Absolute Great Teacher
512 Sun Mo, Apologize!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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512 Sun Mo, Apologize!


Even a man made from mud would have three points of fire, let alone for someone with Sun Mo’s personality. After being targeted multiple times by Ni Jingting, he also felt vexed and shot back verbally.

“If you have something against me, you can challenge me openly. Stop using your status to suppress others. Are 3-star great teachers very impressive?”

As his voice faded away, a huge commotion rose in Linjiang Hall.

The guests looked at Sun Mo with disbelief. He actually publicly spoke out against a 3-star great teacher?

One must know that the Nine Provinces emphasized on honoring teachers even more than Ancient China. Juniors were supposed to respect seniors. It was very normal for a senior to lecture and admonish a junior. However, Sun Mo actually rebutted.

“Teacher Sun, please mind your words!”

Li Zixing berated, “Could it be that in your eyes, 3-star great teachers cannot speak in public and aren’t qualified to lecture you?”

“Don’t make me wear a hat. I respect high-star great teachers, but the prerequisite is that the high-star great teachers have accomplishments and talents that are worthy for me to respect!”

Sun Mo stared at Ni Jingting. “As for this man, I can’t see anything worthy about him at this moment!”


Ni Jingting roared.

“Teacher Ni, please conduct yourself properly!”

An Xinhui spoke, “From my point of view, a 3-star great teacher really isn’t anything much. Sun Mo would be able to reach that rank in two years at the very least.”

“Haha, you are really overestimating him!”

Li Zixing mocked.

“The top ranker of the 1-star great teacher examination, someone that broke the record of a hundred years, achieving a grand slam. Prince Li, may I ask if such a person is a genius?”

An Xinhui counter-asked.


Li Zixing was dumbstruck. Who would dare to say such a person wasn’t a genius? Even a ghost wouldn’t believe it.

“Teacher Ni, can I ask you this? When you were participating in the 1-star great teacher examination, what was your result? Did you score higher than Sun Mo?”

An Xinhui continued to ask.

Ni Jingting’s expression was filled with embarrassment, but he disputed by saying, “My batch is a gathering of geniuses. The tests were exceptionally difficult!”

“Teacher Ni, can you not be so shameless? The tests in the examination this year are the most difficult ones in the recent 50 years!”

Gu Xiuxun also started to speak out, “If you still don’t want to admit it, we can go and verify this with the Saint Gate!”


The guests felt joyful. This was a huge drama!

However, when they thought of Li Zixing’s identity, everyone understood. They heard that Prince Li was a secret supporter of the Myriad Daos Academy. From the looks of things, this must be real.

Yue Rongbo wanted to say something in fairness, but he was stopped by Cao Xian.

“Teacher Ni, might I be so impudent as to ask how old you were before you got the 3-star qualification?”

An Xinhui continued to ask.


Ni Jingting refused to answer.

“Sun Mo is only 20 now. Even if he used ten years to obtain the 3-star qualification, he would still be quicker than you!”

An Xinhui coldly laughed.

If An Xinhui was praising Gu Xiuxun or even Liu Mubai, others would sneer in disdain. But when she praised Sun Mo, who would dare to rebut?

Even if they wanted to see her make a fool out of herself for being wrong, they had to wait ten years first.

“Teacher Ni, speaking of accomplishments, we exist to educate others and help children to become successful in life, allowing them to achieve value in their lives. What about you? I heard rumors that you weren’t employed by any school.”

Sun Mo asked.

Ni Jingting’s face turned black.

As a private great teacher, the number of contributions he made would surely be very little. After all, no matter how capable he was, he only ended up serving as the private tutor of a rich clan and only educated the descendants of that clan.

Although the guests didn’t speak out loud, they actually looked down on Ni Jingting in their hearts. (If you say you didn’t do this for money, even the ghosts wouldn’t believe you!)

Usually, great teachers wouldn’t shred all pretense of cordiality between them, but Sun Mo ignored all of these conventions. (Since you antagonize this daddy, I will make sure you die.)

“Sun Mo, don’t change the topic. If you don’t know about this darkness plant, just admit it.”

Ni Jingting forced himself to calm down and started to retaliate.

“In that case, does Teacher Ni know this?” Sun Mo’s lips curled into a smile. “Please guide me!”

“Listen well!”

Ni Jingting placed his left hand behind his back and acted like an awesome great teacher. “Because the Saint Gate didn’t have many of this specimen, they didn’t give it an official name. However, I know its effects. The smell it exudes is scentless, but after humans smell it, they would feel full of energy and wouldn’t be fatigued even if they studied or worked for three days and three nights straight.

“At the same time, their memory and their comprehension would both be improved. I have a friend who is also a great teacher that comprehended the Retentive Memory halo because of this plant!”

The guests sighed. Retentive Memory... this was an ability everyone wanted.

Ni Jingting looked at Sun Mo with an expression of disdain. (How about it, are you convinced now?)

Speaking of which, it was because of Ni Jingting’s teacher that he had a chance to enter the darkness plants research department of the Saint Gate, allowing him to see this plant.

“Prince Consort Qi, this rare darkness treasure is considered a valuable sample to the Saint Gate. Might I ask you to hand it over to them as soon as possible?”

“Sun Mo, it doesn’t matter if you broke some records or have the possibility to become a saint in the future. Today, you are just a 1-star great teacher whose knowledge is inferior to Teacher Ni. Since this is the case, you should show him respect!”

Li Zixing berated, feeling extremely satisfied.

As expected, scolding others while standing on the moral high ground was so fun.

The gazes of everyone turned to Sun Mo, waiting for his response.

(Sun Mo, what are you thinking about? Bite him now, quickly bite him ruthlessly!)

Gu Xiuxun felt anxious when she saw that Sun Mo didn’t speak.

Sun Mo was frowning at this moment as he stared at the darkness plant. He was mentally conversing with the system.

“Ni Jingting said that the Saint Gate hasn’t given this darkness plant a name yet. He shouldn’t be mistaken on this. However, why does the encyclopedia you gave me have the name of the plant?”

Sun Mo didn’t understand.

This plant was named Stonebone Flower. It was a very terrifying name.

“Host’s level is too low, no comments!”

The system replied in a cold and stone-like voice. There were no emotions at all.

“Usually speaking, the naming of newly discovered plants has to abide with some rules to categorize it into the appropriate species!”

Sun Mo recalled the data of those plants he had read about in the encyclopedia. “The Stonebone Flower classification is scientific and has been proven correct, but the Saint Gate has no idea. Does this mean that other organizations have done research on the stonebone flowers? Or the flow of knowledge passed down in Middle-Earth Nine Provinces has been broken before?”

Sun Mo analyzed.

“No comments!”

The system refused to reply.

“Wait a minute, there’s also a possibility that the Saint Gate intentionally hid this information!”

Sun Mo sank into contemplation.

“Stop guessing wildly. Just do your best to raise your star-ranking. Once your star-ranking reaches a certain level, you will naturally know these secrets.”

The system persuaded.

“Sun Mo, apologize!”

Li Zixing berated.

An Xinhui and Yue Rongbo wanted to help, but they didn’t recognize this darkness plant either. There was no solution to it. There was a publicly acknowledged rule in the great teacher world – the most knowledgeable teacher was the most impressive one.

If Sun Mo couldn’t recognize this plant, he deserved to be scolded.

Lu Zhirou stepped forward and just when she was about to remind Sun Mo, he spoke.

“Apologize? What apologize?”

Sun Mo spoke, “Teacher Ni, I wonder where you’ve learned this little bit of information from? What gave you the courage to come here and display your little skill before an expert? What a shameless boast!”

(F***! Daring to antagonize me? Today, I will tear down all your arguments to the point where you start to doubt life!)

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》