Absolute Great Teacher
493 The Other Side of the World, a Mysterious Gigantic Manor
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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493 The Other Side of the World, a Mysterious Gigantic Manor


Specialization in medical studies wasn’t the strong point of the Central Province Academy, but despite so, there was still a building dedicated to it.

The dissection of human beings was definitely not allowed, but there were no problems for animals. This was especially so for those species of darkness hunted from the Darkness Continent. After dissection, their body parts would be soaked in some liquid that could prevent rotting, allowing students to observe them for their learning.

Also, this place would handle illnesses that would cause one to feel disgusted to the max. For example, some epidemic, tumors, or unclear illnesses. In any case, this place would usually cause people to feel their blood run cold.

The vast majority of people would immediately feel colder by a few degrees physiologically the moment they entered this building.


Lu Zhiruo walked into the lounge and involuntarily tugged on Sun Mo’s sleeves. She was frowning and her face was filled with alarm.

“Go and play elsewhere!”

Sun Mo chortled.


The papaya girl felt very conflicted. She knew her teacher was about to treat Jiang Leng, hence, she wanted to be an assistant to help him from the side. It would be good if she could help him a little.

“Just go on and play. I will be here to assist Teacher!”

Li Ziqi consoled.

“In that case, I will leave everything to you then, eldest martial sister!”

After Lu Zhiruo spoke, she was like a little bunny that got shot by an arrow and directly scuttled away. This place was truly too gloomy. Only by standing out there in the sun would she feel a sense of security.

Sun Mo went up to the third level and found the #312 room. After pushing open the door, he walked in.

The furnishings in the room were very simple.

The walls were painted white, but because of the passing years, it was a little faded and had turned slightly yellow. On the other hand, the floor panels were constructed from a type of stone excavated from the Darkness Continent. It was very sturdy and wouldn’t easily be corroded.

Sun Mo rubbed his nose. There was a strange piercing smell in the air. This should be the smell of a certain type of disinfectant.

There were two large shelves, some metal apparatuses, and a clean, tidy wooden bed. These were all the items here.

After Sun Mo finished his inspection, a lady wearing a face mask hurriedly rushed over.

“Teacher Sun, Headmaster An said that when you are in the medical studies building, I will be your assistant!”

The woman introduced herself, her name was Wang Mei.

“I will have to trouble Teacher Wang then!”

An Xinhui allowed Sun Mo to use this room, and she had arranged a very trustworthy and capable assistant for him. “Jiang Leng, remove your shirt and lie down on the bed!”


Although Jiang Leng was someone who was taciturn and didn’t like to speak much, this was caused by his life circumstances and wasn’t innate. Actually, he was a very meticulous person with rich emotions. Now that his teacher was asking him to undress himself before two girls, he felt a little awkward.

“This is for the sake of treating you, you don’t have to mind it too much!”

Sun Mo persuaded and tried to convince Jiang Leng. “In their eyes, you might as well be just a piece of meat!”

“I’ve dissected over 1,000 animals for doctors.”

After Wang Mei spoke, Li Ziqi couldn’t help but shiver. She then shifted a few steps away at the side, lengthening her distance to Wang Mei.

Jiang Leng hadn’t adjusted his mental state, but he knew that his teacher’s time was tight. Hence, he could only brace himself and do it.

After removing the school uniform, Wang Mei who was very used to seeing corpses involuntarily exclaimed in surprise.

Jiang Leng’s body was like a fully tattooed one, covered in spirit runes. There was not even a piece of bare skin. The ‘culprit’ had evidently failed or might have used an inscribing knife to destroy these spirit runes due to either rage or keeping them secret. Hence, Jiang Leng’s body was littered with wounds.

“What beautiful spirit runes!”

Sun Mo surveyed Jiang Leng.

Right now, Sun Mo was no longer a dabbler in the field of spirit rune. Also, through the spirit rune design template, his horizons had been broadened. He had even designed two new types of spirit runes namely the ancient massaging technique rune and the flame explosion rune. One could say that Sun Mo had very profound attainments in the study of spirit runes.

Hence, right now, Sun Mo only needed a single glance to sense the beauty of the spirit runes covering Jiang Leng’s body.

It was the same for some physics formulas. If an outsider saw it, they wouldn’t feel anything. But if a physicist looked at it, they would feel a sense of beauty and could see the logic that governed the world within!

Jiang Leng lay on the bed. Meanwhile, Sun Mo used the ancient massaging technique and started inspecting his muscles while activating Divine Sight.

Jiang Leng, 13 years old. Spirit-refinement realm!

Strength: 12. If you work harder, you will be able to slay a ferocious beast with one punch.

Intellect: 13. The degree of your brain development is very high. Although you don’t depend on your intellect for a living, most people can’t defeat you in terms of intelligence.

Agility: 13. Average, sufficient for usage.

Endurance: 15. Off the charts endurance. You can call yourself an iron man.

Will: 9. Wavering, you would always doubt yourself.

Potential value: Low!

Note: Your potential value was once extremely high. Sadly, the damaged spirit runes on your body have destroyed your future.

“Jiang Leng, who was the one that tattooed these spirit runes on you? Can you tell me if that person is a part of your family? Or is it an enemy?”

Sun Mo asked.

Every time he read the note, Sun Mo would feel heartache for Jiang Leng. At the same time, he was very angry. Someone who was able to inscribe these spirit runes would definitely be at the ancestor-level. That person was definitely able to see Jiang Leng’s potential, but he still did so.

This indicated that that person basically didn’t give a damn about Jiang Leng’s future. To him, Jiang Leng was just his experiment.

Jiang Leng fell silent.

“There are quite a lot of people who suffered the same fate as you, right?”

Sun Mo surveyed this youth with the word ‘cripple’ on his forehead. Although Jiang Leng didn’t speak, Sun Mo could tell that Jiang Leng used to worship that spirit rune ancestor a lot.


Jiang Leng recalled a few buddies of his.

“Are you familiar with these spirit runes?”

Sun Mo’s hand stopped at Jiang Leng’s shoulder. There seemed to be something here.

“Father said that these spirit runes could allow us to become stronger, making us stand at the peak of the Nine Provinces when we reached 20 years in age. At that time, in our visions, there would be no opponents!”

When Jiang Leng said this, there was a look of grief on his face.

Little boys...who among them wouldn’t dream of becoming a hero? Who didn’t wish to be unrivaled? However, his father had lied to him.


Li Ziqi muttered in a low voice.

Jiang Leng bit his lips. When he saw Sun Mo attentively performing an inspection, his heart couldn’t help but go soft. He then decided to add. “Although we call him ‘father’, I think he might not be our real father. Ever since we were young...”

“Wait a minute!”

Sun Mo stopped Jiang Leng. He then looked at Wang Mei. “Sorry, these matters are private and I beg Teacher Wang for your forgiveness. Could you step aside first?”


Although Wang Mei was extremely curious, she knew it wasn’t appropriate for her to remain behind.

After she went out, Jiang Leng continued, “Ever since we have memories, I remembered that we lived in a gigantic manor. The scenery there was extremely beautiful and we could see mountains in the distance. It would be the most beautiful during sunset every night. Our father should be the owner of the manor.

“Other than having our meals every day, we spent the rest of the time training our bodies and underwent long-periods of meditation. After that, we would begin combat training in the manor. Some older people would record our data daily.

“If our data didn’t meet the target, we would be sent away. But if our data was outstanding, we would be able to get anything we want. Famed swords, armors, or even saint-tier cultivation arts!”

Upon hearing this, Li Ziqi couldn’t help but exclaim in shock. “Saint-tier cultivation arts? Did he lie to you all?”

“Ziqi, the vast majority of people treat saint-tier cultivation arts as treasures and wouldn’t easily impart them to others. But once you have many of them, you wouldn’t really care about that anymore!”

Sun Mo explained. Also, that gigantic manor was clearly built to nurture kids like Jiang Leng. Hence, the mastermind of that place would surely think of all ideas to increase their combat strength.

Naturally, possessing many saint-tier cultivation arts meant that the power of the manor owner was exceedingly great.


Jiang Leng nodded. “I learned one back then.”


Li Ziqi was speechless. (I didn’t expect that this fellow would conceal himself so deeply. He actually learned a saint-tier cultivation art before?)

Sun Mo patted Jiang Leng on his shoulder and didn’t doubt his words. Given Jiang Leng’s aptitude, he should have been one of those children standing at the peak of his peers in the manor.

Creak~ The door opened.

Sun Mo and his two students turned their heads and saw An Xinhui walking in with a face mask.

“Do you need my help?”

An Xinhui understood Jiang Leng’s situation and wanted to do something to help him.

“In that case, other than combat, none of you learned other subjects?”

Sun Mo had a heavy expression on his face. This indicated that he didn’t have any other information.


Jiang Leng nodded.

“I’ll tell you honestly. With my current attainments in the study of spirit runes, I’m worthy of the title of grandmaster. However, I completely don’t understand the effects of the spirit runes on your body when I look at them!”

After Sun Mo spoke, Li Ziqi and An Xinhui involuntarily raised their eyebrows in shock.

Sun Mo had never bragged before. If he said he was a spirit rune grandmaster, he definitely was one. But the latter part of his sentence included ‘completely don’t understand’. Given Sun Mo’s pride, if he said such a sentence, it meant that Jiang Leng’s problem was truly difficult to resolve.

“If the spirit runes were complete, I would still be able to make a judgment based on their effects. However, they are all damaged now.”

Sun Mo sighed. “I can be sure that the ‘father’ who gave you these spirit runes is a great ancestor in terms of spirit runes. His standard is definitely within the top ten in the entire Nine Provinces.”

“I can understand Teacher’s hard work and good intentions for me!”

Jiang Leng bitterly smiled. “It’s fine if I can’t recover. In any case, I’m already used to it.”

“Earlier during my inspection, I discovered that there are some external items implanted into your body. I have to slice open your skin to personally observe them.”

Sun Mo reminded.


Jiang Leng didn’t reject it, he wasn’t afraid either.

Without needing Sun Mo’s instruction, Li Ziqi already passed over a little dagger in the shape of a willow leaf.

Sun Mo first pressed down on Jiang Leng’s muscles and used the muscleforge technique to seal off his blood vessels to prevent bleeding. After that, he took the dagger and sliced open the skin on Jiang Leng’s shoulder, cutting in about an inch deep. After that, a red-colored sphere-shaped item could be seen.

This sphere-shaped item had fused together with his blood, flesh, and energy channels.

“What is this?”

Li Ziqi exclaimed.

“Does Sister An know?”

Sun Mo asked, he also activated his Divine Sight.

Haimu Pearl, this is a mysterious shell-type lifeform found in the oceans of the Darkness Continent. It is extremely rare. It possesses the ability to absorb spirit qi and has a very strong effect of forming flesh and boosting blood.

“I don’t know!”

An Xinhui shook her head. “It looks like a type of pearl? Also, is the pattern on the pearl a type of spirit rune?”

“It’s a spirit rune indeed!”

Sun Mo nodded.

An Xinhui’s lips moved. She wanted to say something, but this situation was inappropriate for it. Hence, she endured the impulse.

“I originally had a treatment plan, but from the looks of things now, my plan might fail. Are you still willing to give it a try?”

Sun Mo gave the choice to Jiang Leng.

“I’m willing!”

Jiang Leng didn’t hesitate. As long as there was a sliver of chance, he wouldn’t give it up.


Sun Mo drew in a deep breath. “Let’s start the treatment now!”

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