Absolute Great Teacher
529 Genius Spirit Controller
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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529 Genius Spirit Controller


When the boss saw Sun Mo’s group leaving, he didn’t do anything to make them stay or show any hints of apology. Instead, he immediately received the newcomers.

The boss’s heart was very clear.

Although both parties wanted to rent rooms, the newcomers would clearly bring more profit to him. For example, Sun Mo looked like he didn’t care about money and since he said so, he would definitely rent the room at the price he said. However, the amount of food and tea they ordered would surely be very little.

However, the newcomers were different. Just look at their luxurious robes. The boss could even sense the aura of superiority in their bones.

These people would definitely not spare any expenses when it came to food and drink. In the end, this group of people would definitely spend more compared to Sun Mo’s group.

“Wait a minute!”

The young man in the lead instructed in an arrogant and bossy manner. From a single look, it was clear that he was a noble.

The boss bowed deeply and respectfully stood at the side.

When Sun Mo exited the hotel, he coincidentally saw a woman roughly about 24 to 25 years old entering. She was clad in an azure teacher robe with the insignia of the Skyraise Academy. There was a 1-star symbol above the insignia.

This woman was pondering over a question and directly walked toward Sun Mo.

Sun Mo shifted to the side to allow her to pass.

The woman simply walked past them just like that.

“She’s Bai Shuang!”

Gu Xiuxun gulped a mouthful of saliva as she stared at the woman’s back view. Her voice was somewhat hoarse. She didn’t expect they would actually encounter Bai Shuang here.

“Ah? So, she is that genius spiritual controller from the Skyraise Academy?”

Xia Yuan was curious. This name was very famous among the new teachers. She was also a top graduate from the Skyraise Academy.

At the same time, she was ranked #11 on the Great Teachers Hero Rankings.

“Since she’s a genius, why did she wait until now to take the 2-star great teacher examination? Shouldn’t she have gone for the examination earlier?”

Lu Zhiruo was puzzled.

“For geniuses like her, time is very valuable. They would only come to take the qualification examination when they have some idle time. After all, given their strength, it’s extremely effortless for them to pass the examination.”

Xia Yuan smiled bitterly. This was the distance between a mortal and a genius. For a thing she needed to work extremely hard for before she could achieve it, a genius could just get it effortlessly.

“Bai Shuang?”

Sun Mo mumbled the name and couldn’t help but activate Divine Sight.

24 years old, fifth level of the divine force realm!

Strength: 35. Whoever dares to underestimate your strength would have their heads crushed by you!

Intellect: 37. Enough to suppress many geniuses.

Agility: 31. Trash, but this is understandable as there’s no perfect human.

Will: 39. A very high value that would invoke jealousy in others!

Endurance: 32. I don’t need to run. In any case, I can sit on my spiritual beasts as a mount!


Potential value: extremely high!

Note: She has shocking talent in the art of spiritual beast control and loves to use uncommon angles to look at problems.

Note: Her world view is a little strange!

Sun Mo was still looking at Bai Shuang’s data. All of a sudden, Bai Shuang turned her head and looked at Sun Mo. Her eyes were bloodshot and like sharp knives that could directly penetrate Sun Mo’s head.

In that instant, Sun Mo’s pupils narrowed as he felt a splitting headache.

Pak! Pak! Pak!

Intense explosions rang out in the air.

“There’s something over there!”

Lu Zhiruo called out nervously and pulled out her sword before turning to slash in the 11 o’clock direction.

That thing had hostility!

Bai Shuang’s gaze turned and landed on Lu Zhiruo. She frowned as she surveyed Lu Zhiruo.

The papaya girl started and quickly hid behind Sun Mo. There was no solution to this. The gaze of this woman was too terrifying, it was like she wanted to skin Lu Zhiruo.

“Teacher Bai!”

The bunch of people who had entered the hotel earlier came over and stared warily at Sun Mo’s group. This was especially so because of the papaya girl. After all, she had slashed her sword out.

“You are also a great teacher, so please pay attention to your actions. In the future, try to refrain from casually staring at girls on the street. It would only have an adverse effect!”

Bai Shuang’s voice was a little hoarse.

“Do you think you are very beautiful?”

Ying Baiwu was unhappy. (Who the hell do you think you are to lecture my teacher? Besides, are you not thinking too much? My teacher’s fiancee is the 5th ranker of the Devastating Beauty Rankings, An Xinhui!)

Bai Shuang could be considered a beauty, but there was no way she could compare to An Xinhui. In fact, her looks were even inferior to Gu Xiuxun.


Bai Shuang frowned. She didn’t have such a concept in her heart.


The young man leading the other group frowned and was about to berate Ying Baiwu.

“Forget it, don’t waste time. Quickly go and settle the lodging procedures!”

Bai Shuang urged.

Since she had spoken, none of the others would say anything. After they glared at Sun Mo, they departed.

“Is this woman sick in the head?”

Zhang Yanzong was speechless. From their side, Gu Xiuxun, Li Ziqi, Lu Zhiruo, and Ying Baiwu, other than having beauty, were all capable in their own rights as well.

Sun Mo was surrounded by so many beauties daily and his appetite was already full. (Why would he take a fancy to you?)

“Teacher, get the top place and crush her!”

Tantai Yutang waved his little fist.

“Let’s go.

Sun Mo wasn’t that optimistic.

The perception of this woman was extremely sharp. This was the second time he was discovered when he used Divine Sight. One must know that their cultivation bases were roughly similar.

Earlier when Bai Shuang had turned and looked at him, she had definitely used a mental-type attack, and the papaya girl must have slashed out because she felt something.

“Student Tantai, you should stop making things more chaotic. How can the top graduate of the Skyraise Academy be so easily crushed? Also, Bai Shuang is someone that has graduated for a few years. She would surely be even more powerful than her peers!”

Xia Yuan bitterly smiled. These children truly didn’t know the immensity of heaven and earth.

“Let’s settle our lodgings first!”

Sun Mo didn’t think about obtaining the first place. It would be good if he could pass quietly. However, the system notification suddenly rang out.


Sun Mo’s heart thumped.

As expected, a new mission was issued the next instant. He had to use his overall results to crush Bai Shuang. If he could do so, the reward would be 3 golden treasure chests!

The rewards were good, but Sun Mo felt that it was very difficult for him to achieve them.

“Teacher, that woman’s aura is very mixed and feels extremely strange. It’s best to interact less with her!”

Lu Zhiruo tugged Sun Mo’s sleeves and reminded in a low voice.

When Bai Shuang walked past them, Lu Zhiruo felt very uncomfortable.


Bai Shuang stopped thinking of her problems, because right now, her mind was replaying the scene of Lu Zhiruo waving her sword.

“You actually can tell the location of my darling?”

Bai Shuang sighed in admiration. Wasn’t the perception of that little girl a little too terrifying? She was definitely a good seedling to become a spiritual controller.

(Is it possible to have that little girl as my disciple? But that girl was following the young man around, so she should be his personal disciple, right? Things are troublesome then. But it’s fine, humans can die, right?)

Moreover, she felt that Sun Mo’s gaze was very bizarre as if he could see through the human heart. In any case, it felt extremely uncomfortable to be stared at by him. At that instant, Bai Shuang felt like she was being observed cleanly and could hide no secrets from him.

“Teacher Bai, the room is ready!”

The young man leading the group rushed over, not daring to allow Bai Shuang to wait too long.


Bai Shuang went into her room. “I’m going to enter close-door cultivation. Do not disturb me if there are no important matters. Also, quickly go and check where that Sun Mo fellow is staying and how he looks!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》