Absolute Great Teacher
531 Golden Sentences One After Another
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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531 Golden Sentences One After Another



The wine cup smashed into Gu Xiuxun’s back.


Gu Xiuxun, who was currently discussing Zhang Yanzong’s strengths and flaws with Sun Mo, was suddenly hit. She subconsciously cried out and stood as a reflex.

Because she exerted too much force, her leg knocked into the table.


The wooden table shook.

One couldn’t help but say that Xiao Li’s throwing accuracy was truly shitty.

Ceng~ Ceng~ Ceng~

Sun Mo, Zhang Yanzong, Xuanyuan Po, and Ying Baiwu directly stood up.

“What are you doing?”

Sun Mo frowned and coldly asked.

Zhang Yanzong originally wanted to shout. But when he saw Xuanyuan Po take a wooden stool and want to toss it over, he quickly stretched out his hand to hold the combat addict back.

“My heavens, it is my teacher who got thrown. Why are you even angrier than me?”

Zhang Yanzong had a brand new understanding of Xuanyuan Po’s desire for combat. After that, he vowed that he would absolutely not find this fellow for a spar ever again in the future.

“This great teacher, what do you mean by your action?”

Xia Yuan questioned. As the oldest in the group, she had the responsibility to step out.

The great teachers who were sitting at the same table as Xiao Li were all stunned. (What are you doing?) But soon, they stood up and hurriedly apologized, “We are really sorry, he drank too much!”

“Please forgive him, please forgive him!”

The others hurriedly spoke.

When Xiao Li saw this, he felt even more sullen in his heart.

Why did he toss a wine cup?

Because he was helpless and wanted to vent!

Honestly speaking, it was just because of a moment of impulse. When the wine cup flew through the air, he immediately regretted it. However, he was really very angry!

During his first time, he had gone to take the examination with a heart filled with confidence. In the end, because he overestimated his own abilities, he suffered a setback in the written examination and failed. From then on, he concentrated fully on research and study for five years, doing his best to improve his capabilities. He then went for the second examination after that.

This time around, Xiao Li failed during the combat round between the great teachers. He finally understood the meaning of the sentence there’s always someone stronger out there. After that, he worked hard for another five years, but it seemed that the heavens wanted to go against him. For the third examination, all three of his personal students failed.

After that, during the fourth attempt, he encountered the top graduate of the Heavenly Mystery Academy during the great teacher’s combat round and was crushed directly. He didn’t even manage to make it into the disciple’s combat round.

In the span of twenty years, the consecutive failures brought too much impact and pressure to Xiao Li’s mind. In the early part of the year, in order to leave no road of retreat for himself so as to encourage himself further, he had said that if he failed this year, he would give up on the occupation of a great teacher.

However, who knew that the heavens decided to pull another joke on him? The Saint Gate suddenly increased the difficulty of the examination. This was simply a bombshell smashing down.

Xiao Li was completely dumbstruck.

He wanted to wait for one more year, but what about the words he had publicly said before?

He failed four times consecutively and he knew that the teachers in his school treated him like the butt of jokes. During the great teacher examination every year, his name would be brought out as an example for others, warning the newbies to not be like him.

The nearer the examination date got, the greater the pressure on Xiao Li, he also felt increasingly nervous. What if he failed again?

Such worry caused him to lose sleep for several days. Today, because he drank too much and when he saw Gu Xiuxun and Sun Mo whispering in each other’s ears, his emotions instantly exploded.

Based on what?

This man was so young, but there was already a beauty fond of him. Moreover, his future was boundless as well. Xiao Li looked at himself. He was already over 40 years old. He had already lost his youth, the most graceful period of his life.

(Why do I have to be the one living like a dog?)

(I also want to prove to those who look down on me that I, Xiao Li, can also become a 2-star great teacher!)

When he thought of this, he suddenly felt a sense of heroism filling his heart. He lifted his hand and smashed it onto the table.


“As a great teacher, you refused to set yourself as an example and indulged in extravagance and waste. How unbecoming!”

Xiao Li looked at Sun Mo in anger as he spoke in a severe tone.

(Wow, this reason actually sounds quite reasonable!)

However, this reason didn’t stand before Sun Mo. Besides, Gu Xiuxun was the victim here. Who could endure this?

“What the f*** does it have to do with you?”

Sun Mo directly cursed.


Upon hearing the commotion, the guests in the restaurant all started to pay attention. When they heard Sun Mo cursing, all of them were momentarily shocked.

“That isn’t something a great teacher should say.”

“I feel that this young man is simply very direct!”

“That middle-aged man is clearly looking for trouble. It’s clear he’s jealous of that young man!”

“Of course. I’m also jealous. Truly, a fresh flower stuck in a pile of cow d...eh, but then again, this young man is quite handsome!”

The great teachers here discussed with each other as they watched the show with excitement. They treated it as a pleasant diversion of amusement and snuck glances at Gu Xiuxun.

This was the instinct of humans.

Even Mencius once said that men would admire pretty girls no matter what!

“As a great teacher, you even spout vulgarities before the students. A person like you is actually a great teacher? I truly feel ashamed to be in the same profession as you!”

Xiao Li scolded back.

“Alright, you guys should just stop arguing.”

The people at the side persuaded, silently thinking that this young man was so rich and his female companion was so beautiful. (His clan must surely own a mine, right? Can you afford to antagonize him?)

“As great teachers, our morality and conduct should be as one. If you are unhappy about me, you can tell me directly instead of acting sanctimonious here!”

Sun Mo’s expression didn’t change, but he started to reflect on himself. Indeed, he shouldn’t have cursed out loud before the students. He would take note of this and change in the future.

“Great teachers, the two of you, please calm down. Please calm down!”

The boss of the Copperbell Hotel came over, bowing as he smiled. After he understood what was going on, he hurriedly explained to Xiao Li. “This great teacher, please be clear of this fact. This young great teacher didn’t waste the food he ordered. All the dishes they couldn’t finish would be given away to the beggars.”

When the boss said this, Xiao Li’s countenance changed. The people at his table also had unnatural expressions.

“Have you heard it? Apologize!”

Xia Yuan shouted in rage, manifesting a sense of existence. This was a great opportunity to gain favor from Sun Mo.

(Sisterh... eh, brotherhood is only formed from fighting together!)

“I was in the wrong for not making clear of the situation. However, I was only angry for the sake of the fact that food might be wasted. I wanted you to understand that the life of farmers isn’t easy.”

Xiao Li appeared to be acknowledging his mistake but was still criticizing Sun Mo. “Also, it is difficult for your parents to earn money. When you are spending money, I hope you think about your parents more!”

“Neath the midday sun he hoes his crops. Sweat moistens the soil between the stalks. Of food on the table who recalls, each grain is produced through bitter toil!”*

Sun Mo looked at Xiao Li and spoke with a pause between each sentence. “I don’t need you to teach me logic like this!”

Indeed, there was no need for Xiao Li to teach him this because after Sun Mo finished speaking, a golden light erupted forth from his body and illuminated the area.

A great teacher halo was activated.

“Priceless Advice?”

The great teachers were all shocked. Huh? A great teacher halo was activated just because of a minor argument?

Moreover, this poem was so well-spoken. Although the meaning was clear and easy to understand, it completely illustrated the hard work of the farmers and a warning to people who wasted food in a way that depicted penetrating insight.

The main point was that Priceless Advice was activated. This meant that this young man truly didn’t waste food. Without sincere emotions, this halo would definitely not activate.

“Wow, even when reciting poems, every word our teacher speaks is a golden sentence!”

Lu Zhiruo was very happy. She took out a small notebook and jotted down the words.

Li Ziqi smiled. This was a standard operating procedure.

If it wasn’t for the gazes of the public, Gu Xiuxun really wished to cuff Sun Mo on the neck. “You are erupting forth with golden sentences again!”

It truly invoked envy in others.

Sun Mo didn’t care whether the sentences he spoke were golden sentences or not. All these were his true thoughts. Because, ever since he was young, the concept of being thrifty was inculcated in him by his parents.

Even later on when he joined the society and worked, he didn’t waste a single grain of food.

Xiao Li felt very awkward. Once Priceless Advice was activated, it meant that his criticism earlier couldn’t stand on its own.

“Besides, the money I spent is the money I earned myself. Don’t use your subjective thinking on everyone!”

Sun Mo continued, “Do you want to ask how is it possible for me to earn so much money? I’m sorry to say this. I found a spirit stone mine. So, are you very angry now?”


After hearing how toxic Sun Mo’s words were, the few girls started to smile.

“If Black Doggy Sun doesn’t bark at people, you guys will not know how terrifying an unleashed wild dog is!”

Gu Xiuxun was unable to restrain a smile.

“What bullshit are you talking about? I can also say that I found an eight-gate cloud!”

Xiao Li’s face was flushed. The feeling of tipsiness surged. “Do you think you can find a spirit stone mine just because you want to?”

An eight-gate cloud was ranked #10 on the darkness mysterious species list. Why would Xiao Li mention it? Because he felt that if someone found this, they would immediately become a winner in life. As for the top nine species?

Unless one was a god of luck, it was basically impossible.


This time around, all of Sun Mo’s personal students started laughing. Even Jiang Leng with the dead-pan expression couldn’t restrain a smile. (Sorry, I don’t know if you have an eight-gate cloud or not, but my teacher definitely has one!)

“What are you guys laughing for?”

Gu Xiuxun turned her head and looked at Li Ziqi and the rest with a puzzled look on her face. She didn’t understand why they were laughing.

“Alright, I didn’t get the situation clear. I was the one in the wrong first. However, by speaking like this to a senior, are you not a little too disrespectful?”

Xiao Li changed the topic again. Not only did he want to blacken Sun Mo’s name, but he even wanted to make Sun Mo wear the hat of ‘disrespecting seniors’. Once news of this spread, some seniors would ruthlessly teach him a lesson during the combat round of the examination.

“What is a senior? Seniors are people with talent and virtue, with capabilities, able to convince others with their reasoning, able to administer justice with their martial strength. Do you have all of these qualities?”

Sun Mo coldly snorted. “Some people are young and have strong aspirations, tempering themselves as they advance forward. As for others, they waste 100 years of their life and are worse off than a dog!”


A commotion rose in the surroundings.

“Well spoken!”

“Might I be so bold as to inquire your name?”

“I have some wine here, I wonder if sir is willing to give me some face and join me for a drink?”

More than one great teacher among the spectating guests involuntarily exclaimed in admiration. Some people were even asking for Sun Mo’s name, wanting to treat him to a drink.

Sun Mo’s words had truly touched the depths of their hearts.

In the large restaurants, a few aged people sank into silence. Other than contemplating things, they were shocked because Priceless Advice was activated once again.

Yes, the Priceless Advice erupted forth for the second time!

When the golden light shone on their bodies, many people were thinking of the words ‘Some people are young and have strong aspirations, tempering themselves as they advance forward. As for others, they waste 100 years of their life and are worse off than a dog!’.

Xiao Li’s face instantly turned black like the pig liver. Even the great teachers at the same table as him had embarrassed looks on their faces. Sun Mo’s Priceless Advice was already activated, so how could Xiao Li win an argument against him?

This shouldn’t be the case.

The activation of Priceless Advice was like using a cheat. However, they couldn’t help but admit that Sun Mo’s words were extremely well-spoken!

This time around, the people surrounding Sun Mo were all stunned as well. This was especially so for people who had witnessed his performance for the first time. Xia Yuan, Zheng Hao, and Zhang Yanzong were all dumbfounded.

The Black Doggy Sun’s arguing skill was truly worthy of its reputation!


Sun Mo berated. Letting a girl being humiliated before him was the manifestation of a man’s impotence.


Credit for translation for this goes to wxl70, source: https://www.yulucn.com/question/148009892

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》