Absolute Great Teacher
538 Bai Shuang and the Entrapping First Round
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Absolute Great Teacher
Author :Longing Washes Red Beans
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538 Bai Shuang and the Entrapping First Round


After getting an affirmation from her companion, Bai Shuang turned back and looked toward Sun Mo, her tone sounding solemn.

“Great Teacher Sun, is it very fun to be toying with others? As a great teacher, one should be steady and mature, facing challenges and difficulties head-on. They shouldn’t do such frivolous actions.”


Sun Mo frowned. No one liked to be preached. He had planned on retorting, but when he saw Bai Shuang’s serious expression, he realized that this 25-year-old lady was seriously describing the image that a good teacher should have in the capacity of someone who had experienced it herself.

“Alright, enough with the casual chat!”

Bai Shuang coughed and then raised her brows, putting on a fierce expression. “The reason I’ve come to look for you is to tell you that we, students from the Skyraise Academy, aren’t that easily defeated. We’ll crawl back up to our feet from where we fell.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

Sun Mo was speechless. “I’m not a teacher from the Skyraise Academy. Why would I care about how you guys perform?”


Bai Shuang was stumped. Why was it that Sun Mo’s replies were all so unexpected? (Shouldn’t you be saying that no matter how many of us were to come, you’d crush us all?)

“Hmmm? Judging from your expression, are you waiting for me to make an arrogant speech?”

Sun Mo was amused.


Bai Shuang turned her head, but an anticipating gaze was revealed through her eyes. She even sneaked a look at Sun Mo. (Go on and say it quickly! If you don’t, how am I supposed to continue with the conversation?)


Sun Mo shrugged and raised his voice. “Bai Shuang, is it? I’ll defeat you and prove that people from the Skyraise Academy are all trash!”

“That’s it, that’s it! This is the way it should be!”

Bai Shuang felt agitated inside but maintained a solemn expression as she looked at Sun Mo. “Our Skyraise Academy’s glory isn’t to be invaded. Just wait to be punished!”

After Bai Shuang said that, she turned to leave.

“That’s it?”

Sun Mo was stunned.

Bai Shuang suddenly paused in her footsteps. She then turned around and threw a baffling look at Sun Mo.

“Your speech isn’t good enough.”

Sun Mo reminded.

“This isn’t vicious enough?”

Bai Shuang mumbled and then looked toward her companions, waiting for a reply.

The few people who came with her burst out in sweat. However, they knew Bai Shuang’s character and were aware that she wasn’t interested in such matters at all. The reason she came to look for Sun Mo was mostly because of Gu Qingyan.

“Pray that you don’t encounter me in a battle. Otherwise, I’ll crush your head!”

After Bai Shuang added this, she smacked her lips, feeling that this line was vicious enough. She then broke into a satisfied expression and turned to leave the lecture theater.

If others were to hear this usually, they’d definitely break into a commotion. But now, all the examinees in the lecture theater appeared stunned.

(What are the two of you on about?)

“Hold on.”

Sun Mo called out. “How is Gu Qingyan now? Has he been punished?”

“He left!”

Bai Shuang didn’t hide this fact. Moreover, when she said this, she wore an expression of pity. Gu Qingyan was the junior that she admired the most.

However, he was crippled just like that.

“Left? To where?”

Sun Mo frowned.

Bai Shuang didn’t wish to continue this conversation and walked off. However, one of her companions said this.

“Sun Mo, this matter won’t end just like this!”

It was because Gu Qingyan chose to go into exile, which meant that he went to the Darkness Continent.

This was a type of self-punishment. It was a self-torturing method often used by great teachers who had been stuck at a bottleneck for several decades and had no hopes of attaining a breakthrough or those who had committed mistakes.

In the great teacher world, exiling oneself to the Darkness Continent was a very brutal behavior because this meant that they’d eventually die in the Darkness Continent.

“I’ll be waiting!”

Sun Mo shrugged and sat down.

Whisperings continued in the lecture theater and the conversation topic turned to Bai Shuang. After all, this top graduate from the Skyraise Academy was ranked 11th on the Great Teacher Hero Rankings. She was a seeded candidate in this examination.

“Bai Shuang should look very beautiful if she were to doll up, right?”

“That place is a little small. I don’t like it.”

“It’s not small. It’s just nice for one hand. That’s the perfect shape.”

A few guys near the lecture theater’s door said this, and the topic changed to Bai Shuang’s appearance and figure. “I still like big ones!”

“I’m sorry to disappoint you that I’m not big enough in that area!”

The voice that suddenly rang out frightened them. They looked up and saw Bai Shuang standing at the door, glaring at them angrily.

Creak! Creak!

The few of them quickly stood up, their chairs making piercing friction sounds when they rubbed against the floor.

“We didn’t mean it that way!”

“Teacher Bai, you’re mistaken.”

“No, you’ve heard wrongly!”

Apologies and explanations rang out.

“This is the great teacher examination, so I’ll let you guys off this one time. If I heard such things again in the future, I’ll challenge you guys to a duel!”

After Bai Shuang said that, she entered the lecture theater.

Everyone was puzzled and looked toward Sun Mo again. Could it be that Bai Shuang felt that her words earlier weren’t vicious enough? Was she planning to teach Sun Mo another lesson?

Just as Sun Mo was also feeling baffled, Bai Shuang sat down on a spot two rows in front of Sun Mo, five seats away from him.

Then, she took out a big book from her small bag and placed it onto the table, flipping through it. She would occasionally draw lines and write notes.


Sun Mo chuckled, closed his eyes, and continued to rest.

After about three minutes of silence, someone finally reacted to this. Bai Shuang wasn’t here to look for trouble but was taking her test in this hall. As for why she was seated near Sun Mo?

It was because there weren’t any other vacant spots except for the ones near Sun Mo.

Not long later, the bell that signaled the start of the examination rang out.

Five great teachers entered the lecture theater on the dot. The one in the lead was Tong Yiming. Sun Mo had met him in the ‘D’ Grade league tournament test. However, Sun Mo didn’t recognize the other minor characters.

“The first round of the examination is the great teacher halo test. I’m sure everyone has heard of how the difficulty of the examinations will be increased. That’s right, from this year onward, the Saint Gate will restrict the number of newly advanced great teachers. Therefore, if there are people who don’t feel confident in this examination, you can leave.”

Tong Yiming didn’t say any crap and went straight to the point.

“Once the examination starts, it’s good if you pass, but if you were to fail, then I’m sorry, you won’t be allowed to take the examination in the next three years.”

“This is also to conserve the Saint Gate’s resources and expenditure.”


After Tong Yiming said this, a commotion broke out in the lecture theater. Many people’s countenance changed.

Three years! This duration was a little long!

How many three years were there in one’s life?

One had to strike it while it was early to shoot to fame. This applied in the great teacher circle as well. Even those great teachers who dawdled their lives away also wished to get to 2-star earlier.

In the great teacher world, there was openly-recognized teasing that interns were crumbs, 1-star great teachers were dregs, and only 2-star great teachers had a bit of right to negotiate terms with the schools.

To put it simply, 1-star great teachers weren’t worth anything.


Tong Yiming didn’t care what the examinees thought. He dug out a pocket watch from his pants and checked the time. “The people who are still in the lecture theater after one minute will be taken as participating in the examination.”




Tong Yiming started to countdown in his slightly hoarse voice, giving a tremendous feeling of pressure.

“What should we do?”

An examinee subconsciously looked toward his companions.

“I’ll record down the names of anyone else who speaks up and deem them as being eliminated!”

Tong Yiming warned.


The entire lecture theater became dead silent.

The examinees wore a variety of expressions. Some of them appeared calm, some anxious, some gloating.

However, most of the examinees were turning their heads slightly, looking around.

Finally, someone who couldn’t withstand the pressure got up and left.

To speak the truth, this was the first time quite a number of great teachers were taking the examination. They were prepared for failure, wanting to gain some experience. Anyway, they were still far away from making five failures.

However, after Tong Yiming announced the new rule, they were given a shock.

As the first student left the lecture theater, the other examinees started to leave their seats in a hurry as well. It was because the countdown was moving very fast.




As more and more people left, some people who had planned to give it a shot started to feel scared as well and stood up.

“If you want to leave, then leave. If you want to stay, then stay. If you don’t even have this bit of confidence, then why be a great teacher?”

Tong Yiming reproached.

Hearing this, some people left while others stayed behind.

“Alright, the countdown is over!”

Tong Yiming instructed, “Close the doors!”


The teachers closed the doors.

78 people had left the 300-pax lecture theater.

The people who had just left didn’t really leave. They stood outside the lecture theater and looked in, wearing complicated expressions.

“Sigh, I’m so envious of Sun Mo! Look at how calm he is!”

“He doesn’t need to hesitate at all. He’ll definitely pass anyway. The only uncertainty is whether he can come out in first place or not.”

“I suddenly feel a bit of regret. I wish to continue to take the examination.”

Someone regretted it and knocked hard on the door. It was a pity that the examiners paid them no heed.

“I’ll be taking attendance now!”

Tong Yiming took the attendance and after ascertaining all the teachers who had left, he said, “Excellent. I announce that the first round of the examination has ended.”


The examinees looked stunned.

“From next year onward, the examinees who left earlier won’t be allowed to participate in the 2-star great teacher examination within three years.”

Tong Yiming announced.


A loud commotion rang out once again, and the people outside instantly became agitated. Some of them even wore furious expressions as if they had been deceived.

It was a pity that the examiners didn’t care.

“As a great teacher, confidence is an extremely important trait. They shouldn’t be hesitant and indecisive when dealing with matters. These three years will be used to temper your character.”

Tong Yiming explained the purpose of this round.

The examinees outside appeared dejected. Then, the staff members started to chase them away, creating a quiet examination environment.

“Then what about us? If we were to fail...”

A student asked this question, feeling as if they had survived a disaster.

“You can continue to take the examination!”

After Tong Yiming said this, he reproached, “Can you not care about such a problem? Look at your expression! Are you feeling thankful that you haven’t left? Let me tell you, a true great teacher should behave like Sun Mo!”


Everyone turned to look toward Sun Mo subconsciously. They realized that he was sitting there calmly as if he was having afternoon tea. Bai Shuang wasn’t bad either. She was still reading her book, not even looking up.

“If I was the highest-level main examiner, people with mentalities as yours can forget about passing.”

Tong Yiming reproached, “Alright, let’s start with the second round, the great teacher halo test. The examinee I call for must go up the stage immediately and release six great teacher halos within two minutes. You’ll be eliminated if you fail to do that.”

The examination started.

The examinees took turns to go up the stage, looking like pigs waiting to be slaughtered.

Even though releasing halos might sound very simple, to do that within two minutes and in such an important situation was quite hard. There were a lot of failures due to the intense emotions people were feeling.

Sun Mo did a quick calculation. The failure rate was almost 50%.

This was just the first round, uh, maybe second. It was the simplest, but the elimination rate was so exaggerated.

Of course, the ones who could stay behind were clearly elites.

Halos were released one after another in the lecture theater. Occasionally, there’d be a few rare great teacher halos that became an eye-opener for Sun Mo.

This was how the star-level examinations should be like. The higher it was, the more geniuses there were and the greater the competition!

“Han Xi!”

Over halfway through, a petite lady went up the stage. She was like a Pomeranian, having messy hair that was casually tied back with a hair band. She was wearing a set of teacher attire that hadn’t been washed for days and looked very creased.


Tong Yiming frowned slightly. Great teachers should be particular about their conduct and appearances. Being slovenly was the right for grandmasters.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Six halos flashed continuously without any pause. Then, surprised voices rang out.

“Retentive Memory?”

“Meticulous Discussion?”

“Sharp Tongue?”

“F*ck, this woman is so incredible. To think that she has grasped three rare halos?”

Even though everyone had learned six halos, the importance of different halos differed. They also determined the value of great teachers.

These three halos were extremely useful ones that could provide great support for students after they were applied.

“Not bad!”

Tong Yiming, whose countenance was solemn, relaxed a little. This was the first time he had spoken up, praising her. This time around, Han Xi’s slovenliness wasn’t considered her flaw anymore.

Being able to use these six halos meant that Han Xi definitely knew more.

Even Bai Shuang, who had been reading her book all this while, raised her head and assessed Han Xi seriously.

Han Xi looked neither happy nor sad. After bowing toward Tong Yiming, she walked out of the lecture theater. During this process, she threw a glance at Bai Shuang and then her gaze landed on Sun Mo.

(First place? I want it too!)

Han Xi had been laying low for three years, waiting to surprise everyone at this moment.

“Next, Sun Mo!”


All the examinees no longer had their attention on Han Xi. After all, Sun Mo’s reputation was a lot greater in comparison. Therefore, they immediately stared at him, wanting to see how capable this One-Dog ‘Sun’ was.

Sun Mo stood on the stage.


It was as if an invisible hand of an angel was grabbing a bunch of silver-white petals, scattering them down from the top.

When everyone looked at Sun Mo again, they noticed that he looked handsome and spirited, with exceptional conduct. The ladies’ eyes gleamed. If Sun Mo were to ask them out for a meal, it’d definitely be the second happiest thing for them this year.

What was the happiest thing?

Of course, it was to be asked out for a second meal by Sun Mo!

This was how domineering Model Teacher was.

“The standard of his halo is very high!”

Tong Yiming was surprised because even someone with his mental state was almost affected.

Bai Shuang closed her book and waited to see Sun Mo’s performance.

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