

“It’s not that I’m disappointed, but I didn’t expect Headmaster An to be someone so soft-hearted.”

Li Ziqi considered her wording. She actually wanted to say that An Xinhui was very indecisive.

“She is too emotional. She felt that because these great teachers have worked here for a few years, they are family to her. This is why she wants to treat them well.”

Sun Mo shrugged. “Such a person is definitely a good boss. However, the business of a good boss might not be able to last long!”

Li Ziqi was listening with full attention.

“An Xinhui’s concept has always been to manage the school as a large family. She felt that all conflicts and disharmony could be resolved gently instead of going head-on against each other until one side dies. However, she has forgotten that in a real family, everyone is linked by blood. But in the school, the majority of the people treat the occupation of a teacher as a job to support their family or a spring board that can allow them to have better jobs in the future.”

Sun Mo was analyzing human nature.

If he was a teacher, he would surely feel extremely grateful toward An Xinhui. However, as a half-owner of the Central Province Academy, he had no choice but to curse.

An Xinhui was purely like a daughter-in-law that was ruining the family. Why did you want to keep these lousy teachers or teachers who were simply muddling around to make a living?

Didn’t you have to pay them a salary?

“Now, the Central Province Academy has no competitive strength because we have so few good teachers. But even if we had them, they wouldn’t have good prospects either.”

As an educator, Sun Mo researched this topic before.

What was the most important thing to a school?

Having an excellent source of students?

No! The first thing was teachers. Only good teachers would be able to achieve good results and nurture a good reputation for the school.

When the fame of the school increased, there was basically no need for them to worry about the student source. Those parents would be the ones worrying about how to send their children to the school instead!

“Understood. Right now, the school is like a puddle of dead water. We have to clear all the rotten fish and shrimps away, allowing the remaining teachers to have the impulse to improve like how fish wants to leap past the dragon gate.”

Li Ziqi was very intelligent, she immediately understood upon hearing this.

“Haha, rotten fish and shrimps? This description is apt!”

Sun Mo praised. “Rather than giving them a rise, I might as well give the extra money to teachers like Gu Xiuxun!”

Naturally, An Xinhui didn’t have the courage to destroy the current system before building it back up. This was because she cared about the school’s reputation and didn’t want anyone to look down on it.

As the two of them chatted, they arrived at the logistics department.


The atmosphere in the logistics department was extremely noisy, as lively as the scene in a wet market.

“I heard Department Head Sun has returned!”

Chen Mu revealed.

“So what if he returned? This time around, Vice Headmaster Zhang is playing a huge game. Unless the old headmaster wakes up, there’s no solution to it!”

Liu Tong laughed mockingly.

“Yeah, now the strike is for the sake of getting a pay raise. Honestly speaking, even Headmaster An’s own family members wouldn’t feel that they have too much money in their pockets.”

“No matter what, we have to re-sign a fat contract with better terms!”

“It’s best to drag things out.”

These people were all supervisors and heads of the various units of the logistics departments. They were all looking forward to the pay raise.

In the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, honoring contracts were extremely important.

Once a contract was signed, if someone failed to follow the terms, they would be cursed at by everyone in the world.

Li Gong didn’t say anything. He looked at these people and laughed coldly. (You guys want to take advantage of Sun Mo? Have you all gone insane?)

As someone who had once been taught a lesson by Sun Mo, he knew very well how fierce that Black Dog Sun was. Whoever felt that he was good to bully because he was young would be sorely mistaken.


The door was kicked open.

“Who is it?”

Li Gong turned his head and wanted to berate the person, but after he saw Sun Mo, he immediately squeezed out a smile on his face as he ran over.

“Department Head Sun, I missed you to death!”

Li Gong directly started to bootlick.

The moment Sun Mo entered, the sounds of chatting immediately faded into silence. After that, the creaking sounds of chairs grinding against the floor could be heard.

“Department Head, you are back?”

“Department Head, please drink some water!”

“Department Head Sun!”

Those who could be in this office were all supervisors of the various units in the logistics departments. Now that they saw Sun Mo coming over to the office, after a short period of being startled, they directly stood up and greeted him with a smile on their faces.

“I heard that a strike occurred in school a few days ago?”

Sun Mo walked into the office.

Li Ziqi closed the door in passing and stood beside it.

At this moment, the office seemed to have become a prison. Sun Mo was like a majestic lion while these people were like prey that had no way to escape.

Because they weren’t able to read Sun Mo’s mind, no one dared to speak carelessly.

Sun Mo stopped beside Liu Tong, “Can you tell me something about that?”

“D...Department Head, I don’t know anything!”

Liu Tong hurriedly dipped into a deep bow.

(Ha? Where’s your courage from earlier? If you are capable, why don’t you say it to his face?)

Li Gong ridiculed Liu Tong in his heart.

“What? I didn’t hear you clearly?”

Sun Mo asked.

“I don’t k...”

Before Liu Tong finished speaking, Sun Mo grabbed a teacup on the table and slammed dunk it into his face.


The porcelain cup shattered, and the shards pierced into Liu Tong’s skin, causing it to be cut as fresh blood flowed.


Liu Tong screamed and fell onto the ground. Bloody wounds opened on his face.

Sun Mo glanced at Chen Mu who was at the side.

Chen Mu immediately clenched his butthole and did his best to squeeze out a smile. The creases on his face were tight enough to squeeze a fly to death.

Only Li Gong could read the situation. He ran over with his own cup.

“Department Head!”

Li Gong passed the cup over.

Sun Mo took it and squatted down.

“What did you say earlier?”

Sun Mo asked Liu Tong again.


Liu Tong stuttered.

Sun Mo lifted his hand and slammed the cup down once more!


Another porcelain cup shattered.

In the office, the various personnel stood there. Their eyelids twitched as everyone averted their gazes.

“Department Head!”

Li Gong took another cup from Chen Mu’s table and passed it to Sun Mo.

“Can you speak more smoothly?”

Sun Mo suggested.

Liu Tong was afraid of being beaten up now. Just when he wanted to nod, the cup smashed down again.


The cup shattered as more blood flowed. A few shattered teeth even flew out.


Liu Tong’s mouth was smacked swollen now. Even if he wanted to say it, he wouldn’t be able to speak clearly.

(F***! That’s my most beloved teacup from Jingde Town. It’s worth over a thousand taels of silver!)

When Chen Mu saw Li Gong take away his teacup to pass to Sun Mo, he wanted to ask for it back. However, as Sun Mo smashed the cup down, he immediately squeezed out a smile. Even though Sun Mo wasn’t looking in his direction, he was still doing his best to smile to display his loyalty and kindness.


Favorable impression points from Chen Mu +50. Friendly (510/1,000).

“I hate liars the most!”

Sun Mo stood up.


Li Ziqi walked over and passed a handkerchief to Sun Mo.

Sun Mo took it. As he wiped his hands, he strolled around the office. “Is there anyone else who wants a promotion and a pay raise? Tell me now, I will immediately satisfy your request!”

No one spoke. Everywhere Sun Mo’s gaze passed by, the staff there evaded his gaze, not daring to match it.

The entire office was seemingly enveloped by a tornado. The atmosphere was so intense that it could kill.

“Li Gong, go and get the security team leader over!”

After Sun Mo instructed, he glanced at everyone in the office again. “Seems like you guys have forgotten the lesson I taught after I personally acted that time.”

“Department Head!”

A middle-aged man passed over another teacup with a respectful expression on his face.

Sun Mo took it and directly smashed it on the middle-aged man’s head. “A bunch of fools that cannot remember lessons. If I don’t display my might, you guys would really treat me as a sick cat, huh?”

The middle-aged man wailed. He covered the bump on his head and hurriedly shut his mouth.

“Is having a strike fun? Since you guys like to do this, why don’t you all leave right now?”

As he spoke, Sun Mo glanced at the middle-aged man beside him.

The logistics department was his territory. He had to teach the people here a lesson first before he could do anything to the entire school.

“I...I only participated for fun, but I really didn’t think about having a pay raise or promotion!”

The middle-aged man explained. If he was fired now, he would never be able to find a job with such good benefits in the future.

“Those who participated in the strike are all to stand out now!”

Sun Mo commanded.

Noises rang out from the crowd. Rustling sounds were heard as five people eventually stood out.


Chen Mu gulped down a mouthful of saliva. He stretched out his leg and retracted it. (I am one of the last few who joined the strike, but most probably no one saw me, right?)

Chen Mu was a crafty individual. He didn’t want trouble, but he also didn’t want to miss out on any potential benefits.

Sun Mo glanced at these people as his lips curled.

“I want all those who participated in the strike to stand out now!”

After Sun Mo spoke, a golden halo manifested from his body.

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