Absolute Great Teacher
486 Great Teachers Headhunting Plan
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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486 Great Teachers Headhunting Plan


“Brother Xu, do you know what it is?”

A girl looked at Xu Xun and asked, smiling.

“I don’t know!”

Xu Xun had long been immune toward girls’ smiles. He was a genius and was also An Xinhui’s personal disciple, so he enjoyed a great status in the school.

“Tsk, how can you not know? You just don’t want to say it!”

The girl pouted, seeming as if she was angry, but she was just acting coquettishly.

Xu Xun smiled and was about to walk toward the auditorium when he heard a commotion breaking out at the side.

“Shengjia, I haven’t seen you for a few days, but you seemed to have gotten stronger again?”

“Brother Qi, are you free tonight? Shall we have a meal together?”

“Shengjia, let’s find time to have a spar.”

The people who knew Qi Shengjia all came to greet him with ulterior motives.

Out of Sun Mo’s six disciples, Xuanyuan Po liked combats too much. Anyone who approached him must have a fight with him first. Tantai Yutang was a sickly guy, emitting off a medicinal scent from his body. Furthermore, he generally didn’t pay much heed to others. Jiang Leng always wore a dead-man expression, not replying once even when ten questions were asked.

Li Ziqi was easy to talk to, but her disposition was too strong. It was clear that she came from a distinguished background and thus no one dared to disturb her.

Ying Baiwu was constantly cultivating, not even willing to spend much time on her meals. She’d just hurry with her meals, let alone being willing to have a chat.

Lu Zhiruo was adorable and had an amicable character, willing to help others out. However, once Sun Mo was concerned, she’d refuse. It was because her teacher was already very tired. She mustn’t let so many people disturb him easily.

The only one left was the honest guy Qi Shengjia. He became the shortcut for everyone to get close to Sun Mo.

Qi Shengjia felt very troubled and wore an awkward smile, not knowing how he should respond. He really felt like fleeing from this place.

“Tsk, you only got lucky because you managed to tag onto Sun Mo!”

Yan Li felt displeased. He had moved out of the dorm because everyone in the dorm was on Qi Shengjia’s side now, and even the people from other dorms came to visit. Yan Li couldn’t stand staying there anymore.

“After Sun Mo fails the examination and loses his popularity, I shall see how you’re going to keep up with the arrogance.”

Yan Li felt anticipation, wanting Liu Mubai to suppress Sun Mo.


Very soon, the auditorium was filled up with people. However, after An Xinhui stood up on the stage, all the noise disappeared.

“The reason we’ve called for an Entire School Meeting today is because we have a great piece of news to announce. The recent 1-star great teacher examination is one of the most difficult in 50 years. Only a total of 600 people had passed the examinations, and nine of them are from our school.”

An Xinhui held onto the sound amplification stone and announced loudly. Moreover, she played a trick and rounded off the number. This would increase the passing ratio.

In previous years, this passing rate would look terrible, but now, it looked amazing given the total headcount.

With a total of 243 famous schools in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces, on average, there’d be only three people passing from each school. Hence, it was quite a good result for the Central Province Academy to have nine people passing.

“Let us congratulate these nine great teachers!”

An Xinhui took the lead with some applause. After the applause died down, she spoke up again, “Our school’s results in this examination were extremely good. One of our teachers had not only taken the first place out of the several ten thousand examinees, but he had also broken the live lecture record in the past 100 years, redefining the term ‘The Grand Slam’.”

All the teachers and students immediately started discussing amongst themselves.

“It’s Liu Mubai, right?”

“It must be. He had only participated in the great teacher examination after accumulating for three years, all in order to rise by three stars in a year. It’s a steady win for him to get first place!”

“Why can’t it be Teacher Sun?”

The students started arguing. After all, Liu Mubai had good looks and had also been teaching for a longer duration than Sun Mo. Therefore, some students felt that Sun Mo might be amazing but was still not comparable to Liu Mubai.

“The great teacher who came out in first place is Sun Mo!”

An Xinhui smiled. “Oh right, there was a small incident during the exam, and Sun Mo obtained the nickname ‘One-Vote Sun’ because of it!”

All the students were astonished. Then An Xinhui shared about how a student had mistakenly voted an ordinary vote because he was too excited and then openly apologized to Sun Mo in public, requesting to be taken in as Sun Mo’s personal disciple.

“Is this for real?”

Xu Xun was surprised. Wasn’t this too much of an exaggeration?

“Only an unparalleled genius can do this, right?”

“‘One-Vote Sun’... That sounds really cool!”

“I feel that God Hands sounds better.”

The students discussed amongst themselves. The students who had shown strong support for Sun Mo seemed to share his glory. They really didn’t place their trust in the wrong person.

“Of course, the other teachers had done well too. Liu Mubai came out in fifth place and Gu Xiuxun in tenth place. The other great teachers were also ranked quite high.”

An Xinhui felt very happy because the Central Province Academy’s results were too good! Sun Mo, especially, had come out in first place!

There wasn’t a need to think about the publicity slogan for this year’s student recruitment meet.

The students who supported Liu Mubai suddenly felt speechless after hearing Liu Mubai’s ranking. It would sound very amazing and worthy of boasting if placed in previous years. However, even though there were only three people placed between him and Sun Mo, they were worlds apart.

“I knew that Teacher Sun is very amazing!”

Xia Yuan praised.

“But isn’t he too amazing? How are others going to live now?

Pan Yi felt vexed. “Are all the youngsters these days monsters?”

“You should say that Teacher Sun is a monster!”

Du Xiao chuckled.

On the other hand, Xu Shaoyuan, who had looked for trouble on Sun Mo’s first public lecture, was stunned. He then shook his head and broke into an understanding smile.

He had once lost to Sun Mo and felt humiliated from it. But now, he accepted it.

It wasn’t embarrassing to become the stepping stone of a genius!



Yan Li cursed out and couldn’t help but stare at Qi Shengjia. (Damn it, why wasn’t I the one to become Sun Mo’s student? Why was it trash like Qi Shengjia? If it wasn’t for Sun Mo, you’d have dropped out of school long ago and would have been working as a manual worker for some landowner.)

A strong feeling of admiration, jealousy, and hatred engulfed Yan Li.


Zhang Hanfu had been sitting at the side and looking very calm at the beginning, but he was completely stunned after hearing An Xinhui’s words. He subconsciously turned to look toward Liu Mubai.

Liu Mubai averted Zhang Hanfu’s gaze.

“Just you wait. I’ll prove myself in the 2-star great teacher examination!”

Liu Mubai didn’t want to come, but he still did. It was so that he could remember this failure, going through the embarrassment of admitting his inferiority and making changes bravely.

“How is that possible?”

Zhang Hanfu subconsciously mumbled.

“Vice-headmaster Zhang, what did you say?”

An Xinhui immediately stared in his direction.

“I... I said that Teacher Sun did very well!”

After Zhang Hanfu said that, he felt so angry that he clenched his teeth so hard that he almost broke them. Ever since Sun Mo’s arrival, nothing had gone well for him.

Next, there was a small award ceremony. An Xinhui personally gave out a small gift to congratulate the nine new 1-star great teachers.

Sun Mo was a little out of sorts because he was looking at the overwhelming number of favorable impression points flashing in front of him!


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained a total of 51,021 favorable impression points!”

There were over 10,000 people present. Everyone, with the exception of 27 people, had contributed favorable impression points. Sun Mo had earned a lot of points from them.

“It seems that I must work on big matters to be able to earn a lot of favorable impression points!”

Sun Mo discovered a shortcut.


“Congratulations, as you’ve obtained 50,000 favorable impression points in one go, you’re specially rewarded with one gold treasure chest!”

Sun Mo was satisfied.

“Next, we shall invite the new record holder for The Grand Slam record, God Hands Sun Mo, to come share some of his experience with everyone!”

An Xinhui teased. “Oh, when Sun Mo was giving a lecture during the examinations, he had helped a 4-star great teacher level up!”

“Headmaster, isn’t this a normal act for Teacher Sun?”

“That’s right! Don’t be surprised!”

“Is the great reputation of the God Hands finally going to spread through the entire nine provinces?”

The students were very excited. They felt really lucky that such an amazing teacher was in their school.

Sun Mo took the sound amplification stone from her.

“To speak the truth, it feels really great to come out in first place. There are beautiful ladies liking me, important figures admiring me, and many headmasters headhunting me. My life will practically be smooth-sailing from now on!”

Sun Mo shrugged.


The students broke out laughing. Teacher Sun was quite humorous as well!

“I hope that you guys will also climb to the top because the scenery here is really good!” Sun Mo smiled. “Everyone, I’ll be waiting for you over here!”


A golden halo radiated out, extending across the entire auditorium.

Pa pa pa!

The students started to give applause. Moreover, due to the effects of Priceless Advice, they were very invigorated now, having a new goal once again.

At the same time, they felt that Sun Mo was very sincere because Priceless Advice had erupted. This showed that he really hoped and felt that everyone had the chance to climb to the top!

“His halo is really big!”

Quite a number of great teachers exclaimed. Sun Mo was really deserving of his reputation.

“Alright, everyone settle down!”

Sun Mo pressed down with his left hand.


The auditorium that held over 10,000 people instantly fell quiet.

“Next, I’ll be sharing the three-year-plan for our school!”

Sun Mo wore a solemn expression. “We’re already in the ‘C’ grade now. But in order to sit firmly on this grade and strive for the ‘B’ grade, we’ll need you guys to bring out exemplary performance, crushing the other schools in the league tournament.

“Are you guys not feeling too confident? That’s alright. In order for you guys to achieve this, not only has the school built a special darkness building, but we’ll also be spending a huge amount of money to recruit high star great teachers to teach at our school!”

The students became agitated upon hearing this. After all, who wouldn’t want to attend the class of a good teacher? On the other hand, the great teachers’ hearts trembled, instantly feeling pressure gushing toward them.

“As long as you guys are outstanding enough, you’ll be able to receive guidance from the great teachers!”

Sun Mo smiled. “Therefore, I’ve come up with something I call the ‘Great teachers headhunting plan’. Later on, the school will have a voting system for everyone. Get a piece of paper and write the name of a great teacher you want, then vote. I’ll go and headhunt the great teacher with the highest number of votes!”

“Can it be anyone? Including secondary saints?”

A student shouted out bravely.

“Aren’t you making things difficult for me?”

Sun Mo teased, “It’ll definitely be impossible to headhunt a secondary saint, but it shouldn’t be a problem to invite them to conduct a few public lectures.”

The students felt agitated. It’d be good to attend a secondary saint’s lesson and gain more experience!


Zhang Hanfu looked at Sun Mo in contempt. When a person reached the level of a secondary saint, money, favors, and secular rules wouldn’t be of any use anymore. Sun Mo didn’t have enough qualifications to invite them to give a lecture.

“Be quiet. I still have other things to announce!”

Sun Mo pressed down with his left hand and the seething auditorium quietened down once again. Even Zhang Hanfu felt jealous of his influence.

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