Absolute Great Teacher
535 Prowess of God Hands
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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535 Prowess of God Hands



Gu Xiuxun was stunned. What kind of trickery was this? However, she had seen vicious people before and knew that she mustn’t easily believe in others.

Their occupation had a requirement on one’s character. However, all humans had emotions and desires. There might not be big mistakes, but there was no end to small errors.

“Teacher Xiao, there’s no need for that!”

Sun Mo spoke up. He had already beaten Xiao Li up and taught him a lesson, so there wasn’t a need for Xiao Li to apologize. “If you’re displeased, you can challenge me to another duel after your injuries are healed. I’ll be up for it any time!”

Hearing this, Xiao Li appeared embarrassed, “Teacher Sun, I...”

Xiao Li didn’t know what he should say. He wasn’t one with a fiery temper and liked to look for trouble. After all, having been insulted and looked down on for the past 20 years, his temper had worn down.

The other day, it was because the examination was nearing and he had had too much to drink. Therefore, he had done something irrational.

Thinking about it, it was a shame to the great teacher title.

“Teacher Sun, I’ve let you down. I already know of the Saint Gate’s decision of this matter. I’ve been waiting for you. Let us set off right away!”

Xiao Li put up a struggle, wanting to get off the bed. “I’ll tell the judges that it’s all my bad. I’ll get them to allow you to continue to take part in the examinations!”

Gu Xiuxun and Li Ziqi felt a little surprised. What a turn of events.

Sun Mo quickly went up to support Xiao Li and then assessed him.

“I’m sorry!”

Xiao Li lowered his head, looking very embarrassed.


Sun Mo suddenly laughed, patting Xiao Li on the shoulder. “If you really don’t mind, then how about we let this matter rest here? But I’ll definitely not apologize.”

“Teacher Sun must be joking, how can I let Teacher Sun apologize? After all, I was the one to pick a fight.”

Xiao Li smiled in self-mockery. “There isn’t much time, let’s go quickly!”

“No need!”

Sun Mo rejected.


Xiao Li was surprised and he looked at Sun Mo with a stunned expression. “Then what about the examinations? Teacher Sun, if you aren’t able to rise to 2 stars consecutively, I’ll feel uneasy.”

“It’ll do as long as I cure you!”

Sun Mo laughed.


Xiao Li was stunned.

“Didn’t the Saint Gate say that? As long as you can participate in the examination, then I can do so too!”

Sun Mo explained.

“No, I mean...”

Xiao Li subconsciously looked toward his arms. (I’m already like this, so how are you going to cure it?)

There was a saying that it’d take 100 days to heal after getting injured in the sinews or bones. Given his injuries, even if a divine doctor was the one to take on this case, it’d take at least four to five days for him to recover, right?

Moreover, the examination was going to start the day after!

“Teacher Xiao, don’t worry. If Teacher Sun takes on the job, I assure you that your arms will be as good as it was.”

After ascertaining that Xiao Li had no hostility, Gu Xiuxun broke into a smile.

“My teacher has the great reputation of God Hands in Jinling!”

Li Ziqi smiled sweetly.

Xiao Li paused for a moment but still shook his head. “Since you can fix broken bones, then using the God Hands must require you to deplete quite a lot of spirit qi and energy, right? With the examination coming up, you should avoid unnecessary depletion. Therefore, we should go to the Saint Gate to explain things and return you justice!”

“Teacher Xiao, I don’t like to plead to others!”

Sun Mo held back Xiao Li who insisted on leaving.

Xiao Li had wanted to persuade him, but after seeing Sun Mo’s pair of eyes, he gave up. This was a man with principles and insistence.

He really was nothing compared to him!


Favorable impression points from Xiao Li +20. Neutral (20/100).


Xiao Li lay back on the bed. The white cloth and wooden rods on his arms were removed, revealing his swollen and twisted arms.

“Did I go overboard?”

Sun Mo suddenly felt a little bad.

“Should I get her to leave?”

Xiao Li asked in a soft voice. He was worried the maid would see the usage of the God Hands.

“No need!”

If the maid were to leave, he’d lose out a lot of favorable impression points. Moreover, it wasn’t just one or two times that he had performed in front of others.

If it could be easily learned, then divine skills would be too worthless.

“I’ll trouble Teacher Sun then.”

Xiao Li looked at Sun Mo’s slightly awkward expression and then consoled him, “Teacher Sun, you don’t have to feel bad. The fault is all on me. But in the future, I’ll remember this lesson.”

“I’ll be starting then.”

Sun Mo raised Xiao Li’s left arm and massaged it in parts. He first ascertained the spots where the bones were broken. At the same time, he also observed with Divine Sight to obtain more detailed information.

Although Immemorial Vairocana wasn’t an attacking technique, its prowess wasn’t weak. Not only did Eighteen Words Order break Xiao Li’s bones, but it also hurt his energy channels. Based on the current way to fix the bones together, even if the bones were to recover fully, he wouldn’t be able to recover fully.

Sun Mo quickly came up with a treatment plan. He first used the bone setting technique to heal the broken bones, then used the circulation technique to heal the energy channels.

When Sun Mo’s fingers started pressing down, Xiao Li immediately felt a comfortable sensation.

He had massages before, but they felt painful and itchy or sore and numb. The feelings were very weird. However, under Sun Mo’s hands, it was purely comfortable.

This feeling made one feel intoxicated.

The maid stood at the side respectfully, not saying anything. However, she understood the conversation between these few great teachers. She then snuffed at it. (Wanting to cure his arms immediately? It wouldn’t be so fast even in one’s dreams!)

(God Hands? You guys are really boasting to no end. But this guy’s fingers are indeed very long and they do look good.)

The maid was a diligent person and secretly took a few steps forward. She opened her eyes wide and wanted to secretly learn from Sun Mo. However, at the next instant, she saw a tremendous amount of spirit qi gushing out from his arms, forming a strong man that had an extremely pressuring visual impact.

Thud thud thud!

The maid quickly backed off, looking astonished.

My god!

What the hell was this?


Xiao Li was surprised to see the genie’s appearance. He wanted to swing his fists to attack it, but there was no helping it. This was purely out of his self-defense instincts.

“There’s no need to be nervous!”

Sun Mo consoled him.

Xiao Li stopped feeling nervous. It was because as the genie started giving him a massage, his body completely relaxed. There were only images of blue sky and white clouds left on his mind.

Xiao Li immediately felt as if he had returned to his worry-free childhood, when he was looking after grazing cows, chopping firewood, and running all over the mountain. Other than often having to go hungry, life was actually pretty good back then. It was unlike now, when life was filled with hurdles and setbacks.

Half an hour later, the treatment was completed.

The genie disappeared.

“Teacher Xiao? Teacher Xiao? Wake up, it has ended!”

Sun Mo went to wash his hands while Gu Xiuxun pushed Xiao Li.

“Huh? Where am I?”

Xiao Li had a very comfortable sleep. He couldn’t help but rub his eyes.


The maid screamed as if she had seen a ghost. “Your arm...”

“My arm?”

Xiao Li subconsciously put out his hands to take a look. There was nothing wrong, this was his own arms. He was then stunned. If he didn’t remember wrongly, this arm was still swollen and bruised before he fell asleep. Why had it returned to normal now?

Xiao Li moved a few fingers and then punched out his fist. He didn’t feel any pain at all.

“Right, God Hands...”

Xiao Li was struck with a realization and he looked at Sun Mo in astonishment. His face filled with disbelief in that instant.

This was something that could be done by humans?

“Your arms are fine now.”

Sun Mo smiled.

Xiao Li didn’t say anything, but the system’s notification rang through Sun Mo’s ears.


Favorable impression points from Xiao Li +500. Friendly (520/1,000).

He was completely astonished by how powerful the ancient massaging technique was.

“How is that possible?”

As the genie was gone, the maid summoned up her courage and dashed forth a few steps. She stared at Xiao Li’s arms, her face filled with astonishment.

She had applied medicine for Xiao Li before and knew how serious his injuries were. To think that it had recovered now?

She couldn’t understand!

Thereafter, a strong feeling of regret rose in the maid’s heart.

(Damn it! Why didn’t I remember it? If I could learn it, I wouldn’t have to fret about my livelihood for the rest of my life!)

But soon, the maid came to an understanding. This divine skill was naturally a great teacher’s ultimate art, so even if this young man were to teach her step by step, she wouldn’t be able to learn it.

“I’m just an ordinary person after all!”

The maid consoled herself.


Favorable impression points from maid +1,000. Respect (1,000/10,000).

Thereafter, the maid hesitated to speak. Xiao Li had recovered fully and clearly didn’t need a servant to attend to him anymore. The salary they had agreed on...

“Ziqi, give her 200 taels!”

Sun Mo instructed.

“Auntie, take this!”

Li Ziqi opened her purse and took out a silver note, handing it to the maid.

“It’s too much! It’s too much!”

The maid said modestly, but her hands still reached out uncontrollably. That was 200 taels. It would be enough money to last her family for half a year.

“That won’t do! I should be the one to pay the salary!”

Xiao Li got up to reach for his purse. Then, he realized to his surprise that his arms were really fine now. However, he then started to feel regret.

Now that his arms had recovered, wouldn’t that mean that he wouldn’t have the chance to enjoy this massage anymore?


It was such a great regret!

In that instant, Xiao Li really wanted to get his arms broken by Sun Mo again.

“We’re all teachers. There’s no need for us to fight over this little bit of money.”

Sun Mo held Xiao Li back. “But Teacher Xiao, you look very dispirited. Given the way you are, I don’t think you’ll be able to pass the examination!”


Xiao Li laughed in self-mockery and then put his fists together. “I’m embarrassed to say this, but I might have wasted Sun Mo’s efforts.”

Li Ziqi’s eyes turned and she asked, “Teacher Xiao, aren’t you planning on participating in the examination?”


Xiao Li nodded. “Putting aside the examination’s difficulty, with the way I am, it’s not suitable for me to take the examination. Even if I did, it’d just be a failure.”

“It wouldn’t change much even if I waited another year!”

Gu Xiuxun threw Sun Mo a secret glance. After the conflict, she had tried to find out about Xiao Li’s situation. She knew that he had lost failed times. If he were to fail another time, he’d never be able to advance to 2-star.

Gu Xiuxun hoped that Xiao Li could temper himself for another year and check out the situation. But what would happen to Sun Mo?

She felt a little anxious. Xiao Li seemed as if he wanted to give up.

“There’s no more changes!”

Xiao Li immediately broke into a self-mocking smile, rubbing his nose. “I plan on giving up my job as a great teacher. I’ll go to the countryside, buy a few cows, and be a cowherd!”

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    《Absolute Great Teacher》