Absolute Great Teacher
484 The School“s Greatest Treasure
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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484 The School“s Greatest Treasure

Chapter 484: The School’s Greatest Treasure

“This floor is the battle hall against one’s own illusion!”

Sun Mo introduced while drawing out his dagger, making a cut on his finger.

A drop of blood fell to the ground, instantly spreading out. Then, red vapor rose and permeated the place.

By the time the vapor dissipated, another Sun Mo appeared.


Li Ziqi gasped. “It looks so similar!”

Both An Xinhui and Jin Mujie immediately wore solemn expressions, assessing this illusion with professional judgments.

From the exterior, this illusion looked exactly the same as Sun Mo. Even Li Ziqi, who often had contact with Sun Mo and was his personal disciple who knew him very well, couldn’t tell the difference between the two of them.

His height, hair quality, hair color, and even clothes, were perfectly duplicated.

The only difference was that the illusion didn’t have any expressions as if it was wearing a poker face.

“Little Momo.”

An Xinhui called out. The darkness illusion turned his head and this made her very surprised. “That can’t be. He even reacts to this?”

“Teacher Sun, would these illusions run out?”

Jin Mujie was a little worried. Secret treasures of darkness were the most amazing and most mysterious treasures. If these illusions could replace the actual person, then it’d be too terrifying.

“There’s no need to worry. These illusions would exist for half an hour at most!”

Sun Mo explained.

“Who has the right over this darkness building? I heard that the gemstone has developed its own consciousness. It wouldn’t take over the rights, would it?”

Jin Mujie was very careful. After all, this concerned the students’ safety.

“The gemstone’s consciousness has been killed by me. Right now, the highest authority is in my hands!”

Sun Mo used his blood to activate the darkness illusion gemstone and built this building. Therefore, he was naturally the master of this building.

“There’s no need for you guys to be worried. Although this building has the function of automatically absorbing spirit qi, the spirit qi in the nine provinces is too thin. That’s why there’s a need to keep on replenishing spirit stones. Without spirit stones, no illusions would be created.”

Sun Mo chuckled. He had fully gone through the pros and cons, ascertaining that everything was perfectly safe before he started building this building.

“Huh? Then what should we do?”

Jin Mujie became anxious. Due to the world’s regulations, once spirit stones were brought over from the Darkness Continent to the nine provinces, the spirit qi in the stones would immediately wane.

Of course, there were also facilities to conserve them. However, all of these facilities were extremely expensive and they weren’t something that the current Central Province Academy could afford.

In the past, the Central Province Academy still had a few spirit stone veins, but as they were exhausted, in addition to their waning impact, there were no longer any new resources.

“I’m not able to explain it, but don’t worry, I’ll take care of it.”

Sun Mo laughed.

Jin Mujie looked at Sun Mo dubiously. (How are you going to take care of it? Are you able to spit out spirit stones?)

“Trust Sun Mo!”

An Xinhui was very concerned about his building. Therefore, she’d come over to take a look at it every day. Therefore, she knew how many spirit stones had been used up to construct this illusion dojo.

These spirit stones were all carried over by Qi Shengjia and the others from the villa.

Although An Xinhui felt such strong curiosity that it was enough to kill a cat, she held it in and didn’t probe to the very bottom of things. After all, this was Sun Mo’s secret.

“Shall we have a battle?”

Sun Mo smiled and punched out toward the illusion’s head.


The illusion dodged and appeared behind Sun Mo, swinging his fist and smashing it out toward the back of Sun Mo’s head.

“These illusions possess the exact same battle prowess as the actual person.”

Sun Mo explained.

Jin Mujie and An Xinhui couldn’t hold it in anymore. They cut their fingers and illusions immediately appeared. They then engaged in a battle.

“Aren’t you going to give it a try?”

Sun Mo looked toward the little sunny egg.

“I won’t be going!”

Li Ziqi wasn’t interested in battles. She beckoned with her hand and when Sun Mo squatted down, she got close to his ear and whispered,

“Teacher, although we have quite a lot of stones, they’d be depleted if this goes on!”

Once the illusion dojo was put into use, such an amazing building would definitely be overwhelmed with people every day. However, the more people there were, the faster the depletion of spirit stones.

Sun Mo would have to be the one forking out the money for that.

“With the spirit qi roaming dragon around, would we be lacking in spirit stones? The only troublesome thing is the excavating and moving of them.”

Sun Mo frowned. He could set up a teleportation gate here, but the people who moved the spirit stones must be trustworthy.

“We can use puppet slaves!”

Li Ziqi suggested.

It didn’t require intelligence to move spirit stones. Therefore, those puppets were enough for the job. It was just that they’d have to spend a huge amount of money. Sigh, it was too late for her to learn puppetry now.

“And we must limit the number of people entering the illusion dojo. Spirit stones are our most important resources and before we find a new spirit stone vein, we mustn’t use them. We should just use the spirit qi that the building absorbs normally every day.”

There was one thing Li Ziqi didn’t say. After An Xinhui and Sun Mo got married, then it wouldn’t matter.


Sun Mo knew that the little sunny egg was doing this for his good and thus agreed to it. “Are the two of you done fighting?”

“This illusion seems to be very amazing!”

Jin Mujie exclaimed. If she were to spar like this every day, then she’d be able to improve a lot. After all, in order to defeat the illusion, she must have a deep recognition of herself.

Her flaws would also be the illusion’s flaws.

“Let’s go to the next floor.”

The moment Sun Mo left, Li Ziqi immediately followed him like a little tail.

Both Jin Mujie and An Xinhui exchanged a glance, finding it a little hard to leave this place. It was really too fun to duel against their own illusions.

The fourth floor was also a bright reflective surface like the third floor. However, there were 12 three-meter-tall arenas.

“On this level, you can duel against someone else’s illusions. It’ll work as long as you drop the other party’s blood on the floor!”

Sun Mo explained.

“The blood of geniuses will be worth a lot of money in our school in the future! ”

Jin Mujie joked.

“Would there be danger?”

An Xinhui was worried.

“No, if they can’t beat their opponent, they can just jump off the arena. The illusions won’t chase after them then!”

The Divine Sight had obtained all of the details.

“I’ll go test it out!”

Jin Mujie looked toward Sun Mo, “Let me borrow a drop of your blood!”

Sun Mo really felt like reply, ‘I have fresh milk [1], do you want it? It’s the type that can splash onto your face and has beautifying effects!’

“Don’t be so stingy!”

Jin Mujie grabbed Sun Mo’s wrist and pulled it. “I’m cutting it, okay?”

“Why not use mine?”

An Xinhui tried to persuade her.

“I’ve fought against you before!”

Although Jin Mujie had already pressed the dagger against Sun Mo’s finger, she didn’t cut it.

“Take it!”

Sun Mo gave in.

“I knew that Teacher Sun is the most generous.”

Jin Mujie chuckled and her finger couldn’t help but exert force, pinching Sun Mo’s wrist bone. (Oh my, the shape of this bone is so perfect and the toughness is excellent as well. I really feel like chopping it off for my collection!)

“Sister Jin!”

An Xinhui saw that Jin Mujie’s gaze wasn’t right and quickly called out. She knew what a scary hobby this close friend of hers had.

“I’m sorry, I was lost in thoughts!”

Jin Mujie smiled and took a drop of blood from Sun Mo. She then jumped up the arena.

The blood dripped down and the illusion appeared.

Pa pa pa!

Jin Mujie clapped non-stop.

“Wow, the sound of this bone being hit sounds very good!”

Jin Mujie closed her eyes slightly, enjoying it a lot. She then suddenly grabbed onto a finger of Sun’s illusion and bent it with force.


“This sound is the best!’

Jin Mujie thought of this as she landed a punch onto the illusion’s ribs. She then grabbed onto one of its arms and bent it hard.


Its arm was broken.


Jin Mujie had wanted to test the illusion but had forgotten about her initial intent. Instead, she kept on beating up the illusion and listening to the sound of its bones breaking.


Favorable impression points from Jin Mujie +100. Respect (4,630/10,000).


Sun Mo’s lips twitched. Although Jin Mujie was beating up an illusion, for some reason, he felt a strong sense of nervousness as if his balls were in pain. Even his butthole was tightening up.

“Teacher Sun, let’s go up to the next floor!”

An Xinhui couldn’t stand to watch it anymore.

“Yes, you guys should go up first. I’m enjoying, uh, I’ll test out this illusion’s battle prowess further!”

Jin Mujie chased them away.

(You were going to say that you are enjoying yourself, right? Pervert!)

Li Ziqi looked astonished. She didn’t expect that Teacher Jin, who had such a great reputation and was also everyone’s dream lover, turned out to be a pervert who enjoyed torturing others.

“This mustn’t do! I mustn’t let her come into contact with Teacher!”

The little sunny egg decided to protect her teacher’s body.

The fifth floor was a black hall again. However, there were 32 stone pillars inside, with many relief sculptures engraved on them.

“The opponents on this level are the people who had appeared in the darkness illusion dojo before.”

Sun Mo explained.


An Xinhui was pleasantly surprised. Before the Saint Gate had discovered that darkness illusion dojo, god knew how many amazing people had ventured in and died there. Their battle prowess was extremely high. If they could duel against them, even the great teachers would be able to improve tremendously, let alone the students.

What was the hardest to seek in this world?

It was the most amazing sparring partner. After all, even someone at Sun Mo’s level wouldn’t easily act as a sparring partner for other students, with the exception of his personal disciples.

“Really. Gemstone, pick an illusion who is about my strength for me!”


Sun Mo snapped his fingers.

The instant Sun Mo’s last note ended, black fog appeared on the relief sculpture of one of the stone pillars. They instantly condensed into a darkness illusion.

Sun Mo darted out.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The two of them immediately engaged in battle.

An Xinhui was so agitated that she couldn’t control herself. Even her lips were trembling. This was definitely a building of the level of the school’s greatest treasure. It could even become a landmark in Jinling City.

With this darkness illusion dojo, the Central Province Academy’s attraction to great teachers and students would increase tremendously. Who wouldn’t want a building like this?

(Sun Mo, your contribution to the school is too great. How am I going to repay you?)


Favorable impression point from An Xinhui +500. Respect (9,600/10,000).

“This level will only be opened to great teachers!”

An Xinhui immediately made the decision because she thought of another problem. The cultivation arts performed by these illusions belonged to the original owners. Some of them could be lost cultivation arts.

“Sigh, it’s a pity that learning them would be too difficult.”

An Xinhui sighed. After all, many cultivation arts couldn’t be learned just from watching the other party performing it a few times. Otherwise, the Central Province Academy’s cultivation art pool could be expanded.

“F*ck your mom, it’s so strong?”

Things almost went bad for Sun Mo as he went up against the illusion. He couldn’t help but activate his Divine Sight.

Darkness illusion, third level of the divine force realm. Cultivates saint-tier cultivation art, the Putuo Heart Sutra [2].


Sun Mo cursed. (This is considered to be of a similar level as me? Illusion gemstone, you must have some misunderstanding about this term, right? Wait a minute, saint-tier cultivation art?)

A new idea came to Sun Mo’s mind.

[1] Referring to semen. [2] The word ‘Putuo’ probably comes from the Mount Putuo of the real world. It is a renowned site in Chinese Buddhism and is the Bodhima??a of the Bodhisattva Guanyin

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