Absolute Great Teacher
481 I Gave You a Chance Earlier, but You Didn’t Want to Cherish I
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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481 I Gave You a Chance Earlier, but You Didn’t Want to Cherish I

Chapter 481: I Gave You a Chance Earlier, but You Didn’t Want to Cherish It

The golden light flooded out, enveloping the entire office.

When the golden light shone on him, Chen Mu’s mind trembled. He felt as though his mind was being smashed ruthlessly by a gigantic hammer. After that, he fell into a daze as he walked out.

When he came to his senses again, cold sweat gushed out of his body, causing his back to be wet. He then hurriedly glanced to his left and right.

“Everyone who participated must step out, everyone who participated must step out!”

Chen Mu mumbled. If there were a lot of people, there was no way Sun Mo could fire all of them. However, reality disappointed him because there were only three people including him who stepped out.

Although all of them only took two steps out, the distance between their locations now and earlier was like the difference between life and death!

“W...What’s going on?”

The logistics staff had looks of puzzlement and nervousness on their faces. Although they were working in the Central Province Academy, teachers who had comprehended Profound Words were simply too few. They had never seen this before.

Even if they had seen it before, they wouldn’t dare to imagine that Sun Mo had such a halo because it was as incredible as cockroaches ruling the world, enslaving humanity.

“Profound Words?”

Li Ziqi was astonished, staring at Sun Mo in dumbfounded amazement. Because of shock, her mouth was wide open, even her tongue was revealed.

(I’ve always known that my teacher is impressive, but I didn’t expect him to be so impressive to the extent where he has no friends. Although I’m a princess, and those old grannies in charge of etiquette lessons have always told me not to say any vulgarities, I’m sorry but I really can’t control myself today!)

Profound Words was a great teacher halo that only great teachers of high star-ranks would be able to comprehend. The number of teachers in the Central Province Academy that possessed this halo definitely didn’t exceed the number of fingers on a hand.

Li Ziqi’s gaze when looking at Sun Mo was filled with shock, praise, and glory. But in the end, all her emotions turned into worship.

(My teacher is truly the best teacher in the world!)


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +500. Reverence (23,710/100,000).

“P...Profound Words? There’s no mistake, this is definitely Profound Words. However, only 6-star great teachers would be able to comprehend this. I was once fortunate enough to see the old headmaster casting it. When the speaker says something under the effect of this halo, no one could resist their command.”

An old man called out in agitation as he recalled the incomparable glory of the old headmaster.

“It can’t be, right?”

Everyone stared at Sun Mo, stunned. After all, they were staff of the school and knew how terrifying Profound Words was and how difficult it was to comprehend it. Yet, Sun Mo actually knew this?


Miao Li directly knelt. “Headmaster Sun, I was wrong. I shouldn’t have participated in the strike, but I really didn’t mean anything by it. I was only there for fun.”

This Miao Li was one of the three who walked out under the influence of Profound Words.

“I’ve said it before. I hate liars the most!”

Sun Mo looked at Miao Li. “Also, I gave you a chance earlier, but you didn’t want to cherish it!”

“I was wrong, Department Head, I was wrong! In the future, I will take you as my only guide. If you tell me to head east, I won’t dare to head west!”

Miao Li vowed.

“Department Head Sun!”

The security team leader Li Bao had arrived. He even brought a few of his capable subordinates with him, and they came in time to see Miao Li kowtowing, begging for mercy.

“Drag these three out and break their legs!”

Sun Mo instructed.

Li Bao started.

“Why? You need me to repeat my instruction?”

Li Bao was someone who had seen the diverse aspects of society. But after being stared at by Sun Mo, he actually felt afraid. He then waved his hands and spoke.

“Capture them!”

A bunch of security guards rushed over like wolves and tigers.

“Department Head, please spare me!”

“I only participated for fun, I didn’t do anything to let you down!”

“Department Head, please give me one more chance!”

Chen Mu and the other two started wailing and weeping.

At this moment, those who had confessed earlier suddenly felt lucky when they looked at these three unlucky fellows. They felt rejoice for surviving a calamity.

Seeing that there was no way for them to plead for mercy, Chen Mu suddenly turned unyielding. “Sun Mo, we only participated in a strike, yet you want to break one of my legs. Are you not too tyrannical? I’m going to complain to Headmaster An!”

“Who says that I’m punishing you for participating in the strike?”

Sun Mo coldly laughed.

After hearing this, half of the people here started. The other half were too experienced in society, and they immediately understood Sun Mo’s meaning in an instant. After that, cold sweat drenched their bodies.

Sun Mo was planning to frame them!

“Sun Mo, you want to frame me?”

Chen Mu roared loudly, his face turned red from anger.

“Chen Mu, pay attention to your wording. As a 1-star great teacher, would I stoop so low and become such a person?”

Sun Mo shouted in anger, “Li Gong, tell him what are his offenses!”

“Chen Mu accepted bribes and used the influence of his position to send his relatives into the school for work!”

How cunning was Li Gong? He was simply too familiar with tactics like this. There was no need for him to contemplate deeply, and he could already list out random things that were most likely true.

Sweat immediately dotted the foreheads of everyone when they heard this.

Their working duration in this school was over 20 years for those old-timers and at least five to six years for ‘newer’ staff. Honestly speaking, taking some minor bribes, reporting false figures, and embezzling a little money were very normal and insignificant.

However, if Sun Mo really wanted to make a big fuss, there was nothing they could say. In fact, even if they were fired, they wouldn’t be able to get the penalty fee.

“Why are you guys still standing there in a daze? Break his leg!”

Li Bao roared. Sun Mo was definitely a ruthless man. Other great teachers would care about their reputation when they handled things and wouldn’t shred all pretense of cordiality, but Sun Mo directly went for the bone.

No one was a fool here. They all understood that Sun Mo was using this chance to make things difficult for them. He wanted to forge the entire logistics department into a tough piece of metal and shortly after, joy suddenly rose in the hearts of some people here.

If some of them were forced to leave, it meant that people from the lower positions would ascend and take over them. This was the redistribution of the cake. If they managed to grab hold of this opportunity, wouldn’t they be able to finally feel full?

“Chen Mu, do you dare to say that you are innocent?”

A middle-aged man with a sharp chin rushed in front of Chen Mu and directly slapped him twice. There was no need to ask; this man clearly expressed that he was on Sun Mo’s side.

“Aiya, I didn’t expect an honest-looking guy with thick eyebrows and big eyes like you would be so proficient in bootlicking?”

Li Gong stared at the sharp chin fellow. Sun Mo would surely feel disgusted for people like this in the past, but he was used to it now.

The world of adults had no right or wrong. There were only profits.

“Sun Mo, you will die a terrible death. You want to seize the authority and the position of headmaster! Even if I become a ghost, I won’t spare you. I’m going to complain about you before the sickbed of the old headmaster!”

Miao Li howled and started to slander Sun Mo.

“Shut up.”

Sun Mo berated.


The light from a golden halo erupted forth once more.

Miao Li felt like he was slapped. His mouth was open, but he wasn’t able to speak.


Li Bao cursed. His eyes widened so much that they almost exploded. Sun Mo even knew such a rare halo?

Li Bao had been a teacher in the past, but he wasn’t that good at educating others and decided to change his profession to be a security guard. Having gotten the job through some of his connections, he could be considered to be making a decent living.

Nevertheless, because he was once a teacher, he knew precisely how impressive this great teacher halo was!

Sun Mo immediately looked over.

“Eh, I’m not cursing at you. I’m just exclaiming my shock. Y...you are too impressive!”

Li Bao had no way not to be nervous. Although Sun Mo was young, his aura was truly too strong. Naturally, the most important thing was that he was ruthless enough.

“Damn, as expected of Black Doggy Sun!”

Li Bao was convinced now as he muttered to himself. In any case, he couldn’t afford to antagonize someone like this.

“The five of you, just tender your resignations!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he stood up and left.


Someone was unwilling and wanted to plead for mercy. However, he was stopped by another person beside him.

“Stop talking, do you want to implicate us?”

“The winner is king while the losers are vilified. Just accept it!”

“Sigh, this time around, Li Gong has struck it rich.”

The five of them were punished as an example to others.

Li Gong ran out to chase after Sun Mo. He then bowed and had a humble expression on his face.

“Department Head, you are really godly. After news about this spread, at the very least, all the ordinary workers who wanted to participate in the strike would start to consider whether they can endure the consequences.”

Li Gong praised.

“How much do you understand about Guan Shan?”

This was then the main reason why Sun Mo was looking for Li Gong. Although Li Gong’s character wasn’t good, he was in many places and had ways to collect information.

“He has an illegitimate son!”

Li Gong told everything he knew about Guan Shan to Sun Mo.

“Continue to monitor the school’s situation. If there’s any news, report them to me immediately!”

Sun Mo instructed.

“Just leave this to me!”

Li Gong was very excited. The higher Sun Mo climbed, the more stable his own position would be.

“Okay, let’s go.”

Sun Mo spoke to Li Ziqi.

Li Gong bowed to send them away. He only straightened his back after Sun Mo’s silhouette had vanished completely. The tyranny Sun Mo had displayed in the office earlier stunned him.

This was then the style of a big boss!

At this moment, Li Gong was rejoicing secretly that he hadn’t chosen to go against Sun Mo back then or he would have surely become a corpse now.

“Sun Mo might really be able to lead the Central Province Academy back into the ranks of the Nine Greats, restoring the school’s former glory!”

Li Gong mumbled.


Favorable impression points from Li Gong +200. Friendly (656/1,000).


Sun Mo walked through an alley, preparing to look for Old Wolf Ren, the local tyrant of Jinling. It wouldn’t be a problem for him to find the whereabouts of a legitimate child.

“Do you feel that I’m very cold-blooded?”

Sun Mo was someone who had experienced office politics before. However, those things were just minor matters, and only arguments would occur as people verbally attacked each other. How could things be so serious like how someone’s leg was broken today?


Li Ziqi blinked her eyes. As a princess from the royal clan, she had seen bloody political struggles. Besides, Sun Mo’s action was just like taking care of a few corrupted slaves. There were no problems at all.

If it was Lu Zhiruo, her sympathy for the workers would surely overflow if she saw this.

“Ai, my thinking is still different from the people of the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces!”

Sun Mo sighed. (In order to make up for this difference, should I start keeping a bunch of beautiful slaves to play with? However, An Xinhui would surely beat me to death if I did that, right?)

“Sun Mo?”

When Sun Mo was distracted, he suddenly heard someone calling him. As he turned his head, he saw Yue Rongbo, whom he had not met for a long time, walking quickly toward him. Headmaster Cao from the Myriad Daos Academy was walking behind Yue Rongbo.

“Teacher Sun, nice to meet you!”

Cao Xian smiled as he surveyed Sun Mo. He felt increasingly satisfied the more he looked at Sun Mo. (Ai, this is such a good teacher, why isn’t he someone from the Myriad Daos Academy?)

(No, I have to headhunt him regardless of the cost!)

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