Absolute Great Teacher
495 Deer Tail Banque
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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495 Deer Tail Banque

Chapter t


“Congratulations. Because you helped to treat the damaged spirit runes on one of Jiang Leng’s arms, your standard in this field has increased again. Current progress: 1/100. Reward: 1x silver treasure chest.”

“What does ‘current progress’ mean?”

Sun Mo naturally felt joyful upon receiving the treasure chest. However, this thing ‘current progress’ attracted his attention even more.

“For some knowledge, after your proficiency level is upgraded to a high level, you won’t be able to use time emblems to increase it anymore. You have to personally practice, learn, and grasp it. Only after your progress is maxed out would the level of your proficiency increase.”

The system explained.


“You don’t seem to be surprised?’

The system was curious. Its previous hosts had all revealed disappointed expressions when they heard this. After all, they wouldn’t be able to eat ‘free meals’ any longer. This was a great loss. However, Sun Mo didn’t react like that.

“Why would I be surprised? Shouldn’t this be normal?”

Basically, Sun Mo had never believed that one would be able to reach the ancestor-level in a field of expertise solely with time emblems. For any subject, at their end-points, there would only be a person standing at the peak. No one else could help you with that.

For example, in the eyes of those top physicists, although everyone stayed in the same world, the world in their eyes looks different from others.

Only those learners who could look further and deeper would be able to develop and expand a subject. As for the others, they were merely using the theories of the subject that existed currently.

“I feel very gratified that you have such a mentality. This proved that I didn’t choose the wrong person.”

The system sighed emotionally.

Sun Mo listened attentively, but he then shook his head with regret.

“You can’t possibly be waiting for me to contribute favorable impression points, right?”

The system chortled. “Stop dreaming!”

“Oh, there will be a day where I make you thoroughly convinced about me!”

Sun Mo’s lips curled.

“I’m waiting for that!”

The system encouraged him.


“Congratulations. Due to the improvement in the prestige connection between you and Jiang Leng, you are hereby awarded 1 silver treasure chest!”

Li Ziqi brought over some paper, ink, and a brush.

After Sun Mo cast Encyclopedic Knowledge on himself, he took the brush and dabbed it in the ink, starting to draw a picture.

He started from the spirit rune patterns branded on Jiang Leng’s bones. Those were the core spirit runes.

As Sun Mo drew the spirit runes, even someone like An Xinhui, who didn’t know anything about the study of spirit runes, could feel that the pictures Sun Mo was drawing contained a mysterious strength.

“Teacher, these should be ancient spirit runes!”

Li Ziqi interjected.

“How can you be sure?”

An Xinhui was curious.

“Those spirit runes that could be bought from the market have all been studied by me. I can be sure that such runes don’t exist in the market, in fact, there are no spirit runes that are of a similar style!”

Li Ziqi explained.

Li Ziqi’s tone was very calm, but it caused An Xinhui to be dumbfounded.

How many spirit runes were there in the market? Even though she didn’t learn this field before, she also knew there were tens of thousands of spirit runes that could be bought in the market. Yet, Li Ziqi had actually memorized everything?

How impressive was she?

An Xinhui glanced at Sun Mo and discovered that he had no intention to praise Li Ziqi at all. It was like he was listening to a very normal thing.

(Your heart state is really vast!)

An Xinhui felt that if she were Sun Mo, she would definitely compliment Li Ziqi properly because students needed encouragement instead of the stick and carrot approach in terms of education.

Next, Sun Mo drew out those spirit runes based on his memory. Even those damaged spirit runes were drawn out precisely by him. After that, his expression turned heavy.

“What’s wrong?”

An Xinhui felt puzzled.

“Why wasn’t Jiang Leng killed?”

Sun Mo frowned, he wasn’t able to think of a reason.

“Teacher, are you saying that you can repair these spirit runes?”

The intelligent Li Ziqi immediately guessed the reason.

The value of the spirit runes on Jiang Leng’s body was extremely high. It belonged to the type of knowledge one must definitely keep a secret. Usually speaking, if Jiang Leng was a failed experiment, he should have been eliminated.

Sun Mo confidently nodded. Others would surely feel helpless when they looked at these spirit runes. However, Sun Mo was different. As someone who had designed and disassembled spirit runes before, he didn’t look at the surface when he looked at spirit runes. Rather, he looked directly at their core to find the concept.

Once he understood the concept behind the design, in addition to the scars formed, it would naturally be easier to repair them.

“What an intelligent girl!”

An Xinhui praised silently. Her gaze was filled with admiration when she looked at Li Ziqi. Luckily, Li Ziqi was Sun Mo’s student. If not, if she saw such a genius becoming the personal student of another teacher, she would surely feel depressed and envious.

“Cough, for great teachers as impressive as Sun Mo who can repair these spirit runes, I am sure that there’s almost none in the Nine Provinces. Hence, this situation is really coincidental.”

An Xinhui smiled.

“I have obtained a spirit rune grandmaster? I suddenly feel like I’ve profited?”

According to the current market conditions of the great teacher world, one must pay a very high price to hire a spirit rune grandmaster to be a guest professor in a school.

Moreover, if one wanted to hire a grandmaster full-time, it would be five times as expensive. Given the current financial strength of the Central Province Academy, there was no way they could afford this.

This was why An Xinhui was so happy now.

(It would be great if Sun Mo was a grandmaster in other subjects. Aiya, what am I thinking about? Sun Mo’s medical cultivation and spirit runes lectures are already so great. I should be content.)


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +100. Reverence (10,000/100,000).

“That’s true!”

Li Ziqi nodded, revealing an ‘as it should be by rights’ expression. “After all, Teacher is the greatest!”


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +50. Reverence (23.760/100,000).

Upon hearing the system notification, Sun Mo glanced at the little sunny egg while suddenly feeling a sense of satisfaction in his heart. As a teacher, being able to receive respect from their students was the greatest approval and reward with regard to their jobs.

However, after that, the feeling of satisfaction turned into panic. He must not let down the little sunny egg’s expectations!

“I’ll definitely become a spirit rune great ancestor and resolve Jiang Leng’s problems.”

Sun Mo set a goal for himself.


“New mission issued: Please completely repair all the damaged spirit runes on Jiang Leng’s body within a year. If you accomplish this, the reward will be 1 mysterious treasure chest!”

“Oh ya, do you know about the Deer Tail Banquet?”

An Xinhui suddenly thought of a matter.

“What is that?”

Sun Mo was astonished.

“After the 1-star great teacher examination, the Governor of Jinling would always organize a Deer Tail Banquet to congratulate the new great teachers. At that point of time, the top nobles and wealthy clans would all attend.”

An Xinhui explained.

“Can I not participate?”

Sun Mo had no interest. Besides, there was only about two months’ worth of time before the 2-star great teacher examination.

“You should participate. As long as we are humans, we won’t be able to avoid needing social connections.”

An Xinhui persuaded, “I also dislike entertaining others, but you won’t be able to push some social interactions away, or others will feel that you are too egoistic and arrogant, looking down on others. You will leave behind a bad impression, and in the future if you want to make friends with them, things would be troublesome then.”

“Teacher, for a chance like this, the vast majority of people wouldn’t even get it even if they begged to death.”

Li Ziqi also tried to persuade Sun Mo. “Also, if it was someone else, they could skip it by claiming that they were sick. However, you absolutely cannot do this.”


Sun Mo didn’t understand.

“Because you are definitely the main character of this year’s banquet. One-Vote Sun who said the sentence about dogs...creating a new record and achieving the grand slam. Who wouldn’t want to be acquainted with someone as famous as you?”

Li Ziqi felt some pride.

Although Sun Mo was only a 1-star great teacher, his future was boundless.

“The invitation of the Jinling Governor would probably reach here by tomorrow.”

An Xinhui smiled. “Oh ya, I will be attending as well!”


Li Manor, a gigantic residence!

The stone lions at the entrance were imposing and tyrannical. Those horse carriages that passed by would either have to take a detour around the area, or they would have to get off their horses or carriages. After all, this was the location of power belonging to Prince Li Zixing.


A small door in the mansion slammed into the face of a grey-nosed Zhang Hanfu who had an unsightly expression. He knew he was finished.

(What should I do?)

Zhang Hanfu glanced at the endless stream of horses and carriages on the streets, but he felt extremely cold.

In the meeting room.

Li Zixing had a look of disdain on his face as he waved his hands. “Maids, come over and throw away this teacup!”

A maid instantly went up and took away the teacup that Zhang Hanfu had used.

“Trash. A 2-star great teacher couldn’t even handle a new teacher? What a waste of my trust!”

The more Li Zixing thought about this, the angrier he was. He directly swept his teacup, something that cost 1,000 taels of silver, onto the ground.


The teacup shattered.

“Prince, please calm down!”

Ni Jingting waved his fan, having a calm expression. He was a 3-star great teacher and was a private tutor that Li Zixing hired with a huge sum of money.

Other than strategizing for Li Zixing, he was also in charge of teaching Li Zixing’s children.

“Oh, seeing how Teacher Ni is so confident, you should have a way to resolve the problem?”

Li Zixing’s spirits stirred.

“The Central Province Academy was originally like a dead dog, the reason they could reverse their situation is all because of this Sun Mo. Hence, as long as he is finished off, everything else would be easily solved.”

Ni Jingting lightly fanned himself while he drank a cup of tea.

He didn’t like a dry and dull lifestyle of giving lectures; it was too much effort. How could that be compared to his current circumstances? He could enjoy his tea and give some ideas to gain a huge amount of wealth. He could even focus on his cultivation.

“Assassinate Sun Mo?”

Li Zixing frowned. Before this, this solution could work. But now, Sun Mo had gotten famous through the examination and if Sun Mo suddenly died of an accident, others would surely suspect him.

“Prince, fighting and killing is too low-class.”

Ni Jingting’s lips twitched. Actually, he really looked down on Li Zixing’s mentality. Li Zixing was someone acting lawless just based on his status. Why couldn’t he use a little of his brains to come out with some quality measures?

“In that case, Teacher Ni’s meaning is?”

Li Zixing didn’t feel ashamed to learn from his subordinate as he asked.

“There are two solutions. Either we poach Sun Mo over, or we give him a ‘social death’!”

Ni Jingting used his feathered fan to cover his mouth. “I heard that Sun Mo is An Xinhui’s fiance? Hence, I’m afraid we won’t be able to go with the first solution. We can only use the second one!”

“Social death?”

Li Zixing seemed to have understood something.

“What’s the thing a great teacher is most afraid of? A damaged reputation!”

Ni Jingting smiled sinisterly. “Isn’t the Deer Tail Banquet going to be held two days later? At that time, just gather a bunch of great teachers to drill him together...”

“Excellent, truly excellent!”

Li Zixing applauded as he praised. (No matter how strong Sun Mo is, he is just a 1-star great teacher. At that time, I can just find a bunch of great teachers to make things difficult for him. Even if he is immensely capable, it will be tough for him to turn things around.)

This time, this plan would succeed for sure!

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》