Absolute Great Teacher
509 I’m Deeply Afraid That I’ve Underestimated Sun Mo!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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509 I’m Deeply Afraid That I’ve Underestimated Sun Mo!

Chapter 509: I’m Deeply Afraid That I’ve Underestimated Sun Mo!

Ni Jingting’s lecture did have some logic to it.

Things like famous paintings weren’t a necessity to the world. It was like in the modern era, most people had probably only heard the names Van Gogh and Da Vinci in passing However, there were definitely more people who knew about Einstein, Edison, and Newton.

Speaking of their contributions to the world, Einstein’s contributions would definitely be greater than Van Gogh’s.

“A good show is about to start!”

Gu Xiuxun was silently joyful. (Do you think the name Black Doggy Sun is fake? Later on, he will definitely bark at you so loudly that you start to doubt life.)

“Your talent isn’t bad, don’t waste it on painting.”

Ni Jingting appeared to be showing guidance to Sun Mo but was intentionally trying to disgust him and make him dig a hole for himself. (If you say thanks for the guidance, you will surely feel so sullen like you just ate shit. If you want to argue, the hat of ‘not respecting seniors’ will be even more secured on your head.)

“Teacher Ni, your words are incorrect!”

An Xinhui and Yue Rongbo felt that Ni Jingting was extremely sinister. Just when they wanted to help Sun Mo get out of the predicament, the spirit qi in the surrounding suddenly gathered and surged toward a youth.


The guests in the surroundings hurriedly stepped aside. They turned their heads in the passing and then glanced at the youth clad in a school uniform. That youth was completely focused on Sun Mo’s painting, staring at it unblinkingly.

“He is going to break through!”

Cao Xian excitedly let out a low roar. “Everyone, keep silent!”

This was a good seedling from his school, his breakthrough must not be disturbed.

“Wuji, stop drinking!”

Yue Rongbo berated. Duan Qiao was Fang Wuji’s personal student. At such a time, Fang Wuji naturally had to stay by his side to protect him.

“Mn, Little Qiao is going to break through?”

Fang Wuji stood up with a look of joy on his face. After Duan Qiao had opened up 12 acupoints in the spirit-refinement realm, he entered a bottleneck phase. However, no one expected that he would actually breakthrough now.

Fang Wuji hurried over and saw Duan Qiao currently staring at a painting. He also glanced over and his mental state was instantly stirred.


Duan Qiao’s robes fluttered without wind, swelling up. His body was like a vortex, frenziedly devouring the spirit qi in the surrounding.

Three minutes later, the breakthrough ended!


Duan Qiao exhaled a long breath.

Spirit-refinement realm, 15 acupoints opened. Success!

“Headmaster Cao, congratulations. Another genius is born in your esteemed school!”

Although this Duan Qiao had an 80 to 90% chance of becoming a formidable opponent for the students of Sun Mo and Liu Mubai, An Xinhui still congratulated Cao Xian.

An Xinhui was undoubtedly magnanimous and open-minded.

“Spirit-refinement realm? Impressive!”

Liu Mubai praised.

“Haha, his name is Duan Qiao, a personal student of Wuji. In the future, if there are no accidents, he would be the top student of our Myriad Daos Academy!”

Cao Xian introduced, helping Duan Qiao boost his fame.

Back then Fang Yan, the top student of the Battle Hall, got famous because An Xinhui had brought him to the Deer Tail Banquet.

Everyone naturally wouldn’t be stingy with their praises. The surrounding guests immediately congratulated Cao Xian, causing him to smile so widely that one could see his teeth and not his eyes.

“Teacher, I’ve finally broken through my bottleneck and reached the next level!”

Duan Qiao rushed to Fang Wuji’s side and reported happily.

“Mn, I saw it!”

As Fang Wuji surveyed Duan Qiao, he stretched out his hand to inspect his body. “Go and thank Teacher Sun. Without the stimulation of his famous painting, it’s unknown how long it would take you to break through the bottleneck!”

When everyone heard this, they were stunned. (What do you mean by this? Are you guys not opponents?)

Duan Qiao was stunned. After that, he nodded and walked toward Sun Mo. He then bowed. “Teacher Sun, thank you for your famous painting. It helped me to break through successfully!”

“Your words are too serious. It’s all because your comprehension ability is very high!”

Sun Mo was humble and didn’t dare to accept the bow.

“Teacher Sun, you should stop being humble. This Galloping Horses painting does have the effect of edifying the hearts and souls of students. If it wasn’t pre-booked by Premier Zheng, I really wished to bring this back to school to display it, allowing all the students to view it!”

Yue Rongbo laughed.


After hearing this, all the guests took a gasp of cold air. They only felt that there was a charm exuding from this painting, but they didn’t expect such an effect. After that, they all subconsciously glanced at Ni Jingting.

One must know that this 3-star great teacher had just criticized Sun Mo earlier, saying that drawing was just a minor dao. In the end, Sun Mo’s painting actually helped a student to break through his bottleneck successfully!

Wasn’t this too face-smacking?

As expected, Ni Jingting’s expression was filled with embarrassment now!

He wanted to rebut, but Yue Rongbo was a 4-star great teacher. If he argued now, wouldn’t that mean he felt that 4-star great teachers were inferior to him?

Li Zixing’s lips twitched. He glared at Cao Xian. (How do you teach your subordinates?)

Cao Xian bitterly smiled. Yue Rongbo had always admired Sun Mo very much, saying that he was someone with an upright character. Most people would say this as well.

Who asked Sun Mo’s painting to have such an effect?

If one wanted to complain, one could only blame Ni Jingting for being too unlucky.

“Teacher Ni, I feel that Grandmaster Miao had said something good earlier. A dabbler shouldn’t criticize others!”

Sun Mo laughed and looked at Ni Jingting. He coldly mocked, “In the aspect of painting, you have no qualifications to guide me!”

The entire Linjiang Hall felt completely silent. No one would have expected Sun Mo to so openly rebut Ni Jingting, not giving him the slightest bit of face at all.

“Haha, Black Doggy Sun is going to bite people.”

Gu Xiuxun was extremely joyful.

“Teacher Ni, if you wish to understand more about famous paintings, you can look for me for advice. But there’s no need to take me on as your teacher!”

Sun Mo acted generously, yet his words caused Ni Jingting to be angered half to death.


An Xinhui couldn’t help but smile. Her childhood sweetheart really showed mercy at all!

“Aren’t Sun Mo’s actions a little too arrogant?”

Cao Xian muttered.

“Headmaster Cao, maybe by the end of the year, Teacher Sun would have 3 stars pinned on the pocket of his chest. Ni Jingting truly has no qualifications to be arrogant before him.”

Yue Rongbo explained.

“You are saying that Sun Mo can achieve the feat of rising 3 stars in a year? Are you not overestimating him?”

Cao Xian was astonished. At the same time, he felt a little worried. This was because he knew Yue Rongbo’s judgment was very accurate. If Sun Mo could accomplish that, he would become the Myriad Daos Academy’s strongest opponent.

“I’m deeply afraid that I might still have underestimated him!”

Yue Rongbo sighed ruefully.

“Teacher Sun, many thanks!”

Fang Wuji clasped his hands and bowed.

Two months plus later, Fang Wuji would also participate in the 2-star great teacher examination. The stronger Duan Qiao was, the better his chance of passing. Hence, he had to thank Sun Mo.

After he spoke, Ni Jingting’s countenance grew even darker.

As the host, Fang Lun naturally didn’t wish to see a conflict. Hence, he shifted the topic. “Enough, this matter shall conclude here. Let us continue to admire famous paintings instead.”

“Do you have some famous paintings?”

Zheng Qingfang was astonished.

“Haha, Old Zheng. This time around, I have bought the most recent famous painting Wu Yezi drawn. It’s absolutely authentic.”

Fang Lun bragged.

Miao Mu’s famous painting naturally wouldn’t be able to be comparable to Wu Yezi’s. Wu Yezi was publicly proclaimed as Jiangnan’s number one artist, while Miao Mu was only the number one in Jinling.

Even if the painting he drew wasn’t a famous painting, it was still extremely hard to obtain it.

“Governor, why don’t you quickly take it out?”

“It’s Grandmaster Wu’s famous painting after all, I’ve never seen one from him before!”

“It should be said that only a few people have ever seen his paintings. Those who could buy his paintings would have very high statuses and would place them in their collections. Ordinary people wouldn’t be able to see any of them!”

The guests discussed, all of them had looks of excitement on their faces.

This was the effect of a famous person. Leonardo Da Vinci’s painting would surely be more attractive compared to the painting drawn by a student from the academy of arts.

“Bring it over!”

Fang Lun shouted.

Li Ziqi and Lu Zhiruo exchanged a mutual glance. What was supposed to come had come in the end.

As expected, that little maid soon entered the area. However, her build was too small. So two other maids went over and helped open up the painting scroll.

“This is the new work of Grandmaster Wu Yezi, the [Riches and Honor, Solitary Life Painting]. It...eh?”

Fang Lun had wanted to introduce the painting, but the instant he looked at it, he was stunned. For some reason, he felt that something was different.

The colors had changed a bit. Moreover, even the concept exuded by the painting seemed different.

“Old Fang, what’s wrong?”

Qi Mu`en was puzzled.

“Nothing much, I was just sighing in admiration. As expected of the work produced by a grandmaster. Every time I see it, it gives me a different experience.”

Fang Lun laughed uproariously. He was extremely impressed.

He treated the difference between the two paintings as Wu Yezi’s profound drawing skill.

Upon seeing this scene, Lu Zhiruo silently used her elbow to nudge Li Ziqi. “Senior sister, we succeeded!”


Li Ziqi was also at ease now.

In truth, this couldn’t be blamed on the other party being careless. No matter what, no one would expect that someone could copy Grandmaster Ye Wuzi’s painting like this!

“Good painting!’

“As expected of a grandmaster-level masterpiece!”

“The concept, the composition...they are both absolutely wondrous!”

The guests all praised. This was especially so for those officials. They immediately felt a sense of unsullied loftiness, a feeling that made them stand out from the common crowd!

“Master Wu Yezi’s masterpiece is truly worthy of its reputation!”

Li Zixing applauded as he complimented, “Teacher Sun’s painting earlier wasn’t bad. But when compared to this, the concept and his skill are evidently much inferior!”

Was it?

The guests weren’t able to tell, but nothing could go wrong as long as they agreed with the prince. Because even if they used their buttocks to think, Wu Yezi’s painting would definitely be better than Sun Mo’s.


Ying Baiwu, who always had a cold expression, involuntarily burst out laughing at this moment. After that, disdain appeared in her heart. These major characters were truly empty inside. What ignorant fellows.

Zheng Qingfang helplessly shook his head. This was clearly an opportunity to help enhance Sun Mo’s fame. But in the end, Fang Lun had taken out such a high-level painting. Sigh!

“Eh, this painting...”

Miao Mu was stunned. Why did something seem wrong with it? It was just that before he could think things through, he heard someone shouting!

“This painting is a fake!”

Fang Lun was extremely angry.

(Are you doubting my judgment?)

However, when he was about to explode in anger, he turned his head and realized that the person who had just spoken was none other than Li Zixing’s youngest son, Li Feng.

This caused him to have no way to vent his bellyful of anger.

“Don’t talk nonsense!”

Li Zixing berated.

“Father, this painting is fake!”

Li Feng was still young. When he saw that no one believed him, his rebellious nature kicked in and he wanted to prove that he was correct even more.

“Little prince, tell us why do you think it is fake then?”

Fang Lun asked with an unkind tone.


Li Feng stuttered. He was worried that after he revealed how the maid damaged the painting, she might expose his role in it.

“This is clearly a famous painting at the Wondrous Blossom Realm. How can it be fake?”

Qu Mu`en shook his head. Li Feng spoke too irresponsibly.

“Yeah, why is it fake?”

After hearing all the comments, Li Feng suddenly started to doubt himself. (Could it be that I’ve seen it wrongly? Hence, he stared at the painting closely, wanting to find traces of it being redrawn.)

“Hu, we passed the calamity!”

Sun Mo heaved a sigh of relief. After that, he glanced toward the little maid and winked at her.


The little maid, who was originally extremely worried, finally revealed a smile of joy. But at this moment, a loud and heroic-sounding voice rang out.

“Sorry, sorry. I came late!”

Li Ziqi turned her head. After that, her countenance changed because the person who had just arrived was Wu Yezi.

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