Absolute Great Teacher
527 There Is No Way One Can Actively Seek a Saint-Tier Pill
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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527 There Is No Way One Can Actively Seek a Saint-Tier Pill


There was a minor shower last night. Hence, in the morning, dewdrops could still be seen on the blades of grass. The earthy smell in the air was also quite heavy.

“It’s enough that you send us here!”

Sun Mo rode on Chasing Cloud and indicated that there was no need for An Xinhui to continue escorting them any longer.

“Let’s travel together for a little while more!”

An Xinhui didn’t know why, but her heart felt empty now that she was about to separate from Sun Mo.

“Sister An, why don’t you just go with us to the Westmountain City?”

Gu Xiuxun suggested.

“Teacher Gu, don’t talk nonsense. How would Headmaster An have the time?”

Xia Yuan was mounted on a varicolored horse. Her personal student Zheng Hao sat in the carriage.

“That’s true!”

Gu Xiuxun nodded. After that, she thumped her chest and guaranteed/ “Sis An, don’t worry. With me present, no one would be able to snatch Sun Mo away!”

When Li Ziqi who was in the carriage heard this, she involuntarily rolled her eyes. (Teacher Gu, you should guard against yourself first. I keep feeling that you might be the one snatching our teacher away from Headmaster An.)

“I’m leaving.”

Sun Mo felt vexed about wishy-washy things like this.

Honestly speaking, he felt a little depressed too. They needed a week to arrive at Westmountain City. The amount of time wasted on traveling was too much.

If Gu Xiuxun and Xia Yuan didn’t accompany him, he would be able to use the eight-gate cloud and fly over. That would only take him half-a-day at most to reach there.

“Are you not willing to travel with beauties? Although Xia Yuan’s looks are quite ordinary, Gu Xiuxun is undoubtedly beautiful. If you work harder, I think you will be able to escape from singlehood soon.”

The system teased. “Or don’t tell me you would prefer to travel with two burly dudes instead?”


Sun Mo couldn’t be bothered to reply to the system.

The carriages moved out, but before they traveled far, another luxurious-looking carriage went toward them with extreme speed, causing clouds of dust to stir up.

‘Grandmaster Sun, please wait!”

Fang Haoran’s head stretched out of the carriage’s window as he shouted loudly.

Very soon, his carriage caught up to them. Fang Haoran took a wooden box and leaped off his carriage, walking toward Sun Mo.

“Grandmaster Sun, why are you in such a hurry to leave?”

Fang Haoran didn’t understand. He had planned to rest for two days and personally come to visit Sun Mo after his body was better, wanting to prepare a huge gift for him. But today when he heard from Cao Xian that Sun Mo was going to Westmountain City, he immediately rushed over in a carriage.

Sun Mo leaped down from his steed and stretched his hand out to support Fang Haoran. ‘Grandmaster Fang, right now, your body is unwell. You should rest in bed to recuperate instead!”

“Without Grandmaster Sun, I would still be paralyzed in bed now.”

Fang Haoran didn’t really mind such things.

“Grandmaster Fang is too serious. Also, it’s better for you to call me Teacher Sun or Little Mo. Please don’t call me Grandmaster Sun.”

Sun Mo requested.

“Just with your God Hands, you are definitely worthy enough for the title of ‘Grandmaster’. Whoever dares to say otherwise shall be spat on by me.”

Fang Haoran spoke with righteous indignation. It was like he had become Sun Mo’s loyal henchman.

When Xia Yuan saw this, she was incomparably envious. One must know that a title like ‘Grandmaster’ cannot be used recklessly. One had to achieve a dazzling result in a certain field and was ascertained to be an outstanding talent before they were qualified to use this title.

Fang Haoran was a 5-star great teacher and was also an alchemy grandmaster. With him taking the initiative to address Sun Mo as ‘Grandmaster Sun’, Sun Mo’s title was secured.

Sun Mo shook his head as he bitterly smiled.

“Grandmaster Sun, I know you are in a rush. Hence, I won’t waste time talking too much. This is for you!”

Fang Haoran passed the wooden box in his hands to Sun Mo.

“Grandmaster Fang, there’s no need for this...”

Sun Mo rejected, not accepting it.

“It’s just a meager gift. If not, how would I have the face to ask you to treat my sickness in the future?”

Although Fang Haoran wouldn’t usually do this, this matter concerned his career after all. He was naturally astute enough and wanted to build a good relationship with Sun Mo.

One must know that the entire Fang Clan’s status and wealth now were dependent on Fang Haoran’s identity as an alchemy grandmaster. Once he could no longer concoct pills, he would lose all his value. All the social connections he built up would swiftly collapse, and the Fang Clan would enter a state of decline.

This was something Fang Haoran definitely had no way to accept. Hence, he was so anxious to send a gift to Sun Mo.

“Teacher Sun, since this is Grandmaster Fang’s show of sincerity, why don’t you just accept it?”

Xia Yuan spoke out. From her point of view, Fang Haoran wasn’t doing this just to exchange pleasantries, but he really hoped for Sun Mo to accept it. Hence, she helped to persuade Sun Mo.

By doing so, Fang Haoran would be satisfied and Sun Mo would also appear like someone who treated money like dirt as he only accepted after her persuasion.

“Grandmaster Sun, I’m just an alchemist and don’t have extra wealth. Because you are about to go for your 2-star great teacher examination, I can only gift you this medicinal pill.”

“I’ve already written the consumption method for this pill on the letter and placed it inside the box. You and your esteemed disciples can just follow the instructions. Since the time is no longer early, I won’t disturb Grandmaster Sun from proceeding with your journey any longer.”

“After Grandmaster Sun obtained the 2-star great teacher title and returned to Jinling, I will be the host and let us meet up again!”

After Fang Haoran finished speaking, he clasped his hands and bowed. After that, he swiftly returned to his carriage.

“Sun Mo, quickly take a look at what pill it is. From Fang Haoran’s words, it should be very valuable!”

Gu Xiuxun was curious.

Sun Mo opened the wooden box. The interior was padded with red silk and there were five lattices with five bottles of pills placed there. On the top of the interior of the box, there was also a letter.

At this moment, An Xinhui also walked over.

Sun Mo opened the letter. Gu Xiuxun stretched her neck and when she saw the contents of the letter, she cried out in shock.

“Peerless-grade Heaven-tier?”

The words written on the letter looked like dragons flying and phoenixes dancing.

“Your humble friend Fang Haoran is presenting three Spirit Concentration Pills and two Divine Force Pills. I pray for Grandmaster Sun’s success in the 2-star great teacher examination!”

“There five pills are peerless-grade heaven-tier pills. Please rest at ease and consume them!”


Xia Yuan also saw it. She involuntarily drew in a breath of cold air and envy filled her eyes.

A saint-tier medicinal pill wasn’t something one could concoct just because one wanted to. It depended on a stroke of luck and needed consummate alchemy skills. There was a saying in the alchemy world – There is no way one can actively seek a saint-tier pill.

Hence, for peerless-grade heaven-tier pills, they were considered the ceiling of medicinal pills.

Even so, the success rate to produce pills at this level was extremely low.

Everyone knew that there was 30% poison in medicine. Just depending on pills to breakthrough would cause the impurities in the pills to accumulate in one’s body, and when they reached a certain point, these impurities would all burst forth and the person might die.

However, there would always be people with mediocre talent or who were stuck at bottlenecks. These people could only depend on medicinal substances to help them. At such a time, the rich people would naturally choose the highest-tier medicinal pills to consume.

Because the higher the level of a medicinal pill, the better it was for one’s body and the weaker the negative effects would be.

However, medicines like this were all incomparably expensive with no exceptions.

“In order to headhunt you, Fang Haoran has truly gone all out!”

Xia Yuan sighed in admiration.

The top-grade medicinal pills in these five bottles were definitely saved by Fang Haoran through his tens of years of concocting. But now, he gifted everything to Sun Mo.

The Spirit Concentration Pill had miraculous effects on experts at the spirit-refinement realm. After consuming it, not only would one be able to easily break through their bottlenecks, but their strength would also surge greatly. The Divine Force Pills were even more awesome.

For cultivators at the blood-ignition realm, after consuming this pill, they would immediately step into the Divine Force Realm. Similarly, it was also a top-grade pill that could help one break through their bottlenecks.

“A peerless-grade heaven-tier Spirit Concentration Pill could be sold for 1 million taels of silver. As for the Divine Force Pills, those are something that can no longer be measured by money. They are only transacted using spirit stones.”

As a headmaster, An Xinhui still understood the prices of these medicinal pills somewhat. One could say that Fang Haoran was paying a heavenly price for Sun Mo.

Naturally, this also meant that in Fang Haoran’s heart, Sun Mo’s God Hands was worth this price!

Sun Mo smiled. After that, he took out a small porcelain bottle and tossed it to Gu Xiuxun.


Gu Xiuxun was badly shocked. She fumbled and managed to catch it.

“For you!”

Sun Mo passed the wooden box to Li Ziqi for safekeeping and leaped onto his horse.

“Ah? What did you say?”

Gu Xiuxun was so shocked that she shivered. She even doubted whether she had heard this wrongly.

Even Xia Yuan felt indescribable astonishment. (You actually gifted something so expensive away so casually?)

“You are not at the divine force realm yet, right? Hence, I will give you one Divine Force Pill. However, I still suggest that you depend on your own capabilities to break through. The experience and comprehension you would gain from breaking through on your own into major realms would benefit you your entire life!”

Sun Mo shared his experience.


For a time, Gu Xiuxun didn’t know what to say. She held the bottle in her hand and subconsciously glanced at An Xinhui. After that, her expression grew unnatural.

(Even if you want to give me one bottle, can you choose a more appropriate time when Sister An isn’t around? What if she feels heartache? After all, this item is extremely expensive.)

An Xinhui was a little startled by Sun Mo’s generosity. But after that, she smiled and persuaded Gu Xiuxun. “Since Sun Mo gifted it to you, just take it!”

The item belonged to Sun Mo. He had the authority to do whatever he wanted with it. Besides, An Xinhui wasn’t a petty person.


For a time, Gu Xiuxun didn’t know what to do.

In the carriage, the students silently watched everything with stunned looks in their eyes.

“Teacher Sun is so generous!”

Zheng Hao sighed in admiration. After that, he started to envy Xuanyuan Po and the others who were Sun Mo’s personal students. If they encountered a bottleneck, Sun Mo would surely give them a Spirit Concentration Pill.

Besides, from Fang Haoran’s attitude, if Sun Mo went to look for him to get medicinal pills, he would definitely give them to Sun Mo.

For that instant, Zheng Hao suddenly felt a notion flashing in his mind – how good would it be if I’m one of Sun Mo’s personal students as well?


Favorable impression points from Zheng Hao +300. Friendly (600/1,000).

“Teacher, you should act more reserved. Isn’t it just a Divine Force Pill?”

Zhang Yanzong sighed when he looked at Gu Xiuxun. However, he was just saying. After all, he had never seen a peerless-grade heaven-tier medicinal pill in his life before.

In the future, when there was time, he would beg his teacher to take it out for him to admire. Let alone eating it, just sniffing its fragrance would be very good too!

It should be very fragrant, right?

“Let’s move out!”

Sun Mo urged. He naturally wouldn’t take a fancy to these pills.

The Spirit Concentration Pill wasn’t bad, but it was too inferior when compared to the Mind Pill. If he didn’t have any Mind Pills, he would give the Spirit Concentration Pills to his personal students to eat. But if he had better ones, Sun Mo would naturally give his students the better pills.

As for the Divine Force Pill?

Sun Mo felt disdain to eat this. Although Divine Force Fruits were expensive, they were nature fruits after all and completely had no side effects.

But of course, Sun Mo accepted Fang Haoran’s good will.

This time around, there were no other unexpected incidents. The horse carriages set off and headed straight to Westmountain City.


On the journey back to Jinling, the concubine in the carriage who had served Fang Haoran for ten years was brooding.

“Master, isn’t your gift too valuable?”

Just as the voice of the beautiful concubine rang out, a large hand slapped her face.


The palm print was fresh and clear on her face. The concubine’s head forcefully turned to the side from the impact and she slammed into the walls of the carriage. When she lifted her head again, another one of Fang Haoran’s slaps blasted over.


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    《Absolute Great Teacher》