Absolute Great Teacher
514 Do You Think My Teacher’s Title as a Botanist Grandmaster Is Fake?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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514 Do You Think My Teacher’s Title as a Botanist Grandmaster Is Fake?

Chapter 514: Do You Think My Teacher’s Title as a Botanist Grandmaster Is Fake?

“There’s its smell on me?”

Cao Xian had a dumbfounded look on his face. He subconsciously sniffed but couldn’t smell anything. However, it was true that there was a slight sour stench from his clothes. He had been busy practicing alchemy during these few days and had no time to wash and change.

“Can you smell it?”

Cao Xian looked at Yue Rongbo who was beside him.

Yue Rongbo shook his head. There was a slight sour stench, but it was normal for alchemists to be in this state. Let alone taking a shower, if they even took the time to change into a new set of clothes, that might cause a failure to happen in the process of concoction.

“Is this real or fake? Sun Mo can smell the fragrance of flowers from Headmaster Cao? Isn’t this too much of an exaggeration?”

“I feel that Prince Li’s words are logical.”

“If it’s true, that Sun Mo would be really impressive!”

Everyone discussed with one another. The Deer Tail Banquet this year had so many good shows!

“Prince Li, casually doubting the characters of others would only damage your own image!”

Sun Mo mocked.


Li Zixing looked at Cao Xian, waiting for him to testify.

Cao Xian had an awkward look on his face. Although Li Zixing was his financial backer, he still had moral integrity and wouldn’t do something like framing an innocent.

“Headmaster Cao, has your image-recording flower started to shed its leaves? Or are there signs of it withering?”

Sun Mo asked.

“Sun Mo, you are still adamant that you didn’t send people to spy on Headmaster Cao?”

Li Zixing berated.

“Are you done with your interruptions? Do you want to taste the feel of having Profound Words cast on you?”

Sun Mo frowned and roared.


Li Zixing subconsciously shivered. There was no way he wanted to kneel on the ground.

Sun Mo ignored the idiot prince and continued, “Did that flower wither three months ago?”

Cao Xian clasped his hands and spoke sincerely, “Teacher Sun, please guide me!”

“It’s basking in the sunlight for too long.”

Sun Mo shrugged.

“Ah? It’s that simple?”

The guests felt that this answer was too simple!

However, Cao Xian didn’t dare to be careless because the simpler an answer was, the deeper the knowledge behind it would be. Letting a flower bask in sunlight?

Who wouldn’t do so? But as to how much sunlight it should get, that would be another question.

“Teacher Sun, could you please explain in detail?”

“This type of flower is very valuable, so there is an 80 to 90% chance that you placed it in a secret chamber. Is that right?”

Sun Mo deduced.

Cao Xian nodded. He was also worried that his image-recording flower might be stolen.

“However, nurturing a flower also means that you have to let it bask in sunlight. Hence, you must take it out at regular timings. The problem lies here.

“For the image-recording flower to grow well, it needs a certain amount of sunlight every day. If the duration is too long or too short, it wouldn’t work.”

“So that’s the reason!”

Cao Xian was enlightened.

“Headmaster Cao, don’t listen to his nonsense!”

Ni Jingting finally calmed down. When he saw Sun Mo gaining control of the entire scene and started to display his brilliance, he wasn’t able to sit still.

If Sun Mo shot to fame today, he would become Sun Mo’s stepping stone. Hence, he had to retaliate.

“Teacher Ni, why do you say so?”

Li Zixing hurriedly helped him to speak.

“I also know how to do such deductions. Just think about it. This is such a rare flower, so no matter who obtained it, they would surely place it in a secret chamber. Sun Mo asked the question about leaves dropping and signs of withering, and after he obtained Headmaster Cao’s verification, he started to answer. You guys should just think carefully, for something like basking in the sunlight, how can the effects be instantaneous? So, even if he is wrong, no one would know!”

Ni Jingting analyzed.

The guests frowned and started to ponder over his words. (It does sound quite logical after this was mentioned.)

“So, I say that Sun Mo is extremely cunning. If Headmaster Cao replied that his image-recording flower showed no signs of withering, he could also find another reason to link back to his earlier point of basking in the sun.”

Ni Jingting continued.

An Xinhui and Gu Xiuxun mutually exchanged glances. Ni Jingting was as expected of a 3-star great teacher. His train of thought was meticulous. It was very difficult to deal with him!

“You’re basically pestering my teacher endlessly!”

Ying Baiwu was very angry.

“Baiwu, don’t be angry. Allow me to use knowledge to defeat him!”

Sun Mo looked at Ni Jingting. “You guys can’t smell the scent, and you guys can’t see the effect of sunlight. In that case, let me say something you guys will be able to see!”

Everyone was shocked, not expecting Sun Mo to actually have a response. They started to listen attentively.

“Headmaster Cao, ever since you obtained the image-recording flower, did you feel that the number of insects biting you have increased several times throughout these few years? During summer and autumn every year, did you suffer unspeakable misery?”

Sun Mo surveyed Cao Xian. “Everyone, look. Headmaster Cao has mosquitoes around him right now!”

The guests all turned to look at Cao Xian. Indeed, there were some mosquitoes around him and it seemed that they had bitten him.

For ordinary people, they just had to wave their hands and pat around a little and the mosquitoes would fly away. However, this move was useless for Cao Xian.

“Sun Mo, attracting bugs is due to a person’s innate body condition!”

Ni Jingting argued again.

This time, there was no need for Sun Mo to say anything because Cao Xian spoke out.

“Teacher Ni, that’s enough. There’s no need to argue anymore. I can guarantee that every word of Teacher Sun is correct. He does have very high attainments in the field of botany!”

No matter what, Cao Xian was a 5-star great teacher. He was someone that wanted face.

Ni Jingting froze, feeling anger and embarrassment. Even his fingers started shaking.

“Teacher Sun, how should I resolve this problem?”

Cao Xian bowed slightly, displaying his sincerity. He was already incomparably vexed by this problem, even almost suffering a slight mental illness.

Given his status, he had naturally gone to those famous pharmacists and obtained bug-repelling medicines. However, it was useless. Those bugs followed him constantly, and every summer and autumn were periods of torment to Cao Xian.

“Whoever started the trouble should end it. Take a portion of rhizome from the image-recording flower and after soaking it in icy water, rub it all over your body three times a day. Do this for an entire month and your situation would become better. However, if you want to be completely treated, you can only choose to stay far away from that flower.”

Sun Mo gave a solution.

This time around, no one doubted Sun Mo’s skill in botany again. Because whether this solution could resolve things or not, Cao Xian would know once he tried it.

No matter how gutsy Sun Mo was, there was no way he would dare to deceive a 5-star great teacher.

“Many thanks, Teacher Sun!”

Cao Xian thanked Sun Mo.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

As Yue Rongbo applauded, the guests who were still in a daze finally came to their senses and started clapping. At the same time, they were regarding Sun Mo with curiosity.

As expected of the top ranker who achieved a grand slam. He actually had such high attainments in the field of botany.


“Congratulations, you have just obtained 1,520 favorable impression points.”

After hearing the system notification, Sun Mo looked at Li Zixing, and then he turned to Ni Jingting. His lips curled. (Wanting to go against me? This daddy will crush you two so badly today that you all start to doubt life!)

Ni Jingting could feel the malice in Sun Mo’s gaze. Before he could think of a solution, Sun Mo spoke.

“Governor Fang, Calming Flowers are good things, but it wouldn’t be of benefit to your body if you place too many of them in your bedroom!” said Sun Mo.

“Ah? How did you know this?”

Governor Fang lowered his head and sniffed his armpits. “Did you smell some scent?”

“No, I can see it!”

Sun Mo laughed. “Your eyeballs are too white, with no traces of blood at all. To a high official like you who is busy with work, this is too incredible. Besides, your fingers rarely moved, and your entire body seemed stiff. Your skin is also slightly pale. From these characteristics, I deduced that you must have come in contact with a large number of calming flowers over a long period!”

Everyone whispered to each other.

“Is it very serious?”

Governor Fang was anxious.

“If this continues, your entire person will turn dispirited and listless, not feeling interested in anything. Bluntly speaking, you would have no way to get excited!”

Sun Mo discovered that if it was some sickness from herbology, he could directly see through it. Could he be considered half a doctor now?

Fang Lun started. In the past, every two to three months, he would feel the need to bed his concubines. But recently, he had no interest at all.

Even when facing top-tier flower queens of Jinling, he felt nothing at all. For this, he had even forced himself to eat plenty of aphrodisiacs.

“However, Teacher Sun...if I don’t use the calming flowers, I will suffer from insomnia every night!”

Fang Lun had a bitter look on his face. For someone in his position, there were too many things he needed to worry about.

“I have no solution to this. You should seek help from those famous doctors!”

Sun Mo shrugged.

Although Sun Mo had no solution, everyone was still stunned by his earlier deductions.

“Many thanks for your guidance. I will pay a visit to you later and prepare an expensive gift!”

Fang Lun felt that his previous sincerity wasn’t enough. Also, it wasn’t too good for him to consult on some of his private problems in public.


Favorable impression points from Fang Lun +200. Friendly (700/1,000).

“Teacher Ni, Prince Li, do you guys want to continue asking questions?”

Sun Mo asked.

Ni Jingting had an embarrassed look on his face.

The stonebone flower was like a hammer in reality, smashing into his chest. Sun Mo proved that his answer was correct. This scene caused An Xinhui to be extremely shocked. (He’s actually a master botanist?)


Gu Xiuxun’s words were concise and comprehensive.

“Since that’s the case, shouldn’t the two of you apologize to me?”

Sun Mo asked with a smile.

The expressions of the guests turned bizarre. No one could have expected the situation to turn around now.

“Eh? A 3-star great teacher and a prince with a noble status have so little magnanimity? If you guys cannot afford to lose, stop bragging so much before others in the future!”

Sun Mo berated.

Ni Jingting’s lips trembled. He was grinding his teeth and wanted nothing more than to kill Sun Mo with a single punch. Today, he had completely lost all his face.

Li Zixing didn’t feel good either. Ever since he was young, he had never been lectured by someone so badly before.

“Hmph, do you think my teacher’s title as a botanist grandmaster is fake?”

Lu Zhiruo was very happy. Her teacher had won another round again.

“Teacher Ni’s attitude is worthy of learning. He isn’t afraid of shame and isn’t afraid to question others so he could learn more. This is understandable!”

Another great teacher beside Li Zixing wanted to be the peacemaker.

“This great teacher, I’ve always lived by these words – Just admit it if you are wrong and stand up straight under a beating. We are all great teachers and should lead by example. If not, how are we qualified to be a model example for our students?”

Sun Mo spoke earnestly. After that, the light of a golden halo erupted forth.

Priceless Advice activated!


Gu Xiuxun kneaded her forehead. (Mr. Golden Sentences, can you stop it?)

Because this great teacher halo was commonly seen, everyone was calm.

“Teacher Sun, my apologies!”

Although Ni Jingting was a 3-star great teacher and was somewhat immune to the effect of Priceless Advice, he was still affected. Besides, the shame he felt made him apologize.


Sun Mo intentionally acted like a person of great moral stature who did not remember the offenses committed by one of low moral stature. This simply caused Ni Jingting to be so angry he wanted to die. As for Li Zixing, he temporarily wasn’t able to find a way to start counter-attacking.

Sun Mo’s performance was just too shocking.

As for an apology? Don’t even think about it. He wouldn’t apologize to Sun Mo in his entire lifetime!

“Prince Li!”

Sun Mo called out.

Li Zixing looked at Sun Mo, waiting for the latter part of his sentence. In the end, Sun Mo didn’t say anything, causing Li Zixing to be puzzled.


Yue Rongbo couldn’t help but laugh out loud because Sun Mo’s meaning was clear. (What else do you have to make things difficult for me? Just bring them all on!) This was a stark naked show of contempt and provocation.

This Sun Mo was iron-headed indeed!

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