Absolute Great Teacher
488 Get Rid of the Despicable Guy, Build up the Atmosphere, and Bring Back the School“s Reputation!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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488 Get Rid of the Despicable Guy, Build up the Atmosphere, and Bring Back the School“s Reputation!

Chapter 488: Get Rid of the Despicable Guy, Build up the Atmosphere, and Bring Back the School’s Reputation!

“I don’t care whose fiancé Sun Mo is. I only care that he is able to fulfill his promise with his capabilities!”

Wang Su didn’t try to keep things in suspense nor consider the gains and losses.

This was the kind of person he was. If he admired you, he’d like you and trust you. If he hated you, then no matter what you did, he wouldn’t like it.

“Sun Mo has no problem as a great teacher. The fact that his medical cultivation classes are always full is the best proof of that. As for his management capabilities, the school has shown signs of flourishing ever since he became the Logistics Department Head. Therefore, I choose to believe him this time around!”

As Wang Su said this, he broke into a smile and this took all the great teachers in the auditorium by surprise. Wang Su was well-known to be harsh and there were less than five juniors he admired in the entire school.

“Teacher Wang, thank you for your recognition!”

Sun Mo nodded to express his thanks.


Zhang Hanfu’s countenance turned extremely grim. He couldn’t understand how a person like Wang Su could become the leader of some teachers.

(Don’t you care what the people below you think? If Sun Mo wants to fire people, then some of your followers will be implicated as well!)

Of course, Wang Su understood this. However, rather than being a leader, he was more inclined to the role of a great teacher. If it wasn’t because he didn’t wish to see the Central Province Academy going into decline, he wouldn’t take on this annoying role as the vice-headmaster.

Even now, he didn’t participate in the management affairs most of the time. He only played the role of an arbiter, thus Zhang Hanfu had so many opportunities to create trouble.

“If I’m not in school in the future, Sun Mo can represent me and have full rights to handle the matters of the school!”

An Xinhui announced once again, causing another round of commotion.

“The details will be announced later on via official documents that will be distributed to all the offices. This meeting is dismissed!”

Sun Mo didn’t feel fully satisfied because he knew that the interesting part of the show had yet to come.

The great teachers left the auditorium in small groups.

Some great teachers who were on better terms with each other gathered together to discuss Sun Mo’s plan. Some of them felt very excited that they could finally show off their capabilities, while others were fretting, knowing that their good days had come to an end. They wouldn’t be able to slack on their jobs in the future.

“Sun Mo is really too much to be treating the seniors who contributed to the Central Province Academy in this manner. If the old headmaster were to hear of this, he’d definitely be driven to his grave!”

Pan Yi complained, but he realized that his colleagues from the same office had left very quickly.

“Teacher Zhou, what do you think of this?”

Pan Yi looked toward Zhou Shanyi. As both of them were similar in age, their relationship was quite good.

“Ahh, my stomach hurts!”

Zhou Shanyi grabbed onto his stomach, almost peeing his pants. (F*ck, who’d dare to pick up this conversation? What if Sun Mo were to misunderstand that I’ve some connections with you?)

If it was in the past, Zhou Shanyi could just quit his job. After all, he was a doctor and wouldn’t need to fear that he’d be out of job. But now, the Central Province Academy had already risen to ‘C’ grade and was clearly going to do big things. Even if Zhou Shanyi was kicked in the head by a mule, he wouldn’t choose to leave at a time like this.

If Sun Mo really succeeded and the school rose to ‘B’ grade, then it’d be a great addition to his resume.

Zhou Shanyi had a clear recognition of himself. He could stand firmly in a ‘D’ grade school, but it was too difficult for him to move up to a ‘C’ grade one. Therefore, he was very satisfied with his current job.

“There aren’t many doctors in the school and I don’t think that they’ll fire people. But my capabilities aren’t outstanding, so there are still some risks.”

Zhou Shanyi decided to work harder in the future. At the very least, he must act like he was very dutiful to his job when Sun Mo was in the office.

“I’m from the same office as Sun Mo, so I have to make use of this advantage.”

At the thought of this, Zhou Shanyi suddenly felt very emotional. Sun Mo was only 20 years old, yet he had reached this level. He was really amazing.

Of course, he felt envious about it, but he also felt quite a bit of admiration for Sun Mo. If Zhou Shanyi was the one in Sun Mo’s shoes, he’d have fled long ago. He wouldn’t have done as well as Sun Mo did.


Favorable impression points from Zhou Shanyi +100. Friendly (420/1,000).


Wang Su looked at An Xinhui, letting out a deep sigh, “Xinhui, I’ve always hoped that you’d be the one to make this decision, but it’s a pity that I didn’t manage to see it happening. You’re too soft-hearted.”

An Xinhui fell silent.

“Teacher Wang, that’s not true. It’s best for there to be less cold-blooded people like me!”

Sun Mo smiled in self-mockery, speaking up for An Xinhui.

Given An Xinhui’s intelligence, how could she not know how to resolve the situation? It was just that she couldn’t go ahead with it. She didn’t want to treat these people badly.

She kept on trying to find ways that would be the best of both worlds, but reality was harsh.

“Teacher Sun, do a good job!”

Wang Su encouraged.

“Sun Mo, you’ll be offending many people this time around!”

Jin Mujie walked over, looking worried.

“It doesn’t matter!”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“But if news were to spread, it’d have some effect on your reputation!”

Gu Xiuxun was worried as well. Those people who were fired would definitely say a lot of bad things about Sun Mo.

“How can great teachers with lofty aspirations stop advancing just because of some noisy flies?”

Sun Mo laughed.

His smile was unrestrained, confident, and filled with a strong sense of dauntlessness!


A great teacher halo erupted and brilliant golden light spots splattered out in all directions, landing on the other great teachers, causing them to be invigorated.

“You’re using Priceless Advice again?”

Gu Xiuxun was speechless, but why did she feel that he looked so cool? That was especially so for his smile. It looked so intoxicating.

Sigh, she really couldn’t avert her gaze.

At the thought of this, Gu Xiuxun suddenly felt surprised and glanced at An Xinhui, who was next to her. She realized that An Xinhui was also looking at Sun Mo, with no one else being able to enter her gaze.

“Well said!”

Jin Mujie praised.

“Haha, that’s right. When we encounter flies, we should just kill them with a slap!”

Wang Su patted Sun Mo’s shoulder and left, laughing out loud.


Favorable impression points from Wang Su +100. Respect (1,100/10,000).


In the Zhang Clan’s manor, the servants didn’t even dare to breathe too heavily.

“Sun Mo! There’s no way that we’d be able to reconcile!”

Zhang Hanfu shouted, smashing the most precious porcelain vase in his study onto the ground.

“Old Master, please cool down!”

His concubine consoled him, but she had just gotten near when she was slapped by Zhang Hanfu.


Zhang Hanfu bellowed furiously.

“Old Zhang, don’t be angry anymore!”

Guan Shan entered.

“How are things? Have you gotten in touch with them?”

Zhang Hanfu asked anxiously.

“I have. We’ll have a demonstration in the afternoon. If Sun Mo doesn’t agree to our conditions, we’ll go on strike.”

Guan Shan was considered to be second-in-position in Zhang Hanfu’s group. If Zhang Hanfu had any instructions, he’d be the one to communicate the message.

“Alright, we’ll make sure that Sun Mo will regret this. How dare he make things difficult for me! Just you wait!”

Zhang Hanfu’s expression was savage.


Sun Mo went to have his lunch in the school canteen. After finishing a big bowl of beef noodles that had a lot of beef, he headed for the school gates.


Li Ziqi came chasing after him, followed by the papaya girl.

“Go to the divine hall to cultivate!” Sun Mo instructed.

“Will Zhang Hanfu be creating trouble in the afternoon?” the little sunny egg asked.

“That guy has a fiery temper and doesn’t like to be put at a disadvantage. There’s a high chance that he’d come to create trouble in the afternoon!”

Sun Mo smiled and patted Lu Zhiruo’s head in passing.

“System, open the treasure chest!”

Sun Mo had just obtained two silver treasure chests and couldn’t wait to open them.

Silver glow disappeared with a flash, leaving behind a beautiful fruit.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained one Starmoon Fruit!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. He was now at the divine force realm and wouldn’t be able to get much improvement from eating this fruit. “Carry on!”


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained one time emblem,”

Sun Mo saw that it was a ten-year one and felt a little disappointed. However, he then consoled himself that it wasn’t bad either!

“Department Head Sun!”

When Mister Qin saw Sun Mo, he immediately darted out to greet him. “Where are you going?”

“I’m not going anywhere!”

Sun Mo started to wait.

Mister Qin was quick-witted and quickly brought a chair over.


When Zhang Hanfu arrived at the Huaqing Pool, he realized that quite a number of people were already here. Other than teachers, there were a lot of students as well.

“Headmaster Zhang, good afternoon!”

“We must bring Sun Mo down this time!”

“A new teacher who’s still wet behind his ears really thinks that he is the sky of the Central Province Academy!”

The great teachers were very displeased and were complaining.

Zhang Hanfu felt very excited. Yes, this was the fury that he wanted, this strong unity.

At 1 p.m., Zhang Hanfu gathered a few of the leaders together.

“Is everyone here?”

Zhang Hanfu threw a glance. There were about 400 or so people.

“There are still 50 or so who haven’t come yet, out of which, it’s been confirmed that 31 of them won’t be coming. I have no idea what’s going on for the remaining ones. They might be on their way!”

Guan Shan replied.

“On their way? They are clearly afraid of Sun Mo and don’t dare to come!”

“They just want to enjoy the advantages but don’t want to contribute anything. These people are really trash!”

“They are unworthy people to work together with!”

The few leaders cursed away. All of them were extremely loyal to Zhang Hanfu and if he was down on his luck, none of them would be spared. Therefore, they could only continue down the same path to the very end.

“Don’t worry, once I get up to the position, I’ll fire all of these people!”

Zhang Hanfu gritted his teeth. Other than expressing great hatred for the people who didn’t come, he was also warning the leaders here not to think of shrinking away at the last minute.

“Headmaster Zhang, we should be setting off!”

Guan Shan suggested.

“Everyone, whether or not we’ll be able to enjoy life in the future would depend on today!”

Zhang Hanfu looked toward them. “As long as I, Zhang Hanfu, am in position, I won’t treat you guys badly!”

“Headmaster, you’ve spoken too seriously!”

The few of them quickly replied humbly.

“Cough cough!”

Zhang Hanfu let out a few coughs and then announced in an energetic voice, “An Xinhui has been bewitched by a despicable guy with the surname of Sun, causing the Central Province Academy’s reputation to be given a serious blow. In order to ensure that this school, which has a history of 1,000 years, doesn’t fall, we must get rid of the despicable guy, build up the atmosphere, and bring back the school’s reputation!”

After a momentary silence, the crowd shouted after him.

“Get rid of the despicable guy, build up the atmosphere, and bring back the school’s reputation!”

Guan Shan stood behind Zhang Hanfu, suddenly feeling a little sick and annoyed. (You’re speaking so righteously, but you’re just doing this for your own interests.)

Zhang Hanfu looked toward the few leaders. For such matters, he naturally had to stay behind to watch the fort and not take the lead.

“Let me do it!”

Guan Shan led everyone toward the Central Province Academy. As they kept on shouting their slogan, the people on both sides of the road were alarmed. Everyone came out to watch the commotion.

Therefore, the demonstration appeared even more massive.

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