Absolute Great Teacher
516 Crushed
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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516 Crushed


“Student Li, you are too anxious. Baiwu didn’t even have her weapon in hand yet. Or, do you want her to fight you barehanded?”

Sun Mo mocked.


Li Silin was speechless.

“That’s why it’s said that young people cannot contain their emotions. Even if you impatiently want to kill her, you have to do things properly, don’t you?”

Sun Mo continued to jeer.

“I don’t want to kill her!”

Li Silin denied.

“Oh? In that case, why is your grip on the sword hilt so tight?”

Sun Mo’s tone was severe.

“It’s not, you are talking nonsense!”

Li Silin subconsciously relaxed his fingers. He didn’t want others to misunderstand that he was a vicious and merciless person.

“Sun Mo, your way of doing things is tasteless. In a spar between students, why do you have to interfere and disturb Silin’s mental state?”

Ni Jingting questioned.

Upon hearing this, the guests were enlightened. So, Sun Mo’s questions were for this!

“Disturbing his mental state?”

Sun Mo started.

When everyone saw Sun Mo’s expression, they started to think that Ni Jingting was thinking too much again. Ni Jingting must have accused Sun Mo wrongly.

“Teacher Ni, those with scheming hearts would assume everyone is the same as them!”

An Xinhui criticized.


Gu Xiuxun complimented. Given her understanding of Sun Mo, it was clear that he was digging a hole for Li Silin with his astounding performance. His startled expression could convince others more than any words he could say.

“Stop talking so much nonsense. She has already gotten her sword, can we start the spar now?”

Li Zixing interjected. At the same time, his trepidation for Sun Mo rose by another level. This fellow wasn’t easy to deal with.

An Xinhui was soft-hearted and kind. As she didn’t know how to scheme, it was very easy to deal with her. But Sun Mo was inwardly evil while outwardly kind, an exceptionally cunning person. Moreover, he was eloquent.

“Wait a minute!”

Sun Mo stopped.

“Why? Is Teacher Sun afraid?”

Li Zixing ridiculed.

“Can’t I speak a few sentences to my student first?”

Sun Mo replied. He then directly walked to Ying Baiwu’s side.

“Teacher, I won’t lose!”

Ying Baiwu was resolute. She added another sentence in her heart. (Either I die, or I win!)

“I believe you!”

Sun Mo looked at this young girl whose complexion glowed with the red hue of health after getting sufficient sleep and food. A smile from the bottom of his heart appeared on his face.

(It’s so good to have a student who worships you and would defend your honor!)

A white glow appeared on Sun Mo’s hand as he lifted it up.

“What is that?”

Cao Xian was startled.

“No idea!”

Yue Rongbo shook his head.

Ying Baiwu saw that white glow as well. Hence, she stepped back and had a serious expression as she looked at Sun Mo. “Teacher, I hope that he would have nothing to say about his loss!”

“Baiwu, a teacher guiding their students at the last minute is permitted!”

Li Ziqi reminded her.

“If I require the help of Soul Imprint to defeat someone like this, I wouldn’t be worthy to be one of Teacher’s personal students.”

Ying Baiwu persisted.

“What’s Soul Imprint?”

“It sounds very impressive!”

“Is that a great teacher halo? But I’ve never heard of it before!”

The great teachers on the scene were all extremely curious.

Sun Mo turned his head and looked at Li Silin.

16 years old. Spirit-refinement realm. 9 acupoints opened.

Strength: 12. Average standard, not worthy of a mention.

Intellect: 13. A little cunning.

Agility: 11. Below average.

Endurance: 9. Unable to withstand suffering. He won’t be able to achieve anything even if he has a peak-tier cultivation art.

Will: 8. As a little prince, he never had an opportunity to temper his will before.


Potential value: Average.

Note: A mediocre person. He depended on medicine to reach the spirit-refinement realm and is actually very proud of this.

“What are you looking at?”

Li Silin felt chills from being looked at by Sun Mo.

“Just go ahead, you will win for sure!”

Sun Mo patted Ying Baiwu on her shoulder. “Against such an opponent, you can win even if you use one hand!”

When the guests heard this, all of them felt that Sun Mo was too arrogant. Although Li Silin wasn’t Li Zixing’s most outstanding son, his teacher was the 3-star great teacher Ni Jingting, and a vast amount of resources was used to nurture him. How would it be possible for him to lose to Ying Baiwu?

“Ying Baiwu, eighth level of the body-refinement realm. Please guide me!”

The Wind King Bow was strapped to Ying Baiwu’s back. She wielded White Bird and had a grave and stern look on her face.

“Eighth level?”

Li Silin was a little surprised. No wonder this girl dared to provoke him, so she was a genius. Usually, people her age would only be at the third or fourth level.

However, it would definitely feel so satisfying to kill a genius!

The guests exclaimed in shock. This match shouldn’t be allowed because Ying Baiwu’s opponent was much stronger than her. However, no one brought this up because no one wanted to offend Li Zixing.

“Teacher Sun!”

Yue Rongbo questioned with his gaze. If Sun Mo said something, he would cancel this spar. The words of a 4-star great teacher still had some weight to them.

“Teacher Yue. Sometimes, cultivation levels aren’t everything!”

Sun Mo smiled.

“Alright, let me be the judge then!”

Yue Rongbo walked out. Once Ying Baiwu lost, he would save her immediately.

Li Zixing glared at Yue Rongbo, really wanting to roar, ‘what does this have to do with you? Also, do you know that your salary is paid by me?’

“Most probably, everyone isn’t clear on this female student’s origins. Allow me to introduce her. Just a year ago, she was an apprentice ironsmith during the day and a swill transporter during the night. It was Teacher Sun who discovered her and accepted her as a personal student!”

Cao Xian was still biased toward Li Zixing. However, he was too embarrassed to directly tell Li Silin that Ying Baiwu was very powerful and could only use a round-about method to tactfully introduce her.

It was a pity that Li Silin didn’t seem to care at all. On the contrary, he even revealed a look of contempt. Regardless of resources, talent, or guidance from a great teacher, he thought that he was victorious in all aspects. How could she win then?


Yue Rongbo’s voice rang out.

Li Silin didn’t move and waved his sword. “I will allow you to start fir...”


Ying Baiwu leaned forward and exerted force with her legs. He then shot toward Li Silin like a fired cannon.


The qi flow exuded by this iron-headed girl caused the robes of everyone around to flutter.


Li Silin felt his vision dazzled. After that, an ear-piercing gale could be heard as an air of sharpness slashed toward his face.

“How swift!”

Liu Mubai’s eyes narrowed as he stared at Ying Baiwu. The movement art of this girl was quick, but her speed of unleashing sword force was even quicker!

Cao Xian and Yue Rongbo, who originally wouldn’t be concerned about a spar between two students, were both looking at Ying Baiwu.

Her sword force was too quick, so Li Silin couldn’t see it clearly. When he finally saw it, he didn’t dare to block. Hence, he subconsciously side-stepped and slashed his sword out to parry it.


The pressure of White Bird smashed down onto Li Silin’s sword.

After that, Ying Baiwu continued to launch attacks with the ferocity of a storm.

Dotting Crimson Lip, Crows Crying at Night, Colors of Autumn!

Ding! Ding! Ding!

The two swords clashed repeatedly and Li Silin constantly stepped back. Right now, he was completely focused on defending.

There was no solution to this. Ying Baiwu’s attacks were too profound, and Li Silin basically wasn’t able to understand them.

“Can junior sister win?”

Lu Zhiruo was very worried, tugging at Li Ziqi’s sleeves.

“She can!”

Gu Xiuxun explained. “This little prince is already panicking, and his combat intelligence is too mediocre. At such a time, he is still thinking of how to break Ying Baiwu’s attack. This is a below-average strategy. What he should do is depend on the advantage of his cultivation base and just break through with brute strength.”

All the experienced great teachers could tell how impressive Ying Baiwu was. She had calculated correctly that Li Silin would feel embarrassed to attack first. Hence, she had stolen the initiative to attack, and given the profound attacks she unleashed, she could completely avoid Li Silin’s crude attacks and directly hit his body. However, she didn’t do so because she wanted to clash head-on against him.

This was for the sake of completely crushing Li Silin’s battle intent.

Woosh~ woosh~ woosh~

White Bird sliced through Li Silin’s robes, leaving behind a wound on his body, causing blood to flow out.

“Do you want me to stop the match?”

Sun Mo looked at Li Zixing.

Li Zixing’s lips twitched. He wanted to shout for the match to be stopped, but he couldn’t afford to lose face.

“Fool, attack! Use your strength to suppress her!”

Ni Jingting couldn’t bear it anymore and started to shout angrily.

Everyone swept their gazes at him. Shouting out pointers during a match...wasn’t this behavior a little too shameless? (Hey, you are a 3-star great teacher! Besides, the cultivation base of your student is higher than his opponent.)


Li Silin roared, going all out and retaliating.


Two swords collided.

“Die for me!”

Li Silin slashed his sword toward Ying Baiwu’s neck. After that, he discovered that she didn’t bother to evade and directly pierced her sword toward him.


Li Silin jumped in fright and could only change his move at the last minute, opting to block Ying Baiwu’s attack.


Upon seeing this scene, Ni Jingting was almost angered to death.

“There’s no suspense anymore!”

Cao Xian shook his head. Li Silin was too afraid of dying. Therefore, it was already destined that he would lose.

Ying Baiwu’s battle strategy was very simple, and that was to keep seizing chances to attack. She wanted to use the strategy of suicide attacks to force Li Silin to be on the defensive end. (No matter how high your cultivation base or strength is, as long as you cannot focus on attack, your advantages would be useless.)

At the same time, her own profound attacks and footwork, in addition to her indestructible will, could perfectly be displayed.

If they were at the same cultivation level, Li Silin would be insta-killed.

However, Li Silin’s current performance was like an eyesore. He was like a turtle that could only hide passively to endure a beating.

Naturally, the differences in talent were something impossible to make up for. If Li Silin wanted to counter-attack, he could only endure the incoming injuries. This was because this young girl’s attacks were too impressive. Given his judgment ability, there was no way for him to use his own techniques to break her’s.

“Teacher, is that a saint-tier cultivation art?”

Duan Qiao frowned heavily.


Fang Wuji glanced over and confirmed it.


Li Silin’s sword slashed past Ying Baiwu’s shoulder, directly leaving a wound. Fresh blood flowed out and stained her clothes.

“Aren’t you very brazen earlier?”

Just when Li Silin was about to feel joy, he discovered that this young girl didn’t even frown and was still focused on attacking him.

“Damn! Are you f***ing crazy?”

Li Silin was frightened. After that, he felt a stinging pain on his arm as a wound the size of a loach appeared there. After that, his face was kicked by a leg that swept over.


“Bear with the pain and counter-attack!”

Ni Jingting howled. However, it was useless. When had the prince of a rich empire ever seen such a reckless fighting style before? Besides, the injuries he suffered today were more than what he had suffered in his 15 years of life. Hence, his mental state had already broken.

Should I admit defeat?

Because of that moment of hesitation, Ying Baiwu flashed and appeared before him, sweeping out with one of her legs horizontally again.


Li Silin was blasted into the air and was engulfed by a rain of sword attacks

Eighteen Words Order!

Chi! Chi! Chi!

Ying Baiwu started to execute a combo attack. Each of her slashes struck her target, causing Li Silin to be unable to land on the ground. He was like a sandbag and could only struggle helplessly while being beaten up.

The entire scene fell silent.

Someone at the eighth level of the body-refinement realm could suppress someone at the spirit-refinement realm to such an extent?

Was it this girl who was impressive or Li Silin was too stupid? Maybe, Ni Jingting’s teaching capabilities were rubbish?

It should be the latter reason. Because even if Li Silin was a fool, Ni Jingting was still a 3-star great teacher. If he just casually guided Li Silin, there was no way for Li Silin to be so trash, right?

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》