Absolute Great Teacher
492 Reward. The End Point of Studies of Spirit Runes.
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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492 Reward. The End Point of Studies of Spirit Runes.


Sun Mo exited the darkness illusion dojo, and An Xinhui immediately came over with Jin Mujie.

“Teacher Sun, beautifully done!”

Jin Mujie hammered Sun Mo’s chest lightly.

She and An Xinhui rushed over after hearing the commotion, but after they saw that Sun Mo had controlled the entire scene, there was no need for them to come out.

“Just a minor matter.”

Sun Mo smiled.

“This is considered a minor matter? If you continue to be so outstanding, you will soon be able to replace Xinhui.”

Jin Mujie teased.

An Xinhui didn’t mind it. She didn’t feel that she was being looked down on. On the contrary, she felt gratified and happy because of Sun Mo’s brilliance. She had felt such a big headache due to Zhang Hanfu, and she didn’t expect that this would be settled the moment her childhood sweetheart returned.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +200. Respect (9,800/10,000).

“If there’s nothing else, I will return first. Headmaster, I wish to stop giving lectures about spirit runes during these three months. I want to use the time to personally guide Xuanyuan Po and Ying Baiwu!”

Sun Mo suggested.


An Xinhui nodded. “If you have any requests, just tell me. I will do my utmost to satisfy you.”

The two of them knew that Sun Mo was doing this for the sake of passing the 2-star great teacher examination.

After he bade farewell to An Xinhui and Jin Mujie, Sun Mo wanted to return to the villa. He was preparing to head to the Wind King Divine Hall to guide Xuanyuan Po and the others. However, before he traveled for long, Fang Haoran caught up with him.

“Teacher Sun, please wait!”

Fang Haoran revealed a friendly smile. “My name is Fang Haoran, and I’m a guest professor from the Myriad Daos Academy. I can be considered to have some minor accomplishments in terms of alchemy.”

This was a humble way to introduce himself. Actually, Fang Haoran was pretty impressive.

“Nice to meet you!”

Sun Mo suddenly thought of Fang Wuji. Could these two be relatives?

“I came to greet you so abruptly because I wish to ask if Teacher Sun is willing to sell the prescription of the giant medicine packets?”

People of the Nine Provinces would usually beat around the bush for a little while before they entered the main topic. However, Fang Haoran was different. He was a 5-star great teacher and had an esteemed status. Not only was his time limited, but there was also no need for him to feign civility. He would directly speak about the main thing.

“My apologies, I won’t sell!”

Sun Mo rejected.

Fang Haoran didn’t feel surprised. If he was in Sun Mo’s shoes, he wouldn’t sell a top-grade prescription like this as well. “With your current status, you will definitely not lack money. Hence, I’m willing to use a prescription of equal value to exchange with you. Don’t worry, this prescription is also very rare in the market.”


Sun Mo rejected again. If he wanted a prescription, he could directly buy it from the merchant store, there was no need for him to worry that the prescription would be fake.

“Teacher Sun, I’m very sincere!”

Fang Haoran felt a little loss upon being rejected again and again. Besides, he really put in a lot of effort and was prepared to spend a lot of money. “I’ve prepared an improved version of the blood ignition pills. This is extremely beneficial to experts at the blood-ignition realm. After encountering a bottleneck, they just need to consume one and they would be able to break through.”

Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo also caught up with them

Fang Haoran glanced at the two girls and couldn’t help but silently muse at how beautiful they were. However, he soon shifted his attention back onto Sun Mo.

“You don’t have to worry about me swindling you. No matter what, I’m still a 5-star great teacher. Also, I will find someone to act as a guarantor during our transaction. If a mistake occurs when you use my prescription to concoct medicine, all losses will be borne by me.”

Fang Haoran was making a double entendre. He openly told Sun Mo his rank, other than displaying his brilliance. He was willing to find a guarantor as well.

“I understand Teacher Fang’s sincerity, but I really have to apologize. I will not sell this prescription!”

Sun Mo mentally mused that the improved version of the blood ignition pills was only beneficial to those at the blood-ignition realm, but his giant medicine packet was suitable for experts of all cultivation realms.

“System, open the merchant store!”

Sun Mo instructed. When he looked at the shelves that were displayed before his eyes, he soon discovered the recipe of the blood ignition pill. It only cost 20,000 favorable impression points and this made him snort in disdain.

“Teacher, your performance earlier is so awesome!”

Li Ziqi praised.

“Yeah! Yeah!”

The papaya girl nodded furiously


Fang Haoran originally had his hands placed behind his back. His chin was lifted slightly, acting like a very able person and waiting for Sun Mo and the two female students to greet him. After all, the status of a 5-star great teacher was very esteemed.

However, things didn’t go as he anticipated.

Toward him, Sun Mo’s attitude was as cool as ever. Moreover, those two girls didn’t even bow to him. It was like a 5-star great teacher was a wild dog gnawing on a bone at the roadside, a sight that was commonly seen everywhere.

(Is there something wrong? Where are the reverent and respectful expressions?)

Fang Haoran started to doubt life. Let alone being a 5-star, back when he was a 4-star great teacher, no one dared to slight him no matter where he went.

“The background of the large-chested girl definitely isn’t simple.” Fang Haoran pondered.

Li Ziqi was very intelligent. She could tell that her teacher didn’t want to speak to this person. Hence, she didn’t bow. Usually, the little sunny egg would be very respectful when she met a 5-star great teacher.


Sun Mo smiled in courtesy.

“Wait a minute!” Fang Haoran hastened his pace and chased over. “Why don’t you give me a price?”

“Teacher Fang, don’t make things difficult for me!”

Sun Mo began to feel some impatience.

“I know you are very rich and have a lot of spirit stones. However, for something like prescriptions, especially those found in the ruins of the Darkness Continent, you definitely wouldn’t have a lot of them, right?”

Fang Haoran laughed confidently. “However, I have many of them. I can help you find whatever prescription you want!”

“Alright, let me make things simple. You cannot afford the giant medicine packet’s prescription!” said Sun Mo.

Sun Mo silently mused, ‘Sorry, as long as I have enough favorable impression points, I can buy any prescription I want to’.

“Ziqi, Zhiruo, let’s go.”

Fang Haoran started, there was an unhappy look on his face. He felt that he was being looked down on. Hence, he couldn’t help but roar loudly, “I have the prescription for a universe pill. After consuming this pill, a surge of divine force would be born in your body, and it would allow one to have the power to reverse the heavens and earth. From what I know, in the entire Central Province, I’m the only one with this prescription!”

After Fang Haoran spoke, he waited for Sun Mo to reply. However, Sun Mo didn’t even turn his head. This caused him to be so depressed that he couldn’t catch his breath.

“Teacher Sun, do you understand my words?”

Fang Haoran felt that communicating with this fellow was really strenuous.

“We’ve understood. You have a very impressive prescription!”

Li Ziqi turned her head and feigned a look of innocence on her face. She blinked her clear eyes, “May I be so bold as to ask this question? Is your prescription exclusive to you in the entire Nine Provinces?”

Upon hearing the first part of the flat-chested girl’s words, Fang Haoran snorted in satisfaction. But after hearing the whole sentence, his expression stiffened. This prescription wasn’t something exclusive to him.


Sun Mo rubbed the little sunny egg’s head. He knew that she was unhappy on his behalf. This was why she intentionally wanted to make Fang Haoran angry, helping him to vent his emotions.

“If your giant medicine packet’s prescription is a unique one, I can also take out a unique prescription to exchange for it!”

Fang Haoran’s lips twitched. A unique prescription was extremely valuable, sufficient to determine the rise and decline of a clan. Who would be willing to take it out for a transaction?

Even if he was extremely wealthy, he wouldn’t dare to do such a thing.

“In that case, go and prepare a unique prescription that no one possesses in the Nine Provinces first!”

Li Ziqi smiled confidently. “My teacher’s prescription is a unique and exclusive one!”

Fang Haoran frowned. He looked at Sun Mo, waiting for an answer.

“She is right. The giant medicine packet is owned exclusively by me. Now, do you still want to exchange for it?”

Sun Mo asked.

Fang Haoran fell silent. He naturally wanted to, but he didn’t have anything of equal value. No, more accurately, Fang Haoran did have something of equal value, but that was something he absolutely couldn’t use for a transaction.

Fang Haoran felt so depressed that he wanted to cough up blood as he watched Sun Mo and the two girls walking away. He was really fond of that prescription.

“What should I do now? Should I just give up?”

Fang Haoran walked away in disappointment. He suddenly saw the flat-chested girl running back to him. A look of joy immediately appeared on his face. “What’s the matter? Has Teacher Zhang changed his mind?”

“My teacher says that there’s a problem with your body. Try not to stay up late all night. You shouldn’t eat pills that maintain your energy levels anymore, or you might suffer from sudden death.”

After Li Ziqi finished speaking, she ran away.


Fang Haoran was speechless. (I’m also an alchemist, alright? Although this occupation isn’t something like a doctor, I do understand some herbs. I felt some fatigue recently, but it is not as serious as what you mentioned!)

“5-star great teachers are all in the Longevity Realm, how is it possible for us to suffer sudden death?”

Fang Haoran snorted in disdain. But after that, he frowned because the other party was correct about one point. When he was practicing alchemy, he would always eat pills to maintain his energy levels to avoid making mistakes.

“Wait a minute, that Sun Mo seems to have a title called God Hands?”

Fang Haoran started to ponder.


After Sun Mo entered the Wind King Divine Hall, the sound of the system notification rang out.


“Congratulations on resolving the strike for the Central Province Academy and having won the trust of at least a hundred great teachers. Reward: 1x golden treasure chest!”

Sun Mo patted the papaya girl’s head and decided to open the chest.

After the golden light faded away, a skill book was left behind.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained the [High-tier spirit rune knowledge encyclopedia. Proficiency level: Elementary-grade!”


Sun Mo whistled in excitement. After that, a radiant smile appeared on his face as he involuntarily snapped his fingers.


Sun Mo didn’t expect that a golden treasure chest would actually open such a top-grade reward.

Once he learned this high-tier spirit rune knowledge encyclopedia, Sun Mo would then be worthy of the title of a spirit rune grandmaster. At that time, his attainments in this field would be relatively profound.

“I suddenly remember I have something to do. I won’t be able to guide you all tonight. You all can do self-study instead!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he returned to his villa. He then used time emblems and increased the proficiency level of his mid-tier spirit rune knowledge to the grandmaster-grade.

Only with his mid-tier spirit rune knowledge being at the grandmaster-grade would he be able to learn this high-tier skill book.

Sun Mo crushed the skill book impatiently.


This book was akin to a dictionary, but it directly turned into a ball of flowing light upon being crushed. The light then flowed into Sun Mo’s forehead and an instant later, boundless knowledge flooded forth like the planktons in the ocean into his mind.

Sun Mo lifted his hand and cast Encyclopedic Knowledge on himself. After that, he started to memorize all the information. He had to turn this knowledge into something that belonged to him.

To memorize everything, it took him a total of a day and a night.

Because this knowledge was high tier, their content was very difficult. Sun Mo had to understand them completely before he could turn them into something belonging to him.

There would be people who treated knowledge as knowledge, but some would translate the knowledge they learned into tools so they could use it to probe the secrets of the world.

Sun Mo belonged to the latter group.

Every time he regained his senses due to fatigue, the dark circles beneath his eyes would deepen and he looked extremely haggard. However, he felt very excited.

“I can feel myself growing stronger!”

Sun Mo clenched his fist. He instantly thought of Jiang Leng. Right now, he should be able to solve Jiang Leng’s problem, right?

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》