Absolute Great Teacher
522 Black Doggy Sun’s Name Resounding Out Loud in the Great Teacher Circle
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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522 Black Doggy Sun’s Name Resounding Out Loud in the Great Teacher Circle

Chapter 522: Black Doggy Sun’s Name Resounding Out Loud in the Great Teacher Circle

The Great Teachers Hero Rankings accepted new great teachers below 30 years old with powerful strength, outstanding talent, boundless potential, and immense fame.

Great teachers who could ascend to the rankings would surely have some achievements in the future.

The growth of young great teachers was something terrifying. This was especially so for those geniuses. Before 30 years old, regardless of their cultivation base or teaching abilities, everything would improve with drastic speed.

Hence, great teachers who could enter the Great Teachers Hero Rankings would usually be above 25 years old. There was no solution for this. For an occupation like teaching, one would naturally grow more experienced as the number of years they taught increased. The stronger they were, the more money they would be worth.

Sun Mo could get rank #18 when he was merely 21 years old. This completely depended on his heaven-defying performance in the 1-star great teacher examination, which caused him to obtain the favor from the judging group of Saint Gate.

For example, the second place of the 1-star great teacher examination Tong Tong, as well as Liu Mubai and Fang Wuji who were both in the top ten, had also entered the Great Teachers Hero Rankings. However, their rankings were in the 90s.

From this, one could see how impressive Sun Mo was.

One must know that everyone in the top 15 was a 2-star great teacher. They were experts at the longevity realm. These 15 people could be said to be the leading characters of their generation.

Hence, after Sun Mo entered the rankings and they were published in the [Great Teachers Report] compiled by the Saint Gate, the entire great teacher world was shocked.

Naturally, the Saint Gate never had the authority to influence the actual Great Teachers Ranking or Great Teachers Hero Rankings. They published it for the sake of entertainment. However, their prediction would usually be quite accurate, with the actual ranking maybe only a few ranks off.

For a time, Sun Mo became extremely famous. Also, he obtained the nickname ‘Black Doggy Sun’. It wasn’t because he was like an unrestrained wild dog barking when he scolded others. Rather, it was because of the things he had said outside the door of a 6-star great teacher’s residence.

“If you have the capabilities, you can run amok under the heavens. If you don’t have the capabilities, you are just a dog waiting for others in front of their door!”

After that, there was even an incomplete saying born from this.

The great gushing Yangtze with piling waves flows toward the east, Away it carries gallant souls of the remote bygone days!*

Outside the Jiang Manor, everyone was speaking of One-Vote Sun!

These two short sentences exuded an imposing atmosphere and it was said that this was something the Black Doggy Sun came out with. Sadly, even up until now, the complete saying didn’t appear. This caused some of those people who loved poems and songs to sigh with regret.


Songyang Academy.

Wang Tai had a face full of trepidation as he knocked on the door to the headmaster office.

“Could it be that the headmaster wants to fire me? Ai, if I can avoid this calamity, I will never live a life of debauchery and lose myself in drinking and pleasure again!”

Wang Tai mumbled. He then forcefully slapped himself. (Why can’t I control my little bro*!)

“Come in!”

An imposing voice rang out, causing Wang Tai to shiver involuntarily. After that, he closed the door and lowered his head as he walked in.

“Puff your chest out. What are you trying to show me with this appearance?”

Headmaster Bai berated.

“Headmaster, I know I’m in the wrong. I will never visit prostitutes and indulge in wine again. I guarantee that if I go again, you can break my leg!”

Wang Tai lifted his right hand and started to make a vow.

“You went to the Concentrated Fragrance Brothel again?”

Pak! Headmaster Pai smacked the table furiously.


Wang Tai started. (So, you didn’t ask me here for this matter? Aiya, my guilty conscience caused me to expose myself.)

Wang Tai was thinking too much. He wanted to take the initiative to admit his mistake, hoping that he could receive a lighter punishment!

“Forget this for now!”

Headmaster Bai looked at the [Great Teachers Report] on the table and curiously asked, “What do you think of Sun Mo?”

“Sun Mo?”

Wang Tai blinked. “Who?”

“A student that was in your class. You don’t know?”

Headmaster Bai was astonished.


Cold sweat dotted Wang Tai’s forehead as he racked his brains to think. However, he had no impression at all. Sun Mo wasn’t Wang Tai’s personal student and had only listened in a few of his lectures on spirit runes. How could Wang Tai remember an insignificant person like Sun Mo?

“Look at this!”

Headmaster Bai passed the [Great Teachers Report] over while feeling a little puzzled.

Usually, students who could make their teachers remember them would either be good students or mischievous trouble-makers.

For students like Sun Mo who attended classes quietly and didn’t have an outstanding result...they basically had no sense of existence.

“Damn, he’s so impressive? He even got full marks on the written examination and achieved the Grand Slam, only obtaining one ordinary vote? Is this something that a human can achieve?”

After Wang Tai had read the introduction, he was dumbstruck. “Which school is this guy from? The Heavenly Mystery Academy? The Black-White Academy? Or the Neptune Palace?”

From Wang Tai’s point of view, only in the Nine Greats would such a genius among geniuses appear.

It was impossible for Sun Mo to be from the Skyraise Academy. This was because the report stated that their top graduate Gu Qingyan became a foil that enhanced Sun Mo’s radiance even further. And the second place was somebody named Tong Tong from the Jixia Academy.

For the Dragon Subduing Academy, it was someone named Man Yi. His combat strength wasn’t bad, but his teaching ability was one tier inferior in comparison to the other high-rankers. The Westshore Military School was a school that focused on real combat. There were most probably many of them who got full marks in combat as well.

The remaining Myriad Spirits Academy had an examinee named Nan Man. Moreover, the Saint Gate wouldn’t report a random name.

“They are all not!”

Headmaster Bai shook his head.

“In that case...wait, he can’t possibly be a graduate from our school, right?”

Wang Tai felt that this deduction was very ridiculous. But if this was not the case, why would his headmaster suddenly ask him if he had taught a student named Sun Mo before?

“What do you mean by this?”

Headmaster Bai frowned. “Are you looking down on our academy?”

“Eh...Headmaster, please calm your anger. I don’t mean it this way!”

Wang Tai bitterly smiled as he explained.

“Think carefully, do you remember this person named ‘Sun Mo’?”

Headmaster Bai didn’t pursue it any further because even he, the headmaster who was the decision-maker for Songyang Academy, didn’t feel that they could produce such an impressive student.

One must know that the Songyang Academy was a ‘D’ grade school with no hope to ascend and no worries to be downgraded. Every year during the league tournament, their existence would be like a salted fish that served to enhance the brilliance of others.

Wang Tai looked at the report and had an awkward look on his face. (Even if I’m the one taking the written exam, there’s no way for me to get full marks. If there was such a genius in my class, I would have long since accepted him as my personal student.)

“Your judgment ability is really poor!”

Headmaster Bai couldn’t help but shake his head.

Wang Tai could only lower his head and apologize.

Wanting to rebut?

There were no excuses because he had seen the introductory passage about Sun Mo on the report. After he graduated from the Songyang Academy, he went to teach in the Central Province Academy.

“Do you feel heartache for missing out on such a genius?”

Headmaster Bai asked.


Wang Tai subconsciously nodded, having a type of regret that only came from missing out on an absolute treasure.

“I feel even more heartache. He is clearly a graduate from our Songyang Academy!”

Headmaster Bai took his cup and gulped down a few mouthfuls of wine before taking out a medical pill and tossing it into his mouth. If not, he was afraid that he might suffer a stroke from intense anger.

“Headmaster Bai, it’s stated in the report that Sun Mo’s fiancee is An Xinhui. He definitely wouldn’t stay in our Songyang Academy.”


Headmaster Bai couldn’t bear to listen any longer. (Since you are living, can’t you have a dream?)


Favorable impression points from Headmaster Bai +500. Friendly (500/1,000).

After Wang Tai left, Headmaster Bai was still feeling depressed. A new rising star that broke the historical record. Sun Mo had just graduated for a year and already entered the Great Teachers Hero Rankings, even getting into the top 20. Such a genius definitely could become the trump card of a school, yet he had actually missed out on such a gem?

This was especially so after he had read that Sun Mo was handsome and exuded a sunshine demeanor. He was elegant and graceful, a perfect handsome guy. Headmaster Bai felt even more depressed.

“This is a newbie that has the potential to become a celebrity teacher!”

“Have I missed out on the opportunity that could make our Songyang Academy rise?”

Headmaster Bai sighed as he silently resolved to go and meet Sun Mo if he had the time. Even if he couldn’t headhunt him, it would still be very good if he could invite Sun Mo to the Songyang Academy to give a few lectures!

God Hands...zeze, this sounds so impressive just from hearing about it!


“Teacher Wang, I heard that Sun Mo used to attend your classes frequently?”

During these few days, plenty of people kept talking to Wang Tai about Sun Mo. Moreover, he discovered that the number of students attending his classes had actually doubled.

As a 2-star great teacher, there would be around 100 students in Wang Tai’s classes, but during these few days, they surged to 200. From the looks of things, the surge didn’t seem to have ended yet.

“This is all because of Sun Mo’s reputation?”

Wang Tai sighed ruefully. He also felt a heavy pressure on him. No matter what, he couldn’t possibly lose out to his student, right?

Besides, he heard that Sun Mo was going to participate in the 2-star great teacher examination this year. If he passed, Sun Mo’s star ranking would be the same as him.

Wang Tai couldn’t afford to lose. Hence, he no longer relaxed and stopped going to places of entertainment. Instead, he stayed in the library, ignoring the needs of his ‘little bro’. (If you can’t control yourself, I’ll directly break you.)

It was unknown why, but he actually ended up enjoying going through books in the library to the point where he couldn’t extricate himself from it.

As expected, learning was very satisfying. The feeling of satisfaction could continue if he constantly continued learning!


Favorable impression points from Wang Tai +100. Friendly (100/1,000).


Central Province Academy, teacher’s office.

“Have you guys heard it? Sun Mo wants to attempt rising 3 stars in a year!”

Du Xiao was curious.

“Isn’t this a little too exaggerated? I believe Sun Mo does have the teaching capabilities, but one of the prerequisites is that the examinee must comprehend a total of nine great teacher halos. It wouldn’t work if they only comprehended eight. Even a genius like Liu Mubai would need three years of preparation!”

Xiao Hong interjected.

“How can Liu Mubai be compared to Sun Mo?”

Du Xiao’s lips twitched. Right now, she was about to become one of Sun Mo’s crazy fans.

Xiao Hong didn’t expect Du Xiao to talk back. She frowned and was preparing to scold her but eventually endured the impulse.

After Du Xiao spoke, she felt some regret and was waiting to be scolded. In the end, she felt a little astonished that Xiao Hong had endured it. Then, she soon thought of the admonishment by Sun Mo that day. It was really effective.

“I think it will be difficult for him to raise his rank to 3-star, but it shouldn’t be a problem for him to ascend to 2-star!”

Zhou Shanyi spoke, alleviating the awkward atmosphere.

Gao Cheng sighed. He had joined the school even earlier than Sun Mo. In the end, Sun Mo was already a 1-star great teacher and could even become a 2-star great teacher. Such impact was simply too great that it made Gao Cheng suspect whether he had the talent to be a great teacher or not.

“Teacher Jiang, Teacher Xia, you guys have to work hard too!”

Zhou Shanyi encouraged. These two would also be participating in the 2-star great teacher examination this year.

“I’ll do my best!”

Xia Yuan smiled bitterly.

Jiang Yongnian wasn’t in any mood to speak. He buried his head in books and continued to read. He originally felt that even if he failed this year, he could just try again. However, this couldn’t work now. If he failed and Sun Mo passed, it would be too embarrassing.


Sun Mo wanted to set off three days later. Hence, he was preparing to invite Gu Xiuxun to travel with him. In the end, he found her sitting alone at the lakeside, hugging her knees with red eyes.

“What’s wrong?”

Sun Mo was puzzled. Could it be she had just fallen out of love?

[1] The source of this translation: The great gushing Yangtze with piling waves flows toward the east, Away it carries gallant souls of the remote bygone days.

[2] little bro in this context means pen*s

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