Absolute Great Teacher
532 Those Who Offend the Central Province Academy Must Be Eliminated Regardless of the Distance!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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532 Those Who Offend the Central Province Academy Must Be Eliminated Regardless of the Distance!


The boss of the Copperbell Hotel was dumbstruck. He froze on the spot as he silently sensed the feeling of the golden light shining on him.

Some of his thoughts that had been stored for many years emerged from the depths of his mind, causing him to deeply agree with Sun Mo’s words.

“Is this the power of a great teacher halo?”

The boss sighed ruefully. After that, he was astonished by Sun Mo’s overflowing talent. Sun Mo actually erupted forth with Priceless Advice twice. How great was he?

Looking at the shocked faces in the restaurant, Lu Zhiruo complacently lifted her little chin.

(Do you see it?)

(My teacher is simply so impressive!)

“Teacher Xiao, why don’t you apologize?”

That Teacher Du spoke, persuading his friend in a low voice. (By continuing to argue, you would only make people look down on you even more. In any case, you would clearly lose if you argued with this fellow.)

Under the influence of the great teacher halo, Xiao Li felt ashamed, self-reproach, resentment, and worry. All sorts of negative emotions gushed forth like the tides, almost causing him to suffocate.

Because if he failed again, he would become a failure that lived an empty life, even unable to be compared to a dog!

Xiao Li also knew he was wrong. He wanted to apologize, but Teacher Du’s persuasion caused him to swallow back the apology he was about to speak.

(Even my friend doesn’t want to help me?)

Xiao Li looked at Great Teacher Du. After that, he turned his head and glanced at the others. All of them wanted to persuade him to not quarrel anymore.

Did they feel that he was in the wrong?


They felt that there was no hope for him to win. Hence, they wanted him to quickly concede and admit defeat so he wouldn’t lose and be even more unsightly.


Xiao Li self-mockingly laughed. After that, he turned and glanced at the surroundings. Indeed, everyone was looking at him like how they would look at a clown.

(Hmph, this daddy won’t let you all get what you want. I will just be unyielding all the way until the end. Could it be that this fellow would really dare to attack?)

Upon thinking of this, Xiao Li looked at Sun Mo and calmly smiled. “I’m merely worried that you guys would waste food. This was why I spoke out to persuade you all. Since it is a misunderstanding, I will just buy four more dishes and give them to you guys. Boss, get the menu here. This teacher here, you can choose any dishes that you want!

“However, I’m not like you, someone so rich despite such a young age. Hence, try not to order dishes that are too expensive, alright?”

These two sentences sounded peculiar. Moreover, some great teachers discovered how sinister Xiao Li was. Everyone came for the examination and was hoping for good luck. What do you mean by saying ‘four’ dishes?

(Are you cursing Sun Mo to court death?)

“We don’t need your dishes. Quickly apologize!”

Sun Mo’s eyes glinted with hostility. (This man actually wants to play such tricks? Does he really think this daddy is ignorant?)

“I’m giving you four dishes for free. Could it be that my sincerity is still not enough? Sir, why do you have to be so overbearing?”

Xiao Li asked.

“Do you feel that you are very smart?”

Sun Mo grabbed his wooden blade.

“What? From how you look, you even want to beat me up?”

Xiao Li laughed mockingly. “Come on then, the one who is scared to act is a dog!”

Xuanyuan Po didn’t say anything. He directly grabbed a stool and wanted to rush over. Luckily, Zheng Hao and Zhang Yanzong were there to hold him back.

“Sun Mo forget it. I’ve remembered your help.”

Gu Xiuxun whispered in a low voice, wanting to persuade him. “Let’s wait until the examination is over before we teach him a lesson!”

Gu Xiuxun was the top graduate from the Myriad Daos Academy. How would she be afraid of trouble? If she was bullied, she would just bully the bully two or three times worse.

However, when she saw Sun Mo taking the initiative to step out for her, Gu Xiuxun stopped caring about that Xiao Li. She only felt that Sun Mo looked very handsome doing this.

(Is this the feeling of being protected by someone?)

“Teacher Sun, if you are unhappy, just wait for the examination to end before teaching him a lesson!”

When Xia Yuan looked at Xiao Li’s behavior, she understood he was determined to disgust Sun Mo. She hurriedly persuaded, “Don’t forget that you want to be a new rising star that can gain 3 stars in a single year. Don’t lose your qualifications to take the examination because of this minor incident.”

What was a great teacher?

Other than educating others, they had to be role models for their students too. Hence, the Saint Gate had a requirement for the usual behavior and speech of great teachers.

Moreover, they were in the city where the examination took place. If they were caught fighting, they would definitely be banned from this examination.

If the situation was serious, there was a possibility that the offenders would be stripped of their qualifications to attend the examination forever.

“Teacher, he is already so old, yet he still wants to participate in the 2-star great teacher examination. It’s clear that he is mediocre with a single glance. You are still young, you shouldn’t let him delay your career!”

Li Ziqi suddenly knelt and persuaded earnestly.


The little sunny egg’s action directly stunned all the spectators here. What scene was this? Some experienced great teachers revealed looks of envy.

This little girl was truly intelligent, caring, and was toxic enough with her words!

Xiao Li definitely wouldn’t admit his mistake, and it was also not possible for Sun Mo to act. Hence, even if he continued to erupt forth with golden sentences, as long as Xiao Li didn’t apologize, it would indicate that Sun Mo was useless.

However, when this little girl knelt to persuade Sun Mo, it directly gave Sun Mo a way out and even disparaged the middle-aged Xiao Li.

It gave everyone the feeling that if Sun Mo compared himself to this rubbish, it would simply lower his own status.

As expected, Xiao Li’s face flushed instantly. For a great teacher, other than being insulted by those of the same profession, the humiliation was even greater when a student viewed you in contempt.

“Who did you say was mediocre?”

Xiao Li roared in rage.

“Shut up!”

Sun Mo roared at Xiao Li. After that, he glanced at Li Ziqi and after his gaze swept past Gu Xiuxun, he looked at the students and smiled.

“I know you guys are worried about me. But other than being a great teacher, I’m also Xiuxun’s face and the vice headmaster of the Central Province Academy!

“As a great teacher, this is my bottomline. I can’t possibly not be moved after being ‘teased’. I have to defend my own honor!

“As for Xiuxun, I cannot watch my friend be insulted and do nothing. I would rather be the one he hurt!

“As the vice headmaster, I have my own responsibility. I’ve said this before, ‘those who offend the Central Province Academy must be eliminated regardless of the distance’. Teacher Gu is a teacher of our school, hence I have the responsibility to protect her!”

After Sun Mo spoke, he grabbed a wine cup from the table and smashed it with all his strength toward Xiao Li.


The wine cup whistled through the air, blasting forth like a bullet.

Usually, Xiao Li would be able to block it. But today, because he had drunk too much wine, he wasn’t very clear-headed. His vision dazzled. Besides, Sun Mo’s toss was stable, accurate, and ruthless. The moment Xiao Li raised his hand to block, the wine cup already smashed into his head.


The immense impact directly caused Xiao Li’s head to roll back as he fell onto the ground.


Fresh blood flowed forth like a waterfall after a rainstorm, dripping down Xiao Li’s face and staining his robes.


The entire scene was in an uproar. No one had expected Sun Mo to truly act. But very soon, they understood why. It was because of Sun Mo’s three sentences earlier.

“I’ve long since said that this young man is a real man!”

“An old fellow like that would always use sinister moves. I bet he didn’t expect to ram his foot into a steelboard. Serves him right!”

“Ai, he is too impulsive. Do you guys think the law enforcement group of the Saint Gate is fake?”

The great teachers around started discussing, and some were watching the show with no concern. Although a few of them were criticizing Sun Mo’s rationality, the majority of the people here were cheering for Sun Mo.

That ‘those who offend the Central Province Academy must be eliminated regardless of the distance’ was simply too tyrannical and imposing! Even they, who were outsiders in this incident, were shocked by the words.

“Teacher Xiao!”

The people at his table started. Two of them went to help him up, but most of them didn’t move. Actually, they also felt that Xiao Li’s behavior was inappropriate. However, wasn’t this Sun Mo a little too audacious?

Was he not afraid of his qualifications being stripped?

Xiao Li’s resentment completely exploded!

He hated people like Sun Mo who were life-winners. They were rich and had beautiful companions. In fact, Sun Mo even seemed to be the vice headmaster of the Central Province Academy. So why didn’t he just go and die?

Being disdained and ridiculed under the gazes of the crowd, in addition to that wine cup smashing on his head at the end...all these factors completely ignited Xiao Li’s accumulated sullenness and anger through these 20 years. He then erupted like a volcano.


Xiao Li howled and rushed over.

Sun Mo pulled out his blade and activated Divine Sight.

40 years old, Ninth level of the divine force realm.

Strength: 38

Intellect: 36

Agility: 38

Will: 25. Declining!


Potential value: Average.

Note: Ordinary strength, ordinary luck, and ordinary life. He has no highlights at all, and none of his deeds are worthy to be mentioned.

Note: If he went to take the examination with this mentality, he would definitely fail again.


Xiao Li punched out, aiming for Sun Mo’s head.

Normally, an expert at the ninth level of the divine force realm would be able to crush Sun Mo. But this Xiao Li was too drunk right now. His steps were shallow and he felt dizzy. Besides, his vision was red, affecting his sight. Hence, it was a foolish dream if he wanted to defeat Sun Mo.

Sun Mo didn’t even activate ‘copy’. He directly flashed and appeared behind Xiao Li, slashing out with his wooden blade!

Eighteen Words Order!

Xiao Li did his best to dodge, but it was useless. He was like a banana leaf that was struck by the force of a rainstorm. The powerful impact caused his entire person to be flung through the air. After that, a thudding sound rang out as he smashed into a table.

“Damn, his blade prowess is so swift!”

Everyone was badly shocked.

One must know that everyone here was a 1-star great teacher with relatively okay judgment abilities. The moment Sun Mo acted, everyone knew that he was a capable fellow!

“Stop fighting or something would surely happen!”

Gu Xiuxun pulled Sun Mo.

Xiao Li’s friends also stood up. “This great teacher, if this continues, it would be bad for everyone. Please stop fighting!”

Actually, he wasn’t able to continue making trouble because both his arms were already broken by Sun Mo.

“Since you refuse to apologize, I shall break both your arms and let you understand that the people of my Central Province Academy aren’t someone you can bully just because you want to!”

Sun Mo coldly snorted. “If you are unconvinced, you can look for me again when your injuries are recovered!”

After stirring up so much commotion, they definitely had no more appetite for dinner. Gu Xiuxun and Xia Yuan pulled Sun Mo along as all of them left.

“I hope the law enforcement group of the Saint Gate wouldn’t come and apprehend Teacher!”

Li Ziqi prayed.

“Don’t scare us. In any case, we weren’t the one who started this?”

Ying Baiwu felt that the Saint Gate should be very fair and impartial.

Sun Mo’s group departed, but the excitement of the spectators grew even higher. All of them were discussing who Sun Mo was. After that, those who recognized Sun Mo revealed his origins.

“So, he is the One-Vote Sun who made the statement about dogs? No wonder he is so iron-headed!”

“Do you think the Saint Gate’s law enforcement group would punish him?”

“I don’t know, but for geniuses like him, they should have preferential treatment, right? In any case, that Xiao Li is surely going to suffer.”

Just when everyone felt that this was just a minor conflict and Sun Mo should be fine, the law enforcement group went to look for Sun Mo directly the next morning.

[1] The pronunciation for the chinese word for ‘four’ sounds like the chinese word for ‘death’

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》