Absolute Great Teacher
513 I’ll Show You Who’s the Boss!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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513 I’ll Show You Who’s the Boss!

Chapter 513: I’ll Show You Who’s the Boss!


Everyone sucked in a cold breath of air as they looked in shock. His criticism was extremely severe.

“Isn’t this too over the top?”

“That might not be the case. I heard that Sun Mo not only scored full marks for his written exam, but he even handed the paper in advance.”

“Please, Sun Mo took the written exam for the study of spirit runes and not botany!”

“Huh? Botany?”

The guests whispered to each other. Those who had felt that Sun Mo might have a chance to win were now stunned. They really wanted to ask, “Teacher Sun, where did your confidence come from?”

An Xinhui and Gu Xiuxun started to worry too as they pondered over how to minimize the negative influence from this matter to the lowest!

Honestly speaking, Sun Mo was committing a huge taboo in the great teacher world by verbally shooting a high-star great teacher. It was fine if he won, but if he lost, he would definitely be mocked and become the butt of jokes!

“Sun Mo, you actually say that I’m displaying my slight skill before an expert? In that case, I want to consult you!”

Ni Jingting coldly laughed.


“New mission issued. Please ruthlessly crush Ni Jingting in the Deer Tail Banquet, causing him to lose all face and prestige. The more beautiful your victory is, the higher-grade the treasure chest awarded to you will be!”

After hearing the notification, Sun Mo was speechless. How detestable Ni Jingting must be? Even the system couldn’t help but issue such a mission.

“Why? Don’t stop, continue bragging!”

Ni Jingting mocked, “I’m respectfully waiting to listen.”

“Listen well then. This darkness plant has a name. Its name is the Stonebone Flower!”

Sun Mo spoke. All the great teachers on the scene frowned.


Ni Jingting berated, “Do you think you can fool all of us by randomly coming up with a name.”

“Teacher Ni, earlier you said that my students have no matters? What about you now? This is clearly my explanation time, yet you keep interrupting me. What does this count as?”

Sun Mo spoke in rage, “If you were my student, I would have already cast Profound Words on you to make you remember this lesson.”

Ni Jingting’s expression turned ashen. He wanted to rebut but had nothing to say. Interrupting Sun Mo’s speech was truly an incorrect behavior.

However, based on his status as a 3-star great teacher, Ni Jingting was already used to lecturing people. Also, no one had dared to argue back. He didn’t expect to encounter someone this iron-headed.

“Teacher Yue, Sun Mo knows Profound Words?”

Cao Xian was shocked. That was an extremely rare great halo. Even he had just managed to comprehend it half a year ago.

“I have no idea!”

Yue Rongbo shook his head. But he then added another sentence, “But I believe Teacher Sun wouldn’t lie!”


Cao Xian felt a toothache as he stared at Sun Mo. It seemed like he had to re-evaluate Sun Mo’s value.

The guests didn’t understand, so they didn’t know how important this was. However, all the great teachers were now surveying Sun Mo fixedly with bewildered looks on their faces.

This was especially so for Liu Mubai. His fists were tightly clenched.

“How is it possible that he knows such a rare halo? He must be boasting!”

Liu Mubai consoled himself, but a sense of defeat appeared in his heart. Although they were competitors, he believed in Sun Mo’s character.

“Profound Words...how would you know this?”

Liu Mubai sighed in his heart.

When a teacher was troubled, the student would want to share his burden.

Seeing his personal teacher being dumbstruck, a 16 to 17 years old young man spoke out.

“Teacher Sun, lying is a very bad behavior!”

The young man’s lips curled. “Who doesn’t know that Profound Words is a type of extremely rare great teacher halo. If one wants to comprehend it, they only have a chance to do so after becoming a 6-star great teacher or above.”

“Who’s that fellow?”

Ying Baiwu was unhappy and her fists were clenched.

“Li Silin, a son of Li Zixing!”

Li Ziqi introduced in a low voice.

Li Silin was trying to provoke Sun Mo. If he couldn’t cast Profound Words, his reputation would be tainted as the name of a braggart would always be tied to him.

Truthfully speaking, let alone Li Silin, even An Xinhui and Gu Xiuxun were stunned.

Because if a great teacher wanted to comprehend a great teacher halo, they had to have the relevant experience.

What was ‘Profound Words’?

It meant that when the person spoke, his words would contain an enlightening logic. Hence, only great teachers at the 6-star and above—who had seen many people and things, in addition to having a high status, great power, immense strength, valiant battle achievements—would be able to comprehend this, allowing every single sentence they spoke to be golden sentences that people would believe in and execute.

Other than An Xinhui and a few others, all the people present had the same thought. (Who the hell do you think you are? Even you are qualified to say that you comprehended Profound Words?)

Naturally, almost everyone felt that Sun Mo was boasting. Hence, after Li Silin’s doubt, they all stared at Sun Mo, watching his reaction.

Li Silin didn’t want to relax after getting his way. He wanted to continue and pressure Sun Mo, but just when he was about to speak, Sun Mo spoke out first.

“Shut up, kneel!”

At the same time, a golden halo erupted forth. Li Siling felt as though a blast of tidewater hit him.

Although only three words were uttered, the effects were wondrously powerful.

Li Silin felt an immense strength gushing over. It was like an invisible giant hand that forcefully covered his mouth.

Because this was too sudden, Li Silin even bit his tongue. After that, his knees went soft and he knelt onto the ground with a thud.

Li Silin was stunned. After that, his expression turned ashen and was filled with rage. He was a little prince and only knelt to the heavens, earth, and his parents. Yet now, he was kneeling to Sun Mo?

This was absolutely unbearable!

Li Silin struggled, wanting to stand up, but there seemed to be 10,000 jin pushing down on his shoulders. Let alone standing up, even moving a little was extremely difficult.

The entire scene fell silent. It was still fine for the guests, but the great teachers, who knew how rare this halo was, were completely stunned.

“He really knows it!”

Cao Xian was dumbstruck.

An Xinhui found it hard to mask her shock. Her knowledge of her childhood sweetheart refreshed once again.

This was Profound Words. Gu Xiuxun also felt that she should be shocked, but instead, she discovered that she was pretty calm.

There was no solution to this. Sun Mo had created too many miracles and Gu Xiuxun was too used to seeing them.

After seeing his personal student being punished, Ni Jingting ought to be extremely angry by logic. But now, his heart was filled with shock, envy, and hatred.

Why could this fellow comprehend Profound Words?

Wasn’t this too unfair?

“Is there anyone else who still wants to interrupt? If not, I’m going to continue!”

Sun Mo asked and swept his gaze toward the surroundings.

Everyone fell silent. After seeing how Li Silin was forced to kneel, who else would dare to speak against Sun Mo?

“Teacher Ni, you said that this is a plant? You are completely wrong. It is actually a type of microorganism. Do you know this term? In that case, do you understand the term ‘algae’? It’s those green-colored things that float on the lake’s surface. The stonebone flower is the same as that, but it’s something transparent!”

Sun Mo introduced. “When these microorganisms die, because of some reason, they would gather together and form something that looks like a plant. Actually, this is just a fusion of corpses.”


Qi Mu`en’s lips twitched, he suddenly felt disgusted. To think that he had treated this item as a treasure.

“Then, why would it glow?”

Governor Fang was curious.

“That is the special characteristic of this lifeform. After it dies, a certain substance in its body would fuse with spirit qi and produce this effect!”

Actually, this was similar to a type of radiation, but even if Sun Mo told them that, these people wouldn’t understand it either.

“Too magical!”

Governor Fang sighed.

“It appears magical simply because it’s rarely seen. In the past, when clams produced pearls, everyone felt that it was shocking. But now, everyone is already used to it.”

Zheng Qingfang sighed ruefully.

“Since it’s a fusion of corpses, this thing should be considered dead, right? But why do I feel energized every time I’m around it? I wouldn’t feel tired even if I worked for a few days straight in a row.”

Qi Mu`en asked.

“Because it would produce a type of magnetic field that squeezes all your energy out. It’s like drinking some type of medicine and feel extremely energized. However, this thing would produce a magnetic field with the same effect!”

Sun Mo looked at Ni Jingting. “You said it would produce a scentless smell? There’s no such thing. The only thing it would produce is a magnetic field.”

“What’s a magnetic field?”

Governor Fang was curious.

“A type of invisible special matter.”

Sun Mo shrugged, not wanting to go in too deep on this question.

The other guests didn’t continue asking because they knew they wouldn’t understand even if they heard it. However, respect appeared in their hearts.

He was definitely a guy with profound knowledge.

Sun Mo’s answer was evidently more magical and profound compared to Ni Jingting’s. It was even more difficult for ordinary people to understand it!

“Prince Consort Qi, it’s best that you dispose of this stonebone flower as soon as possible because it would cause you to overdraft your energy. By spending a long period with it, you would become lethargic and even paralyzed.”

Sun Mo reminded.

“Many thanks!”

Because of his relationship with Li Ziqi, Qi Mu`en believed that Sun Mo wouldn’t harm him.

“Teacher Sun, might I be so impudent as to ask if you’ve seen a record of this stonebone flower in ancient books?

Cao Xian asked.

Everyone also pricked their ears up.

There were many ruins on the Darkness Continent with a lot of missing knowledge within. If Sun Mo had discovered an illustrated book about the stonebone flower, it could explain why he knew this while the Saint Gate didn’t.

Sun Mo looked at Cao Xian and sniffed. “Headmaster Cao, do you have a flower with blue-colored petals at home?”


Cao Xian stared at Sun Mo with shock. That flower was something he had obtained by chance when he was adventuring in the Darkness Continent during his youth. He was also trying to find relevant information about that flower but to no avail.

“Congratulations to Headmaster Cao for obtaining a rare darkness treasure. That is an Image-Recording Flower. During wee hours, the petals would open and it would record everything that’s happening within 50 meters of it on its petals.”

Sun Mo explained.

The guests turned their heads and looked at Headmaster Cao.

Cao Xian ignored those gazes. He stared at Sun Mo instead and had a puzzled look on his face. “How did you know this?”

“Your body has the smell of the Image-Recording Flower. Actually, I smelled it before when we first met.”

Sun Mo smiled.

“Headmaster Cao, your Myriad Daos Academy is the direct competitor of the Central Province Academy. Maybe, they bribed some of your servants and obtained this information!”

Li Zixing reminded.

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