Absolute Great Teacher
491 Damn, Could It Be That Sun Mo’s Family Owns a Mine?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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491 Damn, Could It Be That Sun Mo’s Family Owns a Mine?

Chapter 491: Damn, Could It Be That Sun Mo’s Family Owns a Mine?

There were many stone pillars at the fifth level of the darkness illusion dojo, and above them were various relief sculptures that were extremely lifelike.

These sculptures were too vivid, like they were about to lunge over from the top of the stone pillars.

“What is this level?”

Jiang Yongnian was curious.

Sun Mo snapped his fingers.


Black-colored spirit qi began flowing from a few of the sculptures. They then instantly condensed into the shape of a darkness illusion.

“You should remember that I obtained this darkness illusion gemstone in the league tournament after causing a divine-level darkness spire to crumble. Through so many years, I also have no idea how many adventurers had entered that building to seek treasure but died in the end. In any case, the gemstone could replicate the illusions of those who had entered the building before.”

Sun Mo introduced. “This also means that one could spar against any expert from all eras!”


Everyone took in a cold breath of air. Their gazes turned to those stone pillars as they looked at the sculptures on them. They were filled with a sense of curiosity and a desire to probe this.

“Wait a minute, in other words, doesn’t that mean that there might be long-lost cultivation arts here? From the illusionary figures of past eras?”

A great teacher discovered the secret.


Sun Mo smiled. “Two days ago, I just sparred against the illusion of a monk. The cultivation art it was using was the Putuo Heart Sutra that has been lost for 500 years.”

“Is this real?”

“If things are really as what Teacher Sun has stated, this building is truly worthy to be called a divine-level building!”

“Indeed. From now on, this illusion dojo will be an icon of Jinling, no, of the Central Province!”

The great teachers discussed. Those great teachers, who felt that they were extremely strong, were already growing impatient. If they could obtain a saint-tier cultivation art through sparring with the illusions here, that art would belong to them.

“Sun Mo, since it’s a cultivation art that has been lost for a long time, no one should have seen it before. In that case, how did you know it’s the Putuo Heart Sutra?”

Zhang Hanfu doubted loudly.


Sun Mo coldly laughed and looked away.


Seeing Sun Mo ignoring him, Zhang Hanfu was almost angered to death. What made him feel even more miserable was that there was basically no one helping him.

(These fools, why don’t you guys look at your own standards? Even if you don’t make trouble today, Sun Mo will fire you guys eventually!)

Zhang Hanfu felt very dismal. He truly wasn’t able to win against Sun Mo.

“How do we use these illusions?”

Jiang Yongnian asked.

“Just state your conditions with regards to the illusion you wish to fight. The gemstone will summon one with the closest fit to your request!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“Wow, so magical?”

Everyone started discussing. After that, they started to shout out their requests but nothing happened. This caused them to look at Sun Mo in bewilderment.

“Sorry. Because it requires a lot of spirit stones to summon an illusion in this level, as the owner of this building, I limited the authority of the users.”

Sun Mo explained.

Upon hearing this, the eyes of everyone around were instantly filled with envy. The owner of a divine-level building! Wasn’t he too lucky?

Zhang Hanfu was so infuriated that his body was trembling. He felt so sour that it was like he was force-fed a swimming pool worth of lemon juice.

“Gemstone, summon the monk illusion!”

Sun Mo instructed.

Very soon, black mist flowed out of a stone pillar. Everyone instantly turned over and saw it condensing into a tall and sturdy illusionary figure of a martial monk.

“Who wants to give it a try?”

Sun Mo reminded. “However, you have to be careful. If you are killed by him, you will really die!”

Several great teachers were brimming with desire, but they all endured it. This martial monk exuded an extremely powerful aura.

“Let me try!”

Xia Yuan stepped out.

When the martial monk acted, everyone couldn’t help but exclaim in shock.

The martial monk’s movements were too magnificent and gorgeous. Even if his cultivation art wasn’t a saint-tier one, it was at the very least heaven-tier.

Just three minutes later, Xia Yuan already found it strenuous.

“Although these illusions belong to the school, if you managed to learn their cultivation arts through sparring with them, the school would only send it as a congratulatory gift to you!”

Sun Mo unleashed another ‘ultimate’.

“Department Head Sun, are you for real?”

“A gentleman will not lie. Department Head Sun, you have to remember your promise today!”

“I always knew that Teacher Sun is the most generous!”

All the great teachers started praising him. Even those fellows who had gone on strike didn’t mention anything about that anymore at this moment.

This was human nature. (With regard to a top-tier item, maybe I won’t be able to get it even if I toiled my entire life. But as long as there’s a chance to obtain it, I don’t want to miss that chance.)

Fang Haoran then rushed out, having the thought to test the illusion for himself.

“Teacher Sun, is there still another level above?”

Someone asked after seeing that there was still a stairway at the southern end.

“There are two more levels!”

Sun Mo smiled. “However, I apologize. Because the function is too strong, only great teachers or students who had made contributions to the school would be qualified to use it.”

Everyone fell silent. A few veterans and high-ranked great teachers had wanted to grumble. But the moment they wanted to speak, they endured the impulse.

The current Sun Mo was not someone they could casually offend, and all of them started to pay attention to their words and actions.

In their hearts, the value of the Central Province Academy had already become so precious.

It was like a worker at an assembly line in a factory. If one was unhappy, they could just quit. But if one was in a top company like Tencent, even if they were cursing daily due to the workload, it was very rare for people to resign.

There was no solution to it. The benefits were too good, and people were fighting each other to get in!

“It’s already not bad that we can use the first five levels!”

“Yeah, it’s logical that only people who have contributions to the school can go up to the last two levels.”

“Department Head Sun is really thinking about the school!”

Many people started praising.

“Everyone, please follow me!”

Sun Mo led everyone down the stairs and directly went to the underground level.

“This is the underground zone!”

As Sun Mo spoke, he pushed open the heavy stone door.


An intense spirit qi gushed over.

“What the hell?”

Everyone exclaimed in shock. They involuntarily drew in a deep breath. To cultivators, there was nothing that could make them so joyful compared to basking in an environment with dense spirit qi.

“Wow, guys...look over there quickly!”

“It’s spirit stones, there are so many spirit stones!”

“My heavens, have my eyes gone bad?”

The great teachers mumbled. They were like ducks that were constantly quacking as their eyes fixed in the area inside the underground zone.

This place was filled to the brim with spirit stones.

“How much gold are these worth?”

Du Xiao subconsciously asked.

“Spirit stones are considered battle resources, and they are not something that could be valued with money!”

Fang Haoran interjected. However, no one bothered with him because they could no longer shift their gazes away.

“If this building wants to operate normally, it requires the energy of spirit stones to sustain it!’

Sun Mo entered and picked up a piece of spirit stone. “There’s no need to mention the value of these things, right? What you all are seeing now is the foundation of the Central Province Academy!”

One couldn’t help but say that the darkness building was simply impressive. It was unknown what was the composition of the underground zone, but it could actually create a perfect containing space. As long as spirit stones were stored here, the dissipation rate of the spirit qi they contained within would be extremely slow.

“Department Head Sun, you are too careless. You shouldn’t have shown something like this to everyone!”

Lian Zheng commented. What if there was a thief?

Zhang Hanfu’s countenance was already deathly pale. He knew that he no longer had the slightest smidgen of hope to overturn the situation.

To high-ranked great teachers, wealth like gold and silver was merely worldly possessions. However, spirit stones were different. In top-grade famous schools, the salaries of teachers were paid with spirit stones.

Never in his wildest dreams did Zhang Hanfu ever imagine that Sun Mo would actually be so wealthy.

“Damn, could it be that his family owns a mine?”

Zhang Hanfu thought of Sun Mo’s father. Did that fellow leave an inheritance for him? But this didn’t seem to be correct. How did Sun Mo manage to transport so many spirit stones out?

“Sun Mo must have a secret treasure that I don’t know about!”

Zhang Hanfu guessed.

Sun Mo closed the stone door, but the gazes of everyone still showed reluctance.

“Don’t look anymore. In the future, these spirit stones will also be given as rewards to teachers!”

Sun Mo’s words caused Zhang Hanfu’s heart to think wildly again.

(Who could afford to spam money like this?)

As expected, the great teachers at the scene were all extremely agitated. They were already thinking about how they should use the spirit stones.

“Alright, the tour of the divine-level building is completed. Everyone can leave now!”

Sun Mo announced.

The teachers who didn’t stand at Guan Shan’s side earlier were trying to sneak away now. Sadly, Sun Mo wouldn’t give them the chance.

“Let me take the opportunity to say this. Those teachers who chose to follow Zhang Hanfu earlier are all fired. Please immediately pack your stuff and leave the school before 8 p.m. tonight. If not, I’ll personally lead a team over to forcefully evacuate you.”

Sun Mo’s voice was extremely cold like ice.

At the scene, the atmosphere turned frozen. Everyone had different expressions. Those great teachers who had changed sides at the last moment were rejoicing. As for the rest, there was panic and fear on their faces.

Naturally, the most graceful ones were those who didn’t participate in the strike. All of them treated this as watching a good show.

“Teacher Sun, at the very least, we have all contributed to the school before. Can you not be so ruthless?”

“Department Head Sun, we were wrong. Can you please give us one more chance?”

“I’m on Guan Shan’s side!”

The great teachers all compromised. After seeing the foundation of the Central Province Academy, no one had the courage to follow Zhang Hanfu to make trouble.

“Sorry, I’ve given all of you a chance, but you guys didn’t know how to cherish it!”

Sun Mo’s gaze swept over everyone. “Teacher Bai, there’s no need to hide behind Teacher Guan. I’ve remembered all your names!”

“Department Head Sun, if you fire all of us, you have to spend a lot of penalty fees!”

Everyone hoped Sun Mo would change his mind due to this.

“Haha, do you think I lack money?”

Sun Mo laughed.

Upon hearing this, the countenances of those teachers turned to the color of dead ashes. Sun Mo wasn’t only rich, he was filthy rich!

Naturally, Sun Mo didn’t think about compensating them the full amount. (I’ll just find your flaws and reduce the compensation amount.) This was just standard procedure.

“Luckily, I didn’t go against Teacher Sun!”

Guan Shan rejoiced at his luck when he looked at these unlucky fools.


Favorable impression points from Guan Shan +100. Friendly (510/1,000).

Sun Mo cast a glance at Guan Shan and left, not even bothered to say a single sentence to Zhang Hanfu. The matter wasn’t over yet.

“Guan Shan, I’ve always treated you fairly. Is this how you repay me?”

Zhang Hanfu walked furiously toward Guan Shan and shouted in anger.

“I’m doing this for the future of the school!”

Guan Shan took a step back. “Also, control yourself. Your saliva has splattered on my face!”


Zhang Hanfu really wanted to spit on Guan Shan now.

“Everyone, do you want to discuss things with me?”

Guan Shan looked at the subordinates around Zhang Hanfu.

“Discuss what?”

A henchman asked.

“You will know after the discussion starts!”

Guan Shan knew the meaning of the Sun Mo’s glance at the end. Sun Mo wanted him to look for Zhang Hanfu’s subordinates so they could report him. After all, these people would surely know some dirt about Zhang Hanfu.

Before this, Guan Shan would surely reject something like this. But now, he wanted nothing more than to do his best and make Zhang Hanfu fall as badly as possible. After all, he had to score some points with Sun Mo.

“Old Zhang, don’t blame me. Who asked Sun Mo to be so scheming?”

Guan Shan sighed.

“Guan Shan. Tell it to me straight. Did that rascal Sun Mo send you to make trouble for me?”

Zhang Hanfu wasn’t stupid. There was only one reason why Guan Shan wanted to look for these people.

“Teacher Zhang, don’t think too much.”

Guan Shan persuaded. “At most, you would only lose the title of a great teacher and you won’t be able to teach in the future. You won’t die!”


Zhang Hanfu couldn’t endure it anymore and directly spat a mouthful of phlegm at Guan Shan’s face.

(If I lose the title of a great teacher, how can I still make a living? I might as well commit suicide!)

“If you knew this would be the case back then, would you still have gone against Sun Mo?”

Guan Shan coldly laughed.

“F*** you!”

Zhang Hanfu wanted to beat someone up. (You have only been Sun Mo’s lackey for a few days, yet you are so loyal? To think I trusted you so much!)

Fang Haoran left, he went to chase after Sun Mo.

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