Absolute Great Teacher
524 Quickly Go and Invite Sun Mo, Grandmaster Sun!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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524 Quickly Go and Invite Sun Mo, Grandmaster Sun!


“What’s the matter?”

Sun Mo halted.

“Teacher, I wish to represent you in the 2-star great teacher examination!”

After Jiang Leng spoke, he kowtowed again.


Sun Mo rejected. “Although the damaged spirit runes on your body are now repaired. You still need some time to recuperate before you can return to your optimal condition.”

“Teacher, I know you care about me. I also know that if I participate now, there might be incurable damage in my body that might damage my potential. However, please allow me to do so!”

At this moment, Jiang Leng basically had no way to repay Sun Mo’s kindness. Hence, he wanted to help Sun Mo obtain the title of a 2-star great teacher.

From Jiang Leng’s point of view, Sun Mo would surely have no problems during the test. The only uncertainty was during the student segment.

Naturally, in order to avoid the fact that some teachers might bring a bunch of disciples to try their luck, the Saint Gate set a rule that each great teacher could at most bring along three personal students.

Also, some great teachers might ‘rent’ powerful students for the exam. After that, the great teacher would depend on them and when the examination concluded, the great teacher and the ‘rented’ student would then end their relationship.

In order to put an end to such a situation, the Saint Gate decided that once the participating students were registered under a great teacher, they wouldn’t be able to fight for other great teachers anymore.

Li Ziqi was very intelligent, and her studies were definitely top-rated. However, she definitely wouldn’t be able to make it in a fighting match. Lu Zhiruo was a fool. Tantai Yutang was a sickly invalid. None of them could be counted upon.

Ying Baiwu’s cultivation base was slightly lower and so Xuanyuan Po was the only one with a 90% chance to pass through smoothly and ascend to the Greencloud Rankings. However, they must always be on the guard against unexpected situations.

The fighting matches between students depended on lot-drawing. What would happen if Xuanyuan Po’s luck was extremely bad and continuously encountered extremely powerful opponents?

This was why Jiang Leng wanted to fight.

“Teacher, please grant me my wish!”

Although Jiang Leng didn’t say anything, he wanted to ascend to the Greencloud Rankings to bring glory and attention to Sun Mo. This was the only thing he could do to repay Sun Mo’s kindness.


Sun Mo cleanly rejected. “Alright, stop talking nonsense. You should go and rest quickly!”

After seeing Sun Mo leave, Jiang Leng clenched his fists as intense gratitude and self-reproach appeared in his heart. After that, his gaze turned determined. (Even if Teacher punishes me, I have to register.)

(Whoever dares to block my path of ascending to the Greencloud Rankings shall die!)


Sun Mo drew in a deep breath as he walked through the quiet campus at night.


“Congratulations, because you helped Jiang Leng repair all the damaged spirit runes on his body, the standard of your study of spirit runes improved again. 35/100. Reward: 1x silver treasure chest!”

The system congratulated Sun Mo.

“The degree of progress is a little slow!”

Sun Mo grumbled.


“Congratulations, because you saved Jiang Leng’s life and gave him hope again, getting his recognition and gratitude, you achieved a great teacher feat. You are hereby awarded 1 great teacher emblem and 1 mysterious treasure chest!”

A shiny emblem appeared before Sun Mo.


Sun Mo couldn’t help but whistle. This was good stuff. Right now, he should already have about six emblems, besides, he also had the best treasure chest. He might be able to open a great teacher halo later.

After waiting for a few more minutes and ascertaining that there were no more rewards, Sun Mo immediately hastened his steps and returned to his villa. He entered the teleportation gate and stepped into the Wind King Hall.

As expected, Lu Zhiruo was still training.

“I know you wish to improve your strength, but you have to strike a balance between work and rest!”

Sun Mo patted the papaya girl on her head.

Lu Zhiruo lowered her head with a downcast expression. She really wanted to fight for her teacher. “Teacher, am I very stupid?”

“Stupidity is relative. I believe that everyone has a unique strong point!”

Sun Mo consoled while silently giving the command. “Open the chest!”

The silver treasure chests clicked open, leaving behind 5x 10-year time emblems!


Sun Mo urged.

The mysterious chest that was clad in purple glow clicked open. As the light faded away, an old sheepskin parchment was left behind.

“Oh, it isn’t a great teacher halo?”

Sun Mo was very disappointed.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained the prescription of the Mind Pill. Proficiency level: expert-grade.

“This prescription is extremely rare and is considered a missing item from the Medicine King Hall during ancient times. Right now in the Nine Provinces, there’s only a fragmented prescription left and it is maintained in the Medicine King Hall.”

“Mind Pill, it is concocted using a secret art and several tens of medical herbs. It has the most effect on helping someone at the divine force realm to improve. After consuming it, your mental energy would surge explosively, directly breaking through the bottleneck.”

“Because of the concoction method and the quality of medicinal ingredients, consuming it is akin to having a nature fruit. The side effects are extremely minimal.”

“Note: This medicinal pill is the best nourishing item for a spiritual controller!”

Sun Mo was dumbfounded as he looked at the prescription’s introduction. After that, his heart thumped wildly as he felt an excitement that was akin to obtaining a top-tier divine item in a game.

According to this introduction, this was a unique prescription. It was absolutely priceless.

What sort of place was the Medicine King Hall?

Their experts were publicly acknowledged as the strongest practitioners in the field of medicine. It was said that by staying there, you wouldn’t be able to die even if you wanted to. They had the highest-level knowledge and the most complete medical books collection in the entire Nine Provinces.

After a bit of joy, he suddenly felt depressed. There was no solution to this. After all, he didn’t know alchemy. Even if this was a prescription for an immortal pill, there was no way for him to concoct one.

Letting another person concoct for him?

Stop joking. This prescription was definitely a secret that couldn’t be passed down or leaked.

“For me, it’s no different from a wastepaper!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched.

“You can always sell it for money!”

The system reminded him.

“Do you think I’m retarded?”

Sun Mo rolled his eyes. What a wastrel-like behavior was that? He absolutely wouldn’t do that.

“In that case, do you want to learn it or not?”

The system asked.


Sun Mo nodded heavily. Only a fool wouldn’t choose to learn it.


The prescription shattered into motes of light that then surged into Sun Mo’s mind. A moment later, countless cryptic knowledge flooded his mind, almost to the point of an explosion.

Sun Mo waved his hand and cast Encyclopedic Knowledge on himself, wanting to memorize the whole process. However, he soon realized it was extremely difficult.

Alchemy was different from the study of spirit runes where one could memorize it and practice by copying the rune out. Alchemy was something that had systematic progress. An example was this prescription.

It let Sun Mo know when to change the temperature, the sequence of adding the medical herbs, and how to observe the color of the pill to determine the state. However, Sun Mo didn’t understand the original theory. Even if he could follow all the steps correctly and produce this pill, its grade wouldn’t be too high.


“Congratulations on obtaining the concoction method of the Mind Pill. Proficiency level: expert.”

Sun Mo had a calm look on his face as he snuggled into his blankets. “System, you should go and rest. I’m going to sleep!”


Prince Mansion, Li Zixing’s bed chambers!

“There never has been anyone who dares to embarrass me so much. I definitely have to get my revenge. Sun Mo, I’m going to kill you. I will kill An Xinhui before your eyes. Also, Li Ziqi... I will let you understand how terrifying the consequences are for offending your uncle, me.”

Li Zixing cursed as he strangled one of his concubines.

“Prince! P...Prince!”

The concubine, who was once one of the most beautiful flower queens in Jinling, looked extremely ugly now. Her eyes protruded out, and she was drooling from her mouth as well. This was because her neck was grabbed by Li Zixing’s hands. Blood had no way to flow and her entire countenance turned purplish.

The six serving girls standing outside had looks of fear on their faces. During these few days, Li Zixing’s killing intent was extremely intense.

This was already the third concubine that was killed by him.


The door opened and a corpse that died an unjust death was tossed out.

“Drag her to the backyard and feed the body to the dogs!”

Li Zixing instructed.

After venting, Li Zixing calmed down somewhat. He started to think about how he should launch a fatal blow.

“Should I use ‘them’? No, I can’t do that. Even if I depend on them to obtain the Central Province Academy, they would surely demand even more ‘rewards’.”

Li Zixing hesitated.


Myriad Daos Academy, Shanglin Park.

Although the name was pleasant and this place was called a park, it was actually an alchemy room for the alchemy grandmasters of the school.

After Fang Haoran returned from the Deer Tail Banquet, he came here and started to research the prescription of the giant medicine packet.

“I don’t believe a 5-star alchemy grandmaster like me wouldn’t be able to restore this prescription. At that time, I will let you know how awesome I am exactly!”

Fang Haoran was very angry. Firstly, he was very unhappy because Sun Mo had rejected him. Secondly, he understood that once Sun Mo became famous, he wouldn’t have the slightest chance to move Sun Mo. Thirdly, he deeply understood how terrifying this medicine packet was. There would only be more and more major characters interested in it in the future. No matter how ‘retarded’ Sun Mo was, there was no way he would sell this.

Hence, Fang Haoran could only depend on his knowledge to try and replicate the prescription.

“Teacher, why don’t you take a break?”

A young man was fanning Fang Haoran at the side while persuading him. (Teacher has already been at this for a full week. If this continues, his body won’t be able to take it.)


Fang Haoran roared. “My body is very good, there’s no need for you to worry!”

The young man was helpless, but he also felt somewhat impressed. Honestly speaking, the environment in this alchemy room was very bad, but Fang Haoran didn’t mind staying in here for so long. Just from his persistence and endurance, it was indeed praiseworthy.

As expected, one had to endure all types of suffering if one wanted to become a grandmaster.

Half a day later, Fang Haoran finally deduced one of the medicinal herbs used in the giant medicine packet. He then leaned against his chair in satisfaction.

“Sun Mo, I’ll still succeed without you!”

Fang Haoran laughed complacently as he called out, “Go get me a Dragonspring Pill!”

Dragonspring Pills were medical pills that could allow the consumer to maintain an energized state for some time. It was something similar to Red Bull, but the effect was countless times greater.

“Teacher, you have to use such medical substances carefully!”

The young man persuaded again.

“Don’t worry, this daddy is at the longevity realm. I won’t die!”

After that, he consumed the Dragonspring Pill and continued to work. But not long later, he suddenly felt dizzy as his vision blurred. His heartbeat quickened and his four limbs felt devoid of strength.


Fang Haoran fell onto the ground.


The few students in the room were badly shocked and immediately ran over.

“Teacher, what’s wrong with you?”

“Quickly go and get a doctor!”

“Teacher! Teacher!”

The atmosphere in the alchemy room immediately descended into chaos.

As an alchemist, Fang Haoran naturally knew something about medical arts. He was someone who had seen a lot of big scenes before, but at this moment when he realized he couldn’t control his body and was even coughing up blood, he recalled Sun Mo’s warning.

“You shouldn’t consume any more energy-replenishing medicine or your life might be in danger!”

He didn’t expect that Sun Mo was actually correct. When he recalled that warning, Fang Haoran instinctively shouted out, “Quickly go invite Sun Mo, Grandmaster Sun, over!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》