Absolute Great Teacher
482 A Heavenly Price to Headhunt Sun Mo
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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482 A Heavenly Price to Headhunt Sun Mo


On the stone pavement, Qian Dun and Wang Chao had wanted to look for Sun Mo. But after they heard someone shouting the name ‘Sun Mo’, they glanced over.

“It’s Cao Xian?”

Qian Dun started, he wasn’t acquainted with Yue Rongbo, but no matter what, he was still very familiar with the headmaster of the Myriad Daos Academy. “Why is he looking for Teacher Sun?”

“Is there still a need to ask? He’s definitely here to poach him!”

Wang Chao tiptoed as he looked around. “How? Should we still go over?”

“Let’s go, this is a rare opportunity. We can also seek guidance from Headmaster Cao!”

Qian Dun was quite clever. Cao Xian wasn’t simply a headmaster, but he was also a 5-star great teacher. Someone like him would usually be very busy. Given Qian Dun’s status, he basically wouldn’t be qualified to seek guidance from Headmaster Cao.

However, today was different. If Cao Xian wanted to headhunt Sun Mo, he would have to display his brilliance to gain a favorable impression from Sun Mo.

After the two of them exchanged a glance, they both hastened their steps and walked over quickly.

“Teacher Sun!”

Qian Dun laughed. After that, he greeted Cao Xian. “Headmaster Cao, good morning!”

“Headmaster Cao!”

Wang Chao dipped into a slight bow.

Cao Xian nodded. His expression didn’t change, but he felt unhappy at being disturbed. However, as someone open and candid, since he came to the Central Province Academy to poach Sun Mo away, he wasn’t afraid that others might see him.

“Teacher Sun, this is just a small token of my respect for you!”

Cao Xian spoke in an amicable manner and passed over a small wooden box.

“I’ve done nothing to deserve this!”

Sun Mo didn’t accept it.

“Teacher Sun, don’t treat us as outsiders. This is a gift prepared by Headmaster Cao to congratulate you on obtaining first place in the 1-star great teacher examination!”

Yue Rongbo spoke in support of Cao Xian.

“Alright then!”

Sun Mo looked at Yue Rongbo and discovered that he was nodding subtly, hinting for him to accept it. Hence, Sun Mo relaxed.

Besides, if he kept rejecting again and again, it would appear that he was very prideful and arrogant, feeling disdain about making acquaintances.

“At most, I will return the favor and pay a visit to Cao Xian.”

After that, Sun Mo accepted the gift with both hands and passed it to Li Ziqi.

“Teacher Sun, why don’t you open it for a look? This represents Headmaster Cao’s sincerity.”

Yue Rongbo laughed.

Sun Mo frowned. There were no habits in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces for someone to open a gift before the sender. By doing so, it would even appear like the person wasn’t cultured. However, since Yue Rongbo was saying this, it indicated that this gift was very expensive. It would be meaningless if he didn’t open it before Cao Xian.

Qian Dun and Wang Chao both looked at the box. In such a situation, they didn’t have any right to speak.

Sun Mo opened the little wooden box. At the bottom of the box, an expensive purple silk cloth could be seen. On the cloth, there was a fruit that shone with a silvery-white light. Half of it was covered in pictures of resplendent stars while the other half was a picture of a bright crescent moon.

“Starmoon fruit?”

Qian Dun exclaimed. After that, he gulped down a mouthful of saliva.

Wang Chao directly fell into a daze as he looked at the fruit in the box.

This was a starmoon fruit, a fruit that absorbed the essence of the stars and moon and needed 100 years to reach maturity.

After a cultivator consumed it, they could use the astral lunar force in the fruit to temper their bodies and purify their blood to expel filth and impurities, allowing them to break through their bottlenecks.

Simply speaking, this was a top-grade natural spirit medicine that cultivators at the blood-ignition realm needed the most.

Sun Mo felt that the gift would surely be very expensive, but he didn’t expect it to be so expensive to this extent. If it was placed in an auction, it would even qualify to be the star item of the day.

Cao Xian’s countenance was composed as he surveyed the expressions of everyone here. He had seen too many expressions similar to what Qian Dun and Wang Chao were showing. However, he wouldn’t mock them.

Because back then when he had first seen a starmoon fruit, the desire in him was like how a man viewed a fine steed and a top-grade weapon. He had wanted nothing more than to possess it.

“Given my understanding, who wouldn’t want such a top-grade natural medicine?”

Cao Xian smiled complacently. However, when his gaze landed on Sun Mo, his expression turned into one of astonishment. (Why the hell are you still so calm?)

(Could it be that you don’t want it?)

(It’s a pretense?)

(It’s definitely a pretense!)

After that, Cao Xian glanced at Li Ziqi from the corner of his eyes. (What? She also has such a calm look on her face like she was looking at salted veggies in a wet market instead of looking at a top-grade spirit medicine!)

“Is there something wrong with my eyes?”

Cao Xian felt the impulse to rub his eyes.


Yue Rongbo also discovered Sun Mo’s unexpected expression. Could it be that Sun Mo ate this often? Only when one was so familiar with something would they lose the sense of joy when receiving it as a gift.

Just like the saying ‘behind every goddess, there would be a man who would puke due to the boredom that comes from sleeping with her too much’.

“Headmaster Cao, your gift is too precious. I cannot accept it!”

Sun Mo closed the box and passed it back to Cao Xian.


For a time, Cao Xian didn’t know what to say. (Too precious? Are you saying this to pacify me? From your expression, you don’t feel shocked by how precious this gift is at all!)

It was like when an ordinary person received a jade bracelet as a gift, they would surely feel a little happy and would be worried that they couldn’t afford to pay for it if they carelessly damaged it. However, Sun Mo was too composed.

He simply closed the box and returned it casually.

Cao Xian’s sense of superiority completely shattered. He had prepared such an expensive gift because he wanted to shock Sun Mo. But from the looks of things now, his ‘sincerity’ wasn’t ‘heavy’ enough.

Li Ziqi stood at the side with a composed look on her face, but she really felt like laughing in her heart.

To the vast majority of people, the starmoon fruit could be considered a top-grade expensive gift. But to Sun Mo, sorry, when he had broken through the seventh level of the blood-ignition realm, half the effort could be attributed to him consuming a starmoon fruit.

However, Cao Xian must have prepared this well. From the looks of things, he truly did value Sun Mo.

“As expected, Teacher is awesome!”

The little sunny egg sighed and contributed another wave of favorable impression points.

“Teacher Sun!”

Qian Dun’s eyes were wide open. He almost snatched the box back on behalf of Sun Mo. (Are you crazy? This is such a precious meeting gift, why don’t you want it?)

Wang Chao’s eyes were filled with intense envy.

(When can I be as impressive as Sun Mo to cause the headmaster of a ‘C’ grade school to personally come and poach me with an expensive gift?)


Favorable impression points from Wang Chao +200. Friendly (900/1,000).

“Headmaster Cao, I appreciate your intention, but you have to bring your gift back!”

Sun Mo smiled and directly stuffed the box back into Cao Xian’s hand. “If not, I will pay you a visit tomorrow to return it to you!”


Cao Xian bitterly smiled, but his impression of Sun Mo grew better a lot. How many people in this world could remain unmoved when facing such a huge temptation?


Favorable impression points from Cao Xian +100. Friendly (640/1,000).

“Headmaster Cao, I can roughly guess at why you are looking for me. However, I can only apologize. I won’t leave the Central Province Academy!”

Sun Mo had an apologetic look on his face.

“Teacher Sun, don’t be in a hurry to reject me. I came here with great sincerity. You are free to name any condition you want directly. I will satisfy all your requests.”

Cao Xian gritted his teeth and went all out.

“There are usually two reasons why a teacher wants to change school. First, he is unhappy at his current place of employment. Second, his current school isn’t paying him enough.”

Sun Mo smiled. “Currently, I’m very satisfied here.”

As the sound of Sun Mo’s voice faded, a golden halo erupted forth.


Priceless Advice was activated.


Sun Mo was speechless.

“Wow, Teacher is so impressive. Any casual words spoken by him can be considered golden sentences!’

Li Ziqi blinked while feeling a sense of worship in her heart.

Cao Xian and Yue Rongbo were both stunned. They revealed contemplative looks but didn’t know how they should continue with their speech of headhunting Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun’s words are hitting the nail on the head!”

Cao Xian sighed. He was a headmaster that managed tens of thousands of teachers and students. He could really understand the logic of these words.

In the past, he had always wondered why the junior great teachers would still leave their jobs at his school despite him treating them so well. After that, he discovered that what they wanted was enough resources so they could develop themselves to reach a higher level.

Hence, after that, when it came to talking about money, Cao Xian no longer played the emotional card. This was why he was willing to spend so much to get a starmoon fruit for the sake of poaching Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun, I feel increasingly reluctant to miss out on you. I will continue to headhunt you!”

Cao Xian looked at Sun Mo with glowing eyes. He was truly a talent. Not only was he good at teaching, but he also seemed pretty capable in terms of management.

Yue Rongbo clapped softly. Right now, he would no longer invite Sun Mo to join his great teacher circle because he didn’t want to delay Sun Mo’s prospects. If Sun Mo joined a great teacher circle, the leader of that circle would have to be a 7-star great teacher at the very least.

Sun Mo helplessly smiled, not wanting to continue with this topic. Hence, he turned to Qian Dun. “Teacher Qian, Teacher Wang, are there some matters you need my help with?”

“Oh, I have a few questions and wish to consult Teacher Sun about them.”

Qian Dun bowed, he still didn’t dare to consult Cao Xian directly. After all, he wasn’t Sun Mo and wasn’t able to behave casually before a 5-star great teacher.

“Haha, Teacher Qian is really good at joking. Before Headmaster Cao and Teacher Yue, how would I dare to show off my meager skill?”

Sun Mo rejected. “Why don’t you two get Headmaster Cao to give you some guidance?”

“How am I capable enough to make Headmaster Cao put in the effort for me?”

Qian Dun took the chance to express his awe.

“What are the questions that have been puzzling you?”

Cao Xian knew Qian Dun was praising him because the latter wanted him to answer. Usually, he absolutely would ignore people like Qian Dun. But because he wanted to give Sun Mo face, he decided to give them some guidance.

“I feel that the improvement to my strength is very slow!”

Qian Dun immediately spoke.

Sun Mo listened attentively at the side, wanting to see how a 5-star great teacher would answer the question. One couldn’t help but say that this would be very beneficial to him.

Because their positions were different, their experiences and horizons were different. Hence, even for the same question, different people would have different answers for it.

“You are too anxious even though you are still young, just take things slow!”

Headmaster Cao concluded. He then looked at Sun Mo. “How’s my answer?”

“Extremely excellent!”

Sun Mo praised. As expected of a 5-star great teacher, Cao Xian deserved his reputation. Cao Xian didn’t have Divine Sight and wasn’t acquainted with Qian Dun before this. However, he was able to pinpoint the reason simply by listening to Qian Dun’s question.

“Headmaster Cao, I have some questions as well, may I please consult you?”

Wang Chao spoke.

Cao Xian seriously listened. After he answered, he stroked his beard. “Sun Mo, I still have some matters that I wish to speak with you alone.”

Qian Dun and Wang Chao exchanged a mutual glance and decided to leave the area. Although they were unwilling, they understood that if they continued staying on, they would irk Headmaster Cao. Also, their purpose for coming here had already been resolved. Hence, both of them bowed and bade farewell. “We still have lectures, we will leave first and not bother the three of you then.”

After the two of them left, Cao Xian smiled as he asked. “Teacher Sun, what do you think of their questions?”

“Is this a test for me?”

Sun Mo teased.

“You can understand it that way.”

Yue Rongbo was filled with anticipation for Sun Mo’s answer.

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