Absolute Great Teacher
483 Rare Building, Darkness Illusion Dojo
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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483 Rare Building, Darkness Illusion Dojo


“Qian Dun and Wang Chao have similar problems. Their aptitudes are ordinary and they aren’t able to support their expectations!”

Sun Mo spoke up.

“Teacher Sun’s requirements are really harsh!”

Cao Xian teased.

“Go on!”

Yue Rongbo revealed a curious expression and listened seriously.

“Actually, given their aptitude, this improvement isn’t bad. However, after having attended the 1-star great teacher examination, they had seen too many geniuses and their mental state went off balance into a state of self-denial.”

Sun Mo shrugged.

This was like a top student in a small town suddenly entering a top school of a prefecture. Their competitors were many times better, and they’d be dealt a blow so great that they’d doubt their life.

“Based on what you said, don’t they have any merits?”

Cao Xian asked.

“They do. Qian Dun and Wang Chao are the type of people who dare to admit their mistakes and make changes when they were in the wrong. When they encounter setbacks, they’d immediately start to contemplate on how to resolve problems.”

Sun Mo praised, “People like them would, at the very least, achieve some small success.”

Yue Rongbo nodded, having strong admiration for Sun Mo’s reply.

“After hearing what you said, I really feel like headhunting them now.”

Cao Xian stared at Sun Mo, wanting to see how he’d handle this.

“Headmaster Cao really likes to joke. As the Myriad Daos Academy has a strong background, and with it being a time where you’d need to produce quick results, you don’t have the time to nurture new people. It would be better if you headhunt some great teachers who are already reputable.”

Sun Mo didn’t believe that Cao Xian would be so free that he’d go headhunt Qian Dun. It was because the cost-performance ratio was too high.

Cao Xian clapped, giving Yue Rongbo a gaze. He was the headmaster after all, and it’d make him look less impressive if he kept on saying that he wanted to headhunt someone. Therefore, he wanted to let Yue Rongbo do it instead.


Favorable impression points from Cao Xian +50. Friendly (690/1,000).

“Teacher Sun...”

Yue Rongbo had just adjusted his tone and called Sun Mo when he was interrupted.

“Headmaster Cao and Teacher Yue, we’re honored by your presence here. Why didn’t you come to look for me to reminisce about the old times?”

An Xinhui came. Next to her was Jin Mujie.

“Teacher Sun, congratulations on coming out in first place!”

Jin Mujie smiled. When she had passed by earlier, she heard someone calling Sun Mo’s name. Noticing that it was Cao Xian and Yue Rongbo, she quickly got two students to call for An Xinhui while she stayed behind to keep an eye on the situation.

Things really turned out as she expected. Cao Xian and Yue Rongbo had come to headhunt Sun Mo. Moreover, the offer they made was terrifyingly high.

An Xinhui’s gaze went toward the small wooden box in Sun Mo’s hands. She heard from Jin Mujie that Cao Xian had gifted a Starmoon Fruit to Sun Mo as a present. He was extremely generous.

However, Sun Mo refused him.

“Headmaster An, pardon me for being blunt. You’re killing his talent by using your status as his fiancée to forcibly get him to stay in your school.”

Cao Xian couldn’t be bothered to say things tactfully. Since An Xinhui had come, he went straight to the point.

“Headmaster Cao, you’re wrong about that. Teacher Sun is the hope of our Central Province Academy to regain its glory. Both my grandfather and I value him a lot!”

An Xinhui retorted.

“It still remains unknown whether the Central Province Academy will be able to remain in the ‘C’ grade next year!” Cao Xian’s lips twitched. “Let’s go straight to the point. What would it take for you to give up on Sun Mo?”

In the great teacher world, when such situations occurred, the involved party would give some benefits to a school to headhunt one of their teachers. It was like how soccer players would jump between clubs.

“I’m sorry, Teacher Sun isn’t just a teacher of the Central Province Academy. He is also one of the owners of the school. I’m unable to make the call on whether he stays or not.”

An Xinhui refused without any hesitation.


When Jin Mujie and Yue Rongbo heard this, both of them couldn’t help but cheer.

An Xinhui was too witty. Not only did she not conduct herself with an air of superiority, she even said it officially that Sun Mo was one of the owners of the school.

This didn’t just show that she was going to carry out this marriage agreement. She also took half the Central Province Academy as her dowry. Which guy would be able to withstand this?

Moreover, Cao Xian was the headmaster of the Myriad Daos Academy. In front of such a famous person, An Xinhui wouldn’t be able to take her words back. Otherwise, her reputation in the great teacher world would plunge.


Cao Xian was rendered speechless, feeling upset and disappointed.

How was he going to headhunt Sun Mo now?

Even if he could give Sun Mo a portion of the Myriad Daos Academy over, he still wouldn’t be able to find a beautiful lady comparable to An Xinhui to Sun Mo.

Getting both a beauty and career. Who’d be able to refuse this temptation?

Yue Rongbo and Jin Mujie glanced at Sun Mo and noticed that he remained calm, not seeming to be elated at all. It was as if he had heard someone asking what he had eaten for lunch.

“His mental state is really stable!”

Yue Rongbo felt very emotional about this.

Jin Mujie, on the other hand, was a woman after all and was meticulous. She realized that Sun Mo didn’t seem to care if he’d be able to marry An Xinhui.

An Xinhui also sneaked a glance at Sun Mo. Realizing that he didn’t show any signs of agitation, she couldn’t help but feel shocked. Her guess was right. Little Momo was no longer as infatuated and in love with her as he had been when they were young.

“Teacher Sun, let’s have a meal together when we’re free next time!” said Cao Xian.

Since An Xinhui was here, it was inconvenient to talk. Therefore, Cao Xian decided to give up for today.

In an instant, there were only four people left by the flowerbed.

Sun Mo looked around. There was the young Li Ziqi, An Xinhui, and Jin Mujie. All of them were great beauties who had both looks and talent, each of them having their own charm.

In the end, most of Sun Mo’s gazes still landed on Jin Mujie, the lady who liked to collect bones. She was an ideal sex partner!

Sun Mo wasn’t a pervert. Even if Li Ziqi wasn’t his student, he wouldn’t develop urges toward a young girl below 20. As for An Xinhui, her godly air was far too strong. If they were in the modern days, Sun Mo wouldn’t even have the chance to chat with her. Therefore, he always had an unrealistic feeling when he was with her.

Jin Mujie was better. Her figure was fantastic like a ripe peach, and just a glance at her would make one hard for three days.

An Xinhui was very hesitant, not knowing what she should say. The favor shown by Sun Mo was too great in his decision to not leave. Should she be showing some gestures?

“Teacher Sun, the construction of the darkness illusion dojo is completed. Do you want to bring us over to take a look?” Jin Mujie suggested, “Xinhui said that you haven’t come back. That’s why she didn’t allow me to go!”

“Teacher Jin’s emotional intelligence is so high!”

Li Ziqi secretly praised. Jin Mujie was telling Sun Mo that his status in An Xinhui’s heart was very high.

“Then let’s go together!”

Sun Mo also wanted to check it out.

The cover that encompassed the darkness illusion dojo hadn’t been removed yet, but it was no longer sufficient to hide it. This building that was built using darkness illusion gemstones was seven stories high. From the outer appearances, it was in the shape of an octagon pillar, with all sorts of relief sculptures.

“The secret treasure of darkness is too amazing! To think that it ‘grew’ to this level with just spirit stones and it only took slightly over half a month!”

Jin Mujie exclaimed.

“These relief sculptures weren’t carved by people?”

Li Ziqi felt surprised.


An Xinhui shook her head. She didn’t have the spare money to hire artisans. Moreover, there were probably less than five artisans in the entire Central Province who’d be able to carve such relief sculptures.

“Have you entered it before?”

Sun Mo stood in front of the stone door.


An Xinhui hesitated for a moment but still said, “I wanted to check out this place together with you!”

“Oh my, then aren’t we being bright light bulbs here?”

Jin Mujie teased. She wanted to leave to give some privacy to Sun Mo and An Xinhui, but she couldn’t hold back her curiosity.

Sun Mo smiled. He didn’t push open the door immediately but activated his Divine Sight instead.

“The darkness illusion dojo, a darkness building. After 17 days, two-third of it is completed and some of its inner structures are being improved on. This building has the darkness illusion gemstone as its core, so once the gemstone is lost or damaged, the building would collapse immediately.”

“What’s wrong?”

Jin Mujie frowned when she saw Sun Mo standing there and wasn’t moving.

“It’s nothing!”

Sun Mo pushed the door and entered.

A long corridor that was ten meters long appeared in front of them. At the end of the corridor was a big hall like that of a beehive, with passages that led to different places.

“Did you guys hear something?”

Li Ziqi’s expression was grim. She felt ghostly cries and sharp shrills. They were so noisy that her head was buzzing in pain.

“Calm down and focus your mind!”

Sun Mo reminded.

The first level of the illusion dojo was the illusion hall. Once humans entered, they’d have all sorts of varying hallucinations. If they could bear with it, their willpower would increase. If they couldn’t, they’d become lunatics and lose their minds.

“The first level is a testing ground. A cultivator is able to cultivate here, and the duration they can cultivate would depend on how long they can stay in this level without losing their mind.”

Sun Mo explained.

An Xinhui and the other two didn’t think too much into why Sun Mo knew the darkness illusion dojo’s functions. After all, this secret treasure was his spoils of war.

“It seems that we can’t let every student come in to train.”

An Xinhui sighed. The darkness building wasn’t something that everyone could use.

“Xinhui, even without this level, it’s impossible to let all the students come in.”

Jin Mujie shook her head. An Xinhui was too naive and soft-hearted. It was a case of demand exceeding supply. The rights to access such a rare building would definitely be awarded to those outstanding students.

The four of them went up to the second floor.

This was a huge dueling platform, forged from some kind of black mysterious rock. There weren’t any decorations and it looked extremely plain.

“This is the second floor. It is called the illusion combat dojo. It is used for battles between cultivators.”

Sun Mo continued to head up the stairs. There wasn’t much to see on this floor.

The third floor was also a dueling platform. However, the construction material was some kind of translucent rock. It looked just like a mirror. When a person stepped on it, there’d be life-like reflections.

“We mustn’t wear dresses and come up here in the future!”

Both Li Ziqi and An Xinhui subconsciously pressed down their abdomen with their hand, not daring to take huge strides. Because of the light reflections, if they were to take huge strides, they’d be exposed.

“Wow, this place isn’t bad. It can be used as a fitting room.”

Jin Mujie smiled and turned one round. The dress hems of her teacher attire fluttered, and her two long legs were immediately exposed.

Sun Mo felt very disappointed. As it was still winter, Jin Mujie was wearing a pair of pants inside. He wasn’t able to see anything.

“Teacher, what profoundness is there to this level? It can’t be just a dueling platform, right?”

Li Ziqi assessed the surroundings.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》