Absolute Great Teacher
487 Passionate Kiss
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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487 Passionate Kiss


“Our school’s final goal isn’t just the ‘B’ grade or ‘A’ grade, but to return to the ranks of the Nine Greats. In order to fulfill this target in five years, the school will spend a great amount of money to recruit high star great teachers to our school!”

Sun Mo’s words had just ended when gasps rang out in the auditorium.

“Returning to the Nine Greats in five years? Isn’t that too exaggerating?”

“If many high star great teachers are recruited, it should be possible, right?”

“If that happens, we’ll have a lot of benefits!”

The students started discussing amongst themselves. What did the students crave the most? It was to receive the teachings of amazing teachers. Putting aside whether or not the Central Province Academy would be able to get back to the ranks of the Nine Greats, if the school could recruit good teachers, the students’ improvement would definitely skyrocket.

The young great teachers were also talking amongst themselves, hoping to be able to learn some experience from the high star great teachers. However, the older and incompetent ones didn’t have good countenances.

If Sun Mo was to recruit great teachers, then wouldn’t it mean that a portion of them would be eliminated?

“At the same time, to increase the competitiveness and zeal amongst the great teachers in the school, we will introduce a reformation to the salary system. The capable ones would be able to get more. As long as you’re outstanding enough, you’ll be able to get plenty of compensation.

“At the same time, we’ll pick out ten outstanding teachers every month and give them generous rewards!”

The students didn’t feel anything much about Sun Mo’s words, but it brought up a huge commotion amongst the teachers.

“Then what if one isn’t outstanding enough?”

“Then they’ll definitely be eliminated!”

“Even if they aren’t eliminated, the teachers who ranked at the bottom would feel embarrassed to stay behind!”

The teachers mumbled amongst themselves and many people’s countenances turned even more grim.

“Teacher Pan, your countenance isn’t good. What’s the matter?”

Xia Yuan asked out of concern.

“I’m feeling a little giddy!”

Pan Yi’s countenance was pale. He was already old and had no drive to improve. His current wish was to just dawdle his life away in the Central Province Academy. Teaching students was just a job that he’d do half-heartedly. But with the way Sun Mo was doing things, he was clearly unable to slack anymore!

Xia Yuan smiled coldly, intentionally creating dissonance for Pan Yi. The school should have done this long ago, as many great teachers were like parasites. Not only did they not make any contributions, but they were also sucking the school’s blood.

“Alright, I’m done saying my piece. The students will leave the auditorium in succession according to the cohort, from the seniors to the juniors. All the great teachers will stay behind. I still have things to announce!”

Sun Mo started to clear up the auditorium. The reason he announced his plan in front of all the students was to tell the great teachers that he wasn’t joking. However, he didn’t bring up the concrete details in order to save their face.

After all, there was a need to uphold the teachers’ prestige in front of the students.

Pan Yi had wanted to leave, but when he heard this, he could only wait behind unwillingly.

Very soon, only the great teachers in the auditorium were left.

“The rise of the Central Province Academy has started. I hope you don’t mind that my words are unpleasant to the ears, but some people are no longer worthy of this school. If they steadily wait out until their contract ends and leave, we’ll split ways on a good note. But if they wish to create trouble, then I’ll be up for it!”

Sun Mo gave a warning right from the start.

The several hundred great teachers were all stunned. Wasn’t Sun Mo being too headstrong here? He wasn’t even leaving any face for them at all!

“Of course, the Central Province Academy will also need energetic blood. If you guys are willing to contribute to the school, then the school won’t treat you badly. I’ll definitely reciprocate ten times, 100 times, or even 1,000 times your effort!”

Sun Mo scanned the entire lecture theater.

“This path is very harsh, so I have to apologize. I need to carefully select our comrades. In the end, the people who can eventually join this team must be elite great teachers who have exceptional capabilities and are worthy of people’s trust and recognition.”


Sun Mo’s words had just ended when it brought up a great commotion.

What came after that was tremendous pressure. However, amidst it, there was also some anticipation and craving.

It was like playing a game. Who wouldn’t want to enter an amazing team? A lousy party who couldn’t even defeat the small monsters in front of a dungeon had zero attraction to others.

“The word comrade is well-used!”

Wang Su looked at Sun Mo, having a stunned expression. However, he quickly revealed a consoled smile. This was the true path for development.

A great teacher could be magnanimous and benevolent, but a headmaster mustn’t do that. They must deploy a mixture of strong and soft measures.

Sun Mo looked at the people below, wanting to ask, (Who agrees to this and who objects?) But he’d probably be beaten up.

“Sun Mo, what rubbish are you saying?”

Zhang Hanfu suddenly shouted, “If you do this, you’ll be destroying the reputation that the Central Province Academy has been accumulating for over 1,000 years!”

Even though Zhang Hanfu seemed to be speaking righteously, he was feeling extremely exhilarated in his heart. (You’re just digging your grave by doing this. The reason those great teachers are going on a strike is because they are worried that they’d be chased away. Yet, you outright admit to it. Aren’t you just forcing them to resist to the very end?)

“Teacher Zhang, mind your words. Don’t bring embarrassment to the title of a great teacher!”

Sun Mo reproached.

“You’re the one embarrassing the Central Province Academy. Ask the great teachers here. How many of them are seniors who have been working here since the old headmaster’s days? Why? Are you looking down on them because the school has just risen to the ‘C’ grade?”

Zhang Hanfu wanted to draw fire toward Sun Mo, turning everyone against him.

“That’s right, Sun Mo. You’re being too much of an ingrate by doing this!”

“Everyone has contributed to the Central Province Academy for over ten years. Who do you think you are?”

“Headmaster An, what do you say to this?”

Some seniors spoke up, blasting out Sun Mo. They felt that they had been offended, and they were also worried about their future. Meanwhile, the younger great teachers were watching coldly.

“Headmaster An, say something!”

Pan Yi bellowed, assuming the disposition of one who had shed blood and sold his life for X country, hence, he mustn’t be poorly treated.

Xia Yuan secretly moved two steps to the side. It was really embarrassing to be standing alongside someone like this.

“Pass me the sound amplification stone,” said An Xinhui.

An Xinhui didn’t wish for Sun Mo to withstand these reprimands and thus decided to take on the blame herself, saying that these were her ideas.

“Nope, you’re going to be the one playing the role of an angel.”

Sun Mo didn’t have the habit of hiding behind a woman’s back. He held An Xinhui’s hand that was reaching for the sound amplification stone and then looked down.

“Why are you guys being so agitated?”

Sun Mo looked perplexed. “Aren’t you guys seniors who have devoted feelings and enthusiasm for the Central Province Academy? Then shouldn’t you guys be happy that I’m forming an elite team and helping the school to scale to greater heights? Or are you guys just parasites who latched onto the school, sucking its blood?

“There’s a saying of how having an old person at home is like having a treasure. I hope that with the experience of you, senior great teachers, you’d be able to help the younger great teachers. But the way that you’re acting is really disappointing.

“You’re afraid of competition? That your position will be taken over by youngsters? Then if you guys are thinking for the good of this school, you should quit by yourself! Don’t hog onto the seat and yet not doing anything!”

Sun Mo shot out incessantly, not even panting.

All the teachers were stunned. Some of them finally understood how Sun Mo got his ‘Black Doggy Sun’ nickname. The way he lashed out at others was like a wild dog who had broken free from its reins.

The senior teachers’ countenances were very grim, not knowing what they should say. After all, it was true that they were worried they weren’t competitive enough.

Those who had confidence appeared very calm.

“Sun Mo, stop slapping on labels without any restraints. With the way you’re doing things, how would there still be any warmth in the Central Province Academy?”

Zhang Hanfu reproached.

“Did I say that I’m going to fire anyone?”

Sun Mo smiled. “Of course, the salary and benefits will definitely be cut. It’s not that the school can’t afford them, but it’s that these people aren’t worthy of great kindness!

“Moreover, I’m going to spend this extra money on the more amazing great teachers. No one has any objections to that, right?”

The capable great teachers couldn’t help but nod.

“No objections!”

“That’s how it should be. The ones who are more capable should be paid more!”

“Relying on talent instead of seniority to get promotions and pay raises is the right way to go!”

The people in the auditorium were instantly split into two factions. There were even arguments started between the two groups.

Wang Su threw a glance at Sun Mo and realized that he looked very calm.

“He should have guessed that this would be the outcome, right?”

Wang Su thought.

Capable great teachers would be the pillar of the Central Province Academy. Sun Mo would naturally be able to pull them to his side by giving them greater benefits.

As for those great teachers who were dawdling away and had mediocre teaching capabilities, who’d care about them?

Of course, by acting so mercilessly, Sun Mo would be sacrificing his reputation. However, he was going to receive a Central Province Academy with an extremely strong competitiveness in exchange.

Liu Mubai’s feelings turned from astonishment to regaining calmness as he watched everything quietly. He recalled many things in his mind.

To speak the truth, even though Sun Mo had broken The Grand Slam record and came out in first place, Liu Mubai still hadn’t felt that Sun Mo was really amazing. But now, he was convinced.

He had thought of dealing with the school’s problems the way Sun Mo did, but after some thought, he had given up on the thought. It was because he was unable to withstand the consequences.

To say it bluntly, Liu Mubai cared about himself and didn’t want to get any bad rumors.

“Teacher Sun, it’s true that I’m not comparable to you in terms of managing the school!”


Favorable impression points from Liu Mubai +50. Friendly (160/1,000).


“Congratulations, your prestige connection with Liu Mubai has increased. Because he hates you, it is very difficult to increase the prestige connection with him. Therefore, the reward will be high. You’re rewarded with one silver treasure chest!”

Hearing the system’s notification, Sun Mo turned and threw a glance at Liu Mubai. (To think that you feel admiration for me at this point? Your trigger point seems a little different from others!)

“Headmaster An, is this your idea or Sun Mo’s?”

Zhang Hanfu turned the rifle toward An Xinhui.

He really couldn’t win against Sun Mo in an argument. However, it wouldn’t be the same for An Xinhui. She was someone who was concerned about her face.

“If you have anything to say, you can say it to me. I can represent An Xinhui fully!”

Sun Mo spoke up.

“You think you can do that just by saying it? You’re just An Xinhui’s fiancé, not her husband. What right do you have to give orders here?”

Guan Shan shot out.

An Xinhui tried to snatch the sound amplification stone again but failed. As a result, silver light flashed on her body, and a note the size of a fist appeared, looking like a white pigeon that had grown wings, flying into the distance.

Great teacher halo, Lingering Sound, activated!

This halo could amplify a great teacher’s words multiple times. Moreover, it’d be like the morning bell or evening drum, resonating in everyone’s minds for three consecutive days.

Sun Mo threw a glance at An Xinhui.

Although An Xinhui had trashy leadership skills, her aptitude was really good. This halo was quite rare as well and only high star great teachers would be able to comprehend it.

It was because in order to comprehend Lingering Sound, one must often give a speech in public, possessing such comprehension.

“Teacher Guan and all the great teachers here, I’ll take this meeting as an opportunity to announce that Sun Mo is my fiancé. We’ll be holding our wedding very soon!”

An Xinhui’s words instantly caused the hearts of quite a number of men present to feel wrenched up. It was even more so for Liu Mubai. His face had turned completely pale.

Marriage agreements were something that could be overthrown if the people involved weren’t agreeable to it. After all, arranged marriages could also harm the children.

However, once the person involved said it out, they’d have to stick to it. Otherwise, they’d considered a double-crosser. An Xinhui was a 3-star great teacher and the headmaster of a school. If she were to go back on her words, it’d be a huge blow to her reputation.

People who took this seriously could even report her to the Saint Gate, robbing her of her great teacher status.

Sun Mo had been in the nine provinces for so long and naturally knew of this world’s common knowledge. Therefore, when he heard An Xinhui’s words, he instantly appeared stunned and turned to look at her.

“Headmaster An, you...”

Sun Mo wanted to tell her that she didn’t have to do this, but An Xinhui took a step forward and planted a kiss on Sun Mo.


A commotion broke out.

No one would have expected that An Xinhui would be so courageous. After all, this great beauty who was ranked fifth on the Devastating Beauty Rankings was like a goddess in their hearts.

But now, their goddess had taken the initiative to kiss a guy?

This was like an angel had fallen to the mortal world.

Liu Mubai’s lips twitched and he turned his head away. He felt as if he had been forced to drink a ton of lemon juice, the sourest kind at that.

“I feel so f*cking sour!”

A man pouted.

For some reason, Gu Xiuxun felt a little stressed but quickly tossed this thought away. She should be giving Sister An her blessing for having found her true love.

“Little Momo, although I don’t know what you’ve been through, leading you to feel disappointed about me, I’ll work hard to change from now on, to be a good wife!”

An Xinhui forced a smile. She tried to remain calm, but the flush on her face exposed her feelings.

There was no way that she wouldn’t feel embarrassed after kissing a guy in such a situation.

Sun Mo smiled and then reached out his arms to hug An Xinhui.

“You are free!”

Sun Mo said this by An Xinhui’s ear and then let go of her. He then looked toward Zhang Hanfu. “My word counts, right?”

Zhang Hanfu’s mouth opened, but he didn’t know what he should say.

The Central Province Academy was founded by An Xinhui’s ancestors and she was the legitimate successor. Since she had admitted Sun Mo’s status, then it was true that he had the right to make decisions here.

“Vice-headmaster Wang, what is your take on this?”

Zhang Hanfu turned to look toward Wang Su, wanting to find someone to ally with. Until now, he still couldn’t understand why An Xinhui agreed to this marriage agreement.

(Sun Mo is indeed outstanding, but he is still a far cry from An Xinhui!)

She was the top graduate of the Heavenly Mystery Academy, a goddess who was ranked fifth on the Devastating Beauty Rankings. Amongst the younger generation’s great teachers, her capabilities could also put her in the position of the top ten geniuses.

“What do you fancy about Sun Mo?”

Zhang Hanfu couldn’t understand.

Right now, all the gazes in the auditorium turned toward Wang Su. This influential figure had become an important factor that could decide the result of this battle.

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