Absolute Great Teacher
530 Why Do I Have to Let You Benefit from Every Good Thing?
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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530 Why Do I Have to Let You Benefit from Every Good Thing?


In the end, Sun Mo chose a hotel named Copperbell Hotel. The name didn’t have any sense of beauty and actually exuded a crude feeling.

The hotel was quite large and had its own bathing spot and restaurant. It was said that all delicacies in Westmountain and the nearby fifteen cities could be tasted here.

After Sun Mo arrived, he didn’t want to gather any information on things like the examiners for this batch and the powerful examinees that would be his opponents. He simply stayed in the hotel and guided his six students meticulously.

Every day and night, he would use the ancient massaging technique to smoothen their energy channels and improve their potential.

There were only three days remaining before the start of the examination. The Copperbell Hotel was fully booked and was extremely noisy every day.

These examinees were all 1-star great teachers. Hence, they tried to get to know each other as the first step of building their social network. Regardless of whether or not it would be useful in the future, it was paramount to just keep a good relationship first.

During the evening, Sun Mo’s group came down for dinner.

“So noisy!”

Seeing that the restaurant was full, flooded with people, Gu Xiuxun frowned and then turned to Sun Mo.

She still admired people like Sun Mo. They remained calm and would suddenly blast off to the top only when things were crucial.

“Should we go to another restaurant?”

Sun Mo actually didn’t like such a noisy atmosphere. Regardless of which era it was, the scene of people getting drunk was the same.

“Forget it, let’s finish eating quickly so we can continue teaching our students!”

Gu Xiuxun decided to endure it.

They waited for over 20 minutes before there was an empty table. Gu Xiuxun actually didn’t want to sit here because the people on the left table had clearly been drinking for quite some time, and they were extremely boisterous. However, Sun Mo and the others had 11 people, and there were no suitable places for them elsewhere.

“Forget it, just bear with it.

Xia Yuan persuaded.

She knew that Gu Xiuxun would surely be unhappy... because she was a beauty! One must know that Gu Xiuxun had been the campus queen of the Myriad Daos Academy. When she entered the restaurant earlier, several men were stealthily sneaking glances at her.

Everyone would usually be more reserved. But when men started to drink, they wouldn’t be able to control themselves.

The waiters of the Copperbell Hotel were still very professional. They swiftly cleaned the table and served some tea, bringing the menu over.

“Dear great teachers, what do you all want to eat? The examination is about to begin, so I recommend some lighter dishes.”

The waiter had a witty mouth and spoke in an amicable tone.

Sun Mo took the menu and casually flipped through it. It wasn’t that he didn’t know how to be modest, but if he let Gu Xiuxun and Xia Yuan order the dishes, the two of them basically wouldn’t feel good ordering too much. As for the students, they naturally wouldn’t dare to speak.

Sun Mo was also helpless and could only do it himself.

“This...and this...”

Sun Mo casually pointed to a few dishes.

“Mn! Mn!”

The waiter quickly wrote it down!

After pointing out about nine dishes, Sun Mo closed the menu.

“Sir, the quantity of the food...”

The waiter wanted to say ‘you guys have a lot of people in your group and this amount of food might not be enough’, but he was interrupted halfway. “We don’t want all these. You can bring the rest of the dishes on the menu here.”


The waiter immediately felt some cold sweat dripping down his forehead. Luckily, he didn’t finish his sentence or he would have offended this wealthy client.


The guests in the surroundings subconsciously turned over after hearing Sun Mo’s words.

They had never seen someone ordering so many dishes before.

“Che, he must be spending his family’s money. Why the hell is he acting cool here?”

On the table at the left, an aged-looking man couldn’t help but spit a mouthful of saliva.

Xuanyuan Po’s eyebrows twitched and prepared to stand up. But Jiang Leng’s reaction was quicker. He pressed down on Xuanyuan Po’s shoulder. “Don’t stir up trouble for Teacher!”

On the other side, Li Ziqi looked at Ying Baiwu. She realized that although this iron-headed girl didn’t stand up, her hand was already on the hilt of her sword.

From the view of the little sunny egg, Xuanyuan Po might only want a fight. However, Ying Baiwu clearly worshipped Sun Mo and was unwilling to hear others insult him.

Xia Yuan glanced at the menu and realized that it was very thick. There were at least tens of dishes, how would they be able to finish it? “Teacher Sun, you’ve ordered too much!”

Xia Yuan knew that Sun Mo was rich, but he couldn’t possibly waste his money like that!

“The exam is about to begin. Let’s eat a good meal today. After that, you guys will have to eat according to the dietary plans I wrote for you all.”

Sun Mo smiled. “The food then would surely be your nightmare. Also, you guys don’t have to worry about wasting food tonight. If we can’t finish them, we will just give the remaining food to the beggars.”

Beggars were quite a conspicuous group. Recently, the beggars around Westmountain City had gathered near the Westmountain Academy because they wanted to get more copper coins from the visitors.

The great teachers, for the sake of having good karma, would usually be very generous.

“In any case, we have waited for so long. If we don’t eat something good, I would feel bad.”

The waiter hesitated. He was worried that Sun Mo might regret after hearing the prices of all the dishes combined. He was hesitating whether or not to ask as it would surely offend Sun Mo. But if he informed his boss, it would show that he was useless and not decisive enough.

“Alright. In any case, I won’t pay you a copper coin less. Just go and prepare the dishes, I’ll pay once we finish eating!”

Sun Mo waved his hands to the waiter.

“Great Teachers, you guys misunderstood. I can tell that you are all from Jinling and I was preparing to recommend some food that’s suitable to your taste!”

The waiter explained.

“You don’t need to say any more, just make sure the food is good. Quickly go.”

Sun Mo then pointed to the tea flask on the table. “Also, change this to the best tea of your shop!”

These words finally caused all the customers to look at Sun Mo.

It wasn’t that Sun Mo was acting cool. Rather, the high-grade teas of the Nine Provinces contained spirit qi and could refresh their minds and even boost longevity.

“Alright, please wait for a moment!”

The waiter was extremely frantic and quickly asked his colleagues for help.

“Teacher Sun, I know you are rich, but money isn’t meant to be spent like this. You should save some money. In the future, after your cultivation base has improved, there would be many places where you would need to spend money on!”

Xia Yuan persuaded.

She was someone from an ordinary clan. For her monthly salary, other than her own expenditure, the majority was sent back to her clan.

“Many thanks Teacher Xia, I will change in the future!”

Sun Mo revealed a serious expression.

“Teacher doesn’t lack money!”

Xuanyuan Po interjected. He mentally mused that the spirit stones mine his teacher owned was already worth an unknown amount of money. Even if the mine was completely excavated, if Sun Mo sold the eight-gate cloud, he would instantly become exceptionally wealthy.


Li Ziqi berated.

(Do you know what it means to leave some face for others?)

Xia Yuan started. After that, when she saw the unconcerned expressions on Li Ziqi and the others’ faces, she knew that she was worrying too much. Sun Mo must really be someone so rich that she couldn’t imagine.

However, he showed no signs of complacency or arrogance. On the contrary, he was humble and was willing to listen to advice. His understanding character was truly worthy to be learned.


Favorable impression points from Xia Yuan +50. Friendly (820/1,000).

“What the hell?”

After hearing the notification, Sun Mo couldn’t help but glance at Xia Yuan. (Why did you contribute favorable impression points? I didn’t do anything, right?)

The boss, who was a man with small eyes, evidently knew that Sun Mo ordered many dishes. He personally arranged for two waiters to specially service Sun Mo’s table. Besides, the speed of the dishes being sent up was also slightly quicker.

“Just pick what you like to eat!”

Sun Mo slowly drank his tea. There was no need for him to move his chopsticks. Wherever his gaze drifted to, the meticulous Li Ziqi would move her chopsticks and pick up the food for him.

As compared to this, Lu Zhiruo was like a fool.

She basically didn’t consider Sun Mo’s taste. In any case, she just added a portion of all the food she found to her liking into Sun Mo’s plate. If the food was very delicious, she would simply add two portions.

Very soon, the food on Sun Mo’s plate looked like a little mountain.


Li Ziqi was speechless.


The papaya girl replied. After that, she picked up a fish ball with her chopstick and stuffed it into her mouth. “Teacher, this is nice!”

“You should speak only after you finish eating the food in your mouth.”

Sun Mo was helpless. He originally thought that he wouldn’t be able to finish the food. But because he didn’t want to hurt the papaya girl’s heart, he could only continue eating silently.

When eating with Sun Mo, they could even discuss academic matters. This caused Gu Xiuxun to gradually forget the unfriendly gazes of the people in the surroundings. However, a beauty was destined to be inseparable from being hit on.

Not more than half an hour later, there were already five great teachers who came to try and strike up a conversation with Gu Xiuxun. Without an exception, all these great teachers had excellent figures and thick money bags.

One couldn’t help but say that no matter the era, there would always be some people who thought so highly of themselves.

“So annoying!”

Gu Xiuxun frowned but she felt a little joyful in her heart. Now, Sun Mo should know how popular she was, right?

Great Teacher Du returned back to his seat at the table on the left after failing to strike up a conversation with Gu Xiuxun.

“How is it? Look at their appearances, they are all so young. They most probably just obtained their 1-star title, correct?”

Someone asked.


Great Teacher Du nodded.

“Hmph, the newbies now don’t know the immensity of heavens and earth. They dare to come and take the 2-star great teacher examination right away after they passed the 1-star examination. I think they don’t know how to write the word ‘death’!”

Great Teacher Xiao, who spat a mouthful of saliva earlier, scolded again.

“Teacher Xiao, that might not be the case. I heard that the 1-star great teacher examination held during this spring was extremely difficult, and the number of people who passed was the least in fifty years. Since these people dared to come for the 2-star great teacher examination, they most probably have some capabilities!”

Great Teacher Du deduced.

One must know that one could only attempt the great teacher examination for a limited amount of time. Once they used up all five attempts, they would no longer have a chance to rank up. Hence, the majority of great teachers wouldn’t attempt it unless they were confident.

“Yeah, I heard that the Saint Gate wants to control the number of great teachers. I wonder if they would increase the difficulty of this year’s 2-star great teacher examination?”

Someone interjected. After that, everyone lost the interest to speak.

Honestly speaking, the answer to this question was very evident.

“Old Xiao, just listen to my persuasion... Let’s just head back?”

A great teacher couldn’t help but persuade after he drank a mouthful of wine. This was the fifth time Old Xiao attempted the 2-star great teacher examination. If he failed, he would never be able to rise to the 2-star ranking ever again in his lifetime.

When Old Xiao heard this, he felt depressed and wanted to vent. However, the person who spoke was his bosom friend. Also, his friend was speaking the truth and was thinking for him. Hence, he felt awkward and helpless.


Xiao Li drank another cup of wine. He was thinking whether he should give up and wait one more year before trying again, but all of a sudden, he heard the laughter of a female. He lifted his head and saw Gu Xiuxun leaning toward Sun Mo as they laughed and joked.


An adulterous couple!

The young man was so young, so rich, and had the favor of a beauty. (Why do I have to let you benefit from every good thing?) Xiao Li felt heat rushing into his head. After that, he grabbed his wine cup and tossed it toward Sun Mo.

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》