Absolute Great Teacher
494 Dark Dawn
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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494 Dark Dawn


In the operating room, the atmosphere was very tense.

“Don’t be nervous, I’ve made contingency plans, two of them!”

Sun Mo placed his hands on Jiang Leng’s body. While he was treating the damaged spirit runes, he was gently consoling Jiang Leng.

“Teacher is so gentle!”

Li Ziqi sighed.

At such a time, despite Jiang Leng being verbally stubborn and saying he wasn’t afraid, his heart was definitely filled with fear and nervousness. However, after his teacher consoled him, he evidently relaxed.

“Very meticulous!”

An Xinhui was looking at Sun Mo from another angle. Given Sun Mo’s status, even if Jiang Leng was a great teacher, there was no need for Sun Mo to care about his feelings at all. But even so, he was still consoling Jiang Leng.

With the two contingency plans, one could say that before treating Jiang Leng, Sun Mo had already considered every possible detail.

“Contingency plan one: I will use the muscleforge technique to repair your muscles before using the skin beautifying technique to remove the scars left by the spirit runes.”

Sun Mo introduced.

Actually, allowing the patient to know of the treatment plan was also a good method to calm them down.


Favorable impression points from Jiang Leng +100. Respect (1,500/10,000).

When Sun Mo heard the notification, he couldn’t help but glance at Jiang Leng. As expected of someone with a poker face. It was basically impossible to see any traces of emotions from his face. However, it was a fact that he contributed favorable impression points.

Very soon, Sun Mo was in no mood to talk because he discovered that the problem was indeed more serious than what he had expected.

Cultivators all knew that spirit runes were of immense assistance to one during combat. However, they wouldn’t easily tattoo them on their bodies. Because once the spirit runes were damaged, wanting to repair them would be extremely troublesome.

It was just like tattoos. Once one tattooed something on their bodies, they wouldn’t be able to regret it.

However, spirit runes were even more terrifying because some spirit rune grandmasters, through the usage of some skills or potions, could inscribe the spirit runes directly on their target’s muscles, ignoring the skin surface.

In the Nine Provinces, changing one’s skin was achievable but if one wanted to dig out and change away the muscles, it would be very difficult.

The medical skills and spiritual herbs required were all extremely rare and precious. Even if one had the money, they might not be able to do it.

An Xinhui felt that Sun Mo’s gaze had changed, and his motions also grew slower. Evidently, he was changing his contingency plan.

The spirit runes on Jiang Leng’s body weren’t only on his skin and muscles, but there were a lot of imprints even on his energy channels and bones.

What concept was this?

Just looking at the inscribing skill alone, one would know that the person who had inscribed these runes were worthy of the title ‘great ancestor’.

Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see the differences. But to the eyes of Sun Mo who had grandmaster-level expertise in the field, he could tell that these runes were alive.

Usually, spirit runes would only be activated upon infusion of spirit qi. But these spirit runes had tiny feelers-like things that resembled the roots of a large tree. These feelers stabbed into Jiang Leng’s energy channels and were absorbing the spirit qi in his body at all moments as they automatically circulated.

If Jiang Leng hadn’t encountered Sun Mo, he would have been crippled. Even if one had a brilliant doctor and access to top-grade spirit medicine, allowing Jiang Leng to grow new muscles and repair the scars caused by the spirit runes, the doctor would still have no way to remove the feelers in Jiang Leng’s energy channels.

Whenever Jiang Leng circulated spirit qi, the feelers would be like tiny holes that functioned as leaks. They would sap away the spirit qi and even injure the muscles.

“Luckily, I’m skilled in the ancient massaging technique!”

Sun Mo settled his heart and displayed the circulation technique. His technique was like a knife shaving away the roots of a tree, removing all traces of the mixed and disordered feelers of the spirit runes before he mended the energy channels, fixing all the ‘holes’.

Just treating Jiang Leng’s right arm alone took Sun Mo a total of six hours. This was because there were too many ‘roots’ and they were all extremely tiny. Besides, Jiang Leng’s energy channels were very fragile. Hence, Sun Mo must be very cautious.

Li Ziqi stood at Sun Mo’s side and wiped away his sweat for him. Up until now, she had already used a total of two handkerchiefs. There were no solutions to it as Sun Mo was sweating too much.

“Teacher, if you can’t go on, why don’t we find another day for the treatment?”

Jiang Leng felt some heartache. He could clearly see fatigue in Sun Mo’s eyes.

What Sun Mo was doing now was like trying to put ten threads into the eyes of needles that were smaller than a sesame seed. He did this for a total of six hours.

“I’m fine. What about you, can you still endure?”

Sun Mo admired Jiang Leng’s endurance very much. An ordinary person would surely go crazy if they were to lie there for six hours without moving.

Finally, the repairs to the energy channels were completed. Sun Mo then used his bone setting technique while observing with Divine Sight to check if the spirit runes had any reactions.

One must know that even though the runes on Jiang Leng’s skin were damaged, the ones on his bones were not. Also, Sun Mo could be sure that those were definitely the core spirit runes.

As expected, the runes on his bones were all extremely durable. It was very exhausting to use the bone setting technique to ‘remove’ them.

Sun Mo had the will but didn’t have enough strength to do so. Hence, he summoned the muscular genie.

“Ziqi, cast a Retentive Memory on me!”

Sun Mo instructed. He wanted to memorize all the patterns of these spirit runes on Jiang Leng’s bones.


Li Ziqi cast the great teacher halo.

An Xinhui at the side was badly shocked. Her eyes couldn’t help but open wide in shock as she surveyed Li Ziqi. (My heavens, this girl actually has the capability to become a great teacher?)

“When did you comprehend the self-taught halo?”

An Xinhui was curious.

“Last year during the tempering exercise to the Darkness Continent. Teacher’s guidance allowed me to have a sudden flash of insight and I comprehended the self-taught halo!”

Li Ziqi replied.

“You have to work hard. Becoming a teacher at 13 years old, comprehending the Retentive Memory halo...If this matter is reported to the Saint Gate, you will definitely break the record!”

An Xinhui encouraged while sighing ruefully.

Sun Mo’s method of teaching was really impressive. Even though Li Ziqi was the princess of the Great Tang Empire, she was still very respectful to Sun Mo. This alone was already worthy of respect.


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +100. Respect (9,900/10,000).

“It’s all because Teacher has taught me well!”

Li Ziqi smiled faintly, giving all the credit to Sun Mo.

An Xinhui no longer spoke. She knew that they should remain silent during this period. She only asked earlier because she was simply too curious.

It was a pity that this girl’s athletic ability was too poor. She wouldn’t be able to enter the Longevity Realm. No matter how high her intellect was, if she would die early, she wouldn’t have any major accomplishments.

After this, there was a very long period of silence. The atmosphere in the room seemed to be frozen and this lasted until Sun Mo broke the silence.

“Alright, let’s begin the next step!”

Sun Mo started to use the muscleforge technique to repair Jiang Leng’s muscles. However, this was a very time and energy-consuming process.

Because the spirit runes on Jiang Leng’s body were too concentrated, the scars left behind were also extremely difficult to treat.

Luckily, there was no need for any meticulous treatment. Three hours later, Sun Mo completed the process. He then began to use the skin beautifying technique.

When the two girls personally saw the scars on Jiang Leng’s right arm vanishing, resulting in his arm becoming fair and glossy, they were so shocked that they almost stopped breathing.

If one were to say there was a group of people that was the most terrified of scars, that group of people would surely be women.

In order to remove scars, women would frantically spam money on make-up products and wouldn’t even frown at the amount they spent.

In the end, after Sun Mo treated the scar on Jiang Leng’s fingers, he could no longer endure the exhaustion and sat down directly.

An Xinhui’s reaction was fast and she managed to hold on to Sun Mo.

“The operation was a success!”

Sun Mo smiled and comforted Jiang Leng.


Jiang Leng leaped down the wooden bed and knelt before Sun Mo, kowtowing thrice heavily.

Because of him, his teacher underwent a 14-hour operation and exhausted a large amount of his bodily strength and spirit qi. How should he ever repay his teacher for this?


Favorable impression points from Jiang Leng +1,000. Respect (2,500/10,000).

“Don’t you want to inspect your arm?”

Sun Mo asked.


Li Ziqi passed a cup of warm water over, wanting to feed it to him.

“It has been hard on you!”

An Xinhui had prepared food for Sun Mo. It was warm and could be eaten anytime.

Jiang Leng waved his fist and once he channeled his spirit qi into his right arm and shoulder, the flow of energy became extremely smooth and free of obstruction. It was like his energy flowed into an ocean.

It had been a very long time since Jiang Leng had experienced such a feeling.

“Teacher, I’ve recovered!”

Jiang Leng was very emotional.

“Let me rest for one day and I’ll help you repair all the damaged spirit runes on your body!”

Sun Mo was smiling, but there was an unmistakable gloom between his brows.

They had stayed here for over ten hours and were hungry and tired. An Xinhui got Jiang Leng and Li Ziqi to return to their dorms. Then, she supported Sun Mo and helped him to return to the villa.

The little sunny egg didn’t listen to her. She followed behind Sun Mo.

After taking a shower, Sun Mo came to the living room and discovered many hot-piping meals on the table.

“The Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands is simply too impressive.”

Li Ziqi sighed.

Sun Mo bitterly smiled.

“Teacher, can Jiang Leng fully recover?” asked Li Ziqi.

“I have no idea either, but I feel that things wouldn’t be so simple!”

Sun Mo recalled the haimu pearl that he saw in Jiang Leng’s body.

“A spirit rune great ancestor that can inscribe such spirit runes is only limited to a few experts. By using the process of elimination, we can easily find the answer.”

Li Ziqi cast a worried look at Sun Mo. In any case, that character was definitely fearsome. If they antagonized him, things would be very troublesome.

“That might not be the case, the other party might be a dark great teacher!”

An Xinhui’s expression was heavy.

“We shouldn’t worry recklessly.”

Sun Mo’s tone was relaxed.

“Little Momo, you only said this because you have not met a dark great teacher before.”

An Xinhui was the top graduate from the Heavenly Mystery Academy and had opportunities to fight against two dark great teachers before.

The so-called dark great teachers were great teachers who had committed various crimes or were unwilling to accept the restriction imposed by Saint Gate. Hence, they decided to flee to the Darkness Continent to make their living.

The majority of these dark great teachers would join Dark Dawn, which was a great enemy of the Saint Gate.

“The spirit runes on Jiang Leng’s body are extremely rare. If he was a failed experiment, he should have been abandoned, but why wasn’t he killed? If you cured him now, it would surely bring trouble in the future.”

An Xinhui analyzed.

Jiang Leng’s fame wasn’t great, but Sun Mo’s fame was. Hence, this disciple of his with the word ‘cripple’ on his forehead was destined to attract the attention of others.

“We will speak of this again in the future. I can’t possibly not cure Jiang Leng just because of fear, right?”

Sun Mo indicated for everyone to set their hearts at ease. “Ziqi, go bring some paper and a brush over. I want to draw out the spirit runes seeing that I still remember them!”

At this moment, the system notification sound rang out.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》