Absolute Great Teacher
515 The Show Hasn’t Ended Yet!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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515 The Show Hasn’t Ended Yet!

Chapter 515: The Show Hasn’t Ended Yet!

Li Zixing soon understood Sun Mo’s meaning. He was so angry that the green veins on his forehead throbbed violently, and he wanted nothing more than to strangle Sun Mo to death right now.

He was a prince from the Great Tang Empire. Even a 5-star great teacher wouldn’t dare to provoke him like this.

This Sun Mo was truly conceited and contemptuous to the extreme.

“Prince Li, how about we have a wager? If I pass the 2-star great teacher examination three months later, why don’t you take out that magical plant from your home to broaden our horizons?”

Sun Mo teased.


The gazes of everyone turned to Li Zixing, filled with curiosity and probing. (You still have such a treasure?)

“What magical plant?”

Li Zixing had a stupified look on his face. Did he have something like this at home? Why didn’t he know about this?

“Sigh, if Prince Li is unwilling, let’s just forget it then. Why do you have to pretend to be ignorant?”

Sun Mo mocked. “But if it’s me, I also won’t allow others to see it easily. After all, that’s a rare darkness treasure that even Saint Gate doesn’t possess!”

This time around, even Li Silin and Li Feng were staring at their father as grief and resentment appeared in their hearts. (Are we still your sons? There’s such a good treasure, but you have never shown it to us before.)

“Sun Mo, don’t talk nonsense. I don’t have this type of rare darkness treasure!”

Li Zixing disputed. He was so angry that his beard and hair were standing up, almost to the point where they became bristles.

Sun Mo was digging a hole for him. Once the Saint Gate heard that he had a rare and valuable darkness treasure, they would surely come to look for him. If he couldn’t produce anything, there was an 80 to 90% chance that his relationship with the Saint Gate would be strained.


Sun Mo coldly laughed.

Li Zixing originally wanted to explain, but seeing the expressions of the guests in the surroundings, he knew it was useless no matter what he said. It was because Sun Mo had already proved his capabilities as a botanist.

He could identify a plant he had never seen before just from its lingering scent and could even deduce the types of plants Qi Mu`en and Governor Fang had through looking at them. Wasn’t this too impressive?

If they weren’t seeing this personally, they wouldn’t believe it either. Hence, when Sun Mo said that Li Zixing had a rare darkness treasure at home, there was an 80 to 90% chance that it was true.

(This was basically groundless!) Li Zixing silently fumed.

Li Zixing wanted to say Sun Mo was lying, but he basically had no proof. On the contrary, he would only make things worse for himself.

“Che, if Sun Mo can’t ‘kill’ Li Zixing with this, he can definitely still disgust him to death!”

Qi Mu`en sighed. This Sun Mo was really very scheming.

The happenings in the Deer Tail Banquet would surely spread out. When the Saint Gate looked for Li Zixing and he couldn’t take out a rare darkness treasure, it would mean that he was refusing to hand it to them. The relationship between both parties might still remain cordial, but none of the great teachers here felt it would be so.

How great was the Saint Gate’s authority?

Every single great teacher in the Middle-Earth Nine Provinces was under their jurisdiction.

In the future, when Li Zixing wanted to hire great teachers to teach his kids, that great teacher would consider the relationship between Li Zixing and the Saint Gate.

What if the Saint Gate decided to take things out on that great teacher, implicating the latter due to their unhappiness over Li Zixing’s refusal. What could that great teacher do then?

One must know that humans would naturally try to avoid calamities and seek fortune. Even if they knew Saint Gate most probably wouldn’t make things difficult for Li Zixing, how many would dare to take a gamble? They most probably would refuse Li Zixing’s request.

Hence, it could be said that from now onward, Li Zixing wouldn’t be able to hire a great teacher easily.

Zheng Qingfang could also analyze things though and understood this point. In order to stop Li Zixing from finding a solution, he shifted the topic. “There’s a custom every year in the Deer Tail Banquet. We would give a chance for the newly ascended great teachers to display their brilliance. This year, there are so many young heroes gathered here, so the rest of us should be able to enjoy a good show!”

Liu Mubai’s spirits stirred. He finally got a chance to perform. However, he suddenly felt some trepidation when his gaze landed on Sun Mo.

Sun Mo’s performance was just too stunning.

Luckily, they wouldn’t be competing in spirit runes or botany!

Liu Mubai suddenly rejoiced a little as though he had managed to escape from a calamity.

The originally noisy Linjiang Hall suddenly fell silent. The guests gazed around at the great teachers and quickly forgot about the previous matter.

The vast majority of people like drama. Every year, the competition between newly ascended great teachers in the Deer Tail Banquet could be considered a fascinating and important aspect. However, because Sun Mo directly won a painting battle and even scolded a 3-star great teacher, everyone almost forgot about the competition between the new great teachers.

“I originally thought that one of the twin annulus of Jinling would be the star of the show. I didn’t expect Sun Mo to suddenly appear and snatch the thunder.”

Governor Fang shook his head. After that, he stood up and started to introduce the newly promoted 1-star great teachers from this year’s examination.

“Fang Wuji and Liu Mubai. These two famous names should be familiar to everyone. They only chose to take the 1-star great teacher examination this year because they wanted to challenge themselves to achieve the impressive feat of getting 3 stars in one year.”

Governor Fang praised.

As the twin annulus of Jinling, even if Governor Fang didn’t introduce the two of them, everyone had seen their personal students, Duan Qiao and Han Zisheng, before.

Liu Mubai today was as elegant as ever, but Fang Wuji was different. Firstly, there was his broad chin and his uglier looks. Moreover, he had drunk a lot earlier and seemed to have forgotten his manners.

“Wuji, greet everyone!”

Cao Xian urged. It was a pity that after Fang Wuji fell out of love, he became dispirited. He slumped over the table and remained unmoving.

“Sigh, I didn’t expect Wuji’s emotions would be so deep.”

Cao Xian had no solutions and could only give Fang Wuji some points from how deep Fang Wuji’s emotions were.

“This is Great Teacher Gu, Gu Xiuxun from the Central Province Academy. Her personal student Zhang Yanzong is beside her and was the student leader of the newbie group in the ‘D’ grade league tournament last year. He had an extremely dazzling performance.”

Fang Lun introduced.

After hearing this, Cao Xian’s lips twitched. Gu Xiuxun was clearly a good seedling their schools had nurtured, but in the end, An Xinhui had benefitted.

The guests discussed with each other. Some men took the chance to admire her face and figure, enjoying the sight.

“Teacher Gu and her disciple both have outstanding strength, and she would also participate in the 2-star great teacher examination two months later. I feel that she would pass and might even become a ranker on the Devastating Beauty Rankings.”

Fang Lun complimented.

“Governor Fang overpraised me!”

Gu Xiuxun humbly replied.

The remaining newly ascended great teachers were like salted fishes; no one paid any attention to them.

“Why didn’t he introduce Teacher?”

Lu Zhiruo was unhappy.

“Please, our teacher is the finale!”

Li Ziqi laughed. “Don’t you know the most impressive one would always appear the last?”

“And the last person is none other than our top ranker of the 1-star great teacher examination. Everyone must have heard of his name a lot recently. Despite being a new teacher, he had led the newbie group of the Central Province Academy to obtain first place in the league tournament. After that, he crushed the examinees of even the Nine Greats during the 1-star great teacher examination to obtain the first place. Truly, his radiance is incomparable.”

The gazes of all the guests landed on Sun Mo. One couldn’t help but say that his external appearance was extremely good. He had a straight back and a deep gaze. Being extremely handsome and having a gentle sun-like smile, he caused people to feel a favorable impression of him.

“Don’t you guys also want such an outstanding young man as your son-in-law? Sadly, it’s too late. He already has a marriage engagement with Headmaster An.”

Governor Fang had a regretful look on his face.

When Zheng Qingfang saw this, he understood that Fang Lun was saying things this way to let Sun Mo gain face. This meant that Sun Mo’s talent had already convinced him.

“Naturally, Sun Mo’s glorious achievements aren’t simply these. When he first joined the school, he founded a brand new subject named Medical Cultivation. His classes are always full and students wouldn’t find any seats unless they went to queue two hours in advance!”

Governor Fang had investigated Sun Mo’s information.

When everyone heard this, the expression of shock could be seen on their faces. One must know that the number of students attending a teacher’s class was the best standard to gauge a great teacher’s capabilities.

“Haha, in the Central Province Academy, Teacher Sun also has the famous title ‘God Hands’. If everyone can experience it, you all would surely agree that it’s extremely shocking.”

Zheng Qingfang introduced.

“God Hands? Is there a need to be so exaggerated?”

Everyone was shocked. One must know that this title wasn’t something one could obtain just because they wanted to.

“According to convention, newly ascended great teachers would have a chance to show their skills. However, be it Sun Mo, Liu Mubai, or Fang Wuji, there’s already no need for them to prove themselves!”

Governor Fang laughed. “Hence, why don’t we give this chance to their students?”

Governor Fang was a good speaker. Honestly speaking, great teachers sparring was a type of performance, but at the level of Sun Mo and the others, there was already no need for them to do so. As for the other teachers, because they weren’t famous, none of the guests would be interested in watching them either.

Zhang Yanzong and the other personal students immediately felt their spirits stirring. Even Duan Qiao and Han Zisheng were no exceptions. No one would feel that they had too many opportunities to become famous.

“In that case, who wants to be first?”

Governor Fang asked with a laugh.

As the sound of his voice faded, Ying Baiwu stepped out. She gazed at Li Silin. “This student, please guide me!”


A commotion appeared. Sun Mo’s student was so fierce.

“You doubted my teacher multiple times. As his student, I’m not capable enough to share the worries of my teacher. Hence, I can only give it my all in a battle!”

Ying Baiwu looked at Li Silin. “Please guide me!”

“Have you thought things through? I’m at the spirit-refinement realm!”

Li Silin stared at Ying Baiwu with a mocking look on his face.

“That’s very good. If you are at the body-refinement realm, it would only be a waste of my time!”

Ying Baiwu heaved a sigh of relief.

Her expression completely angered Li Silin. (What do you mean by this? Do you mean that if I were at the body-refinement realm, you would win against me for sure?)

(Since you are courting death, I will grant you your wish!)

Upon recalling how he was forced to kneel under the impact of Sun Mo’s Profound Words, Li Silin decided to kill Ying Baiwu here. Hence, he revealed an awkward expression.

“Swords and sabers are eyeless, if you are injured...”

“Let’s make it a life-and-death battle then. The loser should have no resentment!”

Ying Baiwu didn’t wait for Li Silin to finish speaking and directly answered.

“Baiwu, don’t speak nonsense!”

Sun Mo frowned. Li Silin was clearly trying to provoke Ying Baiwu, making her take the initiative to suggest a life-and-death battle!

“Teacher, I won’t lose!”

Ying Baiwu turned her head and spoke in a decisive tone, “If I lost, it would mean that I’m unworthy to become your personal student!”


Upon hearing this, the guests were shocked. As for the great teachers, they revealed envious looks. This young girl worshipped Sun Mo very much. In order to protect his honor, she actually wanted a life-and-death battle.

(I also want such a student!)

“Teacher Sun, your student’s filial piety truly causes us to admire you.”

Li Zixing spoke, “Silin, since that’s the case, go ahead and guide her a little. Remember not to injure her!”

“Roger, father!”

Li Silin held the hilt of his sword in a single hand. He stepped out and faced Ying Baiwu directly.

“Men, go and bring this female student’s weapon over!”

Governor Fang instructed.

From this point alone, one could see the gap between their statuses. When Sun Mo and the others entered the Linjiang Hall, their weapons would have to be left outside. However, there was no need for Li Silin to do so.

Because he was a little prince.

This was the difference in treatment.

“Little Momo, can she really win?”

An Xinhui frowned and asked in a low voice. With a single look, everyone could tell that Ying Baiwu was a few years younger than Li Silin. If they fought, she would surely be at a disadvantage.

Li Silin was very scheming as well. He understood this point and was worried others might stop the spar. Hence, he hurriedly spoke out.

“Li Silin, spirit-refinement realm, please guide me!”

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