Absolute Great Teacher
533 Receiving Help
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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533 Receiving Help


The Saint Gate’s law enforcement group was responsible for upholding discipline, supervising great teachers’ behavior, as well as capturing offenders. It could be said that they were a martial group that specially supervised and kept great teachers in order.

Their uniforms were white and red, representing flawless justice as well as dauntless sacrificial spirits. Their weapons were a shield and a greatsword. Moreover, the selected members were all strong men who were 1.8 meters or taller. They looked extremely domineering and impressive.

The moment the law enforcement group appeared in the Copperbell Hotel, the great teachers who were outside immediately returned to the room, trying hard to avoid them.

“They are here to catch Sun Mo, right?”

“Is this the law enforcement group? They look so impressive!”

“Sun Mo is going to be in big trouble!”

The great teachers whispered amongst themselves. That Xiao Li wasn’t famous, so even if he were to drop out, no one would care. However, it was different for Sun Mo. He came in first place in the 1-star great teacher examination and was a genius, an uprising new star who had created a record of the century.

A person like this would be extremely proud. Since he dared to participate in the examination, then he must have confidence. However, things didn’t seem to be good for him.

The leader of the law enforcement group seemed like a serious person, but he was very polite. He gently knocked and opened Sun Mo’s door.

“You are Great Teacher Sun Mo?”

Although the leader was asking, he was almost certain about this young man’s identity. It was because the documents wrote that Sun Mo was an extremely handsome man.


Sun Mo nodded.

“We’re the Saint Gate’s law enforcement group. We’ve come because of the conflict that took place between you and Great Teacher Xiao yesterday. Please come along with us.”

The leader continued to address Sun Mo and Xiao Li as great teachers, as the Saint Gate had yet to convict them with any crime.


Hearing this, Li Ziqi and Ying Baiwu immediately rushed over to Sun Mo’s side, looking a little worried.


Three members of the law enforcement group had their gazes land on Ying Baiwu because her right hand was placed on her sword hilt. The other members wore cold gazes and scanned the people in the room.

“Baiwu, don’t worry. I’ll be fine!”

Sun Mo said. These people were extremely strong. Although they hadn’t taken any action, if anyone were to put up resistance, they’d immediately strike them down quickly and harshly.

“You aren’t in the wrong, so why are they catching you?”

Ying Baiwu looked indignant. Did the Saint Gate not care about reasoning?

In the stubborn young girl’s opinion, the law enforcement group should catch that Xiao Li and put him to trial.

“Ziqi, take care of your martial juniors!”

Sun Mo instructed. When he saw Xia Yuan coming out looking anxiously, he smiled and said, “Teacher Xia, don’t worry. I’ll leave the students to you.”

“I’ll definitely take good care of them!”

Xia Yuan didn’t know what she should say. She came from an ordinary family of farmers and didn’t have any connections. Other than feeling anxious, she couldn’t think of any solution.

“I was the one who hit him, so there isn’t a need to take Teacher Gu away, right?”

Sun Mo wanted to take all the blame onto himself.

“Teacher Sun, this matter happened because of me, so how can I not go?”

Gu Xiuxun had rushed over after hearing the news.

“Think about Zhang Yanzong!”

Sun Mo persuaded, “Do you want to hold up his future?”

“The two of you, there’s no need to quarrel over this. Great Teacher Gu will have to make a trip with us as well. After all, the judges will be the ones to decide on how the conviction will go, not the two of you.”

The leader reminded them.

Sun Mo hadn’t thought of putting up resistance. Firstly, it was because he couldn’t win against these people. Secondly, it was because he trusted the Saint Gate and believed that they would give him a fair outcome.

Li Ziqi and the others followed the law enforcement group all the way to the hotel’s entrance.

“Stop following us!”

Sun Mo stopped them. “Go back and work hard on your cultivation. Rather than feeling worried for me here, you should go get the top three places in the Greencloud Rankings. That’s what I hope to see the most!”

Upon hearing the words ‘top three’, even the emotionless law enforcement group members couldn’t help but turn to assess Sun Mo.

(Has this guy gotten used to boasting? To think that he dares to boast about such things?)

As they had to capture Sun Mo, to make sure that nothing went amiss, they went to find out about him. Therefore, they knew that he was very amazing. However, no matter how amazing he was, it had only been a year since he had taught the students. How could he compare with those senior 1-star great teachers?

The most difficult part of the 2-star great teacher examination was on whether their students could get into the Greencloud Rankings.

“What should I do? Should I write a letter to notify Headmaster An?”

After seeing their teacher being taken away, Ying Baiwu’s countenance was grim. She felt an impatience of wanting to kill.

“Don’t worry, the Saint Gate will definitely return justice to Teacher!”

Lu Zhiruo said confidently.

“That might not necessarily be the case!”

Tantai Yutang pouted.

“It definitely will be!”

The papaya girl glared at the sickly guy, feeling that he had thought too badly of the Saint Gate.

Li Ziqi didn’t say anything. She wasn’t as naive as her papaya martial junior. Where there was light, there’d be darkness. Most people in the Saint Gate should be good, but what if Sun Mo was unlucky and came across someone bad?

Moreover, the greatest problem was that it was only two days away from the great teacher examination. If the Saint Gate’s efficiency was a little slower, they’d hold up Sun Mo from taking the examination.

There was also the part about Sun Mo’s physical and mental condition. Everyone would be working hard to adjust their conditions to the optimal level before the examination. If anyone else were to be captured, not knowing what kind of horrible environment they were going to be staying in and waiting to be put to trial, there was no way they could take on the examination!

“There’s no need to worry. Focus on your cultivation. Leave the rest of the matters to me!”

Li Ziqi felt anxious, but she wore an expression as if everything was within her grasp. She didn’t wish to see her martial juniors worrying.

Thankfully, she was the Great Tang’s princess. Although she didn’t know any great teachers, with her identity, she could visit some influential characters and seek some help.

After Li Ziqi gave out some instructions, she left in a hurry. Xia Yuan felt very envious of Sun Mo when she saw this. Who wouldn’t want to have a sensible student like her?

She wondered how Sun Mo had obtained this princess’s trust?

Xia Yuan felt emotional.


Favorable impression points from Xia Yuan +50. Friendly (970/1,000).


The Saint Gate had an office in Westmountain City. After Sun Mo was brought there, he wasn’t locked up immediately. Instead, he was brought to a room and three investigators asked him about what had taken place the night before.

After about two hours and three rounds of questioning, Sun Mo was brought away and locked in a room with simple furnishings.

Other than a bed and straw that was laid on top of it, there wasn’t anything else.

Sun Mo checked around then lay down to rest.

Gu Xiuxun, Xiao Li, as well as the people who shared the table with Xiao Li, encountered the same situation.

In the evening, all the investigation reports were handed to the seven judges. Then, the judges held a meeting the next morning.

“Teacher Mei, can’t we push this back for two days? Don’t you know that I’m very busy?”

In the meeting room, Jiang Zhitong couldn’t help but complain when he saw Mei Yazhi.

When other people heard this, they didn’t say anything. However, they felt a little displeased toward Jiang Zhitong. The only reason he dared to speak to Mei Yazhi in this manner was purely because he had the backing of his father, Jiang Wei.

Sigh, how did a smart person like Jiang Wei have such a merit-driven and narrow-minded son?

The matter between Sun Mo and the Jiang Clan had long since spread through the great teacher circle.

“Teacher Jiang, this matter concerns the career of two great teachers. How can we keep on dragging this out?”

Mei Yazhi’s countenance was stern.

“Is there a need for seven judges to deal with a trivial matter like this?”

Jiang Zhitong’s lips twitched. “Based on past years’ precedences, people who got involved in a fight should be forbidden to participate in this year’s examinations. If the situation is serious, then make the punishment heavier!”

With the examinations nearing, these seven main examiners were very busy. If it was in the past years, there wouldn’t be a need for all seven of them to be present. It’d work for one of them to step forth to make a decision. But this time around, Mei Yazhi requested for the seven of them to judge this matter. Therefore, the others had no choice but to come.

Therefore, everyone’s gazes turned toward Mei Yazhi.

“This time around, things are different!”

Mei Yazhi spoke up.

“Why? Just because there’s Sun Mo?”

Jiang Zhitong felt a little jealous. Not only was Sun Mo a genius, but he was also very handsome. Therefore, it was easier for him to gain the admiration of influential characters.

If it was an ugly person with mediocre aptitude, Mei Yazhi wouldn’t waste her energy on this.

“I remember that there’s a saying that all men are equal in the eyes of the law. We can’t possibly turn a blind eye to things just because Sun Mo is a genius and has the chance to rise by two stars in one year, right? Then wouldn’t it be unfair for the people who had been punished for their mistakes in the past?”

Jiang Zhitong spoke up first.

“You’re wrong. It’s because Sun Mo is a genius which is why we all need to take this seriously, returning him justice. Otherwise, any other results would be misinterpreted by people and it’ll become a handle for others to use against the Saint Gate.”

Hearing Mei Yazhi’s explanation, Tong Yiming, who was seated at the side and sipping tea, smiled. He almost broke out laughing. (Jiang Zhitong, aren’t you just finding displeasure for yourself to have an argument against Teacher Mei?)

Jiang Zhitong was rendered speechless. Mei Yazhi elevated the problem to the Saint Gate’s honor, making him unable to rebut.

“I believe that everyone has read the reports about the fighting incident. It took place because Xiao Li was drunk and got into a drunken stupor. Therefore, we shouldn’t rob Sun Mo of his rights to participate in the examination.”

Mei Yazhi’s last note had just ended when everyone else nodded. This was a clear fact and the people with Xiao Li didn’t dare to hide anything either. Therefore, Sun Mo was innocent.

“But he was involved in a fight. Since he made a move, he has brought a stain to the great teacher world. Moreover, Sun Mo had come in first place in the last examination, so he should take on even more responsibility after disseminating the Saint Gate’s honor.”

Jiang Zhitong tried to argue.

His reasoning wasn’t wrong because some people only cared about the result and not the reason.

“Teacher Jiang, are battles right or wrong?”

Mei Ziyu changed the topic.

Jiang Zhitong fell silent and then frowned. He was a 3-star great teacher who had read a lot of books and was very knowledgeable. Therefore, he immediately thought of Mei Yazhi’s argument ground.

“Was King Wu right or wrong to go out for an expedition? Was Emperor Qin right or wrong to suppress the rebels?”

What Mei Yazhi mentioned was two well-known wars in the history of the nine provinces. These were recognized by the countries in the nine provinces as righteous wars.

“I’m sure that you must have seen the three lines that Sun Mo had said, in the capacity as a great teacher, for Xiuxun, as well as the vice-headmaster, right? He had explained the reason why he had made a move for himself, for friendship, and for his responsibilities. Isn’t a great teacher like him, who holds righteousness in his heart and has principles, a model that the Saint Gate should be promoting?”

Mei Yazhi asked.

“That’s true, Sun Mo had said those three points really well. When I heard it, even I feel that it’s wrong for him to not make a move.”

Tong Yiming smiled. “It was a righteous punch to begin with.”


Favorable impression points from Tong Yiming +50. Friendly (210/1,000).

“Actually, I admire that line ‘some people are young and have strong aspirations, tempering themselves as they advance forward. As for others, they waste 100 years of their life and are worse off than a dog!’. Do you think that Sun Mo will get the nickname One-Dog ‘Sun’ after this?”

“He is already called Black Doggy Sun to begin with!”

“Haha, interesting! Interesting! It’ll really be a loss for the Saint Gate if someone like this can’t take part in the examination!”

The judges discussed amongst themselves and laughed.

Seeing this, Jiang Zhitong’s countenance remained unchanged, but he knew that things were going to be bad. This couldn’t do. He must break Sun Mo’s goals even if it meant that he had to bar him from the examinations for a year.

(Want to rise by two stars in a year? Dream on! Don’t think of getting it good after having offended our Jiang Clan!)

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