Absolute Great Teacher
500 Don’t Panic, We Still Have Teacher Sun!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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500 Don’t Panic, We Still Have Teacher Sun!

Chapter 500: Don’t Panic, We Still Have Teacher Sun!


Lu Zhiruo was badly frightened. She rushed forward, wanting to grab that famous painting to prevent it from being drenched further. However, Ying Baiwu’s movements were even quicker. She directly pulled on Lu Zhiruo’s arm.

“Ignore it!”

The destruction of a famous painting was a major incident. Ying Baiwu was also worried for the maid. But what if the maid tried to turn things around and push the blame to the papaya girl? Saying that she was a part of the damage. What should they do then?

There was indeed such a possibility!


Lu Zhiruo didn’t understand.

“Don’t implicate Teacher!’ said Ying Baiwu.


The papaya girl was naive, but she wasn’t foolish. After thinking about it, she realized what was going on. After that, she glanced toward Li Ziqi. She felt that her eldest martial sister would surely have a method to solve this.

The little maid knocked onto the table. She didn’t feel pain but after she saw the tea drenching the painting, she was completely stunned.


The little maid screamed shrilly. She stretched out her hand to take the painting but discovered that everything was already wet. Also, the ink started to smudge as well.

The surrounding servants and maids all fell silent as fear appeared on their faces.

“Aiya, the painting is wet now. Why are you in a daze? Quickly wipe it!”

Li Feng mocked.

The little maid completely didn’t know what to do. After hearing this, she subconsciously lifted her hand and wanted to use her sleeve to wipe it.

“Don’t do it!”

Li Ziqi wanted to stop her, but it was too late. The maid’s sleeve brushed across the painting, causing the smudge to worsen.


Li Feng clapped and laughed uproariously, he even ridiculed. “You are finished. This famous painting is more expensive than your cheap life. Your owner would surely beat you to death!”

“I’ve seen everything. You are the one who harmed her!”

Lu Zhiruo looked at Li Feng and spoke with righteous indignation. “I will explain things to her owner. You are the one pulling tricks!”

“A student from the Central Province Academy?”

Upon seeing Lu Zhiruo’s school uniform, Li Feng revealed intense disdain on his face. “Who the hell do you think you are? How dare you meddle in my business?”

“Men, come over and smack her mouth swollen for me!”

Li Feng couldn’t be bothered to argue with Lu Zhiruo and directly gave out an order. He knew that his father hated people from the Central Province Academy the most. Hence, if he beat them up, he might even be rewarded.

The burly guy behind Li Feng truly wasn’t able to act after seeing how adorable Lu Zhiruo was. But he couldn’t disobey the command from his young master or he wouldn’t be able to keep his ricebowl.

“Don’t blame me, who asked you guys to offend Li Feng out of all the people here?”

The burly guy mumbled and swiftly rushed over.


Lu Zhiruo’s expression froze. She didn’t expect this young man to be so evil.


Ying Baiwu didn’t know whether Li Ziqi’s identity could cause Li Feng to feel trepidation. Hence, she acted directly.


The iron-headed girl unleashed the Wind King Divine Step and rushed toward Li Feng.

As for facing that burly guy directly?

Ying Baiwu understood how heavy she was.

“Courting death!”

Seeing Ying Baiwu rushing toward his young master, the burly guy laughed malevolently. This girl actually dared to attack? She truly didn’t know how the word ‘death’ was written. He stretched out his arm and grabbed at Ying Baiwu, but the instant he tried to grab her long hair, the figure of the young girl flashed past like a fleeting shadow.


The burly guy had a look of astonishment on his face. When he turned around, he saw Li Feng’s arm was already wrung by that young girl as she captured him.

Ying Baiwu didn’t make any threats. A dagger was directly placed under Li Feng’s chin.

The burly guy didn’t dare to make any reckless movement because he could see a hint of decisiveness and craziness in the eyes of this girl.


The burly guy felt his scalp turning numb. Why would they encounter someone like this? After that, he felt regret. (I should have been more careful earlier!)

“Do you know who he is?”

The burly guy threatened.

“Are you courting death? You actually dare to abduct me. I’m Li Zixing...eh...”

Li Feng wasn’t able to continue speaking because Ying Baiwu’s dagger moved up slightly. The feeling of the sharp edge of the dagger against his throat caused Li Feng to almost pee his pants. His legs involuntarily trembled.

“What’s the situation?”

The servants and maids in the surroundings all had dumbstruck looks on their faces. Why did a fight suddenly occur? In addition, the little prince seemed to have been abducted?

“D...don’t move!”

The burly guy was almost frightened to death. He hurriedly took two steps back to show that he had no hostile intention. (My heavens, whose student is this? Why is she so brash!)

There was a trace of envy in his eyes when he surveyed Ying Baiwu, however, his countenance was filled with dread. Truly, the young were fearless. For the sake of her companion, this girl actually abducted a little prince!

Also, her cultivation art should be of the heaven-tier at the very least or she wouldn’t be able to avoid his grab.

Naturally, what shocked the burly guy the most was how calm and gusty this girl was. Also, she was extremely decisive. If it was him in her shoes, even with his current strength, he wouldn’t dare to do something like this.

“Stop wasting words. I know you are a little prince!”

Ying Baiwu stared at the burly guy. “Don’t get near my senior martial sister or I won’t be polite.”


Lu Zhiruo was very touched.

“Li Feng, stop screaming. Don’t you find it embarrassing?”

Li Ziqi spoke.

“Sister Ziqi?”

Li Feng saw Li Ziqi walking out from the crowd and immediately revealed a gratified smile. “I went to look for you many times, but why didn’t you want to meet me?”

“I was studying!”

Li Ziqi found an excuse.

“The Central Province Academy is a rubbish school, what’s so good about it? Why don’t you join the Myriad Daos Academy? I will get Headmaster Cao to personally give you lessons!”

Li Feng bragged.

“Baiwu, release him!”

After Li Ziqi spoke, she looked at the burly guy. “Do you know who I am?”

“Your h...”

Even before the burly guy bowed, Li Ziqi stopped him. “She is my junior martial sister!”

“Your junior martial sister?”

Li Feng frowned. After that, he looked at Lu Zhiruo. “Is she your junior martial sister too?”


Li Ziqi’s tone was ice-cold.

“Things are difficult to handle then. I, Li Feng, have been living in Jinling for so many years and have never suffered any disadvantages.”

Li Feng also calmed down after the chaotic abduction. He threatened Ying Baiwu, “Why are you not releasing me yet? Are you waiting for your entire clan to be exterminated?”

Ying Baiwu had a cold look on his face. She then moved the dagger upward.


Li Feng’s smile froze. His entire body and soul subconsciously tip-toed. There was no solution to it, as he was really afraid of being pierced by the dagger.

“What did you say?”

Ying Baiwu asked.

Li Feng didn’t dare to repeat what he said earlier.

“Baiwu, just release him for now!”

Li Ziqi stared at Li Feng. “For the matter here today, let us both take a step back. I won’t report this to uncle that you are the one who damaged this painting.”

“Do you think my father will punish me?”

Li Feng laughed mockingly.

“In that case, what do you think the owner of the painting would do after he learns of this? After all, this is a famous painting that cost a lot of money!”

Li Ziqi threatened.

Li Feng had an unsightly look on his face. He hesitated for a while before nodding. “Alright then, I will forget about this matter!”

After that, he looked at Ying Baiwu.

“In the future, you better pray that you won’t run into me. Also, for the rest of you here. If any of you leak the matters here today, I will skin you alive!”

With a roar, Li Feng stormed out of the cabin.

As he walked out, he suddenly paused. “You, bend down!”

“Little prince, what can I do for you?”

The burly guy bowed and forced a smile on his face.

“Trash, you actually let me be abducted by a young girl. What’s the point of me paying you a salary? For nothing?”

As Li Feng cursed, he slapped the burly guy.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

The burly guy’s face was smacked swollen by the fan, but he didn’t dare to retaliate. There was no solution to it, Prince Li’s power was too great. He couldn’t afford to antagonize the little prince.


In the cabin, Lu Zhiruo was indignant.

“Eldest martial sister, do you really want to conceal this for that baddy?”

Lu Zhiruo felt very hurt, thinking her eldest martial sister was taking the side of the evildoer.

“What should I do? What should I do?”

The little maid mumbled and sat down paralyzed on the ground. She was already in a daze.

The other servants and maids had already run away.

They, who were servants, understood how serious the consequences were with regard to a famous painting being destroyed. They didn’t dare to make cynical remarks and also had no time to feel sympathy for the maid. Hence, they scattered like birds and beasts.

“Even if I expose him, it’s useless!”

Li Ziqi sighed. Her naive junior martial sister simply didn’t know how evil the world could be. Even if she reported this factually to the owner of the painting, the owner would also say that this was an insignificant matter.

After all, the owner of the painting couldn’t possibly look for Prince Li to demand for compensation, right?

In any case, there was no need to say anything more. No matter what, the little maid would become the target. Her owner would surely vent his emotions on her. She was dead for sure.

“Baiwu, your reaction earlier was excellent!’

Li Ziqi admired the iron-headed girl’s adaptability. In any case, she felt that disregarding her status, if she were in Ying Baiwu’s shoes, she wouldn’t have dared to abduct a little prince.

“Eldest martial sis must be joking, If it wasn’t for you, I would surely be dead.”

Ying Baiwu’s expression was gloomy. This was how wonderful authority was. Clearly, the culprit was the little prince, but even if everyone knew it, the one bearing the blame was still that maid.

“Can this painting still be restored?”

Lu Zhiruo squatted beside the maid and tried to think of ideas to help her.

“It’s impossible to restore it!”

The little maid was tearful. “This is a famous painting my old master likes the most. Today, he intends to come to the Deer Tail Banquet to display it. However, it’s damaged now, how angry would he be?”

It would be considered a light punishment if she was beaten to death!

The little maid had seen maids who committed mistakes before. They couldn’t die even if they wanted to.

Upon thinking of this, the little maid who had long given in to despair stood up. She then rushed out of the cabin.

“Quickly stop her!”

Li Ziqi was badly shocked. The maid must be looking to die!

Ying Baiwu took two steps forward and managed to catch up with the little maid, grabbing her arm.

“Just let me die!”

The maid was trembling badly.

“Don’t be anxious, there’s definitely a solution.” Lu Zhiruo consoled. “Right, my teacher is very awesome, he would surely have a way to help you!”


Ying Baiwu berated unhappily. What solutions could their teacher have?

“Baiwu, you have to trust in Teacher!”

Lu Zhiruo had boundless worship for Sun Mo. She consoled the little maid, “Don’t panic, my teacher is the most awesome individual.”

“Is your esteemed teacher a famous artist?”

After the little maid asked, she shook her head again in despair. “This is a famous painting, belonging to the Wondrous Blossom category. Even if your teacher is a famous artist, there’s no way he would be able to replicate it.”

“I’ll go look for Teacher!”

The papaya girl started running.

“Zhiruo’s sympathy...”

Ying Baiwu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. Lu Zhiruo was too kind. She would suffer a disadvantage sooner or later.

“Let’s just leave things to fate!”

Li Ziqi sighed. She also didn’t feel it was possible for her teacher to have any good ideas regarding this.

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