Absolute Great Teacher
537 Amazing Reward, Examinations Start!
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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537 Amazing Reward, Examinations Start!


“That’s right! I’m at the longevity realm now!”

Xiao Li smiled faintly. As a teacher, he also wished to maintain his ‘amazing’ appearance in front of his students. This would let them feel a strong sense of superiority when they were talking about him in front of other people.

To speak the truth, Xiao Li felt guilty. He felt that he had let these three students down. He knew that they had more or less heard of other people criticizing and looking down on him. Nevertheless, they hadn’t looked for him to remove their teacher-student relationship.

His three students were instantly elated. They exchanged a glance and then bowed in unison toward Xiao Li. “Congratulations to Teacher for rising to the longevity realm. We wish Teacher to continue to produce good results and rise to 3-star, spreading your name across the world!”


Xiao Li felt greater reproach when he heard his students saying this in unison. They had clearly been practicing this for a very long time, but he was too useless and hadn’t been able to reach 2-star until now, neither was he able to reach the longevity realm. This was why they never had the chance to say it.

At the thought of this, Xiao Li’s feeling of gratitude toward Sun Mo grew even more intense.

“Teacher, this time around, we’ll work hard and fight our way into the Greencloud Rankings!”

His youngest student looked agitated. The other two had been with Xiao Li for the longest and didn’t say anything. However, they noticed that their teacher’s mental state was different.

If it could be said that he was like a withering old tree in the past, then he was now a poplar tree that was facing the wind bravely, undaunted by the rain and snow!

“If there are chances in the future, learn more from Teacher Sun!”

Xiao Li smiled and suddenly said this.

His three students frowned slightly. Usually, one’s teacher would care for their face and wouldn’t easily ask their students to seek guidance from other teachers. Once this was said outright, it would mean that Sun Mo had convinced Xiao Li both in terms of his talent and character.

It seemed that Teacher Sun was quite capable.


+170 favorable impression points from the three students.


On the way back to the guest room, Gu Xiuxun looked elated. She’d also throw occasional glances at Sun Mo. Li Ziqi was more forthright, following behind Sun Mo like a small tail. She then reached out her fair and tender fingers to grab onto a corner of his clothes.

She really didn’t wish to part from him for even the slightest bit.

“Can you guys not look at me with such admiring gazes? Let me say it first. I wasn’t the one who wrote that poetry.”

Sun Mo smiled bitterly.

“Then who did?”

Gu Xiuxun asked curiously.

“An amazing person!”

Sun Mo didn’t wish to continue this topic.

Li Ziqi’s lips twitched. She had read many books, but she had never heard of this nine provinces poetry before. Therefore, her teacher must be humble and decided to say this.

What was nine provinces poetry?

They were renowned pieces that could spread through the entire nine provinces once created. They could be called priceless advice, bringing people comprehension, making people think deeply about things.

“How is it?”

After seeing that Sun Mo had returned, Ying Baiwu asked, feeling worried.

“Is there a need to ask? Of course he is healed!”

Lu Zhiruo interjected. She never felt that such trivial things could baffle her teacher.

“Zhiruo, I feel very pressured that you always trust me like this!”

Sun Mo teased.

“Everything went on smoothly!”

The little sunny egg poured tea for Sun Mo and Gu Xiuxun.


“Congratulations, you’ve salvaged Xiao Li’s life, allowing him to get back on his feet and fight to become a saint. Your actions are fitting of a great teacher and you’re specially rewarded with one great teacher emblem!

“You’ve completely changed Xiao Li’s impression toward you from hostility to admiration, contributing a large number of favorable impression points. You’re specially rewarded with one mysterious treasure chest.”

The system’s congratulations suddenly rang out.

“Oh, the reward this time is amazing!”

Sun Mo was surprised. He didn’t expect to get additional rewards.

“It’s because you’ve done glorious acts befitting to the name of a great teacher!”

The system explained.

Sun Mo smiled, not feeling proud. He then looked for a chance to pat the papaya girl’s head without leaving any traces.

“Open the chest!”

The purple fog dissipated, leaving behind a skill book that was shrouded in red light. This glow was in a scarlet red, looking vicious and emitting the aura of huge ferocious beasts.


“Congratulations, you’ve obtained a skill book on a branch of the spiritual control technique—three types of bug-type summoning technique!”

“Remark, these three types of summoning technique came from three separate tribes that are sparse in numbers. Therefore, they are extremely niche.”

Sun Mo frowned.

To speak the truth, although his art of spiritual beast control was at the grandmaster-grade, this subject was too generic. Even the related books in the nine provinces didn’t cover all of it in its entirety.

It was because both the spiritual beast control and spiritual control technique were too mysterious. They were further split into many factions, or it could be said that there were too many non-mainstream techniques.

The minority tribes who stayed in the mountains or tropical forests grasped the ability to control the ferocious beasts and spiritual beasts that could only be tamed in their languages.

There were no reasons behind this. The method of summoning spiritual beasts was passed down generations after generations.

The most mysterious and unfathomable subject would definitely be divination, but the one that gave the greatest headache would be the art of spiritual beast control.

There wasn’t any reasoning to it. Sometimes, an incantation, a drop of fresh blood, or even a diagram or stone that had been blessed or cursed, would be able to summon a spiritual beast.

The grandmaster-grade spiritual control technique that Sun Mo had grasped channeled a lot of information in this subject, including knowledge and experience. It then broadened his vision, thereby allowing him to have great recognition in this area. It also allowed him to be able to use the most commonly used summoning incantations and means.

This skill book that he had just opened up from the chest was considered a non-mainstream incantation that even grandmaster-grade spirit controllers might not know of. After all, there would always be some knowledge that was yet to be recognized or understood by the rest of the world!

“Learn it.”

No one would mind grasping too much knowledge. When the skill book shattered into light and entered through Sun Mo’s forehead, an image of countless bugs immediately appeared in his mind. Then, to his surprise and horror, he realized that he had become one of them as well.

The army of bugs kept on crawling. Some of them dropped off from the group, some of them died. He had no idea where they were heading for. While crawling, other than releasing rustling sounds when their stomachs and legs rubbed against the ground, they were also making a strange sound.

Sun Mo had completely forgotten about himself and lived as a bug. Years passed and he only woke up in shock after he had died in one attempt to look for food.

“What the hell?”

Sun Mo was stunned. He realized that his back was completely drenched.

The spiritual control technique was really mysterious. To think that such a strange process could appear when he was just learning a skill book.

“What should we do now?”

Sun Mo’s brows were furrowed so tightly together that they could clamp a crab that had been waiting very long on the beach to death.

To speak the truth, Sun Mo wanted to try the skill that he had just learned immediately. However, performing spiritual beast control technique and spiritual control technique had hidden dangers and there could be a backlash.

“Heck it!”

Sun Mo went all out. He opened his mouth slightly and started to let out a low and deep voice from his throat.

That was right. This spiritual control technique had no incantation. It relied on voice.

Wuuu wuuu wuuu!

When the frequency of his voice reached the highest, Sun Mo bit the tip of his tongue and spurted out blood.


The blood scattered in the air. When they landed, they became small bugs the size of yellow beans. They were red and black, densely packed and laid out across the floor.


Sun Mo had a slight case of trypophobia. There were at least several hundred spiritual blood bugs on the floor, and it could make one’s scalp turn numb from looking at it. However, he held back his discomfort and thought.



The bugs immediately scattered out.

Sun Mo sat down cross-legged, closing his eyes. After focusing his concentration, his vision was connected with one bug as if he was using the bug’s body to patrol.

“Is this how the world looks like from the perspective of bugs?”

Sun Mo felt curious and found this novel. He then continued to switch between different bugs and his vision kept on switching as well.

Splash! Splash!

A young female great teacher was taking a bath. Sun Mo took a glance and quickly moved away. Although he wouldn’t be discovered, his character didn’t permit him to do such things.

“Sigh, I really want to sleep together with Teacher!”

Lu Zhiruo sighed.

The papaya girl was hugging her rolled-up blanket with her limbs, looking like a koala bear. She rolled around on her bed.

“If I go over, Teacher won’t chase me away, right?”

Lu Zhiruo suddenly sat up and then lay back down dejected. Her eldest martial sister would probably beat her to death.


Sun Mo was speechless. (Can you put in more effort when meditating?)

When Sun Mo saw Li Ziqi, he felt satisfied.

The little sunny egg was sitting in front of the table, sorting out documents and listing out students that were worth keeping an eye on.

Ying Baiwu and Xuanyuan Po were cultivating. As for Tantai Yutang’s room, the bugs didn’t dare to get close to it at all. Clearly, some kind of medicinal powder had been scattered around.

“Aren’t you being too wary?”

Sun Mo felt that Tantai Yutang might have persecutory delusional disorder. Moreover, Sun Mo had told him before that his body was in horrible condition, and his lifespan would be shortened if he insisted on cultivating. However, Tantai Yutang continued to cultivate secretly.

Jiang Leng was the very last. This young man’s sixth sense was very sharp. A few seconds after the bugs entered his room, he frowned.

However, it was too rare to be using the perspectives of bugs to snoop around, so Jiang Leng didn’t think of this. He only thought of himself as having gone crazy.

After one round, Sun Mo was having a lot of fun and was about to check out the other great teachers when his eyes hurt. It felt as if he had been poked in the eyes and his head felt as if it had been hacked by a battle-ax. He was given a splitting headache and he let out an agonizing cry.

Hu! hu!

Sun Mo panted heavily and his face was ghastly pale. It felt as if his brain juice was squeezed dry.

The spiritual control technique was extremely mentally depleting.


“Congratulations, your Priceless Advice has improved a lot. But it’s a pity that there aren’t any rewards!”

The system teased.

“If there are no rewards, what rubbish are you going on about? Quickly kneel and take your leave! I’m annoyed to have to see you!”

Sun Mo waved his hand impatiently.


The first of June. The day of the 2-star great teacher examination had arrived.

The students gathered at Westmountain Academy, entering their respective examination halls based on their number.

The first round was still the halo test. If the examinees couldn’t release six halos within the stipulated time, they’d be eliminated immediately.

Sun Mo wasn’t given special treatment and was given number 327 in the third examination hall. When he entered the lecture theater that had a 300-people capacity, he could see a lot of people.


Everyone’s gaze darted over. When some people recognized Sun Mo, the whisperings started.

Sun Mo wasn’t bothered by all these. He found a seat in the middle and sat down.

This was how he had always chosen seats when he was in university. The front rows were for the top students, the hind rows were for the lousy students. The middle rows were enjoyable, allowing people to study, sleep, and read novels.

Sun Mo felt bored and closed his eyes to get some rest.

The examinees who were sitting near Sun Mo knew that the other people weren’t looking at them. However, they were unable to withstand the attention. Therefore, they got up and moved to the back.

More and more examinees started to move away. Over ten minutes away, a small area of seats was emptied around Sun Mo.

“Didn’t they say that Sun Mo won’t be able to participate in the examination if he can’t cure Xiao Li?”

“He did!”

“What? Didn’t they say that Xiao Li is seriously hurt and that his arms were shattered into fragments?”

“That’s right! He cured the fragmented arms!”

As the examinees talked amongst themselves, countless exploring, respectful, and admiring gazes landed on Sun Mo.


The lecture theater’s door was pushed open with a great force.

A tanned young man entered and scanned the entire room. “Who is Sun Mo?”


Everyone’s gazes turned toward Sun Mo.

“Tsk, you are Sun Mo? You look quite handsome!”

The tanned young man said in amusement and then his tone turned solemn. “You must take the examination seriously. If your results are too bad, then I wouldn’t feel happy about it even if I were to defeat you.”


All the examinees drew in a cold gasp. Who was this guy? Was he someone without any brains?

News of what Sun Mo had done in the recent few days had spread like wildfire. Was he deaf? Didn’t he know how amazing Sun Mo was?

“I’m called Shan Shi. Although I’m not famous now, after this round of examination, you guys will know how amazing I am.”

As Shan Shi said this, he put out an index finger, pointing around the entire lecture theater. He then eventually stopped on Sun Mo, drew back his index finger, and pointed his thumb down.

This was an extremely serious challenge. Everyone turned their heads, wanting to see how Sun Mo was going to react to this. They realized that after throwing a glance at Shan Shi, they stopped paying attention to him.

“I have the right to become someone else’s stepping stone as well now!”

Sun Mo’s lips twitched. He was just about to adjust his emotions when he heard surprised gasps ringing out in the lecture theater. Then, there were sounds of chairs dragged against the floor.

Sun Mo turned and saw Bai Shuang, whom he had a bit of conflict with at Westmountain Hotel. Many examinees had all stood up, wanting to greet her but didn’t dare to do so. They could only stand up to show their respect.

“It can’t be that she’s looking for me, right?”

Sun Mo had an ominous feeling about this.

As expected, Bai Shuang walked up to Sun Mo and looked down arrogantly upon him with her pitch-black and spirited big eyes. “You are Sun Mo?”

“No, you’ve gotten the wrong person.”

Sun Mo replied.


The disposition that Bai Shuang had gathered up suddenly collapsed after hearing this.

In her opinion, a proud talent like Sun Mo must be extremely arrogant, retaliating strongly when facing challenges. Therefore, she had prepared a lot of sharp retaliations against him. In the end, all of them had gone to waste because of this one reply from him.

Bai Shuang had wanted to tell him that there was no need for him to lie, and that she wouldn’t believe it. However, when she saw Sun Mo’s calm expression, she looked at her companion doubtfully.

“That’s right, he is Sun Mo!”

Her companion felt perplexed. There weren’t many young men who were this handsome amongst over 10,000 examinees.

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