Absolute Great Teacher
503 Start of A Good Show
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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503 Start of A Good Show


On the Linjiang Square, the number of people gradually increased. This was especially so when the banquet time was getting nearer. Those major characters also started to appear.

When Zheng Qingfang arrived, everyone on the ship hurried over to greet him no matter what they were doing.

This was the deference given to a doyen-level character that had served three generations of the Great Tang Empire.

Although Zheng Qingfang had retired, no one dared to look down on him.

One must know that Zheng Qingfang didn’t retire because he was dismissed. Rather, it was because his body couldn’t endure it. If not, he would still be the prime minister and would continue serving all the way until he died.

And if one was to name a person the current majesty trusted the most, the person would undoubtedly be Zheng Qingfang.

“Let’s chat again another day!”

Zheng Qingfang encouraged a few of his juniors. After exchanging greetings with a few old friends, he walked toward Sun Mo. “Why are you hiding in a place like this?”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“Sun Mo, listen to uncle. If you purely want to be a great teacher, there’s no need for you to care about these social interactions. But if you wish to expand your influence and achieve something in the great teacher world, social interactions are necessary. Whether a person is successful or not, that would depend on his ability to manage his social network.”

Zheng Qingfang earnestly advised Sun Mo.

“Many thanks for Uncle Zheng’s guidance.

Sun Mo knew that Old Zheng truly wanted to guide him.

“Let’s go, I will introduce a few people to you!”

Zheng Qingfang pulled Sun Mo’s hand along.

Upon seeing Zheng Qingfang regarding this young man so highly, many of the guests were extremely curious as all of them sought to find out Sun Mo’s name.

“He is that One-Vote Sun?”

“Oh, so he is An Xinhui’s fiance?”

“Wow, he’s quite handsome-looking!”

This was the Deer Tail Banquet. It was organized to congratulate newly ascended 1-star great teachers. Moreover, there was someone who had achieved a grand slam and broken the record this year. All the guests were naturally incomparably curious.

Everyone had long since heard of Sun Mo. After all, the title of An Xinhui’s fiance was sufficient to attract attention.

Sun Mo was very calm. He followed Zheng Qingfang around to greet a few major characters.

If this was the previous year, those 1-star great teachers would surely feel jealous. After all, it was too rare to get an opportunity to get acquainted with these major characters of Jinling. But for this year, no one was bothered.

People like Gu Xiuxun, Fang Wuji, and Liu Mubai basically wouldn’t care.

This was the confidence brought about by talent.

“This is prince consort Qi Mu`en, the husband of his majesty’s paternal aunt!”

Zheng Qingfang introduced.

Sun Mo, who was originally indifferent, immediately corrected his attitude. After all, this was a family elder of one of his personal students. He had to treat the meeting seriously.

“Teacher Sun, it’s an honor to meet you at last!”

Qi Mu`en smiled harmoniously.

“Lord Qi!”

Sun Mo clasped his fists.

Li Ziqi’s aunt was the eldest princess of the Great Tang Empire. She was heavily trusted by his majesty.

Usually speaking, the emperor would avoid these relatives and basically wouldn’t give them any authority. He would give them enough money to do whatever they wanted to, but as for authority, they didn’t even need to think about it.

However, the eldest princess was an exception. It was said that she controlled the secret spy network of the Great Tang Empire. Simply speaking, she was an information broker.

Sun Mo didn’t know how outstanding Qi Mu`en was, but since he could make such an impressive woman fall in love with him, he must definitely be very talented.

Based on looks, he who was in his 40s was still suave and handsome. Every casual action of his exuded an aura of nobility, causing people to feel good will toward him.

For such a wealthy uncle-looking guy, if it was in the modern era, he would surely be the king of sugardaddies.

“This elder’s EQ is extremely high!”

Sun Mo analyzed. He had seen people like him before. Those people with high EQ were all highly educated and had interacted with many different types of people, as well as experiencing many events in their lives. All these factors combined and nurtured them to have a very high EQ.

“Teacher Sun, I actually wanted to look for trouble with you, but I can’t bear it if our Ziqi cries. Hence, I shall temporarily spare you.”

Qi Mu`en, who was originally smiling, suddenly changed his tone.

“Little Qi!”

Zheng Qingfang called out.

“Uncle Zheng, this is my family matter!”

Qi Mu`en rebutted.

“This is also my family matter!”

Zheng Qingfang chortled.


Qi Mu`en started. After that, he looked at Sun Mo. “Uncle Zheng’s horizons are very broad. Since you can obtain his admiration, you must have your outstanding aspects. However, it is still not enough!”

Qi Mu`en didn’t expect Zheng Qingfang would appreciate Sun Mo so much and treated him like a junior of his own clan. “Just a title of the top-ranker of the 1-star great teacher examination...let alone my wife, even I’m not satisfied with it.”

Sun Mo explained. “I’ve never been complacent before!”

At this moment, Sun Mo recalled those parents who purposely made things difficult for him. Honestly speaking, it wasn’t easy for a student to meet a responsible teacher and also have understanding parents.

“The amount of time you have remaining is not a lot. In the 2-star great teacher examination two months plus later, I hope to see you prove yourself there.”

Qi Mu`en requested.

“Little Qi, are you not being too overbearing?” Zheng Qingfang frowned. “Have you seen someone who could rise 2 stars in a single year?’

“Only geniuses can accomplish things normal people cannot. Uncle Zheng, Ziqi’s personal teacher has to be a genius no matter what, right?”

Qi Mu`en counter-asked.

Zheng Qingfang didn’t know what to say. Honestly speaking, given Li Ziqi’s identity as a princess of the Great Tang Empire, even if her teacher wasn’t a secondary saint, it wouldn’t be a problem for her to take a 7-star or 8-star great teacher as her personal teacher.

Back when he heard that Li Ziqi had taken Sun Mo as her master, he was badly frightened. He even wanted to step out to stop her. In fact, even now, he still felt that Sun Mo wasn’t too suitable.

There was no doubt that Sun Mo was outstanding, but could he be more outstanding than a 7-star great teacher? Even if he could, how long must they wait for him to ascend to that rank? Moreover, in the process of him becoming a 7-star great teacher, her highness’s education would surely be delayed!

After all, the optimal learning age for everyone was that short few tens of years.

“Also, I heard that Liu Mubai is planning to achieve the feat of obtaining 3 stars in a single year. I believe my request for Teacher Sun to get 2 stars in one year isn’t too overbearing, right?”

Qi Mu`en asked.

“Not at all!”

Sun Mo smiled. “If I can’t even achieve 3 stars in a year, I will persuade Ziqi to leave me!”

“Sun Mo!”

Zheng Qingfang was badly frightened.

“Obtaining three stars in a year? Are you sure you didn’t say it wrongly?”

Qi Mu`en’s eyes widened as he started to survey Sun Mo seriously.

“I’m certain!”

Sun Mo looked at Qi Mu`en with a solemn expression. “This time around, I’m not fighting for myself. I’m also fighting to prove that Ziqi’s judgment isn’t mistaken!”

Upon hearing this, Zheng Qingfang involuntarily stroked his beard as he laughed uproariously. As expected, this was the Sun Mo he was acquainted with. He was tyrannical enough.


Favorable impression points from Zheng Qingfang +100. Respect (2,440/10,000).

“Alright, if you managed to achieve it, I would pour tea for you myself and apologize for my words!”

Qi Mu`en raised his right hand. He wanted to strike palms with Sun Mo to seal the deal.

Sun Mo wasn’t afraid at all.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

The crisp sounds of their palms meeting echoed through half of the Linjiang Square.

The surrounding guests couldn’t help but whisper to each other, very curious about their conversation.

“Teacher’s expression is so heavy. Something couldn’t have happened, right?”

Lu Zhiruo was worried.

Li Ziqi’s heart was filled with concern. The scene she was most afraid of finally came. She didn’t care anymore, if her aunt and uncle bullied her teacher, she would use her own life to threaten them!

In any case, with such a good teacher by her side, she would never give up on Sun Mo her entire life.


“Mission issued: Please pass the 2-star great teacher examination two months later and prove your excellence to Qi Mu`en. Special reward: 1x silver treasure chest!”

“Mission issued: Please do your best to accomplish the feat of obtaining 3 stars in one year, shocking Qi Mu`en badly. At that time, there will be a mysterious reward given out.”

The system’s voice rang out in his ears.

“What are you guys chatting about? Can I join in?”

A 50-year-old man walked over with vigorous strides. He was very tall and had broad shoulders. When he spoke, it was as though an iron wall was rushing over, bringing with it immense pressure.

“This is Prince Li!”

Zheng Qingfang introduced.

“Prince Li!”

Sun Mo greeted but he didn’t bow.

Upon seeing this scene, Li Zixing’s gaze froze slightly. After that, he started laughing. He stretched out his hand and patted Sun Mo’s shoulder heavily.

“The juniors are fearsome. The Central Province Academy exceeded all expectations this year because of you. This is glory for our Jinling!”

Li Zixing praised.

Sun Mo didn’t speak and merely smiled. However, he had an evaluation of Li Zixing in his heart. “Smiling tiger!”

At this moment, An Xinhui also came over.

“Premier Zheng, Prince Li, Prince consort Qi!”

An Xinhui greeted all of them. She was worried that Sun Mo might suffer a disadvantage.

“Premier Zheng, recently because Teacher Miao has read [Journey to the West], he felt inspired and created a painting of Reverend Sanzang.”

Li Zixing bragged. “I’ve already bought it for 1 million taels of silver!”

Li Zixing’s voice was very loud. As his status was very high as well, this would naturally attract the attention of others. Hence, once he spoke, many people exclaimed in surprise.

Teacher Miao’s name was Miao Mu. He was a 1-star great teacher, but his drawing technique was extremely good, ranked number one in Jinling. He was even very famous in the entire Jiangnan.

His paintings were often out of stock.

“Teacher Miao, you are in the wrong then. I’ve said that if you created any famous paintings, you should show them to me first!”

Premier Zheng was depressed.

“Premier Zheng. To tell you the truth, when I was drawing this in my humble abode, Prince Li coincidentally paid me a visit. When he saw it, he told me he wanted to purchase it immediately. There was really nothing I could do!”

A skinny middle-aged man exuding a hint of scholarly aura spread his hands wide.

“Since I saw such a painting, I naturally mustn’t miss out on it, or I would regret it all my life!”

Li Zixing laughed complacently.

“How about taking the Sanzang Painting out and showing it to everyone?”

Qi Mu`en was also a lover of paintings.

“Maids, come and open up the painting scroll!”

Li Zixing commanded.

That Teacher Miao was drinking tea in a very composed manner.

Very soon, two maids brought the painting scroll over and opened it.

This was a long-axis painting. It was about 3 meters long and was about Reverend Sanzang traveling to the west. Some parts of the painting, about ? of it, were colored.

“It’s considered half a famous painting. What a pity!”

Several guests sighed. If it was a famous painting, it would be much more valuable.

Naturally, even the standard of the current painting was already extremely high.

“If it wasn’t for me being too excited back then and called out in agitation, disturbing Teacher Miao’s focus, this would be a famous painting.”

Li Zixing sighed ruefully.

“Prince, what are you saying. It’s clear that I wasn’t skilled enough!”

Miao Mu hurriedly spoke up humbly.

Everyone started to evaluate this painting. Naturally, the mood had already been set, and everyone was complimenting it. After all, this came from the number one artist in Jinling and was purchased by Prince Li. Who would dare to say anything bad?

Zheng Qingfang turned his head and looked at Sun Mo before winking mischievously. Given his long years of experience, he could tell that Li Zixing was about to make things difficult for Sun Mo.

Sun Mo helplessly shook his head.

“Eh? What does Teacher Sun mean by shaking your head? Could it be there’s something lacking about this famous painting?”

Qi Mu`en asked.

It wasn’t that he wanted to make things difficult for Sun Mo. He only asked because he was curious.

(Well done!)

Li Zixing silently mused joyfully. He had already arranged for people to find a chance and make things difficult for Sun Mo, but he didn’t expect Qi Mu`en to speak. This saved him some effort. Next, it would depend on how Sun Mo answered this.

(If his answer isn’t good, don’t blame me for flying into a rage!)

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