Absolute Great Teacher
489 Black Doggy Sun, Going Out at Full Power!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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489 Black Doggy Sun, Going Out at Full Power!


Fang Haoran headed on the path leading to the Central Province Academy, wearing an unwilling expression. If it was possible, he really didn’t wish to come and look for Sun Mo.

Ever since he had come across the bathwater by accident in Huaqing Pool last year, Fang Haoran had developed a huge interest in it.

Fang Haoran had wanted to visit Sun Mo but had been held back by some work matters. After those were taken care of, the Central Province Academy had released the giant medicine packet for sale.

Although the sales were directed internally within the school, given Fang Haoran’s status as a 5-star great teacher, many people wanted to curry up to him. Therefore, he managed to get his hands on the giant medicine packet with ease.

In the past half a year, he had been immersed in studying the principles behind this medicine packet, trying to decipher the prescription.

This was what Fang Haoran was most interested in, but even after half a year, he still didn’t manage to learn anything. Given his intelligence, he could anticipate that he would still not get any developments even in another year.

To a 5-star great teacher like Fang Haoran, time was too precious and he couldn’t continue wasting time here. Therefore, he planned on going to look for Sun Mo, to see if he could ask for the giant medicine packet’s prescription.

“The hopes aren’t high. After all, this thing is too precious!”

Fang Haoran was torn. “But I’m a 5-star great teacher. It should be a good bargain for Sun Mo to be able to receive my friendship and care.”

When he was nearing the Central Province Academy, Fang Haoran heard loud shouts. He then saw a large group of people making a demonstration.

“Get rid of the despicable guy, build up the atmosphere, and bring back the school’s reputation!”

Fang Haoran frowned. He saw that the teachers in front were wearing the Central Province Academy’s teacher attire and he thus felt baffled. Had this school been downgraded?

However, that was good as well. His value in Sun Mo’s perspective would be even greater now.

Fang Haoran was a fervent enthusiast in alchemy and didn’t care about secular matters at all. This was also the reason why he didn’t wish to take the initiative to look for Sun Mo. It was too troublesome to communicate and have exchanges with other people.

Very soon, the demonstration team arrived in front of the school. Everyone was then stunned because Sun Mo was sitting openly in front of the door.

The crowd performing the demonstration suddenly fell quiet.

No one would care if it was an ordinary teacher, but Sun Mo’s reputation was too great. Not only did he have exceptional talent, but he also assumed high authority and had An Xinhui’s great trust.

“What’s there to be afraid of? We’re doing this for the Central Province Academy.”

Pan Yi hid amongst the crowd, looking at Sun Mo with hatred and then shouting, “Get rid of the despicable guy, bring back the school’s reputation!”

Sparse voices amongst the crowd started shouting out.

“Teachers, what are you guys doing?”

Mister Qin’s back was bent, his face wearing a smile. He had lowered his stance to an extreme because if a great commotion was created, he’d lose his job.

“Open the door!”

Guan Shan reproached.

“Teacher Guan, I can’t do that!”

Mister Qin shook his head.

“Old man Qin, if you don’t open the door, we’ll fire you!”

Pan Yi reproached. It’d be meaningless if the demonstration team was stopped here. They must enter, go up to An Xinhui, and give her pressure.

“Fire him?”

Sun Mo smiled, got up, then looked toward the crowd. “May I ask who was the one who said this?”

Pan Yi averted his gaze.

“You dare to speak up but don’t dare to admit it?”

Sun Mo sneered.

A few people next to Pan Yi looked toward him. He felt very embarrassed and bellowed, “I said it. Why?”

“Why? Whether Mister Qin will leave or stay is something for me, the Logistics Department Head, to decide. Who the hell do you think you are?”

Sun Mo’s face turned grim. He had long since disliked this old guy.

He’d conduct his lessons half-heartedly, not putting in the effort to teach the students. He only cared for his salary and the benefits he’d get every season.

Once the benefits were lowered or weren’t to his liking, he’d complain about it for a few days.

“Sun Mo, is this the attitude you show to a great teacher who has given his contribution to the Central Province Academy for over ten years?” Pan Yi retaliated. “Do you think that I’m old and useless, discarding me like an old shoe?”

“Sun Mo, you’ve gone overboard!”

“We have given our youth to this school!”

“Open the door! We want to look for An Xinhui!”

The old teachers felt that they had been offended and thus shared a common enemy with Pan Yi. What did Pan Yi do wrong? As a great teacher, so what if he were to fire a guard?

Just the crime of disrespecting a great teacher was enough to chase Old Man Qin away.

“Over ten years? Then I’d like to ask Great Teacher Pan, what contribution have you made for the Central Province Academy? Did you produce an outstanding student who had gotten onto the Hero Rankings? Or have you come up with some kind of academic studies?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Teacher, you’re wrong!”

Li Ziqi covered her mouth with her small hand, reminding in a soft voice, “Great Teacher Pan is a 1-star great teacher. This means that there isn’t even one student amongst his personal disciples who are able to get onto the Greencloud Rankings, let alone the Hero Rankings!”

The little sunny egg was doing this on purpose, seemingly to be giving a reminder, but her voice wasn’t soft. Quite a number of people could hear her.

Pan Yi’s countenance instantly flushed. He felt so angry that his chest was undulating intensely as he huffed and puffed.

“Huh? So he is only 1-star?”

Sun Mo was stunned and then assessed Pan Yi with an astonished expression. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Seeing how old you are, I subconsciously thought that you’d at least be a 2-star great teacher. But it turns out that you’re the same level as me!”

When the citizens who were crowding around heard this, they instantly talked amongst themselves.

“This old man is only 1-star? Seeing his arrogant attitude, I thought that he is a 3-star!”

“Who is that young man?”

“Sigh, I was wondering why the Central Province Academy had gone into decline. Turns out that they were hiring trash like this!”

Hearing this, Pan Yi couldn’t hold it in anymore. With a pffft, he coughed up a large mouthful of blood.

Pan Yi fell down, his eyes rolled back, and he fell unconscious.

“Teacher Pan!”

A large group of old people shouted out and came over to help him up.

“Oh my, these are all old teachers in the Central Province Academy. Ziqi, do you know of their star level?”

Sun Mo asked.

“I know!”

Li Ziqi nodded.

The few old people who had wanted to rush over to help Pan Yi instantly froze on the spot. Some of them even wanted to shrink back.

There was no helping it. Their star levels were too low. If their star level was reported, it’d be too embarrassing.

“This young man is Sun Mo?”

Fang Haoran stood amongst the crowd, assessing Sun Mo with curiosity.

There was a saying ‘when you hit someone, don’t hit them in the face, when you scold someone, don’t bring up their shortcomings’. However, Sun Mo’s words had pierced right into Pan Yi’s heart.

“Teacher Pan, you should be thankful. If the Central Province Academy didn’t have any kindness at all, incompetent teachers like you would already have been fired a long time ago.”

Sun Mo looked around. “The school has kept you for so many years, yet you’re still not satisfied, wanting to get pay raises. Where is your conscience? Has it been eaten up by a dog?”

“So the reason these people are having a demonstration is because they want a pay raise?”

The citizens were struck by a realization.

“I’ve said it before. If you have the capabilities, I’ll pay you sufficient remuneration. If you don’t, then just quietly wait until you retire.”

Sun Mo looked toward the citizens, “Isn’t this condition good enough?”

“It’s really considered to have everything called for by humanity and duty!” Some citizens nodded.

“That’s right, but they are really something. They don’t have any capabilities yet want to get pay raises. How could there be such a good thing in this world? Even your own father wouldn’t indulge you like that, right?”

Sun Mo said things in an interesting manner and some citizens laughed. They initially felt pity for these teachers, but now, they were starting to be more biased toward the Central Province Academy.

Most people of this age were still very down-to-earth, getting paid for the amount of work they did, neither asking for more or less!

The morale of the demonstration group plunged.

That was true. If they were 3-star great teachers, why would they need to lower their standing and take part in a demonstration? They’d have the best offerings placed before them!

“Such a sharp tongue!”

Zhang Hanfu was upset, feeling a strong urge to strangle Sun Mo to death.

“The school has just risen to the ‘C’ grade this year. This is the time for us to show off our capabilities and work hard to strive for the ‘B’ grade next year. If we succeed, our Jinling will have a ‘B’ grade famous school. What glory would that be for the people of Jinling?”

Sun Mo said loudly, “When that happens, everyone’s children wouldn’t have to go to other places if they wish to attend a ‘B’ grade school. It can be done right before your own door.”

When the people heard this, their eyes instantly lit up.

“Are you dreaming? How could it be so easy to rise to the ‘B’ grade?”

A great teacher doubted.


Sun Mo immediately put up his hand and pointed at him. “Yes, you! What do you mean by that? Do you think that the school is incapable? The teachers are incapable? Or the students are incapable?”

“If the school is incapable, then why don’t you leave? This proves that the Central Province Academy is still capable in your heart!”

“If the teachers are incapable, then isn’t that the reason why the school is raising the benefits so that we can recruit more and better great teachers?”

“If the students are incapable, then your mindset is wrong. What is the role of us great teachers? It’s to turn the crude into gems. If even great teachers have given up on the students, then who else can the students rely on?”

Sun Mo continued saying out in a clear and loud voice right in front of the school.

At the instant Sun Mo’s last note ended, Priceless Advice erupted.


Golden light spots splattered out.

Sun Mo’s last two lines were heartfelt. If there was sufficient time, he wouldn’t give up on any single student because he felt that every student would have areas they could shine in. It was just that those areas hadn’t been discovered yet.

The demonstrating teachers looked very embarrassed and shrank back into the crowd. Even they felt that what Sun Mo had just said made a lot of sense and they had no way of retaliating.

“I feel that what this teacher said is right!”

“What is he called? Does anyone know?”

“Huh? He’s called Sun Mo? Isn’t he An Xinhui’s fiancé then?”

The citizens chattered away. After knowing of Sun Mo’s name, their curiosity grew.

Guan Shan broke out in a sweat and kept wiping it off his head. Black Doggy Sun was really sharp when lashing out at people. He then felt thankful that he had chosen sides. Otherwise, he’d definitely be in a horrible state today.

Even though Sun Mo sounded very righteous as if he was saying things from the bottom of his heart, his logic was very clear and he had even deployed psychological warfare.

If the Central Province Academy really rose to the ‘B’ grade, then it’d be impossible for the children in Jinling to attend the school because the school’s reputation would draw in more outstanding students then.

However, before their children failed, the citizens would all think that their children were the best. Sun Mo’s words made them feel that their children had been delayed by these mediocre great teachers.

This was the prowess of words. Sun Mo had unknowingly guided the emotions of these spectators, drawing them to his side.

“This is a little amazing!”

Fang Haoran was surprised.

“Sun Mo, stop talking about useless things. We want to see An Xinhui! We want to get an explanation from her!”

Guan Shan bellowed.

“An explanation? I can give it to you!”

Sun Mo looked at the teachers who were creating trouble. “Right now, if you guys return immediately, I can let this matter pass. Otherwise, all of you will be fired!”

“Fire us? Then you’ll have to pay quite a large sum of severance fees!”

Guan Shan sneered.

“For the Central Province Academy’s future, I’m willing to spend whatever money is required!”

Sun Mo said righteously.

Sun Mo had checked through those contracts before. If the great teachers had made a mistake, the school could fire them without any conditions. The reason why Sun Mo had said this was so that he could criticize them from a moral perspective.

“I’ll say it one more time. Give up on the demonstration and leave!”

The crowd burst into a commotion.

“We’re doing this for the Central Province Academy’s future! Alright, Sun Mo, I’ll choose to believe you this time around!”

Guan Shan sighed and suddenly left the crowd, standing to the side.

“Hmmm? What is the meaning of this?”

The group of great teachers was dumbstruck as they looked at Guan Shan. (Aren’t you the leader? Why are you the first one to give in?) They then subconsciously turned back to look for Zhang Hanfu.

“Guan Shan, what are you trying to do?”

Zhang Hanfu bellowed.

“I feel that this is the best for the school!”

Guan Shan explained.

“Teacher Guan knows clearly what’s right and what’s not. Alright, I’ll count to ten. Those who don’t move over to where Teacher Guan is standing will be fired!”

Sun Mo started to count down.

The great teachers panicked. A few who were on good terms with Guan Shan walked over. At the sight of this, some who were wavering chose to give in for now.

“Are you guys fools? If you give in this time around, Sun Mo will be free to do whatever he wants in the future with you!”

Zhang Hanfu stood out. He saw that quite a number of people were looking at Guan Shan’s expression and he felt upset. His second-in-command had switched sides and this was a great blow to his side.

(Sun Mo, you’re f*cking sinister.)

As the commotion was too great, quite a number of great teachers and students in the school also came over.

“Next, I’ll show you guys the Central Province Academy’s capabilities!”

Just as Zhang Hanfu was thinking of how he could turn the tables around, Sun Mo changed the topic. “Mister Qin, open the doors!”


Fang Haoran was in great praise. From the beginning to the end, Sun Mo had a firm hold of the situation.

Sun Mo had taken the lead and walked over to the logistics department’s warehouse.

Li Gong had been waiting for very long.

“Open the door!”

After Sun Mo said that, Li Gong opened the warehouse’s door, revealing many neatly placed big wooden chests.

“These chests are all filled with giant medicine packets. There’s no need for me to elaborate on its effects, right?”

Sun Mo smiled and asked.


The spectating citizens drew in a cold gasp. The giant medicine packet was the hottest product by the Central Province Academy and it had taken Jinling by storm.

If a cultivator was to put the medicine packet into their bathwater and take a soak, they’d be able to receive tremendous improvements. Moreover, the packet was able to summon a water giant as well. It was very interesting.

Of course, the value of this medicine packet was extremely expensive.

It was said that its price had reached 5,000 silver taels per packet in the black market.

How many of them were there in this warehouse?

No one knew. They only knew that it was completely filled with them!

How much money would that cost?

Fang Haoran’s eyes gleamed. He had a strong urge to immediately go in and hug away a chest of it for his study.

“Everyone, don’t doubt the Central Province Academy’s financial capabilities. We’ll only be richer than you imagine us to be!

Sun Mo boasted.

“In the future, these giant medicine packets will be distributed in every season as benefits!”

After Sun Mo said that, quite a number of great teachers became agitated.

“Alright, next, I’ll show off the Central Province Academy’s trump card. It’s the newly constructed divine-level building—the darkness illusion dojo!”

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