Absolute Great Teacher
518 Teacher Ni, You Can“t Win Against Me!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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518 Teacher Ni, You Can“t Win Against Me!

Chapter 518: Teacher Ni, You Can’t Win Against Me!


The surrounding spectators looked at Sun Mo, wearing astonishment, envy, and greed in their gazes.

What were saint-tier cultivation arts?

They were existences that could act as a school’s ultimate divine art, the most valuable treasure that could allow a clan to remain prosperous for 1,000 years.

Why was it that Ni Jingting could have the achievements he had today?

Other than his exceptional aptitude, the peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art, the Flying Flower Chases Moon Sword Art, was just one step away from the saint-tier. Moreover, saint-tier cultivation arts were extremely rare, so Ni Jingting could rely on his cultivation art to deal crushing defeats to many people.

He thought that things would proceed in the same manner today... until Sun Mo performed his cultivation art.

It was like a classmate had shown off that they had just bought a house in front of you, telling you proudly that it was within the 2nd Ring Road [1], with an average price of over 100,000. However, they then realized that you lived in the Forbidden City and the place where you hosted guests was the Palace of Heavenly Purity!

This disparity was so huge that it was hard to accept.


Sun Mo nodded, swinging his blade in a flaunting manner.


Hearing Sun Mo’s verification, everyone immediately drew in a cold gasp. A few people present immediately wanted to get their sons to acknowledge Sun Mo as their teacher.

If they could receive his trust and favor, thereby getting to learn a few moves, they’d be able to benefit greatly.

Ni Jingting sank into hesitation. He was proud and arrogant, but that didn’t mean that he was a person with poor judgment. After the sparring earlier, he was certain that Sun Mo had quite a few tricks up his sleeves. It probably won’t be easy to win against him.

However, it’d be too embarrassing to not go ahead with the duel. He felt torn.

“Teacher Ni, you’re over ten years older than I am. With so many years of battle experience, it should be able to make up for the difference in our cultivation arts, right?”

Sun Mo smiled. “How about this, if I were to lose, I would teach you this saint-tier cultivation art!”

“Sun Mo, don’t be reckless!”

Yue Rongbo was shocked.

“Lad, don’t go overboard!”

Zheng Qingfang reproached, feeling that Sun Mo was getting a little complacent. (This is something that can be used as a family heirloom, yet you’re using it as a gambling chip? Are you crazy?)

“Is that for real?”

Ni Jingting, who was feeling hesitant, was instantly filled with battle will after hearing this. Moreover, he was worried that other people would disturb him and he quickly urged, “Come on!”

“Sister An, aren’t you going to persuade him?”

Gu Xiuxun felt worried.

“The saint-tier cultivation art is his. He has the right to do what he wants with it.”

An Xinhui smiled. “Moreover, he won’t lose!”


Zheng Qingfang stopped. “This is too unfair. Since Great Teacher Sun is using his saint-tier cultivation art as a chip, then Great Teacher Ni should also put his cultivation art on the line.”

Zheng Qingfang knew that he wouldn’t be able to convince Sun Mo to do otherwise, so he wanted to use this method to get Ni Jingting to back off.

“Prime Minister Zheng, don’t worry. I won’t lose.”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. “Moreover, his cultivation art is filled with flaws and I don’t need it!”

“Sun Mo!”

Zheng Qingfang’s tone was very harsh. This showed that he was concerned for Sun Mo. Otherwise, he wouldn’t give a damn even if Sun Mo were to lose everything he had.

“Let’s continue!”

Sun Mo raised his chin toward Ni Jingting. (Gambling chip? There’s no need for that. I’ll use Immemorial Vairocana to hit it out!)

The two of them engaged in battle once again. This time around, Ni Jingting went all out, performing all sorts of dazzling moves incessantly.

However, Sun Mo was very steady, receiving each and every attack.

Ni Jingting started to feel anxious when his attacks weren’t going through. At a point when the opportunity wasn’t that good, he performed his trump technique.

Flying Flower Chases Moon.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

The entire Linjiang Hall suddenly had large patches of beautiful flower petals falling, looking just like snow. Suddenly, all the flower petals were swept up by an invisible power, forming a tornado shape and attacking Sun Mo.

“So that’s how it is!”

Under Copy, Sun Mo witnessed every single detail of the ultimate technique Ni Jingting was performing. He then slashed his blade out and started to retaliate.

Paying someone back in their own coin!


The flower petals were scattered by the wooden blade. After pausing for about one breath, they gathered together once again, turning toward Ni Jingting this time around.


Ni Jingting was greatly surprised and thrown off his tracks. He somehow managed to fend off this attack, but before he could take a breather, Sun Mo came.

“It’s time for my performance now!”

Sun Mo shook his wrist and the wooden blade attacked Ni Jingting with great splendor, like a brush and ink splashing out.

Yujing Ballad, Midnight Songs Poetry, Golden Jade Hibiscus!

West River Moon, Broad Cold Autumn, Late Fragrance!

The surrounding guests were instantly surprised. Even if no one told them that this was a saint-tier cultivation art, they’d be able to guess it.

It was because it was too extravagant.

The current Sun Mo was performing attacks with a smooth flow, moving like a sprightly fairy and looking like an immortal. Quite a number of distinguished married ladies felt so agitated that they wanted to scream.

The wooden blade kept on hitting Ni Jingting’s body. Although other people couldn’t see it, Sun Mo could see the many pieces of golden pages flying out from his head.

It was like the mushrooms and coins that were knocked out when playing Super Mario.

“Damn it! Damn it!”

Ni Jingting retaliated with everything he had. However, when his longsword slashed onto Sun Mo’s body with great difficulty, he realized that Sun Mo remained unscathed.

“What the hell?”

Ni Jingting felt like he was going to collapse. He was then kicked in the chest and sent flying out.

Sun Mo stood there, reached out his hand, and snapped his fingers.


Those pages that fluttered in the air flew over like myriad birds heading toward a forest. They condensed together to form a golden book.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained the Flying Flower Chases Moon Sword Art, a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art!”

Sun Mo looked at it, activating his Divine Sight.

“Advantage: It has eerie and multivariate moves that could catch opponents unaware.”

“Flaws: Its attack prowess is slightly weak. When facing an enemy with great defense, it might not be able to break through the defense. Moreover, it is lacking a lot in its movements. If it is paired with the Wind King Divine Steps, its prowess will increase quite a lot.”

“Would you like to learn it?”

The system asked.

“Learn it!”

It was a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art after all. Even if he didn’t use it for himself, he could teach others.


The skill book shattered and the light spots that scattered off flew into Sun Mo’s forehead.


“Congratulations, you’ve learned the Flying Flower Chases Moon. Proficiency index, elementary-grade!”

Sun Mo drew his blade back, slowly appreciating this cultivation art, comparing it against what Ni Jingting had used earlier to understand it further.

“Sun Mo, come again!”

Ni Jingting stood up and bellowed loudly.

“Boring! I’m not continuing anymore.”

Sun Mo rejected.

“What do you mean by this? Are you looking down on me?”

Ni Jingting glared at Sun Mo, bellowing loudly as he wore a grim countenance, “Draw your blade! Have another 300 rounds with me!”

“Teacher Ni, you won’t be able to win against me.”

Sun Mo persuaded. He had gotten his hands on the most important spoils of battle, and there was no point in continuing further. As for a sparring opponent? Please, any illusion summoned in the darkness illusion dojo would be stronger than Ni Jingting.

“It’s true that there’s no need to continue. Sun Mo is very strong!”

“Teacher Ni, stop it. Otherwise, you’d just be seeking your own humiliation!”

“Quit while you’re still ahead!”

There were people discussing this, as well as people who tried to persuade him. No one felt that Ni Jingting would be able to win. If the fight continued, it’d just be more embarrassing for him.

“I haven’t lost... pffft...!”

Ni Jingting was overcome with fury and finally couldn’t hold it in anymore. Before he finished his words, he spurted a mouthful of blood.

“System, it should be enough to deal him a blow to this degree, right?”

Sun Mo felt that Ni Jingting was in a bad-enough state.

“What do you think?” The system asked.

“I suddenly feel that you’re very brutal!”

Sun Mo shot out then looked toward Li Silin. “As a great teacher, I feel that there’s a need to have basic morals. If you don’t like him, you shouldn’t have taken him in as your disciple!”

When Sun Mo said this, Ni Jingting’s countenance changed drastically. “What do you mean by that?”

“Teacher is saying that you only took Li Silin as your disciple in order to curry up to Li Zixing!”

Lu Zhiruo explained seriously.

Everyone understood the meaning behind this line, but it wasn’t appropriate to voice it out openly. The papaya girl was too innocent and didn’t know about such things.

“Sun Mo, you’re humiliating my character. If you can’t bring out the reason for saying this, I’ll report you to the Saint Gate.”

Ni Jingting’s countenance was grim.

It was because once things were set in stone, his reputation would be destroyed.

“Sun Mo, don’t insult my teacher! He even taught me a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art like the Flower Chases Moon!”

Li Silin bellowed. He held great respect for Ni Jingting.

“He did, but it’s a pity that a portion of the content has been left out!”

Sun Mo shrugged.

Ni Jingting’s heart skipped a beat. How did Sun Mo know that? But that didn’t matter. There were extremely few people who knew this cultivation art, and there wasn’t anyone who could testify against him.

Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to say anything. He started to incite a few important parts of the Flying Flower Chases Moon. “The body turns into void soul, qi turns into void form, the body and qi becomes one, everything follows the heart...”

“What is Sun Mo saying?”

“I don’t understand it!”

“But such words can’t be said recklessly!”

The guests mumbled amongst themselves. However, the great teachers were all invigorated. They perked their ears up for fear of missing out on a single word.

“This... this is...”

Li Silin looked very surprised.

“This is a portion of the important part of the Flying Flower Chases Moon. You haven’t heard of it before, right?”

Sun Mo sighed.

“No... that can’t be! Teacher won’t lie to me!”

Li Silin mumbled and then looked toward Ni Jingting.

Ni Jingting’s scalp turned numb. He felt like he was going to explode. How could Sun Mo know this? Moreover, these few lines were really the part that he hadn’t taught Li Silin.

Coincidence! It must be a coincidence!

“Teacher Sun, go on and give an explanation!”

Gu Xiuxun teased.

Ni Jingting wanted to lie, but if Sun Mo were to recite the entire thing out, it’d be over for him. Therefore, he could only argue, “This is a peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation art! Of course, I’ll have to assess Silin’s character and talent first before I teach him everything!”

(Damn it! Sun Mo, you already know a saint-tier cultivation art, so why is it that you know the Flying Flower Chases Moon as well? Can’t you leave a route for the rest of us?)

When Li Silin heard this, he looked stunned and disappointed. (Teacher, didn’t you say that I’m the disciple whom you’re the proudest of? And that you’ve already taught me the entirety of the Flying Flower Chases Moon? Why has it changed to become only one part?)

“Don’t just talk about me. Isn’t it the same for you?”

Ni Jingting tried to divert the topic, wearing a sneer on his face. “Could it be that you are willing to teach your cultivation art to your students directly?”


Sun Mo let out a soft laugh.

“Hey, don’t gauge the heart of a gentleman with your own mean measure! Teacher really did teach the cultivation arts to us!”

Ying Baiwu testified.

Ni Jingting was stunned and he subconsciously asked, “Saint-tier cultivation arts?”

“Of course! If they aren’t saint-tier, Teacher can’t be bothered to impart them to us!”

Lu Zhiruo chipped in as well.

“You’ve learned them too?”

Cao Xian felt curious.

“Not just me, the few of us have all learned!”

Lu Zhiruo said confidently.

[1] The 2nd Ring Road passes through very central parts of Beijing and runs almost directly past the original Beijing Railway Station. Prices of real estate inside the ring road are considerably higher than other parts of the city.

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