Absolute Great Teacher
490 The Taste of Despair
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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490 The Taste of Despair


Since ancient days, the rarer something was, the greater its worth!

Due to the problem with the raw material supply, as well as there not being many people who were familiar with the production, the supply of the giant medicine packet wasn’t able to increase.

However, the giant medicine packets’ effects were too good. Therefore, according to An Xinhui, the orders had queued all the way to the middle of the next year, and this was after having pushed away some of the orders. Otherwise, they’d definitely be able to meet the demands.

It could be said that the giant medicine packet was considered the golden milk cows for the Central Province Academy.

The low star great teachers in the school couldn’t buy them. Even if they could, they wouldn’t bear to use them because these things were too expensive, so they’d just resell them.

After hearing that Sun Mo was going to distribute the giant medicine packets as the benefits every season, they instantly felt excited. They felt that as teachers of the Central Province Academy, they should have the priority to enjoy these products and shouldn’t have to pay for them.

Just as everyone was discussing how many giant medicine packets the school would distribute to the teachers, they suddenly heard what Sun Mo said next. All of them were stunned.

“Divine-level building? Our school has such a thing?”

“It’s that building next to the library, right? So it’s already completed?”

“So it’s called the darkness illusion dojo!”

The great teachers who were watching started discussing amongst themselves, their interests piqued by Sun Mo.

Although they might not like Sun Mo, they had to admit that he hadn’t lied before. If Sun Mo wanted to lash out at someone, he’d do that openly.

“Everyone, please come with me!”

Sun Mo took the lead and walked toward the darkness illusion dojo.

What came after having such an amazing building?

Of course, it was to publicize it so that everyone knew! Let those great teachers and students have strong urges to enter and experience it, or even to yearn to live in it.

After all, this building was what Sun Mo was going to use as his strong bargaining chip to headhunt people.

Sun Mo walked up to the illusion dojo and stopped in front of its door, turning back to warn, “I must first remind everyone that the first floor is the illusion hall. After entering it, you’ll see all sorts of illusions. If you feel uncomfortable, leave immediately! Otherwise, you’ll go crazy!”

Everyone was shocked.

“You’re calling it a divine-level building, but it’ll harm people?”

Zhang Hanfu sneered.

“It’s because it’s a divine-level building that mediocre people wouldn’t be able to withstand it. The first level will be the benchmark on whether or not a person can stay here!”

Sun Mo shrugged. He wasn’t willing to use an exaggerated term like ‘godly’. However, he could only do so to create a controversy.

Everyone agreed with his words. If even trash could use it, then it’d sully the word ‘godly’.

“Let me do it!”

Du Xiao helped Sun Mo push open the door.

Everyone gushed in, then their anxious footsteps gradually slowed down. It was because the illusions had invaded their minds.

“Ahh, monster! A big monster!”

“Why is this place a celestial island? Are those spirit beasts?”

“Isn’t this scenery too pretty?”

The teachers’ conditions were better and the students could somehow manage, but the citizens who came in to join the excitement found themselves immersed within the illusions.

Sun Mo turned and looked. Many people had fallen all over the corridor heading to the hall.

“Bring those citizens and students out!”

Sun Mo instructed.

The great teachers immediately got to work, but their minds were shaken. The illusions didn’t appear randomly but were targeted for each of them.

They then carefully sensed the illusions with their bodies. This was also a tempering of their minds.

Zhang Hanfu’s countenance changed slightly.

Sun Mo took out his pocket watch and checked it. 20 minutes was up. Therefore, he clapped his hands together. “Alright, let’s head to the second floor!”

“Hold on a little longer!”

Someone was still immersed in the feeling.

“This is just the appetizer!”

Sun Mo smiled and went upstairs. He then introduced, “The second floor is the illusion combat dojo. It’s used for sparring.”


Zhang Hanfu immediately sneered. “The school’s victory dojo is better than this!”

“Don’t be anxious!”

Sun Mo led everyone up to the third floor. He didn’t give any explanations but drew out a dagger, slit his finger, and dripped a drop of blood onto the floor.


The blood became thicker and fog shrouded up the place. Then, a Sun Mo illusion appeared in the hall.

Sun Mo didn’t say a second word. He swung his fist and attacked.

Bang bang bang!

The two of them quickly got engaged in battle.

Sun Mo performed the Wind King Divine Steps and moved extremely quickly, bringing along many afterimages. Very soon, no one could tell the difference between the real Sun Mo and the illusion.

“My god, this is quite amazing!”

“Which one is the real one? The one on the left?”

“It’s clearly the one on the right!”

“Please, not only do the two of them look so alike, even the cultivation arts they used are the same. Who’d be able to tell the difference?”

The great teachers started discussing amongst themselves. At this moment, no one cared about the demonstration anymore. All of them were immersed in this amazing building.

“Teacher Gu, you’re on closer terms with Teacher Sun. Which one of the two is him?”

Du Xiao asked.

“The one on the right?”

Gu Xiuxun had just said this when the ‘Sun Mo’ on the right had his head crushed by Sun Mo’s blade. It shattered into a lump of fog that dissipated in the hall.


Everyone was astonished and speechless.

“On this level, you can freely battle against your own illusion. What you know, your illusions know too. Oh right, they aren’t just ordinary illusions. They also experience rage, insanity, righteousness, and all other sorts of states.”

Sun Mo introduced calmly.

There were only heavy breathing sounds left in the surroundings, as well as many gazes filled with the strong yearning to give it a try. They couldn’t wait anymore.

“Department Head Sun, can I give it a try?”

A young teacher pleaded. Without realizing it, he no longer addressed Sun Mo as ‘Teacher Sun’. It wasn’t that he was trying to curry up to Sun Mo, but that he recognized Sun Mo’s contribution to the school.

After all, this building was built by Sun Mo.

“Please go ahead!”

Sun Mo took a step back and made way for the young teacher. “Everyone can give it a try. Oh right, it can only accommodate ten people at maximum each time, and you’ll just need to drip your blood on it.”

“Don’t snatch!”

“Give me a spot!”

“F*ck! Do you know how to respect the old and cherish the young?”

The great teachers fought amongst themselves, all of them cutting their fingers.

When the blood dripped onto the floor, many lumps of thick fog rose, condensing into darkness illusions. There were over 30 of them.

“Alright, stop cutting your fingers anymore. There are too many people already.”

Sun Mo quickly stopped them, instantly causing the group of great teachers to feel displeased. However, they couldn’t exactly say anything and could only remain patient as they observed the battles

The great teachers who had started sparring kept crying out, feeling abnormally excited.

“F*ck, this strike feels so good. How can it feel so good even when you’re hitting yourself?”

A sloppy guy laughed.

Sun Mo was speechless. (Old Wang from next door, so it turns out that other than hitting up girls, you’re also subconsciously a masochist!)

“I’m actually this handsome? Isn’t this kicking stance too cool?”

“It’s so fun!”

“Teacher Sun, can I call out two illusions?”

The great teachers had great fun. Even if they were beaten up, they were still laughing away. Some of them even started to discuss the darkness illusion’s advantages.

They were all great teachers and were no fools. They could instantly think of the huge improvements this building could bring to the students.

“Goddamn it!”

Zhang Hanfu’s countenance turned even more grim. He didn’t expect that Sun Mo still had such an ace up his sleeves.

15 minutes later, Sun Mo clapped his hands together.

“Alright! Let’s continue to go up to the next floor!”

Sun Mo shouted.

“You guys go ahead! I’ll continue to fight for a little longer.”

Old Wang couldn’t bear to leave even though he was already badly beaten up.

“Old Wang, didn’t you want to go on a strike?”

Xia Yuan shot out.

“Who’s going on a strike? I’m just here to watch the excitement.”

Old Wang glared at Xia Yuan and then squeezed out a smile at Sun Mo. “Teacher Sun, you’re this!”

Old Wang flashed a big thumbs up.

“Let’s go quickly!”

Fang Haoran urged. He wanted to know about the good things upstairs. He then threw a disdainful glance toward Old Wang.

This was clearly a darkness building. Usually, the higher one went up, the more amazing it was.

Sun Mo took the lead to head up.

“The fourth floor is a place to duel against someone else’s illusion. As long as you have a drop of their blood, best if it’s fresh, then you’ll be able to summon their illusion.”

Sun Mo smiled. “But you guys need to take note of your safety. It’s because the illusions can kill you!”


Hearing this, everyone took in a gasp full of cold air.

Being able to duel against someone else’s illusion? Then the value of this building would be extremely high.

The more amazing a great teacher, no, this was no longer limited to great teachers. The more amazing an expert, the harder it would be for them to spar against others. Firstly, it was because they cared about their face. They couldn’t possibly make a move just because a random Tom, Dick, or Harry asked to spar against them, could they?

Secondly, what if they were put in danger?

Right now, they only needed to obtain a drop of blood to perfectly create a darkness illusion and have an actual battle. This felt really good.

It could be said that as long as people respected An Xinhui enough, then the blood of important figures she could get would be worth a lot, and the value of this building would be even greater.

Ordinary people might not be able to do this, but it wasn’t an issue for An Xinhui. After all, the old headmaster was a secondary saint and had extensive connections.

It’d be too troublesome to ask them for a spar, but it was an easy favor to give a drop of blood.

“We’ve already started to gather the blood of experts and shall be using this as a reward for outstanding great teachers and students!”

Sun Mo said this. Think about it, how great of a temptation would it be to be able to battle against a world champion every day?

Zhang Hanfu felt that his chest was starting to ache as if his heart was convulsing. He couldn’t help but shout out, “Why would experts give you their blood so easily?”

“Hehe, you seem to have forgotten that I have God Hands!”

Sun Mo shrugged.

Even if Sun Mo didn’t reply to him, no one cared about Zhang Hanfu’s suspicion. To the majority of the people, it’d be sufficient if they could have access to the blood of someone stronger than them, for them to have a strong opponent.

“The Myriad Daos Academy will be in trouble!”

Fang Haoran exclaimed in his heart. This darkness building would bring a qualitative improvement for the Central Province Academy. In the long term, its students would gain more combat experience.

“Alright, let’s continue to head up!”

Sun Mo went up the stairs.

“There’s more?”

Zhang Hanfu wanted to leave. He looked around and wanted to find a few allies, but other than a few people who were in the same predicament as him, the others all followed Sun Mo upstairs excitedly.

“It’s over!”

Zhang Hanfu finally understood what despair meant!

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