Absolute Great Teacher
536 After I Become A 3-Star Great Teacher, I“ll Come to Marry You!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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536 After I Become A 3-Star Great Teacher, I“ll Come to Marry You!

Chapter 536: After I Become A 3-Star Great Teacher, I’ll Come to Marry You!

“Meow meow meow?”

Li Ziqi blinked her eyes, looking speechless. (A divine force realm cowherd? You’re too funny! Do you have a mine at home? Why are you wasting your talent like this?)

(Have you seen through secular life? I heard that this is how those enlightened experts were. They put down all secular matters, returning to nature and focusing on cultivating Dao.)

“I’ve thought it through. I’ll go to the countryside and be a private teacher, bringing cows out to graze and teach children to recognize words, enjoying life in the countryside. It’s quite good as well!”

Xiao Li’s lips curled up into a smile. He started to develop a yearning for such a life.

“Are you able to accept this?”

Sun Mo asked.

“So what if I can’t?”

Xiao Li asked, “The most important thing is to have a clear recognition of oneself. Only then will we be able to find the right direction.”


A golden glow suddenly lit up Xiao Li’s body. Next, light spots shot out.


Gu Xiuxun was speechless. Why did Priceless Advice suddenly erupt? It seemed that this guy had seen through things and accepted his fate.

“What you said isn’t wrong, but have you recognized yourself clearly?”

Sun Mo was also influenced by this great teacher halo, almost believing Xiao Li. However, there were some things that he couldn’t hold in.

“Moreover, even if you have, must you head in this direction? If I were you, even if I knew that I would fail, I would continue down the great teacher path. It’s because this is my aspiration and I’ll continue to defend it even if I’ll be heading to my death!”

“Defend it... even if it means death?”

Hearing this, Xiao Li trembled.

“Let me ask you this. What will happen to your students after you give up on the examination? They’ve trusted you for so many years but didn’t even get a chance to display their talent. Can you bear to see that?”

Sun Mo continued to ask.

“I’ve thought it through. I’ll entrust them to a good friend of mine. He’s also a great teacher!”

Xiao Li explained.

“From getting to know each other to become familiar with each other, students and teachers need to go through a process. It’d take at least a few months to several years. Who will account for the wasted time? What if your students can’t gain their new teacher’s liking?”

Sun Mo raised another possibility.

Xiao Li frowned.

“Lastly, you’re also a ninth level divine force realm expert. How much sweat have you put in to come to this stage? Even if you can’t get the great teacher title, you can continue to teach and educate people. Go be a cowherd? Teach children to recognize words? Your knowledge will cry!”

Sun Mo’s voice roused the deaf and enlightened the benighted, causing Xiao Li to be stunned.

“Maybe I was wrong?”

Xiao Li mumbled.

Sun Mo allowed Xiao Li to immerse in his thoughts for a while before saying, “Teacher Xiao, have you noticed it? Your mental state isn’t steady again. This is your greatest problem.”


Xiao Li was stunned.

“As you’ve been through too many failures, you’ve become sensitive, unsettled, and doubtful of yourself. It then progressed to denying yourself. You might not have noticed it, but you’re already feeling that you’ll definitely be unable to pass the examination. That’s why you did so many irrational things.”

“Your acceptance, your giving up, is just an act of self-consolation. Ask your own heart...”

Sun Mo put out his index finger and poked it harshly into Xiao Li’s left chest. “Does it want to give up?”

Xiao Li wore a pained expression on his face. He bit his lips and his body trembled, his fists gradually clenching tightly together. It was because Sun Mo had seen through his true intent.

(Who wants to give up? I also want to become a 3-star great teacher, become a saint. I’ve also dreamed of having many students all over the world.)


Xiao Li let out a loud cry. He suddenly raised his hand and hammered his head hard.

The past that was unbearable to recall floated in his head again.

“After I become a 3-star great teacher, I’ll come to marry you!”

A spirited young man rode on a cow and shouted loudly to a young lady in the fields under the bright spring sun.

To the young man, 1-star wasn’t worth mentioning and 2-star was the benchmark. Only 3-star could bring ‘her’ glory, causing her to be the envy amongst the neighbors.

His departure continued for 20 years.

After failing the 2-star examinations consecutively, the young man secretly returned to his hometown. He saw that young lady. Although she was no longer youthful, she continued to work in the fields, waiting for him.

The young man stopped in his footsteps and didn’t meet her. His face tears-stricken. He hated himself for being so useless. Women of her age would already have bad rumors of not being able to marry.

Thereafter, the young man returned to Jiang City. He swore that he must become a 3-star great teacher, then get the girl to marry him in great glory in front of everyone.

However, fate was like a heartless wild dog, crazily biting and tearing the young man apart!

He failed again!

The young man, who had claimed that he was going to defeat the world in high spirits, became a failure in his forties. He didn’t dare to return to his hometown. He didn’t dare to think of her. He even hid the small wooden blade that the girl had gifted to him. It was because it would pierce his eyes!

The girl had become a young lady, then a woman. She would eventually become an old lady. How many 40 years would a girl have?

“Boohoohoo, I don’t wish for things to be like this either!”

Xiao Li broke down in tears, banging his head against the wall until his head was bleeding.

The maid was given a scare. Even Gu Xiuxun and Li Ziqi were surprised. Who would be held accountable if he were to die?

Sun Mo looked at Xiao Li, his tone becoming harsh.

“I don’t care how much grief you feel in your heart. I don’t care whom you’ve let down, or what you’ve missed out on. I only want to say that avoidance will never resolve problems. It’ll only make problems increasingly difficult!”

Gu Xiuxun and Li Ziqi let out a sigh. This Xiao Li was clearly someone with a story!

“Teacher Xiao, our relationship is considered one of no discord, no concord. Moreover, I’ve said what I should. In the end, I’ll give you a poetry that I often use to encourage myself!”

Violent west wind.

Wild geese crying in the foggy sky under the frosted morning moon.

Frosted morning moon.

Disorderly sound of horses’ hooves and deep sound of the military horn ringing.

Majestic Loushan Pass was said to be tough as steel, crossing the top and starting over from the beginning.

Starting over from the beginning.

The mountains undulate like the waves of the ocean, the bright red sun sets everything in the color of blood! [2]

Sun Mo only mentioned this poetry in passing, but Priceless Advice still erupted. After all, he wasn’t a narrow-minded and petty evil-doer who’d crush his opponent and render them unable to get back to their feet forever if they were to offend him.

Looking at Xiao Li who had sunk deep down into the mud, Sun Mo also wished that he could get his act together.

Golden light erupted, filling up the entire bedroom.

Gu Xiuxun was alright after hearing this poetry. After all, as a genius, her path thus far had been smooth-sailing and she had been through too few obstacles. Therefore, she didn’t have a deep comprehension of the poetry.

Of course, she also understood that Sun Mo had said another priceless advice.

He was really someone that would make others green with envy.

Li Ziqi, who was next to her, trembled. Her eyes turned red instantly and she had a strong urge to cry. She thought of all the rumors and criticisms she had been put through in the past.

As the princess who was the most doted on by the Great Tang’s emperor, many people in the harem were jealous of Li Ziqi. They didn’t dare to say anything in person, but they’d say a lot of vicious words about her behind her back.

Li Ziqi was clumsy and her motor skills were really bad. As a result, she had been rejected by a secondary saint. This was a great humiliation.

In order to hide from these rumors, she had gone to stay temporarily at her aunt’s place in Jinling.

“Majestic Loushan Pass was said to be tough as steel, crossing the top and starting over from the beginning!”

The little sunny egg mumbled, “Well said!”


Favorable impression points from Li Ziqi +1,000. Reverence (24,760/100,000).

Li Ziqi looked toward Sun Mo, her gaze filled with admiration. (Teacher, I won’t give up! I’ll definitely let those people who are waiting to watch me make a fool of myself know that I’m the best!)

Xiao Li was undoubtedly the one who felt the strongest impact from the poetry. It was as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning, yet also like he had been lit up by intense flames that could burn the plains. A strong battle will burned in his heart again.

(That’s right. What are the gazes of humiliation, despise, and contemptuous gazes I have been put through compared to the criticisms the girl who has been waiting for me was subject to? She is still persisting on, but what about me? My giving up is a betrayal to the decades of waiting she has been through. It’s the greatest blow and humiliation to her!)

“I must get the 2-star great teacher title this year and then return to the countryside to look for her! I want to make up for my mistake!”

Xiao Li’s gaze was no longer at a loss. The changes to his mental state and the agitation of his emotions brought a resonance to the spirit qi in his body.


The surrounding spirit qi started to seethe, forming a spirit qi tornado on top of Xiao Li’s head and channeling into his body.

“This is... breaking through realm!”

Gu Xiuxun was stunned, but she soon understood what was going on. Xiao Li had stagnated at his current cultivation realm due to his mentality. Right now, after having his thoughts straightened out by Sun Mo’s Priceless Advice, he suddenly broke through his bottleneck.

Xiao Li was now at the ninth level of the divine force realm. If he were to go further up, he’d be at the longevity realm. Striving for a breakthrough to such a great realm was a great impetus and it’d also require a tremendous amount of spirit qi.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Spirit qi continued to seethe like tidal waves, and the wooden windows and doors swung amidst the impact. They looked like weak willow trees, releasing clanking sounds.

“What’s going on?”

The great teachers in the hotel who heard the commotion came over to check things out.

20 minutes later, the attempt ended.

Xiao Li opened his eyes and turned his head to see Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun keeping watch for him as he made his attempt, not wanting him to be disturbed.

“Teacher Gu, thank you!”

Xiao Li got off the bed and first thanked Gu Xiuxun. He then went up to Sun Mo and knelt.

“Xiao Li has received Teacher Sun’s guidance today and arrived at a great life comprehension. I have nothing to repay you. If there’s anything I can help you with in the future, I’ll definitely go to the end of the world for you.”

After saying that, Xiao Li made three loud kowtows.


Favorable impression points from Xiao Li +1,000. Respect (1,520/10,000).

“Teacher Xiao, there’s no need for that. We’re teachers, so preaching, educating, and resolving doubts are part of our job!”

Sun Mo helped Xiao Li up. “I hope that Teacher Xiao’s wishes can be fulfilled and that you’ll pass the examination!”

What should be done was done. Sun Mo bade his farewell.


The door opened.


The great teacher examinees who were gathered along the corridor backed off and saw Sun Mo walking out. Next to him was Xiao Li, who was bowing slightly and sending him off.

He looked so modest!

Just like a junior facing a respected senior.

(Is there a need to go to this degree? Both of you are 1-star great teachers, and your realm is at the ninth level of the divine force realm. You’re seven levels higher than Sun Mo.)

Sun Mo and Xiao Li’s personal information was well-known after the conflict broke out between the two of them.

“Teacher Sun, take care!”

Xiao Li bowed down deeply and only straightened his back after Sun Mo had completely left the corridor. He then looked at the people around, cupped his hands at them, and then closed the door to his room.

Everyone outside wore stunned expressions.

“What the hell? How did two people, who were still fighting bitterly two days ago, suddenly become so close?”

Someone felt perplexed.

“Hey, did you guys notice? Xiao Li’s arms are healed!”

“So I didn’t see anything wrong. He has really recovered. But I recall that his injuries were very serious and that his bones were broken in over ten spots!”

“Could the God Hands rumor be real?”

The spectators whispered amongst themselves, feeling curious about what had taken place in the room. After all, before Sun Mo entered, Xiao Li’s arms were still broken.

“Wait a minute, the impetus from the breakthrough and the amount of spirit qi are both tremendous. Doesn’t that mean that Xiao Li is already at the longevity realm?”

Someone suddenly thought of a question.

“That can’t be, right? Is it so easy to rise to the longevity realm?”

“How can we explain it otherwise? It can’t be that Sun Mo was the one making a breakthrough, right?”

“It’s the longevity realm! It’d be worth breaking my arms ten times if it means that I can reach it!”

The great teacher examinees mumbled amongst themselves. They had initially mocked Xiao Li as trash, not even able to win against Sun Mo. But now, they suddenly felt a little envious of him.

As it was known to everyone, the higher one’s realm was, the harder it’d be to rise. The hurdles between two great realms were the most difficult to cross.

The divine force realm would only produce divine force, but the longevity realm meant that one’s lifespan would be increased. Who in this world wouldn’t want immortality?

In the cultivation system, the longevity realm was also a strong realm that could crush those at the divine force realm.

“F*ck, we have another strong opponent now!”

Many people started to feel upset. There was a sparring section in the 2-star great teacher examination. Who’d be able to win against someone at the longevity realm?

“Sun Mo is really bringing harm to others without any benefit to himself!”

Someone complained.

“Forget it. You should be more worried about the fact that Sun Mo can take part in the examination. With this, two spots are gone.”

After the person said this, many people sighed, feeling even greater pressure.

The rules for this year’s examination had been announced. Unlike how it was for previous years, the title wasn’t just given if one passed. The selection would be based on ratio.

This meant that even if one were to pass, if there were too many great teachers with better scores, they’d take up all the spots and you’d still fail.


Xiao Li sat in front of the round table in his bedroom, looking at the teacup in front of him. For some reason, he didn’t feel anything in his heart.

By right, rising up to the longevity realm was a great thing to celebrate on one’s cultivation path. Xiao Li had been stuck at his previous realm for four years.

But now, he only felt a light happiness. His heart was filled up with the beautiful images of the young lady working in the fields.

“This time around, I’ll definitely not let you down again!”

Xiao Li clenched his fists.

Bang bang bang!

The sound of door knocking rang out.


The one who spoke up was Xiao Li’s personal disciple.

“Come in!”

Xiao Li replied.

The door opened and three students entered. When they saw that Xiao Li’s arms were as good as new, they were instantly surprised and then felt overjoyed.

They had thought that it was over for their teacher and that their life would be a goner as well. They didn’t expect for the tables to turn around.

“Teacher Sun has just healed my arms. If you guys encounter him in the future, you must treat him with respect and not hostility!”

Xiao Li warned.

His three personal disciples exchanged a glance, suppressed the astonishment in their hearts, then bowed and said, “Student understands.”

“Teacher, have you leveled up to the longevity realm?”

The youngest student couldn’t hold it in and ask. He was worried about Xiao Li and had been waiting for very long. It was just that he didn’t dare to enter the room. Therefore, he had heard what the other spectators had said.

[1] A poetry by Mao Zedong in 1935.

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