Absolute Great Teacher
525 Famous Doctors Gathered for Diagnosis
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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525 Famous Doctors Gathered for Diagnosis


Sun Mo’s Medical Cultivation classes had already stopped. He also packed his luggage and was only waiting for tomorrow to set off officially, heading to the Westmountain City.

It was a mountain city and was the location where the 2-star great teacher examination would be held.

Sun Mo had investigated the city’s information in advance and discovered that it was a place with a lot of history. However, there wasn’t anyone famous there. The only good point about that place was their local dishes that were relatively famous.

Li Ziqi and the other five, as Sun Mo’s personal students, wanted to go with him. Even if some of them didn’t participate in the battle, it would be good for them to broaden their horizons.

Sun Mo had wanted to bring the honest guy along as well, but Qi Shengjia fell sick and his sickness was quite serious. Hence, he could only give the notion up.


Headmaster’s Office.

Xia Yuan had a solemn look on her face as she bowed to Sun Mo. “Teacher Sun, I will have to depend on you during the trip!”

“Teacher Xia is too polite!”

Sun Mo quickly avoided the bow.

Seeing how easy it was to talk to Sun Mo who didn’t show any signs of arrogance at all, Xia Yuan heaved a sigh of relief. She was deeply afraid that Sun Mo had bloated egos. Things would be very troublesome then.

For this 2-star great teacher examination, Xia Yuan wanted to go as well. Hence, she pleaded with An Xinhui, asking if she could go together with Sun Mo. Other than wanting to observe Sun Mo closely to see if she could learn something from him, she also wanted to depend on him to raise her fame.

One must know that right now, Sun Mo’s name was extremely famous in the great teacher circles. If she stayed by his side, she would also be able to gain more attention. If she somehow managed to obtain the admiration of a major character, she might be able to soar into the skies with a single step.

In a great teacher circle, some depended on their strength. As for the others, they could only depend on their social connections.

Why would those small celebrities head to overseas film festivals? Wasn’t it simply because they hoped to enhance their fame?

“Teacher Sun, thanks!”

Xia Yuan felt a little awkward, like a young girl who had just started selling flowers on the street.

“Teacher Xia is too serious.”

Sun Mo could guess Xia Yuan’s thoughts, but he didn’t look down on her. Without an impressive background or a capable father, and with mediocre capabilities, one could only try to think of something else to enhance their fame.

Xia Yuan was a loyal follower of An Xinhui, so there was no reason for Sun Mo not to help her.

“Sun Mo, I will go and arrange for the horse carriages. Why don’t you guys leave together tomorrow?”

An Xinhui shot a glance at Xia Yuan, indicating that Sun Mo was on their side. There was no need for her to be too reserved.


Favorable impression points from Xia Yuan +50. Friendly (620/1,000)


Sun Mo didn’t want to waste time here. Hence, he agreed and was preparing to bid his farewell. But just when he stood up, a youth barged in through the door to An Xinhui’s office.

“H...headmaster An, p...please save my teacher’s life!”

The youth panted and perspired heavily.

“What’s wrong?”

An Xinhui furrowed her brows as her gaze landed on the youth. He wore the uniform of the Myriad Daos Academy.

“My teacher suddenly fell onto the ground. Before he fainted, he called out for us to invite Grandmaster Sun over to treat him!”

The youth explained.

“However, Sun Mo isn’t a doctor!”

An Xinhui looked at Sun Mo, feeling somewhat worried. A matter like saving people couldn’t be done recklessly. What if that person died from the treatment? Who would take responsibility?

Right now, Sun Mo’s reputation couldn’t afford to be tainted at all.

“B...but that’s what my teacher said!”

The youth was also helpless. He had naturally heard of Sun Mo’s feats before. However, no one ever said that Sun Mo knew how to treat patients.

“How about this? I will get the doctors from the Central Province Academy to accompany Sun Mo and you. At that time, we will look at the situation before we take any action!”

An Xinhui thought of a solution.

“Many thanks, Headmaster An!”

The youth shed tears of gratitude.

‘Who is your teacher?”

Xia Yuan interjected, mentally musing that An Xinhui was too kind-hearted, gathering everyone to head there without even bothering to ask who the sick person was.

“Fang Haoran, Grandmaster Fang!”

The youth reported the name.


Xia Yuan cried out in shock. “The 5-star alchemy grandmaster?”


The youth nodded.


Xia Yuan’s lips twitched. She really wanted to ask if Fang Haoran had gone crazy? Given his status, he would be able to hire the best doctors in Jinling to treat him, so why did he have to ask for Sun Mo? Did he feel that he had lived too long and was bored?

“Quickly lead the way!”

Sun Mo urged. Saving a life garnered more merit than building a seven-story stupa. There would surely be plenty of favorable impression points he could earn this time around.

“Xinhui, why don’t we go and take a look as well?”

“Let’s go together then!”

An Xinhui didn’t mind.


The Myriad Daos Academy was half a city away from the Central Province Academy. It wasn’t too convenient to ride horses there in the day due to the bustling streets. Hence, when they arrived, an hour had already passed since Fang Haoran’s mishap.

Outside the sick room, Cao Xian and Yue Rongbo had also arrived. Other than them, many doctors who had quite a good relationship with Fang Haoran were anxiously waiting here.

The atmosphere was so solemn it was terrifying.

When Sun Mo and An Xinhui arrived, many people stared at them in astonishment.

“Teacher Sun!”

“Headmaster An!”

Cao Xian and Yue Rongbo came over to greet them.

After seeing this scene, everyone was shocked. They noticed that when Cao Xian greeted them, he called out Sun Mo’s name first.

Usually speaking, the one with the higher status would surely be greeted first.

“How’s Teacher Fang?”

An Xinhui asked.

“Still in the midst of getting treated, things are very troublesome!”

Cao Xian sighed.

“Why don’t I enter to take a look?”

Sun Mo glanced at the surroundings. Idly waiting like this wasn’t a solution!

“Little Momo!”

An Xinhui called out in a low voice, wanting to persuade him not to go. (Right now, you are no longer an impoverished ordinary person. Your reputation is very precious.)

If Fang Haoran was cured, everything would be fine. But if the treatment failed, no one could anticipate what rumors might spread.

Naturally, in her heart, An Xinhui didn’t feel that Sun Mo could do anything. After all, Cao Xian had said that over ten famous doctors of Jinling had already gathered here to diagnose Fang Haoran.

Cao Xian hesitated because Sun Mo wasn’t a doctor.

Famous doctors were all very arrogant and would rarely want to treat patients with their peers. If not, they might feel that their skills were being doubted.

“Just let him give it a try!”

Yue Rongbo persuaded. “At most, both of us will apologize to Grandmaster Fang after this matter is over!”

“In that case, I’ll have to trouble Teacher Sun!”

Cao Xian also understood that the more delays there were, the more troublesome it would be if Fang Haoran’s sickness worsened.

Xia Yuan looked at Sun Mo and An Xinhui as they followed Cao Xian into the room. She could only sigh in admiration. With her status, she wasn’t qualified to enter.

In the room, the atmosphere was very tense. The great teachers here either sat down or were standing up. All of them had furrowed brows and looks of contemplation on their faces. When they heard the sound of the door opening, their lines of thought were disrupted, causing them to turn over with an unhappy expression.

“Famous Doctor Miao, this is Sun Mo, Great Teacher Sun. He came here to try and treat Teacher Fang!”

Cao Xian stopped before the most impressive-looking doctor as he introduced Sun Mo. This was the rule in a great teacher circle. If Cao Xian didn’t say anything and directly let Sun Mo treat Fang Haoran, he would surely offend all these famous doctors.

“Great Teacher?”

Doctor Miao frowned and surveyed Sun Mo. “He isn’t a famous doctor?”


Cao Xian smiled awkwardly. He knew that if his status wasn’t high enough, he would have been smacked in the face by Doctor Miao’s medicine case.

“Headmaster Cao, are you mocking us?”

Doctor Miao questioned. The other famous doctors all looked over with unkind expressions.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》