Absolute Great Teacher
499 Damaged Famous Painting
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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499 Damaged Famous Painting


In a carriage heading toward the pier, Liu Mubai sat there alone. There was a gloomy look on his face when he looked at the horse carriage in front of him.

Sun Mo was currently sitting there together with An Xinhui.

If it wasn’t for the fact that the Deer Tail Banquet was too important and it was a very great opportunity to get acquainted with the upper echelons of Jinling, Liu Mubai truly wouldn’t feel like coming.

Actually, a horse carriage could contain five people, but An Xinhui would rather not make full use of the space and chose to hire another carriage for Li Mubai. It was clear that she was avoiding gossip.

“However, I won’t give up. Sun Mo, as long as the two of you are not married, it is still unknown who would emerge as the victor!”

Liu Mubai clenched his fists. He hoped that during the 2-star great teacher examination, Han Zisheng could meet one of Sun Mo’s personal students. At that time, Han Zisheng could directly crush them and break Sun Mo’s dream of climbing to the 2-star ranking.

“I’ve prepared for three years before I dared to attempt the feat of rising 3 stars in one year. You want to do this despite being a new teacher? You are basically looking down on the heroes of the world!”

Liu Mubai felt unhappy in his heart. But after his musings, he hurriedly warned himself not to be so narrow-minded.

Recently, because of An Xinhui, Liu Mubai became much less composed and didn’t have the open-minded demeanor a great teacher ought to have.

Inside the last carriage was Li Ziqi, Lu Zhiruo, and Ying Baiwu. Other than them, Gu Xiuxun’s personal disciple Zhang Yanzong and Liu Mubai’s personal student Han Zisheng were there as well.

Compared to Zhang Yanzong who was a tall and strapping dude, Han Zisheng had a feathered fan in his hand and appeared more like a weak scholar. But whoever underestimated him would surely suffer a huge disadvantage.

One must know that he was the top ranker among the second years. His combat strength was exceedingly strong.

When facing Ying Baiwu’s gaze that was filled with hostility, Han Zisheng kept a smile on his face.

“Eldest martial sister, I don’t know why but I feel like punching him every time I see his face!”

Lu Zhiruo was puzzled.

“Eh? You feel the same too?”

Li Ziqi was bewildered. One must know that the papaya girl had always been a kind-hearted girl that never made trouble.

“Luckily, Xuanyuan Po didn’t come or there would surely be a fight.”

The papaya girl felt some fear in her heart. Xuanyuan Po was their teacher’s trump card. If he was injured, what would happen if that affected the success rate of her teacher’s examination?

“I feel that a fight is going to break out right now!”

Li Ziqi persuaded in a low voice. “Baiwu, don’t be rash!”

“I won’t!”

Ying Baiwu could feel a sense of confidence and power from Han Zisheng. He was a formidable opponent. Hence, she had to work even harder to ensure that her teacher could become the number one in Central Province.

Waiting for Xuanyuan Po to act?

Sorry, the iron-headed girl had never depended on others.

“Ying Baiwu, are you not a little too arrogant by acting like that?

Zhang Yanzong, who was treated as a semi-transparent person, felt speechless.

“What’s wrong? You want to fight?”

Ying Baiwu countered-asked.


Zhang Yanzong was speechless. There was no way to continue chatting, but in his heart, he grew even fonder of Ying Baiwu’s personality.

Linjiang Square wasn’t a building but a decorated pleasure boat of five stories high. It was the most expensive and luxurious cruise in Jinling.

Sitting on the pleasure boat to tour the Qinhuai River while enjoying beautiful music, admiring dances, listening to poems, and appreciating the elegant scenery—these were the favorite hobbies of nobles and wealthy people.

Only those belonging to the peak rung of society had the qualifications to enjoy boarding this boat. For wealthy clans whose net worth were just so-so, they could only watch in admiration.


At the pier.

Everyone got off their carriages and the servants of the Linjiang Square immediately came over to welcome them, bringing tea, pastries, and even warm towels.

Ying Baiwu didn’t know what to do.

“Just follow what I do.”

Li Ziqi was very calm because she had seen scenes ten times grander than this.

“Are these people not afraid of recognizing the wrong people?”

Ying Baiwu was puzzled.

“There wouldn’t be any mistake. This pier is owned solely by Linjiang Square, and no one else can use it. Also, it’s unknown how many major characters are coming today, so the soldiers have long since been arranged to guard the surroundings. Not even a rat could sneak through.”

Han Zisheng explained.


Ying Baiwu gazed into the distance but didn’t see anyone.

“Stop looking, you won’t be able to see them.”

Han Zisheng chortled. When major characters were having fun, if they saw soldiers and common people walking around in their views, wouldn’t that be a mood damper? Hence, these guards were all very far away.

Li Ziqi moved toward Ying Baiwu and softly whispered a few sentences to explain to her.

“How much money do the organizers have to spend? How much manpower must they use?”

Ying Baiwu was astonished. Everyone knew that the larger the range one wanted to guard, the more soldiers they would need. It was still okay if it was for official business, but this whole event was just for fun and pleasure.

“Your observations are a little superfluous!”

Han Zisheng’s lips curled.

“Why is it superfluous? Are these soldiers not paid using tax money from the common people? Could it be that the government is paying them just to guard major characters when they are having fun and seeking pleasure?”

Ying Baiwu didn’t mock Han Zisheng. She asked a discussion question with a straight face.

“The Deer Tail Banquet can be considered an official banquet!”

Han Zisheng disputed.

“How can that be? Don’t tell me that these troops are usually not deployed for proper purposes? Rather, they are always mobilized for things like the Deer Tail Banquet?”

Ying Baiwu felt an intense pain in her heart. In the past, she had earned very little from swill transportation, but she still had had to pay tax. She didn’t expect that the money she had paid would be used on soldiers whose duties were to guard places like these.

“Alright, let’s not discuss this!”

Li Ziqi felt very awkward. After all, she was a princess of the Great Tang Empire.

Linjiang Square was the pinnacle of all entertainment locations, hence, the services here weren’t simply good. They were so good to the extent where ordinary people wouldn’t be able to imagine.

After they finished the snacks and a simple wash-up, the servants immediately led them to a small boat. After that, it sailed toward Linjiang Square.

“Be happier!”

Li Ziqi tried to persuade Ying Baiwu. Look at the papaya girl, she was so simple-minded and she lived such a relaxed life!

Everyone got onto the cruise and there were immediately servants coming over to bring Sun Mo and the others to the resting rooms.

“Sun Mo, Teacher Liu, you guys can rest or tour around at your own leisure.”

An Xinhui spoke.

In this place, the resting rooms for male and female guests were separated. After all, some guests didn’t wish to be seen by others too much.

An Xinhui had her own social circle, and she had to maintain the relationships carefully too.


Sun Mo casually nodded before glancing into the distance. On the river, a brightly-decorated cruise could be seen floating on it, accompanied by traditional flute music and a beautiful scenery.

Liu Mubai was very disappointed when he heard An Xinhui directly calling Sun Mo’s name while referring to him as ‘Teacher Liu’. Clearly, this was a polite term of address.

“Sun Mo, I will help you promote your God Hands!”

Gu Xiuxun wanted to be with An Xinhui.

“Ziqi, do the three of you want to follow us?”

An Xinhui glanced at the little sunny egg.

“Nope, I want to be with teacher!”

Li Ziqi shook her head.

This was the difference in identity. Ying Baiwu and the papaya girl didn’t even have the qualifications to pay their respect to those major characters. As for Li Ziqi, she didn’t need to do so. On the contrary, others might even need to come over to greet and pay respect to her.

“Valued guests, over here please!”

A servant led the way.

Very soon, everyone entered a holding area. In here, there were soft beds, chess sets, empty pots waiting for arrows to be tossed in, and other games.

Ying Baiwu sniffed.

There was a famous and valuable incense in the air that was able to stir one’s spirits and keep them alert.

“Everyone, do you want to order some snacks? Might I offer you juice or tea?”

The servant asked.

“Bring some four-colored cakes over and get me a flask of longjing tea!”

There was basically no need for Sun Mo to answer. Li Ziqi was like a tiny butler, settling everything properly.

Upon seeing this scene, Liu Mubai felt very envious.

One must know that good-looking, educated, and well-balanced servants who knew how to receive guests and have knowledge on the way of tea were impossible to buy on the market. Even if there was supply, their origins would surely be problematic.

They were either fortunate survivors of an exterminated clan or were expelled from their clans due to breaking some rules. In any case, servants and maids like these were extremely expensive.

So, all the wealthy clans and nobles would purchase kids when they were young and nurtured them themselves.

Naturally, what made Liu Mubai feel envious was Li Ziqi’s identity.

She was none other than a princess of the Great Tang Empire, but she was acting like a maid and busying herself for Sun Mo. It was like she was afraid he would be uncomfortable. Wasn’t Sun Mo enjoying his life a little too much?

Moreover, Sun Mo actually dared to allow her to do this!

Liu Mubai felt that if he was in Sun Mo’s shoes, he would surely feel fear and trepidation and wouldn’t dare to make Li Ziqi do all these miscellaneous stuff.

Sun Mo soon lost interest after glancing at the surroundings. He sat by the window and was thinking about the damaged runes on Jiang Leng’s body as he drank tea.

The papaya girl curiously looked around. After a while, she got tired of the surroundings and started to fidget.


Lu Zhiruo blinked her clear eyes and was like a little kitten waiting to be fed. She looked at Sun Mo with a pitiful look on her face.

“It’s fine if you want to go and play, but someone must accompany you!”

Sun Mo smiled. Although he knew that nothing would happen on the boat, it was still better to be more cautious.

“Eldest martial sister!”

The papaya girl immediately pulled on Li Ziqi’s hand and tugged it lightly.

“But I have to take care of Teacher!”

Li Ziqi frowned.

Upon hearing this, Liu Mubai felt so sour that he had a stomach ache.

“Go on, if I need something, I can always ask the servant to get it for me!”

Sun Mo then looked at Ying Baiwu. “You should go with them as well!”

The three girls left. Zhang Yanzong also wanted to go with them but felt embarrassed to do so.

“Teacher Sun, I’m going to meet a few friends. I will take my leave for now!”

Liu Mubai truly didn’t want to be together with Sun Mo. Hence, he found an excuse to leave.

Sun Mo didn’t mind. He then closed his eyes and entered meditation.


Li Ziqi and the other two ran from the start of the boat to the end and ran back again, thoroughly enjoying themselves.

One couldn’t help but say that the Linjiang Square was truly the best cruise. There was nothing to pick at about their service. When the servants saw Li Ziqi and her group, they could see their uniforms and knew that their statuses weren’t high. However, the servants didn’t obstruct them. They only reminded them gently not to disturb the other guests.

Naturally, for some important cabins, there would be servants standing on guard outside. Hence, Ying Baiwu’s worry of getting lost and offending others if they entered the wrong place was basically non-existence.

“What does a famous painting look like? I’ve not seen one before, should we go and take a look?”

A pleading voice drifted over suddenly, causing Lu Zhiruo to prick her ears up.

“Famous painting?”

The papaya girl hurriedly called out to Li Ziqi. “Eldest martial sister, quickly come over here!”

The three girls followed the voice and soon found a cabin. Upon seeing the decorations of this cabin, Li Ziqi knew that it was prepared for a VIP’s servants and subordinates.

Upon entering, as expected, there were over ten 16-year-old servant boys. Right now, they were surrounding a young maid.

In the embrace of the maid, there was a square-shaped wooden box. At this moment, there was an awkward and helpless look on her face.

“Would you lose a piece of flesh by showing it to us?”

“Truly too petty!”

“It must be a fake famous painting!”

The servants gossiped, trying to persuade the maid.

“This famous painting is something my master spent a huge amount of money to purchase. It’s definitely genuine!”

The maid argued but she didn’t want to take it out to show anyone. After all, if it was damaged, her little life would be gone.

“Wow, a famous painting!”

Lu Zhiruo was curious. She tipped her toes and stared around the crowd.

Li Ziqi involuntarily stared at the papaya girl after she heard this. (Don’t you know that teacher drew a famous painting to find you after you were missing back then?)

Whenever she thought of this, Li Ziqi still felt some jealousy.

“Aiya, a famous painting is very expensive. Everyone, please don’t make things difficult for her!”

Although the papaya girl also wanted to take a look, she still spoke up for the maid.


Everyone instantly turned their gazes over.


Lu Zhiruo immediately hid behind Li Ziqi. Upon thinking about this, she realized the little sunny egg couldn’t fight as well. Hence, she changed and hid behind Ying Baiwu.

“Where’s the famous painting?”

Just when everyone was speaking, another young man clad in embroidered robes walked in. He was about 12 years old and was curiously looking around. After he saw the maid with the wooden box, he immediately walked over.

“Make way!”

Seeing that many servants were blocking his path, the young man directly shoved them aside.

The servants were no fools. When they saw the expensive robes the youth was wearing, they knew he was someone with status. They didn’t dare to offend someone like him and obediently stepped aside.

“What famous painting is it?”

As the youth asked, he grabbed out at the wooden box.

The maid immediately hugged the box tightly.

“Let go. If not, if the painting is damaged, your fate would be miserable. Even if you are not beaten to death, you will be sold away.”

The youth threatened.

The maid was shocked. But after that, she screamed.

“This fellow is so annoying!”

The papaya girl’s lips curled in displeasure. She saw the youth forcefully pinching the maid, forcing her to let go of the box.

“Return it to me!”

The maid was so anxious that she cried.

“Stop shouting, I’m Li Feng!”

After the youth spoke, the clamorous atmosphere in the cabin instantly fell silent. The expressions of the servants also became much more respectful.

Li Feng was the youngest son of Prince Li Zixing, born when Li Zixing was 60 years old. To old people, this was a sign of longevity, an extremely lucky omen. Hence, Li Zixing spoiled this son of his exceptionally much.

Let alone ordinary people, even the sons of nobles and wealthy merchants couldn’t afford to offend him.

“Go, move the table over!”

Li Feng instructed. After that, he glanced at the maid. “Don’t cry anymore, I will return it to you after taking a look. If not, I will tear it right now.”

“Alright, in that case, look quickly then!”

The maid was helpless. A look of misery and panic could be seen on her face.

Very soon, a round table was brought over by four servants. Li Feng opened the box and took out the painting before spreading it on the table.

“The table is dirty!”

The maid felt heartache, but Li Feng basically ignored her. He touched his chin and had a look of disdain on his face. “Just this? I was wondering how exquisite it would be.”

“Ignorant and Incompetent!”

Li Ziqi involuntarily rolled her eyes.

This Li Feng was really inferior. One must know that only paintings at the Wondrous Blossom Realm could be called a famous painting. Once such a painting was opened up, it would display its own concept and cause people to be mesmerized within.

How bad was this Li Feng’s judgment? He couldn’t even understand this?

“This isn’t a famous painting, you are lying!”

Li Feng then casually pointed to a servant. “You, come over. Do you feel this is a famous painting?”

The servant felt that it was, but since the little prince was asking him, how would he dare to say so? Hence, the servant shook his head.

After that, Li Feng pointed to a few more servants and obtained the same answer.

“Look, I was not wrong, right?”

Li Feng teased.

“This is absolutely a famous painting, but you guys don’t know how to appreciate it!” The little maid felt some righteous indignation. “You guys have already seen it. Quickly return it to me!”

“What did you say?”

Li Feng’s face turned black. After that, his eyes spun around as he lifted his foot, placing it before the little maid’s foot.

The little maid’s focus was all on the famous painting, so she didn’t notice it. In the end, she tripped and knocked into the table.


The table shook intensely, causing a teacup to be knocked down. The tea from within flowed out and drenched the famous painting.

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