Absolute Great Teacher
526 Sun Mo Takes Action!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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526 Sun Mo Takes Action!


All doctors would surely feel unhappy about this.

(Even if you want to look for other people to treat him, shouldn’t you ascertain that we cannot cure him first before you do so? Otherwise, doesn’t it mean that you don’t trust us?)

(Moreover, the person you are looking for now isn’t a doctor but a great teacher instead!)

(Aren’t great teachers responsible for educating people? When did they start to see patients?)

“Doctor Miao and all esteemed doctors, I don’t mean to insult you guys!”

Cao Xian hurriedly explained.

“Cao Xian, since you have invited this great teacher, I’ll bid farewell then!”

A doctor with the surname Bai stood up and prepared to leave. He wasn’t able to cure Fang Haoran. Since that was the case, he might as well use this excuse to leave.

Other doctors also stood up and prepared to leave after seeing this.

“Everyone, please stop!”

Cao Xian fretted, but he also knew that if he wasn’t the headmaster of the Myriad Daos Academy and was a major character with a relatively large amount of influence, he would have been scolded so badly that his head bled.

There was no solution to this. Cao Xian shot a glance at Yue Rongbo, wanting him to say something. At the same time, he hesitated. Should he let Sun Mo wait outside first for all the doctors here to finish their diagnosis before he acted?

At this moment, Doctor Lu Zhaoyuan from the Benevolence Hall stood up.

“Great Teacher Sun?”

Lu Zhaoyuan revealed a smile and quickly went over. “It has been a long time since we met. How’s life recently?”

Although he asked this question, Lu Zhaoyuan was actually relatively familiar with Sun Mo’s recent situation. But if he directly said that out, wouldn’t that seem he was trying to ingratiate himself with Sun Mo?

Ever since he saw Sun Mo with Zheng Qingfang in the Central Province Academy, Lu Zhaoyuan had been extremely interested in his God Hands. If it wasn’t for the fact that he knew Sun Mo was extremely busy, he would have paid a visit to the Central Province Academy long ago to look for Sun Mo.

“You know him?”

Doctor Miao was curious.

“This is Sun Mo, Great Teacher Sun. He is the extremely famous God Hands!”

Lu Zhaoyuan introduced.

“Ah? That One-Vote Sun?”

“I heard that his God Hands would be able to tell a student’s aptitude with just a casual touch and could even help them to breakthrough!”

“Che, so this fellow is An Xinhui’s fiance!”

The doctors surveyed Sun Mo as their attitudes toward him grew slightly better. Even those doctors who were about to leave couldn’t help but halt as they observed him.

Although they weren’t a part of any great teacher circles, they would have children in their homes as well. Hence, they would subscribe to and read the [Great Teachers Report] published by Saint Gate and keep themselves updated with the most recent events to know the excellent new teachers.

In any case, they didn’t lack this amount of money.

“Teacher Sun crushed all the examinees from the Nine Greats and obtained first place in the 1-star great teacher examination!”

Cao Xian hurriedly spoke. After that, he sighed a heave of relief when the attitudes of this bunch of doctors became more amiable.

This was the charisma of talent, able to cause others to maintain respect for you.

“Doctor Lu!”

Sun Mo greeted.

“You are regarding me as an outsider if you refer to me like that. If you don’t mind it, why don’t you just refer to me as Uncle Lu?”

Lu Zhaoyuan laughed loudly.

Several doctors stared at Lu Zhaoyuan in astonishment. This fellow was the hall lord of the Benevolence Hall, and the Benevolence Hall was a medical hall that had a history of 1,000 years.

Lu Zhaoyuan’s skills are within the top three of Jinling at the very least. Hence, he was also an extremely arrogant individual. But now, he was actually treating a young man so gently.

If Lu Zhaoyuan wasn’t a retard, this meant that Sun Mo had capabilities strong enough for him to respect.

After thinking of this, the expression of everyone turned even nicer. At the very least, when Sun Mo looked over, no one showed an unpleasant look to him.

“Uncle Lu!”

Sun Mo didn’t mind it. In any case, it was just a term of address. “How’s Teacher Fang’s situation?”


Lu Zhaoyuan sighed. “It’s not easy to treat him!”

“We can save his life, but the repercussions are very troublesome!” Doctor Miao spoke in explanation, not wanting others to feel that he was useless. “When he does alchemy, he has to maintain an energy-filled state. Hence, he would eat many medical pills that could maintain his energy levels. Yet, this caused some damage to his body and nerves!”

Sun Mo glanced at the bed. Fang Haoran was lying there, staring at the ceiling with a vacant look. His body would also tremble slightly over time.

“As long as he eats some nourishing medicine and rest for a while, he will be able to recover. But his nerves...”

When Doctor Miao spoke of this, he shook his head and sighed.

In the end, Fang Haoran would still be able to move around unaided and even the slight shaking of his arms would be greatly reduced. It wouldn’t affect his lifestyle that much as an ordinary old man, but as for alchemy...he didn’t need to think about doing it ever again.

When alchemists were handling medicinal ingredients, it required meticulousness. What if Fang Haoran’s hand suddenly trembled during the process of adjusting the medicinal effect of herbs and added more or less than what was required? That alchemy pill he was trying to concoct would surely be wasted.

“Are there really no other solutions?”

Cao Xian had a heavy look on his face. Although Fang Haoran was already 150+ years old, to an alchemist at the longevity realm, this age was his prime. If he could never concoct pills again, the losses would simply be too great.

“There are. There are a few types of darkness plants that can cure the damage to his nerves. However, those plants are too rare and if one wanted to harvest them, they could only depend on luck!”

Lu Zhaoyuan also had no solution. For such a sickness, the longer it was dragged out, the more difficult it would be to cure it.

Actually, these famous doctors were already very impressive. If other doctors were here instead, Fang Haoran would have long since kicked the bucket.

“Teacher Sun!”

Cao Xian looked at Sun Mo.

One must know that this was the diagnosis of a group of famous doctors. What if Sun Mo treasured his face and reputation so much that he refused to try and treat Fang Haoran?

Some famous doctors were like this. If they weren’t sure they could cure the sickness, they would rather not try.

Hence, Cao Xian gave a heavenly price. “If you can cure Grandmaster Fang, I will satisfy any of your requests.”

“Headmaster Cao, Teacher Sun isn’t that type of person!”

Yue Rongbo felt a little unhappy. (You are underestimating him too much.)

“Let me do an inspection first!”

Sun Mo walked to the bedside.

If someone else did this, Doctor Miao would surely flick his sleeves and leave. But when he saw that Lu Zhaoyuan didn’t fly in a rage and on the contrary followed Sun Mo to the bedside, even standing at a position so it would be easier for him to observe the process, Doctor Miao’s expression changed. After hesitating for a while, he also followed them.

(I want to see how capable this Sun Mo is exactly!)

“Teacher Fang, I will do an inspection!”

Sun Mo spoke.

Fang Haoran didn’t respond, suffering from a psychological impact. With the diagnosis made by so many doctors, there was basically no chance they would be wrong. Hence, when he thought that his future was ruined, he felt an impulse to commit suicide.

Sun Mo stretched out his hand and first placed it on Fang Haoran’s right shoulder. After kneading a few times, he moved his hand to the back of Fang Haoran’s neck.

When doctors diagnosed someone, they did so by asking questions and touching the patient. Sun Mo’s actions were a type of ‘touch’ too. The surrounding famous doctors took a few glances and lost their interest.

(It really looks very ordinary!)

“How are things?”

Cao Xian asked.

“His energy channels are permanently damaged. Also, his body is in a seriously overdrafted state!”

Sun Mo gave his judgment.

It was like when someone wanted to sleep late, they could depend on drinking coffee to endure the lack of sleep for a few days. But if they continued doing this, they would not be far off from suffering a sudden death.

After hearing that Sun Mo’s diagnosis was the same as everyone else’s, some famous doctors felt that Sun Mo was quite capable. But some felt that he was simply repeating their words.

“I feel that he doesn’t match up to his reputation!”

The doctor with the surname Bai mumbled.

“Permanent damage?”

Cao Xian had a face filled with disappointment. At the same time, he also felt some despair. He had spent a huge sum of money to recruit Fang Haoran to the Myriad Daos Academy, but even before he benefited from this, Fang Haoran was already crippled.

Naturally, Cao Xian also felt regret because the alchemy world had lost a grandmaster.

Yue Rongbo didn’t feel worried because he believed in Sun Mo’s God Hands. Hence, he asked in a low voice, “Can you cure him?”


Sun Mo’s answer was concise and comprehensive.

Sun Mo’s voice wasn’t loud, but the room wasn’t big. Besides, everyone was a cultivator. Their hearing was good and they could hear Sun Mo’s words.


Everyone gazed over with some astonishment.

“Little Momo!”

An Xinhui was anxious. (You can’t speak recklessly!)


Cao Xian was agitated. He directly grabbed hold of Sun Mo’s hands and looked at him with glowing eyes. It was like an unlucky person who was drowning suddenly managing to grab hold of a piece of driftwood. “Teacher Sun, are your words for real?”

“It’s fortunate that my Ancient Dragon Capturing Hands is immensely effective when it comes to treating damaged energy channels!”

Sun Mo smiled lightly, he felt very confident in himself.

This type of scene was a very good opportunity to boost his fame. Sun Mo decided to make good use of it.

During this era, there was no such thing as the convenient and fast internet. If one wanted to become famous, one had to depend on word-of-mouth.

The people on the scene were all famous doctors and belonged to the portion of society where they had interactions with the most influential people. Through them, Sun Mo would surely be able to gain much more fame.

When his fame reached a certain level, there would definitely be genius students coming to him of their own accord and requesting to take him on as a personal teacher.

“Teacher Sun, you can eat anything you want, but you cannot make reckless remarks!”

The doctor surnamed Bai spoke. He was a young man around 30 years of age and could be considered to have become famous since he was young. Hence, when he saw Sun Mo speaking so grandiose, he was a little unhappy.

“You already know you can cure Grandmaster Fang just by randomly touching his body?”

The other famous doctors also revealed looks of doubts when they heard this as they waited for Sun Mo to explain.

Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered with them, so he directly took action.

“Let’s make things clear first. If Grandmaster Fang is really treated by Sun Mo and his condition worsened, we won’t be responsible!”

Doctor Bai made things clear.


Cao Xian felt a headache. This was his worry. Fang Haoran was the pillar of the Fang Clan. If he fell, what would he do if his family members came here to make trouble?

“Headmaster, just trust in Sun Mo once!”

Yue Rongbo persuaded.

Fang Haoran, who had a vacant look in his eyes, suddenly cried out when Sun Mo exerted force with his hands. “Ah! Ah! It’s painful!”

Everyone was shocked.

“Endure it!”

Sun Mo spoke and continued using the ancient massaging technique.

Sun Mo continued to knead, but his actions were casual and not cautious at all. It was like he was randomly kneading. The surrounding doctors all exchanged mutual looks.

“Aren’t you a little too audacious?”

Famous Doctor Miao was speechless.

Although everyone wouldn’t be biased because of a patient’s status, their attitudes when treating an ordinary person and treating a high official would surely be different.

When treating a high official, the doctors would be even more cautious and make sure they had a good temper and acted more elegantly. So, after treating the sickness, they could also display their best side.

When treating ordinary people, no doctors would care about all these things. The majority of the doctors were frowning as they stared at Sun Mo’s hands and the places he pressed and kneaded.

“His technique is quite interesting!”

“I don’t understand, but I feel he is very impressive!”

“It looks like some sort of massage? However, there doesn’t seem to be a branch of massage that is similar to this?”

The various doctors whispered to each other. And at this moment, a large amount of spirit qi gushed forth from Sun Mo’s body.


The spirit qi gushing out congealed into the form of a muscular dude.

“F***, what the hell is that?”

The famous doctors all turned pale with fright as they subconsciously retreated.

The genie lifted his arms, and after displaying its muscle, chopped down with one of its hands, aiming at Fang Haoran’s neck.


Fang Haoran directly spat out a large mouthful of saliva.

Sun Mo retreated, allowing the genie to act fully.

For a time, the entire room fell silent. The over ten famous doctors here were dumbfounded with their mouths open so wide that it was enough to stuff a goose egg in.

Ten minutes later, although Fang Haoran was sweating, he felt very comfortable. He lay on his bed with a look of joy on his face. What despair, what helplessness? He didn’t feel anything at all. He was immersed in the enjoyable feeling of this massage.


Extremely wonderful

Fang Haoran felt that the past 100+ years he lived for had been a waste.

“Please fetch a basin of water over!”

Sun Mo instructed.

“Are you going to do the follow-up treatment?”

Doctor Miao asked, wanting to research a little more.

“No, I want to wash my hands!”

Sun Mo explained.


Doctor Miao started as he subconsciously asked. “Could it be that the treatment is already completed?”


Sun Mo nodded.

“There’s no need for him to consume medicine?”

Someone interjected.

“He naturally can consume some. However, I’m not a doctor. I don’t know about medicine that can calm his mind and repair his energy channels. If someone among you knows this, you can open a prescription for him!”

Sun Mo explained.


All the famous doctors looked at each other.

He was cured just like that?

Although there was a muscular dude that dressed weirdly, although the massage technique was very magical, this ‘treatment’ only lasted for ten minutes and he was already cured?

(We don’t know how impressive your medical skills are, but your boasting skills are definitely at the grandmaster-level!)

“The treatment today is done, but Grandmaster Fang’s energy channels are very badly damaged and if he wants the root of the problem to be cured completely, he would need to undergo a series of massages before he could be healed.”

Sun Mo looked at Cao Xian.

Cao Xian wasn’t convinced and wanted to ask more questions to make things clear. But before he could speak, Fang Haoran got off the bed and swiftly made his way over, clutching Sun Mo’s hands.

“Teacher Sun, when is the next treatment?”

Fang Haoran looked at Sun Mo, already impatient for the next round of treatment.

“Sorry, I have to participate in the 2-star great teacher examination. At the very least, you have to wait for me to return first!”

Sun Mo wanted to leave already.


Fang Haoran was greatly disappointed after hearing this.

This was simply like when one was little, one managed to save up a few months of allowances and was preparing to go to a gaming cafe at a town to play some games after walking about 10 km. In the end, when you arrived there, the cafe was closed.

This would damage the originally healthy mental state of the young child so badly until they became autistic!

“Grandmaster Fang, you...”

The famous doctors were shocked. They were extremely clear about Fang Haoran’s condition; his limbs should be completely devoid of strength now. With the severe damage to his energy channels, he shouldn’t be able to walk. Who would have expected that he could actually move so quickly?

“God Hands are truly worthy of its reputation!”

Lu Zhaoyuan sighed ruefully. This time around, his horizons were broadened.

As for that Doctor Bai who was doubting Sun Mo earlier, he could only think that Sun Mo was so impressive. As for his second reaction, he really felt like learning the massage too!

“If there’s nothing on, I will take my leave first. I still have a lot of things to prepare.”

Sun Mo bade his farewell.

After An Xinhui spoke a few sentences to Cao Xian and Fang Haoran, she also followed after Sun Mo. Now, her gaze toward Sun Mo was filled with shock and wonder.

Her childhood sweetheart truly made her see him in a new light again and again!


Favorable impression points from An Xinhui +500. Reverence (12,400/100,000).

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》