Absolute Great Teacher
502 Great Teacher Feat, Immense Reward
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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502 Great Teacher Feat, Immense Reward


The little maid looked at the brand new [Riches and Honor, Solitary Life Painting] and heaved a long sigh of relief, feeling a sense of joy after surviving a calamity.

Earlier, she was truly in despair. How could the life of a slave be comparable to the price of a famous painting? Hence, she wanted to commit suicide to end everything.

However, she didn’t expect that there was actually a path of survival!

“The painting technique of this teacher is really impressive!”

The little maid blinked her large swollen eyes and looked at Sun Mo with worship. He had managed to copy a famous painting and after he was done, the painting looked even better than before.

“I...Isn’t this too incredible?”


Favorable impression from the little maid +1,000. Respect (1,000/10,000).

“You have to be more careful in the future!”

Sun Mo reminded her.

“I understand!”

The little maid felt a lingering fear.

On the Linjiang Square, when the nobles and rich people went to play, the servants and maids weren’t allowed to wander randomly. They all had to rest here. Someone earlier had been curious about what the little maid had been holding and she had answered casually. In the end, everyone had wanted to take a look at the painting due to curiosity.

“Let’s leave!”

Sun Mo called out and left the cabin.

Lu Zhiruo grinned happily as she hugged Sun Mo’s arm. In the past, she felt that her father was the greatest great teacher under the heavens. But now, her teacher was catching up to the status of the father in her heart.

“Father, I believed that there will come a day when my teacher surpasses you!”

The papaya girl mumbled. Whenever she thought of her father, her emotions would be complex and she would feel a little dispirited. If her father was on the scene, he would also be able to replicate this famous painting.

With regard to this point, her teacher was, at most, equally-matched with her father.

“Teacher, you have to work harder!”

Lu Zhiruo suddenly exerted more force and hugged Sun Mo’s arm tighter.

After walking a few steps, Ying Baiwu suddenly spoke, “Teacher!”

“What’s the matter?”

Sun Mo turned his head and looked at the iron-headed girl who seemed like she wanted to say something but was hesitating. “Just say what you want to, there’s no need to have misgivings!”

“That famous painting should be worth a lot of money, right?”

Ying Baiwu gulped down a mouthful of saliva. When she was young, she was extremely poor and she was used to the feeling of hunger. Now, she actually saw her teacher gifting a famous painting away so casually.

Honestly speaking, she felt a little heartache when she saw that.

“You have to check with Ziqi about this!”

Sun Mo wasn’t familiar with the world of paintings.

“Famous paintings are considered art pieces, and their prices depend on their creators. If the famous artist has been famous for a long time, and it was very rare for him to paint, his work would basically all be priced at a heavenly price. If the famous artist isn’t that popular yet, the price wouldn’t be that high. However, a famous painting is a famous painting after all. Hence, at the very least, the price would be 1 million taels of silver!”

Li Ziqi explained.

“1 million taels?”

Ying Baiwu was stunned. So much money? How long would she have to work to earn that?

“1 million taels?”

Sun Mo was also a little shocked. In the past, for the sake of living expenses, he had braced himself and written the first half of [Journey to the West], merely earning a few thousand taels of silver. Yet now, a casual painting could actually earn one million?

In any country of the Nine Provinces, this could be considered a huge sum enough to purchase a house with two courtyards.

One must know that the definition of famous paintings in the Nine Provinces was different from the modern era.

Many of the famous paintings in the modern era were priced highly due to hype or due to money laundering. Ordinary people wouldn’t know how to appreciate them. However, the famous paintings in the Nine Provinces are different.

Because only when one reached the Wondrous Blossom Realm would they be able to draw a painting that displayed a concept that could influence the admirers, allowing them to become someone inside the painting and experience everything there.

In the Nine Provinces, there were a few paintings that were passed down through the ages. Ordinary people were forbidden to look at them because the moment they did, they would have no way to shift their eyes away. It was as though their souls were being drawn in by the paintings. Their entire being would then fall into a daze and only the thought of protecting this painting would exist in their minds.

Hence, some famous paintings were dangerous. But there were also others who provided an enlightening effect.

“I feel that this painting of our teacher is worth 10 million at the very least!”

Lu Zhiruo spoke confidently, “Because this is Teacher’s earliest famous painting and would surely have its collection value. When Teacher became famous, all the famous paintings he drew in his early days as a painter would in fact be even more valuable!”

“You really have high expectations of me!”

Sun Mo chortled.

Li Ziqi involuntarily glanced at the papaya girl, feeling curiosity over her background. (What clan are you from? You can actually speak of 10 million so casually?)

If it was an ordinary person who saw Sun Mo gifting the painting away, they would surely feel intense heartache and even regret. Ying Baiwu was already considered not bad seeing how she could endure this given her personality as a miser.

Li Ziqi didn’t care about 1 million taels, but this was a famous painting drawn personally by Sun Mo. Hence, she felt some reluctance. She was already prepared to wait for a while before seeking help from Grandpa Zheng to get this painting back.

However, Lu Zhiruo was different.

In her heart, no matter how good the painting was and even if it was really worth 10 million taels of silver, she wouldn’t hesitate to give it to save the little maid’s life.

The papaya girl was extremely kind-hearted.

Li Ziqi believed that if Lu Zhiruo had owned such a valuable painting, she wouldn’t have hesitated to give it unconditionally to the little maid to help her.

The four of them laughed and chatted. Before they could walk too far, the little maid hugged the wooden box and chased after them. She charged toward Sun Mo and stopped before him. After that, she knelt and kowtowed forcefully.

“Might I inquire about my benefactor’s name?”

The little maid sobbed. “This slave will never dare to forget sir’s kindness and graciousness. If there’s a next life, I’m willing to be an ox or horse for you to repay this great debt of kindness!”

The little maid was too nervous earlier, hence, she had neglected the price of the famous painting. Now when she realized it, she immediately rushed out.

“It’s just a painting, there’s no need to mention it!”

Sun Mo smiled and waved his hands, indicating that the little maid didn’t need to be bothered.


The little maid sobbed, not knowing what to say. A famous painting like this would cost 1 million at the very least, something she couldn’t even pay back in ten lifetimes. However, this great teacher actually gifted the famous painting to her.

“No matter what difficulties you may face, I hope you won’t give up easily. Committing suicide is a sign of uselessness. Little sister, do your best and continue living on. I feel that the sunlight would shine on you sooner or later.”

Sun Mo earnestly persuaded her. He was the most afraid of children attempting suicide.

Because he had spoken these words from the bottom of his heart, Priceless Advice was activated. A golden light illuminated the surroundings.

As she bathed in the glow of the great teacher halo, the little maid was startled. She looked at Sun Mo’s face. His smile was so warm and gentle.

It was like the winter sun. He also referred to her as ‘little sister’.


The little maid started sobbing again. Ever since she had been sold to the government manor when she was very young, she had never heard these two words again. She would either be scolded by others as ‘cheap slave’s or ‘damn brat’. Even if they called her name, they would refer to the new name her owner gave her.

“I’ve remembered your teaching!”

The little maid kowtowed again. After that, she gazed at Sun Mo with a face filled with hope. “This lowly slave has one more request, I hope that I’ll be able to address you as, ‘Teacher’!”

“As one who teaches, transmits the dao, and solves the queries of others, I’ve straightened your thoughts earlier and can already be considered your teacher. So, don’t feel self-inferior. You have the qualifications to be my student!”

Sun Mo laughed.


The little maid kowtowed. This was the first time she had ‘tasted’ respect and learned what concern was.

Seeing Sun Mo’s group of four leaving and how Lu Zhiruo hugged his arm, the little maid’s eyes were filled with envy.


Favorable impression points from Yi Cui`e +10,000. Reverence (11,000/100,000).


Just when the little maid was kneeling and thanking Sun Mo. A middle-aged man on the upper level of the Linjiang Square coincidentally saw this scene.

“Brother Qi, what are you looking at?”

A good friend asked.

“Nothing much!”

The middle-aged man smiled, yet his gaze remained on Sun Mo. He didn’t expect he would witness such a huge drama the first time he saw Sun Mo

“Black Doggy Sun? If he isn’t someone extremely scheming, he must be a great teacher that’s truly worthy of respect!”

The middle-aged man mumbled.


Sun Mo didn’t return to the resting cabin. He had been badly frightened by the amount of contribution points the little maid contributed.

“System, why is it so much?”

“Because you saved her life, gave her respect, and showed concern for her. At this moment, she worships you from the bottom of her heart!” The system laughed. “You should feel happy. That is a little girl who is pure and knows gratitude. If not, you would have drawn that famous painting for nothing.”

“Don’t always assume the worst about people, alright?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes.


“Congratulations on obtaining Yi Cui`e’s worship. Because you have received 10,000 favorable impression points in a single shot, you are hereby awarded 1 gold treasure chest.”

“Congratulations on achieving a great teacher feat. You are awarded 1 great teacher emblem!”

The system complimented, causing Sun Mo to be shocked again.

“What? Doing this is considered achieving a great teacher feat?”

Sun Mo was joyful. The great teacher emblem was worth more than a famous painting.

“Educating others, pointing out the way when they are lost, while also saving the life of a student. Your behavior earlier is considered a great teacher feat!”

The system explained.

“Understood, you can go and rest!”

Sun Mo patted the papaya girl’s head in passing. After that, he opened a starmoon fruit from the treasure chest.


Sun Mo returned to the cabin. Before he could rest for long, a servant came to inform him that the banquet was about to start. He was to go to the Linjiang Hall.

The so-called Linjiang Hall was the top level of this boat. Because it was modified, the area was exceedingly vast. One could lean against the railings and stared into the distance, enjoying the night breeze as they admired the beautiful scenery of Jinling.

When Sun Mo arrived, there were already quite a lot of people here. They were in groups of twos and threes as they chatted.

“Teacher, that middle-aged man in green robes is named No Jingting. He is Li Zixing’s private tutor!”

Li Ziqi introduced.

Sun Mo looked over. Ni Jingting had a medium build and ordinary features. However, he had a hawk nose. This caused his aura to be very sharp.

Although his gaze was amiable and approachable, the arrogance in his bones still leaked out slightly.

Upon noticing Sun Mo’s gaze, Ni Jingting turned over. He nodded and displayed a very friendly attitude.

“Where is Li Zixing? Is he not here?”

Sun Mo knew the reason why Zhang Hanfu was so bold as to covet the position of headmaster of the Central Province Academy was because his backer was Li Zixing.

“He isn’t here yet!”

Li Ziqi’s lips twitched.

Logically, the two of them were relatives, but Li Ziqi didn’t feel any good will toward Li Zixing. Besides, according to the rules of society, a junior shouldn’t have a character in their name that was the same character as their senior. Hence, Li Ziqi’s name shouldn’t have the character ‘Zi’ or people might mistake that the two of them were from the same generation.

Naturally, the matters of the royal clan weren’t something ordinary people could surmise. Hence, Sun Mo didn’t ask as well, not wanting Li Ziqi to feel awkward.

“Teacher Sun, it has been many days since we last met. Are you still doing well?”

Yue Rongbo immediately came over upon seeing Sun Mo. When he got closer, he reminded in a low voice, “Be careful, Li Zixing is going to find trouble for you today. If you have no alternatives, why don’t you fake sickness and leave first?”

“Brother Yue, do you think I’m a fugitive? Why should I flee?”

Sun Mo counter-asked.

Yue Rongbo started. After that, he had an ashamed look on his face as he laughed. He clasped his fist. “I was being too talkative. Noble brother, I will treat you to some wine another day as an apology!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》