Absolute Great Teacher
534 Becoming Famous Again!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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534 Becoming Famous Again!


Jiang Zhitong was born to a famous clan and he was the N-th generation of great teachers. Hence, he was a guy who viewed reputation and prestige as being more important than his life.

To put it more simply, he was someone who cared about his face.

In this era where disgraceful women from a commoner house would have to be drowned in a wicker basket to salvage the family’s reputation, what had Sun Mo done?

He said something in front of the Jiang Clan’s Manor, giving him the reputation of ‘Like A Dog In Front of the Door’. However, the Jiang Clan became the backdrop for him!

Didn’t this mean that he had stepped on Jiang Clan to rise?

In Jiang Zhitong’s heart, Sun Mo was a great schemer. However, his father hadn’t noticed how malicious and disgusting Sun Mo was, and his father even told him to let things be. Therefore, he held great hatred for Sun Mo.

“We can just fine them to teach them a lesson!”

Tong Yiming smiled and suggested.

“That’s right, let’s just fine them as a lesson.”

The other people agreed. If Jiang Zhitong wasn’t involved in this, then this would just be a trivial matter.

Jiang Zhitong looked at these people, smirking coldly in his heart. He knew why these people were having such an amicable attitude. It was because Sun Mo had displayed astonishing talent. He had limitless prospects!

If Sun Mo passed the examination, then these main examiners would be considered his teachers as well. With this level of relationship, his interpersonal connections would be a lot more convenient.

Of course, as high-star level great teachers, these few main examiners weren’t that superficial. They just felt admiration for Sun Mo and didn’t wish to see a new star being brought down before he had risen.

“Giving a fine is fine, but if Sun Mo were to participate in the examination, don’t you think that it’ll be very unfair to Xiao Li?”

Jiang Zhitong asked.

“What does Teacher Jiang mean by that?”

Someone felt perplexed.

“Don’t you guys know how vicious Sun Mo was? The report said that Xiao Li suffered multiple fractures in his arms. Given this, he definitely wouldn’t be able to participate in the examination. Who will make up for his delay of one year?

Jiang Zhitong let out a cold snort. “Since we want fairness, then we should view everyone equally. If Xiao Li can participate in the 2-star great teacher examination, then Sun Mo can as well.”

“Aren’t you deliberately making things difficult for Sun Mo?”

Before Mei Yazhi said anything, Tong Yiming was the first to feel displeased. He had admired that young man since the ‘D’ Grade league tournament test.

“I’m talking about fairness!”

Jiang Zhitong insisted.

“You’re being unreasonable!”

Tong Yiming was a straightforward character and quarreled against Jiang Zhitong outright.

“That’s enough!”

Liang Hongda pinched his forehead. “What Teacher Jiang said is true as well. Who will take responsibility for Xiao Li’s loss? Therefore, if Xiao Li can participate in the examination, then Sun Mo can as well!

“Vice Sect Lord!”

Tong Yiming frowned.

“We’ll leave it as that then. Moreover, they’ll each be fined 1,000 silver taels. We’ll also announce to the public that regardless if one is talented, they must observe restraint, constantly reminding themselves of their status as a great teacher, being a role model for the students!”

As the Vice Sect Lord, Liang Hongda called for this.

The other people would naturally not retort to Liang Hongda over Sun Mo, who merely had great prospects. Therefore, they agreed to this decision.

Jiang Zhitong left proudly. At the thought of how Sun Mo would probably be driven to death from anger after finding out that he wouldn’t be able to participate in this year’s examination, Jiang Zhitong felt a lot happier.

(You want to bring up your reputation by tagging onto our Jiang Clan? You’re still far too inexperienced!)

“It’s really a humiliation for there to be such people in the Saint Gate!”

Tong Yiming shook his head and said, feeling upset. Although he seemed as if he was talking about Jiang Zhitong, he was in fact secretly referring to Liang Hongda. If Liang Hongda wished to become the Sect Lord, he must pull some allies to join his side. The influential Jiang Clan would undoubtedly be a great help.

“We can’t say that. No man is perfect. Who wouldn’t have selfish motives?”

Mei Yazhi smiled, trying to talk Tong Yiming out of it. “Otherwise, wouldn’t there be saints everywhere in this world?”

“That’s true!”

Tong Yiming smiled in self-mockery. “It’s just a pity for Sun Mo. I was waiting in anticipation to see him creating a legend!”

“Isn’t a legend to be doing what others can’t?”

Mei Yazhi smiled. The disposition she emitted in that instant caused even Tong Yiming to enter a daze.


Sun Mo didn’t wish to sit and wait to be condemned. He was still thinking about how he could resolve this fighting incident when someone came to tell him that he could leave. At the same time, he was also told of the punishment dealt by the Saint Gate.

“1,000 taels? Set fractured bones?”

Sun Mo frowned slightly and then left the office.

He saw Mei Yazhi at the entrance. However, as they had only met each other for a bit and weren’t on very close terms, he merely nodded as a greeting when their gazes met. He then continued to wait for Gu Xiuxun, but Mei Yazhi walked toward him.

“Teacher Mei!”

Sun Mo bowed slightly. He did feel great respect for this high-star great teacher.

“Young man, it’s good to act impulsively once in a while!”

Mei Yazhi praised.


Sun Mo was surprised. What was this situation?

“Do you have a way to take care of Xiao Li’s broken arms?”

Mei Yazhi went straight to the point. As she had always been an open and aboveboard person, she didn’t mind that others may see them or overhear their conversation.


Sun Mo nodded.

“Very good. The best way for youngsters to retaliate when encountering difficulties is to bring out beautiful results. I look forward to your performance!”

Mei Yazhi turned to leave. She was quite satisfied with Sun Mo’s calm expression.

If anyone else were to be locked up for a day and a night and then dealt such harsh punishment, they’d feel angst and upset. However, this wasn’t the case for Sun Mo.

This was the attitude of one who was meant for great things.


Favorable impression points from Mei Yazhi +100. Friendly (360/1,000).

“It can’t be that she wants to help me, right?”

Sun Mo guessed.

He had guessed it right. If Sun Mo were to reveal a helpless expression or ask for help, Mei Yazhi would definitely help him.

It wasn’t because Sun Mo had given Mei Ziyu a massage before, but that she didn’t wish to see a genius’s record being broken because of an incident like this.


At Fortune Hotel, Han Zisheng was having his meal while listening to the discussions other people were having amongst themselves. He’d also occasionally throw glances at Liu Mubai, who was opposite him.

“Concentrate on your meal!”

Liu Mubai warned.


Han Zisheng ate a few mouthfuls of food and then he couldn’t hold back anymore. “Teacher, if Teacher Sun can’t participate in the examination, you’ll be considered to have won. But would other people think that it’s an undeserving win?”

“Eat your meal!”

Liu Mubai reproached, not wanting to discuss this problem. At the same time, he felt a little helpless. (Sun Mo, are you a troublemaker? Why is it that you can become the topic of conversations no matter where you go?)

The main reason was still because Sun Mo had gained a bit of fame in the 1-star great teacher examination. It was like how no one would care about a fight between ordinary people, but when celebrities were to get into it, the news would spread very quickly.

Moreover, Sun Mo didn’t just get into a fight but also threw out Priceless Advices incessantly, releasing great teacher halos and making the other party speechless. This was an amazing feat.

Quite a number of great teachers knew Priceless Advice, but it was impossible for them to activate it consecutively. Furthermore, the most important thing was that Sun Mo had cited a poem about cherishing food. He had also said a few philosophical and meaningful lines.

Now, Sun Mo not only had the nickname One-Vote ‘Sun’, but he also gained another new nickname, One-Dog ‘Sun’. Of course, it was more of envy over approval of his actions.

“I hope that Teacher can win against him in a fair fight!”

Han Zisheng mumbled.

“Don’t worry, with Sun Mo’s God Hands, even if all of Xiao Li’s bones were to shatter, he’d still be able to treat him.”

Liu Mubai also wished to have a fair fight against Sun Mo.

Although they were rivals, Liu Mubai did recognize Sun Mo’s strength.


Favorable impression points from Liu Mubai +50. Friendly (450/1,000).


During dinner, Jiang Yongnian had just entered the restaurant when he was crowded around by a few new friends.

“Your Central Province Academy has become famous this time around!”

“That’s right, those who offend the Central Province Academy must be eliminated regardless of the distance. What domineering words!”

“What is that Sun Mo’s background? I heard he is An Xinhui’s fiancé?”

As they spoke, more people gathered over, wanting to listen to the gossip.

“Can we have our meal first?”

Jiang Yongnian felt helpless. He had been asked these questions many times over the past two days by different people.

“Boss, serve up a big meal!”

A young man who was clearly not short of money shouted out, he then urged Jiang Yongnian to speak up.

“What else can I say? Sun Mo is very outstanding, so much more beyond our imaginations.”

Jiang Yongnian chuckled.

“Is that for real?”

Two of Jiang Yongnian’s ex-classmates couldn’t help but feel surprised. They knew how proud Old Jiang was. Sun Mo must be really amazing to be able to get Jiang Yongnian to say this of him.

Of course, some people were unconvinced and couldn’t help but retort.

“So what if he’s talented? He won’t be able to take part in the examinations anyway!”

Jiang Yongnian felt amused. He turned his head and asked, “Why not?”

“I heard that Xiao Li’s arms have been crushed. How will Sun Mo possibly cure him? If he can’t, then he naturally will have no right to take part in the examination!”

The person gloated.

“Do you think that you’re short of one less rival now?”

Jiang Yongnian’s lips twitched. “I’m very sorry, Sun Mo possesses God Hands and will definitely be able to cure Xiao Li. Besides, someone like you can’t even defeat me. What rights do you have to treat Sun Mo as your competitor? How shameless can you be?”


A few other people laughed. This was how Jiang Yongnian’s character should be!

The more rumors spread, the more ridiculous they became. Because of Sun Mo, even the great teachers from the Central Province Academy who came to participate in the examination stood out a little more.

There was no helping it. Sun Mo had spoken well for the reasons he had made a move. Even the audience felt that Xiao Li deserved to be beaten up after hearing it.

It was a pity that the Central Province Academy’s grade was too low. If it was a little higher, they’d want to apply to teach there. After all, they admired Sun Mo’s defensiveness for those close to him.


The afternoon Sun Mo was released, he brought Li Ziqi and Gu Xiuxun along and knocked on Xiao Li’s door.


A female servant opened the door.

Xiao Li couldn’t move. This was a maid his colleague had helped him to hire to take care of him temporarily.

“You are?”

The maid instantly became more respectful when he saw that Sun Mo was wearing teacher attire with a star on his chest.

“I’m Sun Mo. I’m here to look for Teacher Xiao.”

Sun Mo said outright.

Before the maid replied, Xiao Li spoke up, “Teacher Sun, please come in!”

Li Ziqi and Gu Xiuxun exchanged a glance. Judging from his tone, it seemed that Xiao Li didn’t hate Sun Mo?

When Sun Mo entered the room, he saw Xiao Li lying on the bed. His arms were wrapped up with medicine and cloth stripes, fixed by two wooden rods.

He looked a little dispirited but more of disappointment and helplessness.

Li Ziqi put down the presents while Gu Xiuxun was contemplating on how they should start the conversation so that it wouldn’t be so awkward. However, Xiao Li was the first to speak up.

“Teacher Gu, I’m sorry! Teacher Sun, I’m sorry!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》