Absolute Great Teacher
528 2-star Title, Here I Come!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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528 2-star Title, Here I Come!



The concubine clutched her face with one of her hands and looked at Fang Haoran in disbelief. The master who had always doted upon her actually hit her?

The main point was that she didn’t have any selfish motives at all. She was completely thinking for his sake.

When she thought of this, the concubine felt so wronged that she wanted to cry.

“Do you know where you are wrong?”

Fang Haoran’s eyes were cold.

“This slave doesn’t know.”

The concubine sobbed in a soft voice.

“Do you know why I possess everything I have now?”

Fang Haoran asked.

“Naturally, it’s because Master is a very famous alchemy grandmaster.”

The concubine gave the correct answer.

“Although I’m not a doctor, I still understand something about illnesses due to my profession as an alchemist. If it wasn’t for Sun Mo and his God Hands, I most probably would never be able to concoct pills again.”

When Fang Haoran said this, his concubine was extremely shocked.

“Without this skill, who would give a damn about a darn old man like me?”

Fang Haoran self-mockingly smiled.

He was Grandmaster Fang, and his front yard was always as busy as a marketplace. This was because there would be no lack of powerful people seeking to buy medicinal pills from him. Fang Haoran loved this lofty feeling. He enjoyed being fawned on and complimented by others.

Other than the sense of superiority, it was also a sort of self-approval for his own value.

“Why do you think Cao Xian was willing to pay such a high price to recruit me to the Myriad Daos Academy? If it wasn’t for Sun Mo, I would definitely be chased out if I wasn’t cured.”

Fang Haoran coldly snorted.

“Master, I know my mistake!”

Although the concubine said this, she still felt a painful ache in her heart. After all, the gift was worth a vast sum of money.

“As long as I can live on, I will be able to concoct more pills. Besides, what do five peerless-grade heaven-tier medicinal pills count for? I’m even afraid that my gift isn’t valuable enough!”

Fang Haoran sighed. Sun Mo possessed the giant medicine packet and God Hands, so he should have enough capital to trade for top-grade pills should he want them. If Fang Haoran didn’t go all out, how would he be able to show his sincerity?

“This is still considered not valuable?”

The concubine was shocked. This sum of money was enough for Sun Mo to sleep with the various top flower queens in all the brothels of Jinling for an entire year.

“If not, what do you think?”

Fang Haoran angrily grumbled. “Do you know what condition Cao Xian offered to headhunt him?”

“What condition?”

His concubine was curious.

“As long as Sun Mo is willing to join the Myriad Daos Academy, he can state any condition he wants!”

After Fang Haoran finished speaking, the concubine directly drew in a breath of cold air.

She didn’t know what concept this was, but she knew that even when Cao Xian had headhunted Fang Haoran, he hadn’t offered him such a condition.

This meant that Sun Mo’s potential and value in Cao Xian’s heart clearly surpassed Fang Haoran’s.

“So, do you know why I hit you earlier?”

Fang Haoran looked at his concubine and spoke in a solemn tone, “I’ve already gifted a heavy gift. If someone leaked that I was doing so unwillingly and this caused Sun Mo to be unhappy, wouldn’t I have wasted my money for nothing and even offended him?”

“This slave knows her mistake.”

The concubine already knew what she had to do. She would give the command for the servants to circulate Fang Haoran’s admiration for Sun Mo.

In any case, there was only one thing. They had to make sure the Fang Clan’s gratitude for Sun Mo was displayed completely to the point where everyone knew of it.

“Once this slave returns, I will immediately offer incense to the altar and pray for Grandmaster Sun, hoping that he will be able to pass his 2-star great teacher examination smoothly!”

After the concubine spoke, she saw Fang Haoran revealing a satisfied expression. This caused her to relax. It seemed that she would still be able to maintain his doting toward her.

(However, isn’t Sun Mo a little too awesome?)

(He is only 21 years old, yet the Master regards him so highly? Moreover, Master’s judgment has never been wrong.)


Favorable impression points from Shen Jie`er +100. Friendly (100/1,000).


Westmountain City was a city in a mountain range. In the modern era, this place would definitely be classified as a grade-5A scenic spot that would be filled with tourists from around the world during special occasions. But in the Nine Provinces, it only meant that the path leading up there was very difficult. It wasn’t convenient to enter or leave.

The standard of living for the people here was one tier lower compared to Jinling.

“Coming here to take the examination really causes us to suffer!”

Zhang Yanzong was depressed.

“The Saint Gate set the location of the examination in Westmountain Academy because they want to give the people living here an increase in income.”

Gu Xiuxun explained.

This was a meritorious deed.

The great teachers and their students who came to the examination should be several tens of thousands of people when added up. During the period of the examination, the amount of money they spent would circulate through Westmountain City. Hence, to the businessmen here, it could be considered a huge increase in income.

Through taxation, the government here could even repair roads and set more policies that would benefit the common people.

“The Saint Gate is really humane!”

Zhang Yanzong praised.

No matter how beautiful the scenery was, one would feel tired if one looked at it every day. Luckily, Sun Mo wasn’t bored because every time he was free, he would guide his six personal students whole-heartedly.

Li Ziqi was a top student. No matter what he taught her, she would learn it immediately. Besides, with the support of her Retentive Memory, she would soon become an encyclopedia.

If Lu Zhiruo didn’t know anything, she would simply ask her eldest martial sister and could be sure that she would be able to get a correct and detailed answer.

The only problem the little sunny egg had was her motor nerves. Her hands and legs weren’t able to move according to her will.

This was an innate problem, so Sun Mo had no solutions for it. He could only use the ancient massaging technique and the Grand Universe Formless Divine Art to help improve her physique.

However, the little sunny egg’s combat strength wasn’t weak. The little bag she was carrying was filled with flame explosion runes and lightning protection spirit runes.

If these still couldn’t settle her enemies, she could still summon spiritual beasts to fight.

Right now, Sun Mo was imparting his knowledge on spirit runes to Li Ziqi. Because it was a higher-tier knowledge, he had to speak for a long time. Luckily, the little sunny egg could absorb information very fast.

This caused Sun Mo to feel worried. What if there came a day where he had nothing left to teach the little sunny egg?

Ying Baiwu was the opposite. She didn’t like to learn knowledge from books and was only fond of cultivating. She didn’t mind working very hard. This was the reason why her cultivation realm was improving so quickly.

Sun Mo also didn’t force her, simply allowing the iron-headed girl to cultivate as much as she wanted. He also got her to memorize some darkness medicinal herbs as a small form of entertainment that would allow her to relax.

Ying Baiwu was someone that learned through practical combat. Xuanyuan Po’s situation was also similar to hers. However, this combat addict was much more difficult to handle than the iron-headed girl.

Xuanyuan Po only loved fighting. As for matters of thinking, he never bothered with them.

Sun Mo would explain some concepts during their spars, and Ying Baiwu would ponder over his words and digest them. However, Xuanyuan Po wouldn’t do so. He would simply request Sun Mo to fight one more time.

At the start, Sun Mo had tried to explain, but he completely gave it up a few days later. Xuanyuan Po was a fellow that depended on his instincts in combat.

Bluntly speaking, it meant he depended on his talent.

Xuanyuan Po was the type of person who acted faster than he thought. (I don’t know why I am fighting, but I know how to defeat you.)

As for Tantai Yutang, other than coughing frequently, he simply sat at the corner of the carriage and was engrossed in reading a medical book.

With how sick he was, it would be a miracle if he could live on for three more years. Hence, Sun Mo didn’t teach him anything and even persuaded him not to tax himself too much.

If he meditated quietly, he might be able to live on for a few days longer.

Tantai Yutang didn’t care about that.

Jiang Leng’s attitude was completely different from the past. Although he still didn’t like to speak and would always show a dead-pan expression, he was cultivating assiduously every day.

It felt like he wanted to recover the amount of time he missed.

Although Jiang Leng didn’t say anything, Li Ziqi and the others knew that their junior brother wanted revenge. He didn’t get their teacher to remove the word ‘cripple’ from his forehead, and this was the greatest proof.

However, if one wanted to say who was the student that made Sun Mo feel the most helpless, it would be none other than Lu Zhiruo. She worked very hard, but her results were minimal. The system rated her potential value as extremely low and this rating wasn’t given randomly.

Truly, other than her huge papayas, she wasn’t good at anything else. No, she was very good with luck!

Sun Mo exhausted his limited abilities and used Soul Imprint to pass on his cultivation arts, experiences, and thoughts into Lu Zhiruo’s mind. However, she forgot everything just an hour later.

As long as Lu Zhiruo didn’t think about her father, she would be free of worries most of the time and was like a little angel.

Just when Sun Mo got a slightly better understanding of his six personal students, they arrived at Westmountain City.

“All the rounds of the examination will be held in the Westmountain Academy. Hence, we better stay somewhere near there to reduce the amount of time needed for travel.”

Xia Yuan suggested.

“Let’s go to the Westmountain Hotel directly. If that place is fully booked, we will change to the Mt. Chong Hotel!”

Sun Mo had done his homework. He instructed the drivers to hasten up.


Xia Yuan was badly frightened and hesitated, “B...but...these two hotels are very expensive!”

Although when they left the school, An Xinhui did give them some money for their travels and lodgings, it wasn’t enough for them to be so extravagant!

“Don’t think too much, I will be responsible for it!”

Sun Mo finally experienced the feeling of being rich. Being able to treat money like dirt was simply so elegant.

(I don’t care if it is expensive or not. I just want to feel comfortable!)

“I will take advantage of you then!”

Xia Yuan thanked him naturally. She knew Sun Mo didn’t lack money.

As expected, the Westmountain Hotel was full and as for the Mt. Chong Hotel, only a few luxurious guest rooms were left.

“Everyone, I’m really sorry!”

The hotel boss smiled. It wasn’t that no people wanted to rent the rooms, but the boss was waiting for a good offer to earn huge profits. After all, such a chance only came once every few years.

“10,000 taels of silver for a night? It is too expensive!”

Xia Yuan, who had thanked Sun Mo earlier, immediately felt heartache at the price. “Teacher Sun, why don’t we go to some other hotels?”

“It’s indeed somewhat expensive!”

Gu Xiuxun mumbled. This boss really dared to name such a high price. His heart must have been thoroughly blackened.

“Forget it, I’m too lazy to move.”

Sun Mo sat down. “Get your staff to move our luggage to our rooms!”

“This teacher...”

The boss wanted to say something but hesitated.

“What’s wrong?”

Sun Mo furrowed his brows.

“We have to collect the money first before we can allow you all to stay.”

The boss smiled. The number of people he had seen before couldn’t be considered little. Hence, he could tell that these three adults didn’t seem to be rich people.

What if they ran away later? Wouldn’t he have been taken for a fool?

“You mean we have to pay in full first?”

Xia Yuan frowned.

“Please forgive us!”

The boss nodded.

“What do you mean by this?”

Ying Baiwu’s beautiful brows furrowed. (Was the boss here looking down on them?)

“I...I don’t mean anything!”

The boss explained, but his attitude was determined. Either they paid first or they could scram.

“What’s going on?”

Sun Mo didn’t really understand.

“Usually speaking, we only have to pay a deposit first and only pay the full amount after we leave!”

Gu Xiuxun explained.

At this moment, another group of people entered the main lounge of the hotel. The eyes of the boss brightened as he immediately went to welcome them. The dressing of these newcomers was much more luxurious compared to the three earlier.

“Let’s just change to another location then.”

Sun Mo frowned but he didn’t rage. He could understand the boss’s mentality. There was nothing wrong that the boss wanted to earn more money.

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