Absolute Great Teacher
508 Skill Shocking Everyone
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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508 Skill Shocking Everyone


“It’s here, it’s here. I have a premonition I will be able to create a famous painting today!”

Miao Mu swiped the brush across the paper. His expression mirrored that of the concept in the painting; there was occasionally a look of excitement and occasionally a look of malevolence. As for the discussion of the surrounding crowd, he had long since tuned all of them out because he had entered the state of forgetting everything.

After that, some motes of light flashed.

“Haha, Wondrous Blossom!”

Miao Mu was extremely joyful. Just when he was about to continue, he was stunned when his gaze turned back to his painting. Why were there no colors?

Wait a minute, where had the motes of light gone to?

Subconsciously, Miao Mu’s gaze shifted toward the trajectory of the motes. After that, he soon discovered that they landed on Sun Mo’s paper.

The brush in this braggart’s hand was currently glowing brightly with resplendent radiance.


Miao Mu was dumbstruck. His hand uncontrollably drew a line on his painting that shouldn’t have appeared by rights.

To artists, this was a major mistake. Basically, it was no longer possible for him to enter the Wondrous Blossom state. However, with Miao Mu’s drawing skills, there was still a possibility for him to salvage it. At the very least, he could transform it into a piece of art that was not too bad.

However, everything seemed to lose its meaning now.

“W...wondrous blossom realm?”

Miao Mu’s face was filled with shock. It was like seeing an empire-toppling beauty being married to a beggar full of sores. Moreover, the beggar was an old man with half a foot in his coffin.

(How is this possible?)

This was a state that was impossible for famous artists to enter at will. It couldn’t be purchased by money, all depending on talent.

But this Sun Mo...

How old was he? Only 20?

When Miao Mu thought of this, he immediately grew very angry and jealous. He felt that he had wasted the past 30 years of his life.

“Miao Mu, calm down. Maybe you’ve seen it wrongly!”

Miao Mu rubbed his eyes forcefully, but he felt despair after that. There was no mistake. The traces of light from spirit qi could be seen, Sun Mo’s painting was now filled with colors. This was undoubtedly the effect of the Wondrous Blossom Realm.




Completely out of instinct, Miao Mu started to curse Sun Mo in his heart, hoping for his failure. As for his own painting, because his heart was now in chaos, it was no longer possible for him to continue.

Half an hour later, Sun Mo retracted his brush. His painting was completed.

The painting of a speeding horse appeared before the eyes of everyone.

The entire Linjiang Hall fell silent. Everyone involuntarily took a few steps forward and even tip-toed and stretched their necks for a look.

“Grandmaster Miao, are you still going to continue drawing?”

Qi Mu`en asked.

According to the rules, in a painting battle, the two paintings could only be compared when both sides finished the painting or the agreed time limit was reached. But in this situation now, it was clear that Miao Mu had collapsed mentally.


Miao Mu returned to his senses and wanted to continue drawing. However, his mind was now in chaos. All the emotions he was brewing earlier had faded away.

(How did this happen?)

(This is clearly a banquet for me to expand my fame, why did all the attention get seized away by a layman?)

“Teacher Miao, if you are unable to finish your painting, don’t force yourself!”

Zheng Qingfang persuaded.

“Grandmaster Miao, why don’t you go down and take a break first?”

Qi Mu`en gave Miao Mu a path of retreat.

(You are very famous and are known as the number one artist in Jinling. But in the painting battle, Sun Mo produced a famous painting. What can you use to win him?)

Only a famous painting can win against a famous painting.

If he was tactful, he should go down quickly and stop delaying everyone from admiring the painting.


Sweat dotted Miao Mu’s forehead. Ever since he had produced a famous painting three years ago, no matter where he went to, he was treated like a grandmaster by everyone. He had never been in a predicament since then.

Miao Mu really wanted to leave, but with the pride of a famous artist, he decided to stay. He mustn’t flee without a fight.

“I’m still fine. Let’s admire the painting!”

Miao Mu drew in a deep breath and forced himself to calm down. Although he suffered a setback, it could be considered a type of tempering exercise.

“Maids, come and display the painting!”

Zheng Qingfang waved his hand grandly. There were immediately two serving maids with tall figures walking out, one on the left and one on the right. Their fair hands held the paper and displayed the painting for the guests to see.


Everyone exclaimed in admiration.

On the paper, tufts of green grass, swirls of wind extending into the horizon, and clouds dotting the azure sky could be seen.

There were a bunch of horses resting idly beside the lake.

However, there was another bunch of seven colts (young horses) who were running as fast as lightning, galloping with all their might, chasing after the flowing clouds in the sky.

Their hooves kicked up the mud; they trampled on the green grass. Their manes and tails swished with the wind, like a magnificent banner fluttering!

The content of this famous painting wasn’t complicated. It was an overall simple concept, yet it was grand and impressive. It caused people to imagine themselves on the boundless grassy plains, being one with the heavens and earth. After that, it was the galloping horses. Their rippling muscles simply caused people to be intoxicated. One could sense the beauty of strength from the horses just with a single glance.

After the exclamations of surprise, the guests fell silent and attentively admired this painting of galloping horses.

This was the power of famous paintings. Even if one didn’t understand drawing, they could still feel the charm within.

“A masterpiece, truly a masterpiece! With just a single glance, I feel my heart is full of strength and vigor. I wish to gallop like those colts!”

Governor Fang sighed in admiration.

“Sun Mo is actually a famous artist as well?”

Cao Xian was shocked as he glanced at Yue Rongbo at his side.

“I just knew about it too!”

Yue Rongbo curiously surveyed Sun Mo. (Young man, you really concealed yourself very deeply! Also, is your talent like the surging tides of great rivers that are inexhaustible?)


Favorable impression points from Yue Rongbo +100. Friendly (836/1,000).

“I’ve said it a long time ago. Teacher is the best!”

Lu Zhiruo had a calm look on his face. “Alright, alright, there’s no need for you all to be shocked. This is just standard operating procedures, just applauding will do!”

Ying Baiwu had never doubted this point.


Li Ziqi gulped down a mouthful of saliva when she looked at this painting. Compared to the papaya girl who worshipped Sun Mo blindly and the iron-headed girl who didn’t understand drawing, the little sunny egg knew how difficult it was to achieve the Wondrous Blossom Realm.

As for her teacher, he could enter it any time he wanted to!

(My heavens, teacher, are you the most favored child of heavens?)


Gu Xiuxun looked at the painting. She then suddenly turned and glanced at An Xinhui. She had always worshiped An Xinhui, but now, she felt a little loathing and even a little jealousy toward her.

(Why are you able to get such an outstanding fiancee?)

“I suddenly feel that I might not be worthy of him!”

An Xinhui applauded and heaved a sigh.

Gu Xiuxun jumped in fright. She hurriedly lowered her head. “N...No it won’t be. Sister Xinhui is also very outstanding!”


“Prince Li, how is it?”

Zheng Qingfang stroked his beard, smiling as he turned his head.

Li Zixing had a gloomy look on his face, feeling so depressed that he felt like coughing up blood. What else could he say? He could only praise it!

“Good, very good!”

This was a famous painting. Even though Li Zixing was a part of the royal clan, he was in no position to evaluate it.

“Haha, good? In what aspects is it good?”

Zheng Qingfang continued to ask.

(Why don’t you go to hell?)

Li Zixing glanced at Zheng Qingfang while silently cursing in his heart. His tone grew tougher. “Sorry, my learning in this is too shallow, I can’t tell!”

No matter what, Li Zixing was someone who had received royal education. He naturally could see the strong points of this painting. However, wanting him to praise the murderer who had killed his son? This was something even more difficult to bear compared to killing him.

“Grandmaster Miao, since Prince Li doesn’t understand. You, as a famous artist, should be able to tell what’s so good about this painting, right?”

Zhang Qingfang shifted his target.

“This painting displayed the hot-bloodedness and sharpness of young people!”

Miao Mu spoke, feeling embarrassed. He casually skimped on the details.

“Everyone, Teacher Sun, oh it should be Grandmaster Sun... After all, he produced a famous painting and is worthy of the title ‘Grandmaster’.” Zheng Qingfang smiled and looked at the guests here. “Earlier, was he qualified to evaluate the works of others?”

“Naturally yes!”

Governor Fang nodded.

The guests, who had felt that Sun Mo had been talking nonsense and nitpicking earlier, now felt somewhat embarrassed. If a famous artist was evaluating the artwork of someone else, even if the painter of the artwork was present, he wouldn’t be able to say that the famous artist wasn’t qualified to evaluate his work.

After that, they turned and looked at Miao Mu, recalling that he said Sun Mo was just a dabbler and didn’t understand painting. In the end, Miao Mu was crushed...

T...this was truly a humiliation great enough to make people feel like dying!

But then again, wasn’t this Sun Mo a little too impressive? He could break the record and be the number one ranker, and he could also produce a famous painting?

(What can’t he do?)

“Grandmaster Sun, how long have you practiced drawing for?”

Qi Mu`en was curious.

“I didn’t really practice it seriously before. I would only casually draw stuff when I have some idle time!”

Sun Mo braced himself and explained. He was too busy recently and had planned to draw some AV actresses for his own entertainment, but he didn’t even have the time to do so.


The guests exclaimed. This was what a so-called genius was, right?

Fang Wuji was drinking, ignoring the happenings here, but Liu Mubai saw everything. Honestly speaking, he felt somewhat jealous.

After all, no one would feel bad that they had too many skills.

“Calm down, calm down. Drawing is just a minor dao!”

Liu Mubai consoled himself.

“Teacher, the path of a famous artist is destined to be one with no future!”

Han Zisheng consoled in a low voice. “Your goal is to become a saint, to educate everyone in the world!”


Although Liu Mubai verbally scolded his disciple, he felt even more fond of him in his heart. (Sun Mo, you have Xuanyuan Po and Ying Baiwu, but I’m not bad as well. Han Zisheng alone can rival all six of your personal students.)

“Grandmaster Sun, I wonder if you are willing to sell this painting?”

Governor Fang rubbed his hands, feeling a little anticipation.

“Fang Lun, you are incorrect in this. I’ve said earlier that I’ve pre-booked Teacher Sun’s painting in advance.”

Zhen Qingfang hurriedly spoke.

If Sun Mo rejected Fang Lun, he might offend him. So, it was better for Zheng Qingfang to speak out. In any case, he must not miss out on this painting.

“Damn, Old Man Zheng, you are actually playing schemes? You are really getting more and more shameless the older you are!”

Governor Fang scolded. Naturally, this was the teasing between friends.

Li Zixing had wanted to suppress Sun Mo, but after the painting battle ended, Sun Mo’s fame actually erupted. How could this be possible? He cast a glance at Miao Mu. This fellow was crushed, and it was helpless to depend on him anymore. Hence, Li Zixing turned his gaze toward Ni Jingting.

(During such a crucial moment, I still have to depend on you!)

“Cough! Cough!”

Ni Jingting coughed twice loudly.

The sounds of discussion in the surroundings instantly faded. The guests turned over. Ni Jingting was a 3-star great teacher. This was the respect accorded to him.

“Teacher Sun, drawing is a minor dao. We, as great teachers, should still focus on educating others!”

Ni Jingting lectured.


Li Zixing was silently joyful. (So, are you angry or not?)

(Since you are a low-star great teacher, you should just be obedient and accept the admonishment. Do you dare to rebut? Fine, I will let you wear the hat of someone disrespectful to their seniors. When this matter circulates out, all the seniors in the great teacher world would surely be unhappy with you.)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》