Absolute Great Teacher
497 One-Vote Sun
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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497 One-Vote Sun


“Teacher, thanks!”

Wang Duo bowed. After he had received Sun Mo’s ancient massaging technique treatment, he directly broke through to the next level.


Favorable impression points from Wang Duo +100. Friendly (300/1,000).

“Your aptitude is very good. As long as you train hard, you will surely achieve something in the future!”

Sun Mo encouraged.

The atmosphere in classroom #301 was very hot now. There would also be occasional thundering sounds of applause. It was so loud that all students on that level could hear it.

“Everyone, please remain silent. There are students in other classrooms having lessons. It isn’t good to disturb them.”

Sun Mo persuaded.

“But teacher...I really can’t control myself!”

A male student spoke while applauding his hardest because Sun Mo was truly too impressive. At the start, he had spoken about medical cultivation and lectured about reasonable training that could allow one’s body to maintain its most optimal states.

Although this concept was fresh, it wasn’t that wondrous to make everyone agitated. But after Sun Mo personally resolved a difficult problem for the students, his teaching capabilities were perfectly displayed.

Up until now, there were already three students who had broken through.

What a glorious battle record!

One must know that giving guidance on the spot was the most difficult. Only after a long period of contact and observation would a great teacher completely understand the situation of a student. Hence, great teachers who were 3-star or below wouldn’t guide people other than their students about how to cultivate.

It was like when playing King of Fighters, if one used an unfamiliar character, how would they be able to unleash the character’s full potential and win against their opponents?

Those higher-year students who came to Sun Mo’s lecture for the first time were all thoroughly convinced.


After Sun Mo spoke, all 300 students immediately raised their arms, forming a dense forest of arms in the air.

The students behind were all deeply afraid that Sun Mo might not see them. Some of them even stood up.

“This student, what questions do you have?’

Sun Mo picked a short-haired male student.

It seemed casual, but he had long since used Divine Sight to scan the other party’s data.

Peak of the fifth level of the body-refinement realm.

Sun Mo wanted to pick students who were currently stuck in a bottleneck. Although this was considered a little scheming, the students he chose would really experience growth.

“Right now, I’m currently cultivating the Eight Trigrams Six-Joint Blade, but I feel my improvement in it is very small. Is it because this cultivation art doesn’t suit me?”

The short-haired student had a conflicted look on his face. For a poor person like him that had no money or authority, it was truly too difficult to look for a good cultivation art. Hence, when he trained in something, he basically wouldn’t consider if that thing was suitable for him or not. In any case, he would simply choose a cultivation art with the highest tier and grade to train in.

People like this would only start to feel worried when their improvement speed slowed.

“Cultivation requires patience. You used three months to break through to the fourth level of the body-refinement realm. Could it be that you are not satisfied yet?”

Sun Mo counter-asked and kneaded the arm of the short-haired male student.


The student was dumbfounded. (Teacher Sun could even tell the amount of time I took to break through the fourth level? God Hands is really impressive.)

“Cultivation isn’t merely tempering the body; you are also tempering your will!”

If Sun Mo used the ancient massaging technique, he would definitely be able to help this student breakthrough, but now, he decided to give up because this male student lacked a strong will.

“There’s no problem with your cultivation art, and it suits you a lot. Just continue to work hard!”

Sun Mo patted the short-haired male student’s shoulder. “Alright, next!”


The short-haired male student looked at Sun Mo’s back and felt a little disappointed. This was all?

Some students also revealed looks of disappointment. They originally thought that Sun Mo would also be able to help this student to breakthrough. But it seemed like he wasn’t omnipotent.

Pak! Pak!

Sun Mo suddenly clapped his hands twice. When everyone looked over, he lectured in a solemn tone. “Look to your left and right and check out the expressions on everyone’s face. Many of you have the wrong mentality here.

“Cultivation depends on oneself after all. Don’t keep thinking about depending on others and wanting me to use God Hands to help you all break through. If there comes a day where you all surpass me and are in the higher cultivation realms...when you guys want to break through then, who would you find to help you?”

“Or would you all simply give up?”

Sun Mo spoke earnestly.

“When you guys reached the endpoint of the world, the only one you can depend on, is yourself.”


When Sun Mo completed his sentence, a golden light suddenly erupted forth from his body. After that, the light illuminated the entire classroom.

Priceless Advice was activated.

Sun Mo hoped from the bottom of his heart that these students could really understand. Asking others for help would always be far inferior to helping oneself. Upon encountering problems, one shouldn’t immediately ask help from others to resolve them. One should try to use their brains and think about solutions instead.

All the students in the class sank into contemplation due to the influence of the great teacher halo. A seedling of maturity appeared in the thoughts of some people.

Dang! Dang! Dang!

The melodious sound of the bell suddenly rang out, causing the students to regain their senses. All of them had a look of shock on their faces.

“The class has already ended?”

“So fast?”

“Could the bell be sounded at the wrong timing?”

A few of the wealthier students took out their pocket watches to check and discovered that two hours had actually passed by so quickly.

“The class has ended!”

Sun Mo kept his lesson plan and left the classroom.


The students hurriedly stood up and bowed. After that, they sent Sun Mo away with their applause. This was an indication of their satisfaction with regard to Sun Mo’s lecture.

“What’s going on with #301 classroom? Why is there such a large commotion?”

A teacher was unhappy because his lesson was affected by the noise. But after he saw that the teacher was Sun Mo, he understood. Sun Mo’s class would always end this way.

Naturally, Sun Mo also tried to stop the students, but he wasn’t able to prevent the students from being overly passionate!

“Teacher Sun’s classes are so good!”

“I remember that Teacher Liu has the title ‘the twin jade annulus of Jinling’. However, it seems that he won’t be able to live up to that title now.”

“Are you looking down at Teacher Sun? How is Fang Wuji and Liu Mubai capable enough to be ranked equally as Teacher Sun?”

“Yeah, I’ve always said Teacher Sun is one of a kind. Have you not heard of his title? One-Vote Sun that made the sentence about dogs is incomparably tyrannical!”

The students discussed, having a very high evaluation of Sun Mo.

When Sun Mo returned to the office, the system notification also rang out.


“Congratulations, you have obtained a total of 27,810 favorable impression points.”

Sun Mo whistled. If this continued, he could clear his debt very quickly.

“Department Head Sun!”

Xia Yuan, who was currently writing a manuscript, smiled and greeted Sun Mo when she saw him entering.

“Teacher Sun!”

Zhou Shanyi looked at Sun Mo and felt a myriad of emotions. It had only been a year plus of time, yet Sun Mo had already become a 1-star great teacher and was now equally ranked with him.

Geniuses would always make people feel inferior.

“Teacher Xia, Teacher Zhou.”

Sun Mo greeted.

Pan Yi wanted to greet Sun Mo, but because he was the oldest here, in addition to the conflict a few days ago, he was embarrassed to speak.

In the end, Sun Mo completely missed him out in his greetings as well. Sun Mo couldn’t even be bothered to act perfunctorily.

(I am finished!)

When Pan Yi thought of this, he did his best to squeeze out a smile. “T...Teacher Sun, good morning!”

Xia Yuan glanced at the old man and involuntarily felt like laughing. (Your desire to live on is so exuberant!)

“Teacher Pan, you don’t need to come here tomorrow!”

Sun Mo spoke.


Pan Yi started. After that, his expression froze. (Can you give me some face? Even if you want to fire me, can’t you tell it to me privately?)

“Teacher Sun, I...”

Pan Yi still wanted to save himself. “What about my personal students?”

Zhou Shanyi felt disdain. Pan Yi was indirectly trying to use them to save himself. After all, Sun Mo wouldn’t expel students randomly. Pan Yi wanted to use this excuse to stay behind.

“If you still have feelings for your students, you should take the initiative to break the relationship between you and them, allowing them to find a better teacher!”

Sun Mo persuaded.

Upon hearing this, Pan Yi turned pale. There was a look of rage with a hint of awkwardness and embarrassment on his face.

“Do you mean I’m not a good teacher? Could it be that my title as a 1-star great teacher is fake?”

Pan Yi argued.

“Teaching for 30 years yet you still fail to get the 2-star ranking. Do you feel you are a good teacher?”

Sun Mo countered mockingly.


Pan Yi wanted to ask if this could be blamed on him? (Who told my students to be so stupid and couldn’t become rankers on the Greencloud Rankings?) However, he didn’t dare to say such a thing out loud.

Because the moment he said this, Sun Mo could then doubt his judgment at picking students and also doubt his ability to guide students.

“Teacher Pan, if you still have the pride of a great teacher, please just spare your personal students.”

Sun Mo sighed.


Pan Yi noticed that the teachers in the office were all looking at him. He felt embarrassed to stay here and stood up to leave. However, when he reached the door, he stopped and hesitated.

“If you fire me, you have to pay me the severance fee.”

When everyone heard this, their impression of Pan Yi became much worse. He didn’t have any moral integrity and completely followed where money led him.

Pan Yi’s thinking was very simple. He wanted to use the severance fee to threaten Sun Mo not to fire him. Even if he failed, he would still be able to get a sum of money.

“Sorry. Other than this month’s salary, you won’t be able to get a single copper coin!”

Sun Mo’s tone was calm. “Naturally, you have been working for so many years. Even if you didn’t contribute much, you still worked here. So, I will give you an additional six months of salary.”

“You...Do you think you are sending a beggar away? I’m going to report you to the Saint Gate!”

Pan Yi’s face was flushed as he scolded.

“Just go then. You know your teaching results and characters the most. Even if the Saint Gate sends someone to investigate, I’m not afraid!”

Sun Mo coldly laughed. “The Saint Gate might even strip you of your qualifications as a great teacher!”

Some great teachers fell out with their schools and would get the Saint Gate over to be the judge.

Pan Yi’s heart thumped rapidly.

As a great teacher, it didn’t mean that one would be free from worries. Once their characters were problematic or if they did anything that damaged the reputation of great teachers as a whole, their qualifications would be stripped.

Pan Yi felt that he didn’t perform too well during these past few years.

“Teacher Pan, please take care. Don’t lose the final bit of honor you have!”

Zhou Shanyi persuaded.

“Being able to get six months’ worth of salary is already quite a lot!”

Xiao Hong also persuaded him.

When she said this, everyone turned in shock to look at her.

Xiao Hong was over 50 years old this year. This was why the pressure on her was very great. In order to enter the Longevity Realm early to retain her looks and to live a few more years, she spent the vast majority of her time on cultivation.

She didn’t even have time to concentrate on teaching students well.

However, today, she actually persuaded Pan Yi not to make trouble. Could it be that the sun had risen from the west?

“You guys are not the ones being fired, alright?!”

Pan Yi ultimately didn’t dare to say this. Just when he was preparing to leave, he heard a middle-aged man asking a question.

“Can I ask if Sun Mo’s office is here?”

The demeanor of the middle-aged man was very good. One could tell he was from a wealthy clan just from his looks.

“You are?”

Pan Yi was suspicious.

“I’m the chief strategist of the Governor Manor. I came here this time around to give the invitation card of the Deer Tail Banquet to Sun Mo, Great Teacher Sun.”

The middle-aged strategist explained.

“Deer Tail Banquet?”

Pan Yi was startled, and a reminiscing look appeared in his eyes. The Deer Tail Banquet, he had been fortunate enough to attend it before. However, his results had always been ordinary and he was an insignificant person no one paid attention to.

At that time, Pan Yi had vowed that he wanted to become the center of the world. However, so many years had passed and his heroic spirit had long since faded away due to the flowing time.

Yet, that Deer Tail Banquet was actually the highest-tier banquet he had ever attended in his life.

The middle-aged man didn’t wait for Pan Yi to reply because he already saw Sun Mo.

Upon seeing this scene, Pan Yi grew even more disappointed and felt intense envy. Sun Mo was the top ranker. Even if one used their knees to think, they would know that Sun Mo was the target of competition between those major characters!

“Teacher Sun, this is the invitation card. Please do us the honor and show up at Linjiang Square in the morning two days later!”

The chief strategist’s attitude was respectful. “According to the convention, you can bring two personal students to attend the Deer Tail Banquet!”

“At most only two?”

When Sun Mo received the invitation card that had traces of gold at the side, he frowned. (I have three female students, yet you only gave two name slots. What should I do with the last one? I can’t possibly leave her alone, right?)

As for Xuanyuan Po and the other two guys, Sun Mo knew they didn’t want to go even without needing to ask.


The strategist was stunned. The main characters of this banquet would definitely be the newly ascended 1-star great teachers. Allowing them to bring their personal students was actually considered a type of benefit.

After all, this was a huge occasion and they could bring their students along, allowing the students to see the world and be familiar with the various major characters. However, the vast majority of newly ascended great teachers had no personal students yet.

After all, accepting a disciple was a very serious matter. Both parties wouldn’t be impetuous.

Hence, the strategist was stunned when Sun Mo asked a question like this.

(Wait a minute, I remember that Sun Mo has six personal disciples. My heavens, as expected of One-Vote Sun, he is very impressive!)

The chief strategist sighed.

“Can I bring one more additional student?”

Sun Mo asked with a smile.

“Haha, Teacher Sun is too humble. You are the top ranker, let alone three, even if you want to bring 30, just bring them all along!”

The chief strategist was the trusted aide of the Jinling Governor and was a very capable person. Although his words made it seem like he was deciding on behalf of the governor, he dared to guarantee that the governor would surely not reject this request.

Moreover, Sun Mo and Premier Zheng were good friends!

After the strategist chatted idly for a bit more, he bade farewell to Sun Mo and departed.

“The Deer Tail Banquet, I’ve participated in it back then!”

Zhou Shanyi reminisced.

“I’ve also participated in it before, but it was the old headmaster who brought me there!”

Xiao Hong interjected.

“Teacher Xiao!”

Sun Mo spoke.

“Teacher Sun, what can I do for you?”

Xiao Hong smiled.

When Xia Yuan saw this, she couldn’t help but sigh. Back then when Sun Mo first had come to the office, Xiao Hong had been present as well. However, she hadn’t even cared about Sun Mo. In the end, in just one year, the situation had completely reversed.

As expected, if one had strength, they would be able to win respect from others.

“Teacher Xiao, I understand that you are trying your best to enter the Longevity Realm. However, the school is paying you a salary and we are not doing so for nothing. Please take out a serious attitude. If you really can’t do it, I hope you will resign voluntarily.”

Sun Mo spoke.

Xiao Hong’s lips trembled. She was a 2-star great teacher and was much stronger than Pan Yi. This was why she had thought Sun Mo would be more polite toward her. However, she didn’t expect that he would actually persuade her to resign.

“I will go and attempt the 3-star great teacher exam this year!”

Xiao Hong found a way out of the situation while also half-threatening Sun Mo. (If I became a 3-star great teacher and you fired me, that would be a great loss on your side.)

When Xia Yuan heard this, she felt a little like laughing. (Xiao Hong, don’t you know Sun Mo’s character? By saying such things, are you not afraid you will be scolded until you are unable to take care of yourself?)

(You are actually threatening him?)

(Do you think the nickname ‘Black Doggy Sun’ is fake?)

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