Absolute Great Teacher
519 I Have Great Righteousness In My Heart, I Fear No Evils Spirits, Demons, And Monsters!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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519 I Have Great Righteousness In My Heart, I Fear No Evils Spirits, Demons, And Monsters!


Some people might not believe Ying Baiwu’s words, but almost no one had any doubts when it was said by Lu Zhiruo. It was because the papaya girl’s innocent eyes and harmless expression were clearly like that of an innocent and flawless kitten.

However, Ni Jingting mustn’t admit to that. He must pull Sun Mo down to his moral level. Otherwise, it’d be over for him.

Even without looking at Li Zixing, Ni Jingting knew that Li Zixing was starting to have doubts. He might even harbor great hatred for him.

However, the most embarrassing thing was Li Silin’s gaze of having been betrayed.

To speak the truth, Ni Jingting didn’t care for Li Silin. However, in order to obtain resources from Li Zixing’s clan, he took Li Silin in as his personal disciple. On the surface, he had also said many things to get into his good books.

“Hmph, it’s all just words. Who’d be able to judge if you’re really taught?”

Ni Jingting argued.

“You’re a 3-star great teacher, right? What I used earlier is Teacher’s saint-tier cultivation art. Couldn’t you tell?”

Ying Baiwu questioned.

“I’m saying that Sun Mo might have taught you, but it’s likely that he hasn’t taught you the entire thing!”

Ni Jingting had just said this when people from the crowd started to voice their doubts even before Sun Mo put up any rebuttal.

“Even if he didn’t teach the entire set, Great Teacher Sun was already very generous!”

“That’s right. We’re talking about saint-tier cultivation arts here. Even the Nine Greats wouldn’t teach them to students easily. The schools would perform strict observations of the students first!”

“Actually, I feel that peerless-grade heaven-tier cultivation arts are very rare too. There’s nothing wrong with Ni Jingting’s actions, but lying to the student to say that he had imparted everything isn’t good.”

The guests mumbled away, no longer having any favorable impression of Ni Jingting. They wouldn’t want their children to be lied to either.

Ni Jingting’s countenance instantly turned pale.

“Ni Jingting, putting aside the issue with the cultivation art, do you know what’s your biggest problem?”

Sun Mo questioned, no longer addressing Ni Jingting as Teacher Ni.

A hint of fluster appeared in Ni Jingting’s eyes, and he subconsciously thought of a problem. No, that couldn’t be. Sun Mo hadn’t seen it before, so how could he know?

(I must be overthinking things.)

“You have used medicinal baths to force out Li Silin’s potential. If my guess is correct, you’re worried that there might not be results after you taught him, and then you might be doubted by Prince Li. That’s why you did this, right?”

Sun Mo scoffed.

“To think that you would do something like this that can damage a student’s future just so that you can continue to enjoy the resources of the Li Clan? How can someone like you deserve to be a great teacher?”

“You’re spouting rubbish! I didn’t do that!”

Ni Jingting panicked and a layer of sweat appeared on his forehead. (Damn it, how did Sun Mo know about this? He couldn’t have sniffed it out, right?)

However, he couldn’t be bothered to think about these things anymore. Right now, the most important thing was to dispute the claim.

“I’m spouting rubbish? You can look for any 3-star great teachers to take a look at Li Silin’s physique. They’d all come to the conclusion that his aptitude is mediocre. This means that his growth within a few years should be very slow. But he is at the spirit-refinement realm now. How do you explain this?” Sun Mo questioned.

“This is ridiculous. Go ask around in the great teacher world. Which great teacher would dare guarantee that they would never call a wrong judgment?”

Ni Jingting bellowed loudly, “Relying on one’s judgment to assess a student’s aptitude and then choose whether to accept or not, this is what an incompetent great teacher would do.”

“I dare guarantee!” said Sun Mo.

Sun Mo stared at Ni Jingting. Initially, Sun Mo had felt some reproach to be crushing Ni Jingting like this. However, seeing how stubborn and unregretful Ni Jingting was, Sun Mo’s heart turned cold too.

“Who are you to say that?”

Ni Jingting sneered.

“Because of my God Hands!”

After Sun Mo said that, Ni Jingting was dumbfounded while the guests all gasped.

Rumors of Sun Mo possessing God Hands were spread far and wide, but he was very modest and had never admitted to it. However, he said it this time around.

“I’m sorry, my Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands can check out if a person’s aptitude is weak or strong. If you aren’t convinced, you can only bear with it!”

Sun Mo smirked. “Do you want me to show it to you?”

“I can vouch that it’s true that Sun Mo’s God Hands can feel a student’s aptitude.” An Xinhui spoke up.

“I can vouch as well!” Yue Rongbo followed.

“Teacher Ni, I had experienced the Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands personally. To speak the truth, I was dying, but I’ve been brought back from the edges of death with the help of Great Teacher Sun’s God Hands.”

Before Zheng Qingfang’s last note ended, a series of surprised gasps rang out.

Everyone present was either a wealthy or distinguished person. What kind of enjoyment had they not been through before? The scariest thing to them would definitely be death.

Therefore, when they heard Zheng Qingfang said that Sun Mo’s God Hands could save one’s life, their gazes when they looked at him instantly became fervent and excited. They started to contemplate what price they could pay to experience it.

“Prince Li, it has been over ten years. You should be very clear of your son’s aptitude, right? Think about it carefully. He suddenly improved in leaps and bounds in the past two years. Did it start from when he started to take medicinal baths?”

Sun Mo looked at Li Zixing, his heart suddenly aching for him. This was the disadvantage of not being learned. No matter how rich or distinguished one was, they would still get deceived.

“Teacher Ni...”

Li Zixing’s countenance had turned extremely grim.

“Sun Mo, the use of medicinal baths is normal. Isn’t the Central Province Academy selling giant medicine packets as well?” Ni Jingting questioned.

“You’re really shameless. Can your medicinal bath prescription that came from god knows where compare with our Central Province’s giant medicine packet? I believe that everyone here must have tried it before. Is there a need for me to say more about its effects?”

Sun Mo looked around.

Back then, An Xinhui had given out quite a lot of “free advertisements” in order to promote the giant medicine packets.

“The giant medicine packet is really miraculous. After two soaks, I feel as if I’m strong enough to kill an ox with one punch!”

An old man praised, “It’s a pity that the supply is too low and one can’t buy it even if they wish to!”

“That’s right, I heard that even if one is willing to pay a high price in the black market, there isn’t enough supply to go around.”

“The Central Province Academy’s teachers aren’t willing to sell them at all, not even when I offered to pay ten times the price. They are really a bunch of fools.”

The distinguished people spoke amongst themselves and then started to complain to An Xinhui. A few influential ones even wanted to put pressure on An Xinhui with their status, but after seeing the relationship between Sun Mo and Zheng Qingfang, they immediately gave up on that thought.

“I can’t do anything about it either. The ingredients required to make the giant medicine packets are too precious, and the production process is complicated as well. It’d end up with failure if there were any mistakes. That’s why we haven’t been able to increase the production!”

An Xinhui explained.

“What medicinal herbs do you need? We’ll find them for you. We only ask to be given priority in getting the packets after they are made!”

An old man spoke up. When the others saw this, they immediately interjected as well.

An Xinhui was elated but wore a troubled expression instead. She had been worrying about how she could get her hands on more medicinal herbs, but now the problem was resolved.

These few people were all magnates who dealt in businesses related to medicinal herbs.

“I dare send my giant medicine packet to the Saint Gate for their appraisal. Do you dare to do the same?”

Sun Mo sneered.

“Of course!”

In actuality, Ni Jingting didn’t dare. But in such a situation, he mustn’t lose out in disposition.

“Things have already come down to this, yet you’re still being so stubborn? You’re really an embarrassment to us great teachers! Moreover, I can’t be bothered to argue with someone like you who misleads students!”

Sun Mo let out a cold snort and swung one hand!


A gold halo erupted, extending out across the entire Linjiang Hall.

Other people didn’t feel anything, but Ni Jingting’s entire body shook. A golden chain entangled around his body and his mouth was agape. He wanted to say something, but not a word came out.

“What the hell?”

The guests were all shocked, not understanding what had taken place. However, the great teachers were all taken by surprise.

“My god, this is Misleading Students?”

“Seriously? Sun Mo knows even a great teacher halo like this?”

“My god, to think that Misleading Students has taken effect?”

The great teachers looked at Ni Jingting, their faces wearing expressions of disbelief and fear. To speak the truth, the halo that great teachers feared the most was definitely Misleading Students.

It was because once they were struck by it and the halo took effect, it meant that their entire career would be doubted. It’d become a huge taint on their career.

Great teachers could go through defeat, but they must not be incapable and be unable to teach students!

Ni Jingting was stunned. His face then instantly flushed up and he even bit his lips until it bled.

This was a tremendous humiliation!

Ni Jingting subconsciously mobilized his spirit qi, wanting to break free from this chain. However, it was useless. His body felt very empty and he couldn’t feel his spirit qi.

An immense sense of danger and panic suddenly gushed down on him.

Without their spirit qis, cultivators were unable to use their cultivation arts. They’d be no different from ordinary people then.

“Ni Jingting, you’re left on your own now!”

Sun Mo reproached and then looked toward Fang Lun. “Governor, I still need to prepare for the 2-star great teacher examination that will be coming up in two months and am very busy. I’ll be taking my leave first.”

After Sun Mo said that, he left the Linjiang Hall before Governor Fang gave him a reply.

Li Ziqi and the other two quickly ran after him.

“He’s so strong!”

Gu Xiuxun exclaimed, contributing a great wave of favorable impression points.

An Xinhui looked at Sun Mo’s departing back view, her gaze glistening. Her childhood sweetheart had once again let her see him in a different light.


Favorable impression point from An Xinhui +500. Reverence (10,700/100,000).

“Governor, I’ll be taking my leave!”

Cao Xian said this and quickly followed after, wanting to headhunt Sun Mo. He knew that this wasn’t an appropriate timing, but he couldn’t hold back anymore.

It’d be a loss that the Myriad Daos Academy couldn’t afford to take if they were to miss out on such an amazing great teacher.

If they could get him, the school would be free from worries for the next 100 years.

“Everyone, I’ll be taking my leave!”

Seeing this, An Xinhui also went after them quickly.

“Exhilarating! It’s really exhilarating! The Deer Tail Banquet this year will definitely be a great topic for discussion. Let’s all watch as Great Teacher Sun rises to three consecutive stars within a year!

After Zheng Qingfang said that, he laughed loudly and left. He was going to look for Sun Mo to have a drink with him.

“Teacher Ni, I’ll be reporting to the Saint Gate of how you gave Li Silin medicine that damages his body in order to get better results.”

Yue Rongbo looked at Ni Jingting. A selfish person like this must be driven out from the great teacher world.

“Amazing. From now onward, there won’t be the twin jade annulus of Jinling anymore! Sun Mo will be taking over the stage by himself!”

Fang Wuji held onto a wine jar with one hand and walked out, staggering.

When the guests heard this, they were all surprised. Even Fang Wuji, who was from an opposing school, gave Sun Mo his recognition. They then subconsciously looked toward Liu Mubai.

Liu Mubai’s expression remained unchanged, but he was feeling as if he was going to be driven to his death.

(I’m also a part of the twin jade annulus of Jinling. Why are you making this decision for me?) But he knew that Fang Wuji and himself were no longer the strongest uprising great teachers.

After the Deer Tail Banquet, Sun Mo would officially become the new leading figure in Jinling in everyone’s eyes!

“No, I won’t give up. I still have a chance.”

Liu Mubai looked toward Han Zisheng. (You must buck up!)

“The Deer Tail Banquet has already ended before it even started!”

Qi Mu`en shook his head, saying this with great emotion, then left as well.

Sun Mo, who outshone all the others, had left. What meaning was there for everyone else to stay behind?


Li Zixing threw a glare at Ni Jingting and tossed his sleeves, leaving the place.

Ni Jingting tried to go after him and explain himself, but he was unable to say a word.

If low-star great teachers were to release punishment-type halos on higher-star great teachers, the effects would mostly be offset.

Other than suppression of realms, it was more because of strong mental will and them having a clear conscience.

The reason why Sun Mo’s Misleading Students could take effect was because Ni Jingting had a guilty conscience. It was like the saying ‘when I have great righteousness in my heart, I fear no evil spirits, demons, and monsters!’

At this moment, Ni Jingting was dead socially. At the very least, his reputation in Jinling was completely rubbish now.

“Teacher Sun, Teacher Sun, please hold on!”

Cao Xian caught up to Sun Mo, grabbing him hard as if he’d be able to get Sun Mo in this manner.

“Teacher Sun, quote a price. What would it take for you to come to the Myriad Daos Academy?”

Cao Xian stared at Sun Mo with gleaming eyes.

When An Xinhui heard this, she couldn’t help but feel surprised. In the great teacher world, a headmaster would only offer such a condition if they felt deep admiration all the way to their bones for a certain great teacher.

“Headmaster Cao, Li Zixing is the financial backer of the Myriad Daos Academy, right? He must hate me to death now. Are you able to make the decision?”

Sun Mo asked.


Cao Xian was speechless.

He was a good headmaster, but he wasn’t a good manager. Without Li Zixing’s financial support, the Myriad Daos Academy would fall.

“I’ll remember your great kindness. If there’s anything you need me for in the future, feel free to tell me!”

Sun Mo pulled Cao Xian’s hand away, leaving along the river.

Cao Xian looked very disappointed, looking like he had just lost an unrivaled treasure.


Favorable impression points from Cao Xian +500. Respect (1,210/10,000).

A light breeze blew, bringing along a cooling sensation.


“Congratulations, you’ve completely defeated Ni Jingting, returning a clear and bright future to the great teacher world. You’ve completed the mission and are rewarded with one gold treasure chest!”

The system congratulated Sun Mo.

“What is the regulation for your mission rating? After today, it’d be a problem of whether Ni Jingting will be able to keep his great teacher title. A blow like this should be worth a mysterious treasure chest, right?”

Sun Mo doubted.

“You’re wrong. The perfect ending is to use your great teacher charm to get Ni Jingting to regret his doings. But what you’ve done only brought him harm!”

The system explained.


Sun Mo was speechless.

“That’s why you’re still far away from reaching the great teacher realm!”

The system warned Sun Mo not to be proud.


Sun Mo pouted, “I’m a great teacher, not a monk. Moreover, even if I were to become a monk, I wouldn’t do something like bringing people salvation and meeting the Gautama Buddha, getting bandits to lay down their knife and turn into a new leaf. I’ll personally chop off their heads.”

After Sun Mo said that, he no longer paid the system any heed. He was just an ordinary person. If people were to shoot him on the internet, he’d retaliate with greater viciousness. If he was killed in a game, he’d counter-kill the other person and stay by his corpse until daybreak.

The system didn’t try to persuade him any further. (Sun Mo, the day will come when you’ll understand the true meaning behind the name ‘great teacher’.)

(Otherwise, you’ll never become a saint!)


Li Ziqi and the other two caught up to him. She and Lu Zhiruo each stood on one side next to Sun Mo, holding his arm. Ying Baiwu quietly followed behind them.


Sun Mo stroked the papaya girl’s head and was planning to open the chest. He hoped that he’d be able to get a great reward.

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